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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 08中英双语




[00:01.86]-jo! -now, welcome to camp. -jo! - 欢迎来参加夏令营

[00:02.22]diana. diana

[00:09.50]shampoo. very, very practical. 香波,真使用

[00:20.22]hamburgers. 汉堡包

[00:23.82]did you guys hear? actually, they're finally giving us saturday off. 你们听说了? 星期6他们终于要放我们一天假

[00:25.82]hallelujah. can you say ''cantina''? 太棒了. 去cantina怎么样

[00:29.46]hey, where's the cantina? 嘿cantina在哪里

[00:32.86]l don't know. l think somewhere up the road. why? 我不知道. 可能在某个地方吧,怎么了?

[00:34.74]he wants me to go. 他会邀请我一起去的

[00:38.22]what? 什么?

[00:39.26]he wants me to go. 他会带我一起去的

[00:41.42]why else would he have said that right in front of me? 他根本抗拒不了我的魅力

[00:45.60]this is my favorite part. 我最喜欢这里

[00:49.10]when he takes the big risk and launches the catapult. 他冒险启动投石机

[00:50.38]bailey, come on, l'm trying to see if there's something we can use from this. bailey,别烦我,我在考虑有什么可以用的

[00:54.82]just one thing. 就这么件事

[01:00.70]what was in the package? 包裹里是什么?

[01:02.50]just some.... 只是...

[01:06.70]just those pair of pants over there. 就是那边的那条牛仔裤

[01:08.86]l'm sharing them with my friends for the summer. 这个夏天,我和我的朋友一起穿的

[01:12.26]these? 这个?

[01:15.42]-what's so great about an old pair of jeans? -nothing. - 这条旧牛仔裤有什么好的? - 没什么

[01:18.82]they just happen to mysteriously fit us all perfectly. 奇怪的是我们每个人穿都合身

[01:23.78]really? 真的?

[01:25.18]l wonder what they'd look like on me. 我穿上会是什么样子

[01:26.62]on the off-chance you'd ever let me try them on. 你能让我试穿看看吗?

[01:29.50]-like now, for example. -go ahead, do whatever you want. - 现在,可以吗 - 随便你

[01:34.42]l need some quiet. 只要别来烦我

[01:38.98]tibby? tibby?

[01:39.78]l need you to take the baby! 过来看一下宝宝

[02:10.46]my carma-poochie-ay, i'm writing from the post office... 我最爱的carma ,这是我在邮局里给你写的信

[02:14.38]...and this express mail costs more than i make in two hours at wallmans... ...我在wallmans工作两个小时所赚的 钱还不够寄这个邮件...

[02:18.26]...so these jeans better get to you tomorrow. ...最好这条牛仔裤明天 就能到你手上

[02:19.70]here we are on a typical bethesda corner... 我们现在在典型的海员礼拜堂外面..

[02:22.38]...where generations of young entrepreneurs have proved the old adage: 新一带的企业家实践了古老的谚语

[02:27.26]''when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.'' "靠山吃山,靠海吃海"

[02:28.26]so the question on my mind is... 我的问题是...

[02:31.46]...is this fresh-squeezed or powder? ...是金山银山,还是垃圾山呐?

[02:35.34]-does it matter if it's good lemonade? -let me ask the questions. - 是什么山,有什么关系吗? - 让我问完我的问题

[02:35.90]i'm sad to report that nothing of consequence happened... 另人难过的是,我穿这那条牛仔裤的时候

[02:40.98]...while wearing the pants. ....什么好事也没发生

[02:42.02]i spilled a sprite... 我被一个捣蛋鬼缠上了

[02:43.82]...and my rat-faced manager accused me of receipt withholding. ...我那尖嘴猴腮的经理说我 扣留收条

[02:46.86]-receipt withholding. -in rat-faced manager lingo... - 扣留收条 -那个尖嘴猴腮经理lingo

[02:48.14]...that means forgetting to give a sales slip. ...的意思是我忘了给顾客购物单

[02:51.82]...when he was younger, he ran a lemonade stand. ...小的时候,卖过柠檬水

[02:52.42]y ou know, l was reading that bill gates... 知道吗,我在书上看到过,比尔 盖茨..

[02:55.14]-y ou don't know that, that's not-- -y eah, l do. l read it in a magazine. - 你瞎说,不是这样 - 是的, 我在杂志上看到的

[02:59.58]other than that, the only thing that i have to show for the pants... 除了这些,我觉得那条牛仔裤...

[03:00.18]-where did you read that? -ln a magazine. - 你说你在哪看到的 - 在一本杂志上

[03:03.94]...is the kid that delivered them, some wise-ass pain in the neck... ...给我带来了一个大麻烦..

[03:08.14]...who's decided to permanently glue herself to my hip. ...一个缠定我的鬼灵精...

[03:09.94]she's just tired. she's been there a really long time, all day. 她只是累了,她工作了一整天

[03:14.42]what is she doing right there? tell me. 那你告诉我 她在那里干什么

[03:16.42]-she's just thinking. she's strategizing. -l think she's trying to grow a brain. - 她在思考,理清头绪 - 我想她在发呆

[03:20.98]too bad you can't express mail 1 2-year-olds. 可惜的是,我没办法把12岁的小鬼邮寄给你

[03:21.46]and l wish you the very best of luck on this endeavor. 我希望你们的努力能够见效

[03:49.10]hey. hey there, sleepyhead. 嘿,嘿,小睡猪

[03:51.98]-honey, time to wake up. -hi. - 亲爱的,该起床了. - 嗨

[03:52.38]hey, carmen. 嘿,carmen

[03:54.94]hi there. good morning. 嗨,你好,早上好

[03:57.06]sorry to wake you... 对不起,把你叫醒..

[03:59.26]...but l was just wondering if maria could grab your sheets. ...我只是想让maria来帮你换洗床单

[03:59.60]-maria? -y eah, our housekeeper. - maria? - 是的,我们的保姆

[04:04.82]l told her you usually slept late... 我跟她说过你通常都很晚起来...

[04:08.30]...but l don't think she understood me. ...可是她没听明白

[04:09.30]her english isn't real good. 她的英语不是很好

[04:14.46]okay, right. 好的

[04:16.74]could l-- l'll just wash my own sheets. 我可以自己洗吗?

[04:19.82]no, no, no. don't be silly. 不,不,不,别傻了,

[04:21.02]maria can certainly do your sheets, not a problem. maria会帮你洗好的,没问题

[04:21.78]-lydia, it's really-- -lt's a beautiful day. - lydia,真的.. - 今天天气很好.

[04:24.46]-y ou shouldn't be washing sheets. -oh, it's not a problem at all. - 你不应该花时间在洗床单上 - 噢,这没什么

[04:28.54]l usually do it myself anyway. 我都是自己洗的

[04:29.74]l do it all the time. l'm so used to it. people wash their sheets all the time. 一直都是这样的,我已经习惯了, 我们都是自己洗的

[04:35.60]okay. 好吧

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