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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 09中英双语





[00:05.54]Sorry. 对不起

[00:09.34]- I know you hate it when I butt in. - It's okay. - 我知道你讨厌我插嘴 - 没关系

[00:12.26]I didn't mean to mess up the whole interview. 我不是故意要破坏你的采访

[00:15.10]Y ou didn't. Y ou were good. 你没有,你做的很好

[00:22.98]So who told you? 那么谁告诉你?

[00:24.06]Told me what? 告诉我什么?

[00:25.94]- Y ou found out, didn't you? - We still have time for one more interview. - 你知道了,不是吗? - 我们还有时间再做个采访

[00:30.10]It's called leukemia. 那是白血病

[00:35.66]Y eah, and I would like to come with you. 好的,我和你一起去

[00:41.46]But are you just asking because you feel sorry for me? 你打听我的事,因为你同情我是吗?

[00:46.34]I don't know. 我不知道

[00:50.02]Maybe. 可能吧

[00:57.94]Okay. 好吧

[00:58.82]Okay. 好的

[01:15.14]We'll just take the hem up and it'll be perfect. 我们把褶边收起来些就完美无缺了

[01:18.82]- Y ou look beautiful. - I love it, mama. - 你真漂亮 - 谢谢,妈妈,我很喜欢

[01:23.98]Carmen? Carmen?

[01:24.50]Carmen, you're next, sweetheart. Carmen,快出来,亲爱的

[01:30.74]I beg your pardon? 你在说什么

[01:33.46]- I look like a tramp. - Oh, dear. - 我看起来像个荡妇 - 哦,天呐!

[01:35.34]I'm sure barbara can work on this for you. 我想Barbara可以帮你解决的

[01:41.22]Here you go. 到这来

[01:43.18]Well, let's see here. 先看看这

[01:46.78]Well, we need to let this out here. 我们得把这个边放开

[01:47.78]Right, right. Way out. 好的,好的,把边放开

[01:52.66]And hopefully we can dig up some extra fabric. 有可能的话我们要在加些布料

[01:53.62]And this... y es, this needs some serious work here. 还有这里...得好好改改

[01:57.30]Frankly, I think we're better off just starting from scratch on this one. Frankly,这件裙子看来我们最好从头做起

[02:00.50]Okay, good. ok,好的

[02:03.14]- Can I take this off now? - Sure. Certainly, darling. Go ahead. - 我现在可以脱掉了吗? - 当然可以,亲爱的,去吧

[02:08.46]Barbara, I'm so sorry. Barbara, 对不起

[02:12.30]I had no idea her father would be so off when he guessed her size. 我没想到他爸爸估计的衣服尺寸差这么远

[02:16.30]Usually a roughly constructed prototype works as a starting point, but in this case... 通常我们的样衣都是要修改的

[02:20.38]we could add a long-line corset for her? 不过,就她的情况,我们可以给她加上个长束腰

[02:22.78]- Y es, that'll cinch it in. - Right, beautiful. - 是啊,这样看起来就苗条了 - 对,会很漂亮的

[02:25.54]It is a wedding, and I do want it to look uniform. 这是个婚礼我希望看起来能统一些I

[02:26.42]- I mean, will she look like krista? - Definitely. - 我的意思是,她能不能看起来和Krista差不多? - 完全可以

[02:29.78]Y ou know, then just never mind. 你完全不用担心

[02:30.30]We will fix the hem on krista's... 我们先把Krista裙子的褶边改好

[02:32.06]...and we'll just start over on the other one. ...然后就动手修改另一个的

[02:34.90]Carmen. Carmen.

[02:39.14]The other one's name, it's carmen. 另一个有名字,她叫Carmen

[02:40.94]Y ou know what? Just forget about the dress. 知道吗?你还是别再提这个礼服

[02:43.62]We can tell everybody that carmen's puerto rican. 我们可以告诉大家Carmen是波多黎哥人

[02:47.78]And it never occurred to you she might be built differently. 你也休想她能有什么改变

[02:50.90]Or that, unlike you and your daughter, she has an ass... 还有,她不象你和你的女儿,她有个大屁股

[02:54.94]...that the tailor didn't have enough bolts of material to cover. ...大到连裁缝的布料都裹不下

[02:57.46]Or better yet, just tell everyone there is no carmen. 或者,干脆告诉,那些人,根本没有Carmen这个人

[03:01.70]Carmen doesn't exist. Carmen根本不存在

[03:05.30]Carmen, honey. Carmen! Carmen, 亲爱的,Carmen!

[03:26.30]One, two, three! 1,2,3!

[03:27.06]Okay, ladies, time to call out the cavalry. 好了,女士们 现在准备进攻

[03:29.58]We've secured a spot in the playoffs, we're gonna shake it up a little. 我们在季候赛得了一分 现在要加把劲再拿几分

[03:31.90]Wendy and karen to midfield, bridget to sweeper. Wendy 和 Karen到中场去 Bridget 充当自由中卫

[03:36.02]I don't wanna see you go past midfield, got that? 我不想在中场看到你,明白了吗?

[03:37.34]- What? - Y ou heard me. - 什么? - 听明白了?

[03:44.34]Dear lena, when i got your letter i screamed for about 10 minutes. 亲爱的Lena收到你的信我足足尖叫了10分钟

[03:48.22]So you found a hottie after all, huh? 你终于找到个帅哥了哈!

[03:48.60]Well, me too. His name is eric. 我也找到了,他叫 Eric

[03:52.78]Did i mention he's one of the coaches and 100 percent off-limits? 我和你提过吗?他是个教练,我们根本没有可能

[03:57.60]I've never wanted anything this much in my entire life. 我一生中,从来没有像现在这样想要得到一样东西

[03:58.50]But i don't care. 但我不在乎

[04:03.66]I'm still waiting for carma-poochie-ay to send me the pants. 我现在正等着Carma那个婆娘把牛仔裤给我

[04:07.06]And in the meantime, i'm throwing all my pent-up energy into soccer... 同时,我把我所有的精力都花在足球上

[04:10.70]...although that only seems to get me into more trouble. ...但是,足球似乎让我陷入更多的麻烦中

[04:12.62]What can i say? I'm obsessed. 该怎么说呢?我着迷了,着魔了

[04:15.86]And as we all know, obsessed girls cannot be responsible for our actions, can we? 我们都知道,着迷的女孩无法对自己的行为负责,是吧?

[04:25.94]Pass, vreeland! 传球Vreeland!

[04:55.46]Hey. 嘿

[04:59.14]Hey. 嘿

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