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生活大爆炸第二季02.The Codpiece Topology: Leonard和leslie在家约会,Sheldon玩超级玛丽事件






[00:01.87]Worst. Renaissance. Fair. Ever. 史上 最烂 文艺 复兴节 集会

[00:01.87]Renaissance Fair 美国很多地方举办的 重现文艺复兴时期场景的庆典活动

[00:06.82]Please let it go, Sheldon. 别再说了 Sheldon

[00:08.90]It was rife with historical inaccuracies. 到处充斥着历史错误

[00:11.97]For example, the tavern girl serving flagons of mead. 比如 小酒馆的女服务生 售卖大肚壶的蜂蜜酒

[00:15.06]Her costume was obviously Germanic. 她的装束明显是德国人

[00:17.14]But in 1487, the Bavarian purity laws, or "Reinheitsgebot," 但在1487年 纯净酿酒法 或曰"德国啤酒纯正法"

[00:21.46]severely limited the availability of mead. 严格限制加制蜂蜜酒

[00:21.46] ***** 该法明定啤酒的酿造原料 尤其不得添加人工酒精

[00:24.22]At best, they would have had some sort of spiced wine. 最多只准加点葡萄酒

[00:26.47]You're nitpicking. 你是鸡蛋里挑骨头

[00:27.51]Oh, really? 哦 是么?

[00:29.07]Well, here's another nit for you: the flagons would not have been made of polypropylene. 再告诉你个错误 大肚酒壶不该是聚丙烯做的

[00:34.19]Renaissance fairs aren't about historical accuracy. 文艺复兴节关注的不是历史错误

[00:37.31]They're about taking chubby girls who work at Kinko's 而是让那些在金考公司上班的圆胖女孩

[00:40.14]and lacing them up in corsets so tight their bosom jumps out and says, "Howdy." 用带子把腹部束得紧紧的以致 乳房鼓得快跳脱出来 然后说"您好"

[00:45.80]Bosoms would not have said "howdy" in the 15th century. 15世纪的大胸女人可不会说"您好"

[00:48.54]If anything, they would've said, "Huzzah." 说的话也该是 "啊赞!"

[00:51.29]I don't care what the bosoms say, Sheldon. 我不在乎大胸女人说什么 Sheldon

[00:53.34]I just want to be part of the conversation. 我只想和她们搭上话

[00:56.89]Hi, guys. 嗨 伙计们

[00:58.13]Looks like you've been to the renaissance fair... 看来你们去参加了文艺复兴节集会

[01:00.39]I'm hoping. 我希望是

[01:02.72]Renaissance fair? 文艺复兴节?

[01:03.74]More of a medieval, slash, Age of Enlightenment, slash, any-excuse- to-wear-a-codpiece fair. 不过是个中世纪的/启蒙时代的/ 找借口穿下体盖的节日

[01:03.74]........... 15、16世纪男子短裤前面所悬的袋状物

[01:09.85]Okay, fine, whatever. 好吧 随意啦

[01:11.05]You guys, this is my friend Eric. 伙计们 这是我朋友Eric

[01:12.70]Hello. 你好

[01:18.03]So, yeah, good to see you. 嗯 很高兴见到你

[01:20.95]Yeah. Yeah. It's good to see you, too. 是啊 我也很高兴见到你

[01:24.69]We should probably go. Bye, guys. 我们该走了 拜 伙计们

[01:27.73]I like your hat. 我喜欢你的帽子

[01:30.66]Thanks, my mom made it. 谢了 我妈做的

[01:35.04]Penny with a new guy, tres awkward. Penny带了个新家伙 三倍尴尬

[01:39.07]It wasn't awkward. 并不尴尬啊

[01:42.43]It wasn't fun. 也没啥意思

[01:44.63]Besides, what's the big deal? 再说 有啥大不了滴?

[01:45.82]We dated, we stopped dating, and now we're both moving on. 我们约会过 然后不约会了 现在我们都朝前看了

[01:49.39]KOOTHRAPPALI: By moving on, do you mean she's going out with other men 你指的朝前看是她和另个男的出去约会

[01:51.88]and you spent the afternoon making 15th-century soap with Wolowitz? 而你花一下午和Wolowitz一起 做15世纪的肥皂?

