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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 02中英双语





[00:01.54]...and angst it out making your documentary. 然后把时间都花在制作你的记录片上

[00:04.22]y eah, it's gonna be a huge hit. 对啊,它一定会成为热门电影

[00:05.82]thrilling footage on how to stack deodorant. 连续拍摄的都是怎么样堆放防臭剂

[00:07.90]l think l'm gonna start my own genre, call it the ''suckumentary.'' 我管它叫“狗娘记录片”

[00:10.70]lena, look at this! oh, my goodness. lena,看看这个,噢,天啊

[00:14.06]-they're perfect. -l can't wear a bikini. - 真是太漂亮了 - 我不穿比基尼的!

[00:17.38]don't you know all the beaches in greece are nude? 难道你不知道希腊所有的沙滩 都是裸体浴场吗?

[00:18.14]-what? -she's just kidding, lena. - 不是吧? - 她是逗你玩的,lena

[00:21.14]god, l envy you. 天呐,我真羡慕你

[00:24.42]y ou get to go to a place where there's actually guys. 你要去一个遍地是帅哥型男的地方

[00:25.70]l thought you were looking forward to el campo de fútbol. 我想你对足球训练营一定很期待

[00:27.78]she sure was until she found out it was girls only. 她一直很憧憬,后来才发现原来 只有女孩参加那个训练营

[00:32.74]-no boys allowed. -don't talk about it. - 女子训练营 - 别在提这扫兴的事了

[00:35.02]hey, pierce alert, pierce alert. 嘿,她有再穿洞

[00:37.62]sorry, young lady, no more holes. 对不起,小姑娘,不能再穿洞了

[00:39.14]take those out right now and try these on. 来,换上这条裤子

[00:41.58]-look. here you go. -put them on. - 来吧 - 穿上他

[00:42.38]-go, go, go. -okay, carmen-- carmen. - 快,快快 - 好吧 carmen carmen

[00:47.46]tibby, you're a babe! tibby,你可真迷人

[00:48.74]tibby, you look amazing. turn around. look at you! tibby,真是太合身了,转个圈, 看看

[00:51.62]-carmen! -y ou look wonderful. - carmen! - 你看起来真是棒极了

[00:55.90]-lt looks good. -lt looked great on you. please buy them. - 超好看 - 你穿着很合身,卖下来吧

[00:59.82]-y ou try them on, then. -but l don't wear jeans. - 你也试穿看看 - 可,我从不穿牛仔裤的

[01:02.30]y eah. or bikinis or miniskirts... 是啊,还有比基尼和迷你裙

[01:03.38]...or anything else that might actually show you have a shape. ...任何可以显露你身材的东西

[01:06.38]l do not. 我才没有

[01:08.06]tibby, those look so great on you. why can't you just admit it? tibby,你穿那条牛仔裤真的很好看 为什么不买下来

[01:11.54]because l'm wallowing in self-pity. 因为我得自己赚零花钱

[01:17.10]-lena! -are you serious? - lena! - 我真不敢相信

[01:19.58]-y ou have a body! -look at that. - 你身材可真辣 - 看看

[01:19.98]lena kaligaris has a body! lena kaligaris 身材可真火辣

[01:23.02]-stop it! l do not. -when did this happen? - 才不是 - 你什么时候开始发育啦?

[01:26.62]-y ou look good in them. -look at you. - 你穿着真好看 - 是啊,看看

[01:29.54]y ou look good! little lena. 真的很棒!小lena

[01:30.62]y ou're the one who loves jeans so much, why don't you try them? 你最喜欢穿牛仔裤 你怎么不试试

[01:34.70]-maybe because l'm 3 inches taller than you. -fair's fair. - 因为我比你高3英寸 - 你也得试试

[01:38.78]-hey, how can they be perfect on you too? -that is a little weird. - 噢,你穿着也很合适,怎么可能? - 真有点奇怪

[01:42.86]l don't know, but it's really starting to freak me out. 我也不知道是怎么回事, 难以相信

[01:45.34]okay, carmen, it's your turn. 好的,carmen,现在轮到你了

[01:46.58]carmen, you try them on. carmen,试试吧

[01:50.30]-oh, come on, honestly. are you serious? -y ou have to. - 哎呀,你们不是说真的吧? - 你得试试

[01:53.30]y ou think that a pair of jeans that fits all three of you is going to fit all of this? 你们觉得一条你们三都能穿的牛仔裤, 我也能穿的进去吗?

[01:59.02]-put them on. now. -we'll help your thighs get into them. - 穿吧,就现在 - 我们会帮你把你的肥腿挤进去的

[02:01.10]-tibby! come on, now. -l'm just kidding. - tibby!别这样 - 我只是开个玩笑

[02:04.70]will you help me get out of them? 那等下能帮我脱了它吗?

