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听电影学英语之牛仔裤的春天 13中英双语





[00:03.50]What? 是什么

[00:05.26]Y ou have us. 你有我们

[00:10.06]And we're not gonna let you go anywhere, okay? 而且我们不会让你孤独的,好吗?

[00:14.66]Thank you. 谢谢

[00:17.90]Come here. 到我这来

[00:36.38]Come back. 回来

[00:38.10]Bye. 再见

[00:49.90]Miss you too. 我也会想你的

[01:01.82]Not now, maggie. 不是现在Maggie.

[01:07.70]Maggie! Maggie!

[01:13.18]Maggie! Morning. Maggie!早上好

[01:14.78]Get back here, now! I mean it! 回这来,马上,我要发飙啦!

[01:16.46]Maggie. Excuse me. Maggie.对不起

[01:16.58]Mags! Mags!

[01:21.26]Sorry. 对不起

[01:24.94]Maggie. Maggie.

[01:33.86]Did you lose these? 这个是你的吗?

[01:35.34]Y eah, I think I did. 恩,是的

[01:40.10]Thanks. 谢谢

[01:41.60]So, what are you doing here? 你来这有什么事吗?

[01:46.50]I was looking for you, actually. 事实上,我是特地来找你的

[01:50.46]Y eah, we're on hobart place, not street. 我住在Hobart 区,不是Hobart 街

[01:50.62]- It's really confusing. - Y eah, that would do it. That would do it. - 我有点被搞糊涂了 - 是啊,是有点难找

[01:56.14]- So I'm on my way back to columbia. - That's not exactly nearby. - 我在回哥伦比亚的路上顺道过来 - 离这很远啊

[02:02.30]No, it's not exactly nearby. 是啊,不是很近

[02:08.26]I just wanted to say that what happened between us... 我想告诉你我们之间的事...

[02:12.14]...was my fault. ...都是我的错

[02:12.34]Fault? 你的错?

[02:15.50]Not fault. My responsibility. I should've known better. It's just... 不是错,是我的责任.我早该了解的...

[02:18.90]well, I didn't exactly tell you to slow down. 恩,我没有叫你停下脚步

[02:21.78]Problem is... 问题在于...

[02:24.34]...I wanted it for all the wrong reasons. ...我没有弄清自己为什么想要被爱

[02:26.86]And all the things that I was trying to run away from... 我所做的只是逃避...

[02:31.58]...just ended up catching up with me that much sooner. ...结果让我自己更加难过

[02:40.26]Anyway, friends? 无论任何,我们还是朋友

[02:41.62]Okay, friends. 恩,还是朋友

[02:50.62]When you're 20... 等到你20岁了...

[02:50.78]...and probably a soccer star at some huge college... ...或许成为某个名牌大学的一个足球明星...

[02:55.78]...and there's a million guys after you... ...无数的男孩都在追求你...

[02:58.82]...promise me you'll give me a shot. ...的时候,答应我给我一个机会

[03:02.02]Deal. 好的

[03:05.94]All right. 好的

[03:13.74]- Thank you. - Take care. - 谢谢 - 保重

[03:16.26]Y ou too. 你也是

[03:28.26]That's pretty impressive. 真是太美了

[03:31.58]- Oh... - my... - 噢 - 天

[03:33.94]oh, my god, lena, look at you. 噢,我的天, 快看看

[03:35.54]Y ou're all here. 你们都来了

[03:38.74]- I missed you so much. - I don't believe you. - 我想死你们了 - 我可不信

[03:40.42]Bee, I am so sorry. Bee,真的很抱歉

[03:42.50]When I found your letter, I tried to come sooner. 收到你的信后,我就尽量早点回来了

[03:46.10]- Do you forgive me? - Forgive you? Who the hell are you? - 你原谅我吧? - 原谅你?我根本不认识你?

[03:47.06]I wasn't sure I'd see you here. 我还以为不会在这见到你

[03:50.46]I thought you'd change your mind about your dad's wedding. 我以为你改变主意要参加你爸爸的婚礼

[03:52.82]Nope. 不

[03:54.50]- We decided we'd change it for her. - Y eah, how about a little road trip? - 我们打算逼她改变主意 - 是的,去吧

[03:55.60]- What are you talking about? - Come on. - 你们在说些什么? - 来吧

[03:58.10]- What? No. No. - Come on, you got to. - 什么?不,不 - 来吧,你得去

[04:01.78]It's your father's wedding. It's important for you to be there. 这可是你爸爸的婚礼,你的出席对他很重要

[04:05.06]If it's that important then my dad would tell me that himself. 如果真的有那么重要的话,他会自己打电话告诉我的I

[04:08.06]Maybe he's still recovering from the last conversation you had. 说不定他还没从上次和你的通话中恢复过来

[04:11.34]- I'm not sure that's entirely helpful. - I'm just saying parents screw up. - 我不知道那会有什么帮助 - 我只是觉得,父母只会把事情搞的一团糟

[04:13.78]- It's what they're good at. They do. - It's up to us to see things they can't. - 他们会的只有这些,他们就是这样 - 现在该论到我们看看他们也有力不能及的时候

[04:19.86]- He's gonna throw me out of the wedding. - No, he's not. - 他会把我从婚礼现场赶出来的 - 不,他不会的

[04:23.14]- That's so overdramatic. - Lf he does, we'll be there for you. - 那也太夸张了吧 - 不用怕,我们都站在你这边

[04:26.26]What aren't you guys understanding? I am not going. 你们这群人怎么就是不开窍呢?我不会去的

[04:27.30]Why aren't you understanding you are going? 你怎么就是不开窍呢,你一定得去

[04:32.66]So this is the view from my window. 这时从我的窗口看到的景色

[04:37.06]- It's beautiful. - And these are my cousin's donkeys. - 真漂亮 - 这些是我表亲的驴

[04:38.34]This is george and george junior. 这是George 和小 George

[04:40.86]My grandparents, caldera. 我的外婆,巨火山口

[04:44.34]- Forget the caldera. I wanna see the guy. - Where's the boy? - 别说巨火山口 了,我要看看那个男孩 - 他在哪里?

[04:44.50]I'm sneaking in the back once the ceremony begins. 结婚典礼开始后,我就从后面溜了进去

[04:48.22]Y ou know, the caldera is actually the top of a volcano. 知道吗巨火山口是火山的顶端

[04:50.06]- Okay, lena, seriously. - Once the ceremony's done, we're leaving. - 好了,Lena,说正题 - 典礼一结束,我们就一起走了

[04:54.54]- Iook. Cute. - Oh, my god. Lena. - 看,真性感Look. Cute. - 噢,我的天Oh, my God. Lena.

[04:57.74]I know. Isn't he gorgeous? 是啊.他很有型

[04:59.90]- I was referring to you holding a fish. - Oh, you know what? - 我还以为你们就一起抓抓鱼什么的 - 噢,你知道什么啊!

[05:00.98]No fair attacking the driver. 我给你们开车,还要挨k,这不公平

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