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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 07中英双语





[00:01.26]also, the dress code strictly prohibits blue jeans. 员工守则里也不允许穿牛仔裤

[00:05.54]great. 好的

[00:17.86]what are you doing with my stuff? 你拿着我的东西在这干什么?

[00:21.06]y our mom gave it to me. l told her l was your assistant. 你妈妈给我的 我和她说我是你的助手

[00:24.70]-y ou what? wait-- -she seemed to think it was a good idea. - 你是什么?等等 - 她似乎觉得这是个好主意

[00:29.50]okay, look, you seem like a sweet kid. 好的,你真是个好小孩

[00:31.66]no, you seem like a pain in the ass. but look, l have my own friends. 不,你真是个烦人的家伙, 但是,听着,我已经有自己的朋友

[00:36.14]three best friends. even though they left me here to rot this summer... 3个最要好的朋友,尽管她们现在都去 渡假了,

[00:40.90]-...l'm not looking for new ones. -neither am l. - 但是我不想要什么新朋友 - 我也不想

[00:41.22]l just think it'd be cool to learn about filmmaking. 我只是觉得学着拍电影会很酷

[00:45.50]besides, l think l found a good subject for an interview. 而且我还找到一个很好的 采访主题

[00:51.14]his name is brian mcbrian, king of ''dragon's lair.'' 他叫brian mcbrian "龙之巢穴"的玩家之王

[00:57.02]l've heard he's broken every record there is. 我听说他打破了这里所有的记录

[01:00.62]okay, he's definitely not what you'd call lame... 好吧,他什么也不是 像你说的一样逊毙了

[01:04.26]...but l figured he'd be a good contrast to all the loser types in the movie. ...但是我觉得,他可以做你电影 里失败者的典范

[01:07.58]start setting up. 准备开拍

[01:13.02]stand next to him. 站到他旁边去

[01:14.70]pretend you're a fan, like you watch him all the time. 假装你是他的粉丝, 一直很关注他

[01:16.22]-right. -and action. - 好的 - 开始

[01:22.46]video arcade wizards are fixtures at most convenience stores. 电子游戏玩家是便利商店的常客,

[01:25.06]brian mcbrian is a fixture at this one. brian mcbrian就是这样一个游戏玩家

[01:27.82]''dragon's lair,'' he says... 他说这个叫...

[01:29.94]...is his calling. ..."龙之巢穴"

[01:32.70]so, brian, you spend a lot of time here? brain,你每天都在这泡很久吗?

[01:36.90]sometimes all day. 有时呆一整天

[01:37.58]so you prefer to spend most of your time here at the quick mart... 和活在真实世界相比你更愿意..

[01:42.98]...instead of out in the real world? ...把时间花在虚拟游戏里是吧?

[01:43.74]well, maybe he finds the world of ''dragon's lair'' more interesting. 或许他觉得"龙之巢穴"的世界更有趣

[01:47.70]tell us about it, brian. 和我们说说吧,brian

[01:49.62]well.... 恩...

[01:53.38]basically, you're dirk the daring... 事实上,我手持短剑...

[02:00.06]...in the year 1 305 a.d. ...在公元1305冒险

[02:00.86]see, the goal is to rescue princess daphne... 我的使命是营救daphne公主

[02:04.70]...who's being guarded by singe, the dragon. ...她被恶龙看守着

[02:09.38]see, chamber number one is the snake room. 第一间密室是蛇屋

[02:12.18]-see, snakes slither from the ceiling. -really? - 蛇从天花板上爬下来 - 真的?

[02:14.06]y ou don't even get to see the dragon until chamber number 23! 要打到第23间密室才能看到恶龙!

[02:17.54]y eah! 是的

[02:21.22]-come on, come on! -y eah! - 快点,快点, - 好的

[02:23.30]faster! faster! go! he's right behind you! 再快 再快 跑 它就在你身后

[02:26.62]-go, go, go! -y eah, l got it. - 跑,跑,跑 - 我知道

[02:28.46]-watch this, ready? -run fast! - 看着,哈 - 快跑

[02:37.90]oh, you must have run out of tape. 你的带子用完了

[02:40.90]what about the rest of the interview? 剩下的采访怎么办?

[02:44.86]well, we could always come back tomorrow, l guess. 我想我们明天还会再来的

[02:46.54]-l mean, if that's cool with you. -y eah. - 我是说,跟你再一起真愉快 - 是的

[02:56.60]y ou all right? 你还好吗?

[03:01.26]ls she speaking spanish? 她再说西班牙语

[03:02.58]-oh, is that okay? ls that all right? -oh, sure! sure. - 噢,这样可以吗?我可以说吗? - 当然,可以

[03:05.06]lt's just that nobody understands it, sweetie. 亲爱的,就是没人听得懂

[03:08.54]oh, come on, dad, you know that is not true. 噢,爸爸,你说得不是真的

[03:12.10]he and my mom, they used to speak spanish all the time. 他和我妈妈以前经常都说西班牙语

[03:14.42]especially when they started being all gushy... 特别是在他们谈情说爱得时候

[03:14.62]-...and they didn't want me to understand. -wow, it's 9:00? -...他们不想让我听懂. - 噢,已经9点了吗?

[03:20.26]-but l totally understood them. -l gotta drop that check at the caterers. - 但是我都听得懂 - 我得顺便把支票给承办酒席的人

[03:22.66]carmen, you're not gonna believe this. carmen,你相信吗

[03:24.06]we have decided to have the wedding right here at home. 我们决定在家里举行婚礼

[03:28.14]with a big party in the back yard. 在后院里办大型得派对

[03:30.58]dancing under the stars. lt's gonna be perfect. 在星星下面跳舞, 肯定棒极了

[03:35.78]where's paul? paul去哪里了?

[03:35.86]-oh, he had an appointment. -at the hospital? - 恩,他有个预约 - 是去医院了吗?

[03:43.46]why would you say that? 你为什么会怎么问?

[03:45.82]we were playing tennis the other day, and l hit him, but it was an accident-- 我们前几天打网球得时候,我 得球不小心打到他

[03:48.90]-no, no. he's okay. -he's fine. - 噢,他没事 - 他很好

[03:49.46]-he just-- -he just had to do something. - 他只是... - 他只是有些自己得事情要处理

[03:51.46]y eah. 是的

[04:07.02]-dad, dad, dad. -y o. - 爸爸,爸爸,爸爸 - 是你

[04:08.58]what's going on? 出什么事了?

[04:12.78]where exactly is paul? paul到底去哪里了?

[04:18.70]he's in atlanta, honey. 他在亚特兰大,亲爱的

[04:21.18]visiting his father. his dad's in a facility. 去看望他在疗养院得父亲

[04:26.10]he's an alcoholic. 他是个酒精中毒病人

[04:28.74]every month, paul takes a bus to visit him. 每个月paul都会乘公交车去看他

[04:29.94]krista refuses to see him. krista不想见他

[04:35.02]she's not ready for that. 她还没有心理准备

[04:36.50]lydia doesn't want to upset her by talking about it... lydia不想说是不想让她女儿感到不安

[04:38.02]...so we just say paul's out for the day. ...所以我们才说paul出去办点事

[04:42.14]okay. 好的

[04:47.14]natasha. natasha

[04:48.14]olivia. olivia

[04:51.42]bridget. bridget

[04:54.90]polly. polly

[04:56.98]-janna. -oh, tampons! -janna - 噢,止血栓

[04:58.30]that's special, mom. 这就是我妈妈的风格

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