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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 05中英双语





[00:46.58]what am i supposed to be saying here? 我该说些什么呢

[00:48.74]oh, just, stuff about your life. 随便,说说你的生活

[00:50.74]well, there ain't nothing too interesting. 恩,没什么有趣的事

[00:53.02]we're not really looking for interesting. it's just real, you know. 我们不是要拍有趣的事, 我们要的事真实,你知道的

[00:56.94]-that's the point of a documentary. -a what? - 那是记录片的特点 - 什么?

[01:01.30]a documentary. 记录片

[01:02.50]like a movie, only boring. 噢,和电影差不离,而且很无聊

[01:16.02]hi, l think this is yours. they delivered it to my house by mistake. 嗨,我想这个是你的 他们寄错到我家里

[01:19.38]they must've got the numbers screwed up. 他们肯定把号码搞混了

[01:21.26]see, this says 721 and l'm 27 1 . l'm bailey graffman. 看,上面写着721号,我家是271号 我是bailey graffman

[01:24.66]y eah, you're the one that fainted the other day, right? 噢,你就是前几天晕倒的那个小孩 对吧?

[01:26.62]-at wallmans. l was there. -oh, yeah. - 在wallmans商店,我当时也在场 - 噢,是的

[01:31.22]y ou're the weird girl with the price sticker on your forehead. 你就是额头上贴着标签的怪女孩

[01:34.22]wait here, l got something for you. 等等,我有东西给你

[01:50.62]lt was lying next to you. l opened it to see if there was an ld. 它丢在你旁边,我打开看了下 里面有没有身份证

[01:53.60]that's kind of like a thank you but different. 这就是你向表达感谢的方法吗

[01:54.06]so you ripped off my wallet? 你偷了我的钱包?

[02:00.06]l think l had more than $4 in here. 我记得我里面有死美圆

[02:02.42]do you seriously think l would steal your money? 你以为我会偷你的钱吗?

[02:06.02]l opened it to see if there was an ld in there. 我只是打开看看里面有没有 身份证

[02:10.18]okay? there wasn't. there was a school photo and a pathetic picture of a kitten. 结果里面什么也没有,只有一个惨西西 的黄毛小孩的照片

[02:13.66]a wallmans' employee card or a license to ride a bike? wallman的工作证,自行车驾驶证

[02:19.42]excuse me, l get my learner's permit next week and-- 拜托,我下周就拿到实习驾照了 ....(你个小屁孩)

[02:20.60]-twelve. -whatever. same difference. - 12 - 没什么不一样

[02:21.74]how old are you, like 1 0? 你几岁了,10岁?

[02:22.58]no, when l was 1 0 l didn't have an ipod. 不,我10岁的时候,我还没有ipod (超眩的mp3播放器)

[02:24.86]y ou're so cool. what are you listening to, teletubbies hit parade? 你可真酷,你都听些什么

[02:31.54]y ou woke her up. thank you. 你把她吵醒了,谢谢!!

[02:39.22]must suck. 真是糟透了

[02:40.70]-what? -having to babysit on your day off. - 什么? - 请假在家看小孩

[02:42.98]why are you working there, anyway? 你为什么要在那里工作?

[02:44.06]lt just so happens that l need some extra money for new video equipment. 因为我需要钱买新的摄影设备

[02:47.54]when l finally got around to looking for a new job, wallmans was the.... 于是我到处找工作,wallmans正好...

[02:51.60]why am l telling you this? don't you have somewhere to be? 我为什么要和你说这些, 你没地方可去吗?

[02:54.98]not really. 不是

[02:59.98]looks like you got a lot already. 你有好多设备

[03:00.98]-are you making a movie or something? -more like an ode. - 你在拍电影什么的吗? - 更像赞美诗

[03:05.34]-to what? -lives of quiet desperation. - 赞美什么? - 安静绝望的生活

[03:07.90]human existence at its lamest. 人类这种存在形式还有它的劣根性

[03:13.22]-fascinating. maybe you need an assistant. -maybe l don't. - 真是太惊人了,也许你需要助手吗? - 也许,我不需要

[03:15.38]y ou wouldn't have to pay me or anything. l could carry equipment and stuff. 你不用付我工资 我可以帮你那器材什么的

[03:18.58]hi, honey. 嗨,亲爱的

[03:20.18]l'm sorry l'm late. 对不起,我回来晚了

[03:25.02]-she's not my-- -bailey, bailey graffman. - 她不是我的... - 我是 bailey, bailey graffman

[03:29.82]see you around, tibby. 再见,tibby

[03:30.02]well, l gotta go. 呃,我得回去了

[03:43.34]there you are. 你在这啊

[03:51.06]-hi. -hey. - 嗨 - 嘿

[03:55.14]we should play tennis tomorrow. 我们明天一起打网球吧

[03:57.34]-really? -y eah. - 真的? - 是的

[04:00.22]are you ready for this, old man? y ou think your knees can take it? 准备好了吗,老年人? 你的膝盖受的住吗?

[04:01.30]-ln the morning? -y eah. - 早上好吗? - 可以

[04:04.02]-y ou actually think you can return my serve? -l do, dad. l do. - 你觉得你能接得住我得发球吗? - 当然可以

[04:07.58]-like to put money on that? -l'll put money on it. - 想打赌吗? - 好啊

[04:10.14]l gotta meet the caterers at the hotel. mind stopping by paul's game? 我得去饭店见一下厨师,你去看看 paul得比赛怎么样

[04:11.34]-sweetheart? -y eah. - 亲爱的? - 什么事

[04:14.62]well, he's an unbelievable soccer player. 恩,他足球踢得很棒

[04:20.50]-lt's right on the way. -y eah. y eah, okay. - 顺道去一下 - 好得,走吧

[04:21.38]we'll just stop for one second, okay? 就去一会儿好吗?

[04:45.82]good. didn't think your team was scrimmaging till later today. 很好,你不认为球队会一直这样混战 下去吗?

[04:46.06]-hey. -how are you? - 嘿 - 你好吗?

[04:50.70]they're not. l just came out early to check out the competition. 不,我只是来看看比赛

[04:54.42]well, you're looking at her. 那看好她们吧

[04:58.46]y ou're awfully sure of yourself, huh? 你真是太自信了

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