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CNN News:全球规模比较大学校供餐计划受到影响




Time for school for these young students.

In a ramshackle hut behind them, a makeshiftkitchen where lunch is being cooked.

These kids really like the food.

They always say when I'm not here they ate my food, Gita Devi said.

Here in Bihar in this poorest state, 95% of the free lunches served in government schools come from individual kitchens like this.

Rices are provided by the government.

This school is also given a sypherd of 5-8 cents per student for their remaining course.

12.5 million children in some 70,000 schools are fed across the state of Bihar every day in this way.

The facilities are basic but Devi saidquality is not compromised.

We are as hygienic as possible when we prepare the meals for these children.

After all, we eat the same food, Gita Devi says.

For many of the children it’s the best part of their day.

I asked this boy what he loved about the school? The food, he says.

Most here come from impoverished background.

Books and uniforms are provided by the government.

Food and lodge are free.

But the infrastructure is lacking.

It's about 40 degrees C or 100 Farenheit but there is no fan here, no electricity, no tables or chairs, no playground and no bathroom.

It hasn't stopped school attendance from increasing though.

There is a 20% increase.

Attendance has risen by 10 to 20% because of the mid-day meal thing, this school teacher says.

Getting more children to go to school has been the Indian government's priority and theimpact is long term.

There is a inter-sexually blends in people from all communities, all caste, this get-together,

and they have meal at the same place,

the feeling of community and harmony and they are pushing the harmony at a very young age.

Officials admit the recent case st of mass poisoning in Dihar has undoubtedly had an impact on one of India's biggest success.

But the broader benefits of the world's largest school feeding program, they say, should not be questioned.

Sumnima Udas, CNN, Patna, Bihar.

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