[02:07.22]carmen, we all tried them on. just try them. carmen,我们都试穿过了,你就试试

[02:08.30]all right. 好吧

[02:12.18]my thighs. 我的肥腿

[02:15.82]sassy britches. 漂亮的牛仔裤

[02:17.62]get over these thighs. 把肥腿塞进去

[02:21.38]okay, here we go. 好了

[02:26.10]what? l told you guys. l'm just gonna take them off... 啊!我早告诉过你们, 我得把它脱掉

[02:31.18]...and we're gonna pretend like this never happened. 就当做什么也没发生吧

[02:32.46]no, carmen, come over here and look at yourself. 不,carmen,过来照照镜子

[02:35.82]-they look amazing on you. -look at them. - 你穿着很好看 - 你看看

[02:39.18]call me crazy, but it's scientifically impossible... 你一定以为我疯了,一条裤子怎么可能

[02:41.10]-...that a pair of pants could fit me.... -and me. -...我穿着合身.... - 我也合适

[02:44.26]-and me. -and me. - 还有我 - 还有我

[02:46.58]this is crazy. 这真是太神奇了

[02:48.54]look, tib, something happened today that l can't explain and you can't explain. 看看,tib,今天发生的事我解释不了 你也解释不了

[02:54.02]-whatever, let's just ignore it. -we can't just ignore it. - 算了,忘了它 - 不能就这样算了

[02:56.38]-why? -because it's a sign, the pants-- - 为什么? - 因为这是一个信号,这条裤子...

[02:58.10]-be quiet, you're gonna-- -y ou know what, tibby? - 安静点,你会... - 你知道吗,tibby?

[02:58.58]-sometimes you're much too much. -be careful. - 有时你有点太... - 小心

[03:01.38]-l'm fine, lena. -oh, my god. y ou're gonna fall. - 我没事,lena - 噢,天呐. 你会掉下来的

[03:04.74]lt makes our butts look good. that's enough for me. 它让我们的屁股看起来很翘,就这样而已

[03:07.10]-that's right, amen. -get up there. go on. - 是啊,阿门 - 起来,走吧

[03:10.34]-there is more going here than lycra. -but there's probably lycra. - 它不仅仅是弹性纤维纱做的裤子 - 它就是普通的

[03:24.62]all right, guys, are you ready for this? 好的,大家准备好了吗?

[03:24.70]ln the name of the father, the son-- 在圣主,圣子的名义下...

[03:29.30]-here we go. -carmen, this isn't church. - 到了 - carmen,这里不是教堂

[03:31.18]y ou guys! but it's still a sacred place! 但是伙伴们,这里是个神圣的地方

[03:31.58]l mean, this is where our moms met, right? 我们的妈妈在这里相识了,不是吗?

[03:35.66]anyway, look, we're gathered here today... 好吧,今天我们来到这里

[03:39.50]-so why do we have to pay for them? -tibs. - 既然是礼物,为什么我们要掏钱呐? - tibs

[03:39.54]...to honor a gift that has been sent to us. 为了纪念上天赐予我们的礼物

[03:42.14]carmen, go ahead, just finish what you have to say. carmen,继续说你的

[03:46.58]tonight, on the eve of our separation... 今天晚上,在我们即将分别的时候...

[03:48.66]...magic has come to us in a pair of pants. ...这条牛仔裤给我们带来了魔力

[03:53.94]and l'm proposing that we share them equally... 我建议我们一起分享它

[03:58.90]...and that this summer they travel among us... ...今年夏天,让它飞行在我们之间...

[04:02.70]...and they'll link us in hearts and spirits... ...让它把我们的心灵和灵魂 紧紧的联系在一起...

[04:06.46]...even though we're far apart from each other. ...即使我们相隔遥远

[04:08.26]l think that tonight we're the sisters of these pantalones. 我觉得我们今天晚上就像 一群傻妞

[04:10.94]-sisters of the pants? -y es! - 牛仔裤姐妹花? - 是啊!

[04:11.86]we need rules. every sisterhood has rules. 我们得定些守则

[04:14.70]thank you. a manifesto. 说的真对

[04:15.90]-okay. -good point. l love it. - 好啊 - 好主意,我喜欢

[04:17.62]okay, rule number one: 好,第一条

[04:21.98]each sister is going to keep the pants for...? 这条裤子每个人只能用....?

[04:22.06]-a week. -a week. - 一星期 - 一星期

[04:23.86]lena should be first because greece is the furthest away. 得让Lena先穿,因为希腊离我们最远

[04:25.94]-okay. -tibby, you next. - 好吧. - Tibby,你第二个

[04:28.94]-what's your rule? -l don't have a rule. - 你要定什么守则? - 没有

[04:31.74]-y es, you do. -tibs, come on. - 不,你肯定有什么要说 - tibs,说吧

[04:32.94]no picking your nose when wearing the pants. 穿这条牛仔裤的时候 不准抠鼻屎

[04:35.62]-honestly. -that's not-- - 说真的 - 不是

[04:37.30]y ou can casually scratch while really picking a little. 你偶尔可以挖挖,就一点点

[04:40.58]-thanks for the allowance. -good rule. - 谢谢你的批准 - 这是个好守则

[04:42.86]when sending the pants, we'll write a letter... 我们寄出裤子的时候,要写信...

[04:46.06]...detailing the most exciting thing that happened while wearing them. ...把我们穿它的时间里发生的 激动人心的事具体的写下来

[04:47.54]that's good. 很不错

[04:49.22]so most exciting thing that happens to you. 好吧,发生在你身上最激动人心的事

[04:51.78]and what if nothing exciting happens? 但是要是什么都没发生呐?

[04:55.10]-it will. it has to! -no, i really doubt it. - 肯定会发生的! - 我很怀疑.

[04:57.46]and when it happens, and we reunite... 我们把发生的事记下来,总结起来...

[05:00.38]...we will document it on the pants themselves. ...然后把它拍成记录片

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