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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 12中英双语





[00:37.78]Hey, it's me, bailey. 嘿,是我Bailey.

[00:39.90]Y ou don't have to use this in your movie or anything. 你用不着把这个放在你的电影里

[00:42.38]Although, now that i think of it... 虽然,我这么想...

[00:44.66]...fainting in wallmans does kind of qualify me as a loser. ...在Wallmans晕到证明我是个没用的人

[00:48.50]But then again... 但是...

[00:49.42]...wearing a price sticker on your forehead probably makes you one too. ...在额头上粘着标签也让你做了一回失败者

[00:55.06]Y ou know, i don't know, tibby. 或许,我也不是很清楚Tibby.

[00:58.46]Maybe the truth is there's a little bit of loser in all of us, you know? 或许我们每个人都有不完美的地方

[01:02.14]Being happy isn't having everything in your life be perfect. 开心,并不需要什么都很完美

[01:05.62]Maybe it's about stringing together all the little things... 也许它只是些小事的累积M...

[01:10.22]...like wearing these pants... ...就像穿着这个牛仔裤...

[01:14.46]...or getting to a new level of "dragon's lair"... ...或者在"龙之巢穴"里过关成功...

[01:14.86]...and making those count for more than the bad stuff. ...这些都让让我们觉得苦难也是值得的

[01:21.94]Maybe we just get through it... 或许我们只能忍耐...

[01:23.22]...and that's all we can ask for. ...这就是我们所能得到的一切

[02:03.66]- Hello? - Carmen, it's lena. - 喂? - Carmen,我是Lena.

[02:06.26]I have to talk to you about something. 我有事和你商量

[02:09.14]Don't you answer your phone anymore? 你怎么都不接电话?

[02:10.22]- Carmen, I really don't have time... - tib, bridget needs us. - Carmen,我真的没时间 ... - Tib, Bridget需要我们

[02:20.70]- Tib, god. Just open it. - That's what I'm trying to do. - Tib, 打开它. - 我正在打开呢.

[02:24.14]I told you the smell of junk food would wake her up. 我早告诉你过这垃圾食品的味道能把她叫醒

[02:26.74]We have invited ourselves over for a sleepover. 我们不请自来,打算在你这过夜

[02:33.10]- But it seems you are already asleep. - Y eah. - 不过看来你已经先睡了 - 恩

[02:38.38]I feel so tired. 我觉得很累

[02:39.18]Well, then you should talk to us. 呃,那么和我们聊聊吧

[02:44.74]So that we... 这样...

[02:47.42]...can fix this. ...我们才能帮你解决问题

[02:50.50]This is the perfect pizza. 这披萨真是太棒了

[02:53.26]- It's the bacon. - I think it's the olives. - 里面还有熏猪肉 - 我想应该是橄榄

[02:55.66]- Bacon. - Honestly, you two. - 熏猪肉 - 你们两别争了

[02:56.98]- Maggie. What...? - Hey, maggie. - Maggie.什么...? - 嘿 Maggie.

[02:58.86]Maggie, no! Maggie, 不!

[03:00.94]Hey, do you know who would have loved this p, bee? Y our mom. 嘿,知道吗,谁最喜欢这种披萨Bee?你妈妈

[03:04.78]I remember this one time she decided that she'd make one herself. 我记得有一次,她打算自己做一个

[03:05.82]Y eah. 是的

[03:09.66]She always woke up starving after one of her episodes. 有天她起来的时候,饿得要死

[03:12.78]I was just sitting in the kitchen doing my homework... 我正在厨房里做作业...

[03:16.86]...and she just walked in... ...她径直走了进来...

[03:18.94]...and just started making this thing. ...就开始动手做披萨

[03:22.42]Y ou know, I don't even know if you could call it a pizza. 知道吗?那根本没有个披萨的样子

[03:23.60]It was more like the entire contents of our refrigerator on a round crust. 更像是把所有冰箱里的东西放在一个圆面饼上.

[03:33.46]Craziest part is we actually ate it. 最可笑的是,我们也吃的好好的

[03:35.82]We ate every single bit of that pizza in like 10 minutes. 我们花了10分钟才吃掉一口披萨

[03:36.46]Of course you did. 你们当然会吃

[03:38.78]Y eah. 是啊

[03:41.90]And we were laughing the whole time. 然后我们一直都在笑

[03:43.06]It was great. 感觉真好

[03:46.14]I remember thinking that maybe there won't be any more bad spells. 我那时觉得什么不幸也不会发生

[03:52.42]Maybe she'll just be happy like this forever. 或许妈妈会像这样一直很开心

[03:57.58]It's okay to miss her, bee. 我知道你很想念她Bee.

[04:00.18]I mean, as hard as it is to be sad about it... 我是说,要是逼自己不想的话...

[04:03.18]...don't you think maybe it's harder not to be? ...会更难过

[04:06.34]Y ou don't understand. 你不了解

[04:11.58]Bridge... Bridge...

[04:13.98]I can't. 我不能

[04:18.70]It hurts too much. 我真的很难过

[04:21.38]- I know. - No, you don't know. - 我明白 - 不,你不明白

[04:22.62]I just want to feel good and happy and alive. 我想让自己觉得还活着,活得很好,很开心

[04:28.50]Because... 因为...

[04:29.38]...if I feel alive... ...如果我觉得自己还活着...

[04:31.70]...then it doesn't seem like she's dead. ...这样她就不会死

[04:39.06]And if I'm not sad... 假如我不悲伤...

[04:42.54]...then it proves that I'm not like her. ...这样就说明我和她不一样

[04:45.94]Bee, you don't have to prove that to anybody. Bee,你不需要向别人证明

[04:48.66]I mean, you have a strength in you that your mom never had. 我是说,你有你妈妈不曾拥有的力量和勇气

[04:53.06]As much as she wanted to, she couldn't find it. 你有她一直追寻却始终没能拥有的勇气

[04:58.62]Y eah, and you have something else too. 是啊,你有很多她没有的东西

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