[01:56.74]That was not 15th century soap. 那才不是15世纪的肥皂

[01:58.65]My God, those people need to learn you can't just put "ye olde" 天啊 这些人该懂得不能什么 都胡乱加上前缀"ye olde"(古英语:老)

[02:01.68]in front of anything you want and expect to get away with it. 就指望侥幸蒙混过关

[02:04.61]Can we please just go in? 我们能快点进去吗?

[02:05.66]My chain mail's stuck in my underwear. 我的锁子甲和我内裤粘一起了

[02:10.01]You're wearing modern underwear? 你穿着现代人的内裤?

[02:12.64]Relatively modern. 相对比较现代

[02:15.66]Why, what are you wearing? 怎么了 你穿的什么?

[02:16.92]I fashioned historically accurate undergarments out of linen. 我精确地遵照历史 穿的是亚麻内衣哟

[02:21.38]You went out and bought linen? 你还出去买了亚麻布?

[02:22.62]Don't be silly-- I borrowed one of your pillowcases. 别傻了 我从你的枕套里借了一块

[02:28.48]Borrowed? 借?

[02:53.52]***It gives me the freedom to move on myself. 我很高兴看到Penny释怀了 这给了我自己朝前看的自由

[02:57.69]Are you saying that you've been holding back? 你是说你之前在原地踌躇?

[03:01.78]Of course. Out of respect. 当然 出于尊重嘛

[03:04.41]So, how do you explain the ten years before Penny? 那你怎么解释遇见Penny前的十年?

[03:09.30]Who were you respecting then? 那时你是为了尊重谁?

[03:12.08]Well, I've dated plenty of women. 我和许多女生交往过

[03:14.43]There was Joyce Kim... Leslie Winkle... Joyce Kim还有Leslie Winkle...

[03:20.30]Notify the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary. 通知牛津英语词典的编辑们

[03:22.93]The word "plenty" has been redefined to mean "two." "许多"现在被重新定义为"两个"

[03:27.93]What about that girl last year at Comic-Con? 那去年Comic-con动漫展上的女生呢?

[03:30.30]Doesn't count. 不算

[03:31.13]Why not? 为什么?

[03:31.93]What happens in costume at Comic-Con stays at Comic-Con. 穿着戏服在动漫展上发生的故事 只限于动漫展

[03:36.44]You're only saying that because of what happened to you. 你这么说只因为发生在你身上的事

[03:38.49]What happened to you? 你发生了什么事?

[03:39.49]Nothing happened to me. 我没什么事

[03:41.60]It wasn't your fault, Raj. 不是你的错 Raj

[03:42.91]He was dressed as a green Orion slave girl. 他把自己打扮成俄里翁的年轻女仆

[03:42.91]....... 希腊神话中的猎人 为阿忒拉斯的七个女儿所爱

[03:47.26]How did we get on me? 怎么说到我头上了?

[03:48.46]We were mocking Leonard for not moving on. 我们在嘲笑Leonard原地踌躇

[03:50.31]Dude, you have totally not moved on. 老兄 你完全是在原地徘徊

[03:52.87]Yes, I have. 是这样

[03:53.84]It's just a matter of actually making a date with someone. 不过就是个和谁定个具体约会的问题呗

[03:57.24]Like who? 比如和谁?

[03:58.49]Well... there's Joyce Kim. 呃...不有Joyce Kim嘛

[04:01.00]But she defected back to North Korea, so that's a little geographically undesirable. 但她叛逃回朝鲜了 所以有点地域上的不适宜捏

[04:07.97]What about Leslie Winkle? 那Leslie Winkle呢?

[04:09.55]Oh, no. 哦 不

[04:11.52]Why? 怎么了?

[04:12.26]Her research methodology is sloppy, she's unjustifiably arrogant about loop quantum gravity, 她的研究方法很马虎 在圈量子引力上又盲目自大

[04:16.85]and to make matters worse, she's often mean to me. 更糟的是 她对我刻薄得要命

[04:21.16]I think she's smoking hot. 我觉得她辣得冒烟啊

[04:22.20]I'd hit that. 同意 (也有"我也有性趣"之意)

[04:24.22]You'd hit particulate soil in a colloidal suspension. 你应该用胶状悬浮体击打土颗粒 (调侃"hit"的原意)

[04:29.34]Mud. 就是泥呗

[04:32.27]Look, I like Leslie, but she's not interested in dating as much as using men as tools for stress release. 我喜欢Leslie 但她对约会没兴趣 不过是把男人作释放压力的工具

[04:37.89]Yeah, so? Be a tool. 是吗 那又怎样?就作工具呗

[04:41.31]Go get yourself a little rebound "stress release." 你自己去感受下反弹回的"释放的压力"呗 (rebound也有分手后后备女友之意)

[04:44.71]Technically, it would only be rebound if he and Penny had actually engaged in physical intimacy. 严格讲 他只有和Penny 有身体亲密行为才能有后备女友一说

[04:48.78]You mean like you and Richard the slave girl? 你是说你和Richard那个女仆那样的?

[04:52.93]I bought him dinner and we kissed once! 我给他买了晚餐然后接吻一次

[04:55.04]That was it. 仅此而已

[04:57.32]And he told me his name was Kimberly. 然后他告诉我他叫Kimberly

[05:04.42]You know how I know we're not in the matrix? 知道我如何认识到 我们不身在黑客帝国(matrix原意:子宫)吗?

[05:11.32]How? 如何?

[05:13.13]If we were, the food would be better. 如果那样 食物会好很多

[05:17.55]Hey, Leonard. 嘿 Leonard

[05:18.60]- Hey, Leslie. - Hey, dummy. - 嘿 Leslie - 嘿 小傻瓜

[05:21.95]Hello, to you... 嗨 是你啊...

[05:23.12]insufficiently intelligent person. 智力水平不够高的人

[05:26.41]Ooh, rush me to the burn unit. 哇 赶紧送我去烧伤科

[05:31.89]Hey, Leonard, do you have a second? I need to ask you something. 嘿 Leonard 你有空吗?我要问你些事

[05:34.09]Sure. 当然

[05:34.86]Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do work that promises significant results, 失陪了哦 我要去工作了 将来会有重大成果

[05:40.48]as opposed to what you do... 与你的工作恰恰相反

[05:42.66]which does not. 毫无成果

[05:45.58]Yeah, you heard me. 没错 你听见了吧

[06:01.72]So, I heard your relationship with Penny crashed to the ground 我听说你和Penny的交往关系分崩离析

[06:04.72]like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory. 就像从飞机马桶里蹦出的蓝冰一样

[06:08.72]Where did you hear that? 你从哪儿听说的?

[06:09.82]Actually, I read it. Wolowitz texted me. 实际上 我读到的 Wolowitz发短信给我

[06:13.74]Like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory, yeah. 就像从飞机马桶里蹦出的蓝冰 是啊

[06:17.09]I thought it was a pretty good one. I gave him an LOL. 我觉得是条不错的短信 所以回复他^_^

[06:21.22]Anyway, it got me thinking. 总之 我就在想

[06:22.90]Now that you're unattached, maybe we can revisit our previous attachment. 既然你又单身了 也许我们能重温过去的情结

[06:26.99]Are you suggesting another bout of stress release? 你是建议再来一次释放压力的较量?

[06:30.26]No, I'm all done with casual sex. 不 我已经厌烦"逢场作性"了

[06:32.05]From now on, I'm fully committed to the traditional relationship paradigm. 从现在起 我完全忠于传统交往关系的模式

[06:35.44]Really? What changed? 真的吗? 哪变了呀?

[06:36.79]It's hard to say. 很难说

[06:37.68]I guess there's just a time in every woman's life 我猜每个女人的一生中都会有段时间

[06:39.35]when she gets tired of waking up on a strange futon with a bunch of people she doesn't know. 厌倦了在陌生的床垫上醒来 发现身边一群不认识的人

[06:44.67]Yeah, I can see how that would-- a bunch of people? 嗯 我能理解 怎么是一群人?

[06:48.23]Anyway, I figure it's time to slow things down 总之 我想是时候要慢下脚步

[06:50.50]and who better to slow things down with than you? 而谁比你更慢脚步呢?

[06:54.80]I'm flattered. 承蒙夸奖

[06:58.00]So how do you suggest we proceed? 那你建议我们怎么进行呢?

[07:00.83]Your place, we'll order Chinese, you'll rent a movie-- artsy, 你家 我们点些中国菜 租部电影 艺术点的

[07:03.42]but accessible-- then light petting, no coitus. 但要易理解 然后轻柔抚摸 没有性交

[07:07.94]Sounds fun. 听起来很有趣

[07:10.00]I'll leave the details up to you. 细节由你来定

[07:11.14]I think it's better if you assume the male role. 我想如果你扮演男性角色 这样好些

[07:15.90]Thank you, that's very thoughtful. 谢谢你 很体贴

[07:18.40]Great. Call me. 好极了 打电话给我哟

[07:27.98]Great news. 好消息

[07:28.86]My mom sent me my old Nintendo 64. 我妈给我寄来我原来的任天堂64

[07:28.86]........ 家用游戏主机任天堂64 最后一款使用游戏卡的游戏主机

[07:34.28]Terrific. 好耶

[07:35.09]You know what this means, don't you? 你知道这意味着什么吧?

[07:36.21]Break out the Red Bull, it's time to rock Mario, old school. 爆发红牛舞 到了玩超级玛丽的时候咯 重温旧梦啊


[07:42.17]I kind of have other plans tonight. 我今晚另有安排耶

[07:43.85]But it's Friday. 但今天是周五

[07:44.77]Friday's always vintage game night. 周五总是古董游戏之夜啊

[07:46.37]Look, Mom included the memory card. 瞧 妈妈还寄了存储卡

[07:48.62]We can pick up right where I left off in 1999 when I had pernicious anemia. 我们可以刚好从1999年我得恶性贫血 暂停那会儿开始玩

[07:53.74]Well, the thing is, someone's coming over. 问题是 有人要过来

[07:55.31]Okay, no problem. I have three controllers. The more the merrier. 好的 没问题 我有三个手柄 人越多越开心

[07:59.18]Sheldon, it's a date. I have a date coming over. Sheldon 是约会 我的约会对象要过来

[08:01.62]Well, you can't blame me for not jumping to that conclusion. 你可不能怪我没早点反映过来哦

[08:08.47]Why? What's so unusual about me having a date? 为什么? 我有约会就这么不寻常?

[08:11.14]- Well, statistically speaking... - All right, all right. - 从统计学上讲... - 好了好了

[08:14.18]Well, nevertheless, I have one now and I'd appreciate it if you would, you know, make yourself scarce. 不过我现在有对象了 如果你能回避 我不胜感激(scarce原意稀有)

[08:19.03]Leonard, I'm a published theoretical physicist with two doctorates Leonard 我是拥有2个博士头衔 发表过理论的物理学家

[08:22.15]and an IQ which can't be accurely measured by normal tests. 并且智商高到无法用普通测试测出

[08:24.77]How much scarcer could I be? 我还不够稀有吗?

[08:28.22]You know what I mean. 你明白我的意思

[08:29.34]Could you just give us a little privacy? 你不能给我们一点私人空间吗?

[08:31.67]You want me to leave the apartment? 你要我离开公寓?

[08:33.14]Yes. 是的

[08:34.31]You mean, just go someplace else and be... 你是说 去别的地方...

[08:36.73]someplace else? 别的地方?

[08:38.78]Yes. 是的

[08:39.61]Well, why should I leave? This is my apartment, too. 为什么我要离开?这也是我的公寓

[08:41.82]I know it is, and if science ever discovers a second member of your species 我知道 如果科学领域 发现第二个像你这样的人类

[08:45.46]and you two would like some privacy, I'd be more than happy to get out of your way. 你俩想要独处 我很乐意为你们回避

[08:51.45]Well, all right then. 那好吧

[08:57.42]Sheldon, what are you doing? Sheldon 你在干嘛?

[09:00.15]Playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator. 在编码不佳的任天堂64模拟器上 玩超级玛丽

[09:06.26]Yeah, but why are you doing it on the stairs? 但你干嘛坐楼梯上玩?

[09:08.19]I am a modern day Napoleon exiled to the Elba of the staircase 我是现代版的拿破仑 被放逐到楼梯版的厄尔巴岛

[09:11.94]because Leonard, get this, has a date. 因为Leonard 注意 在约会

[09:15.44]Oh, well, good for him. 好 不错嘛他

[09:19.31]Yeah, but why are you sitting here? 嗯 但你为什么坐这儿?

[09:20.49]Why don't you just go to a movie or something? 干嘛不去看电影啥的?

[09:23.10]Alone? 一个人?

[09:25.22]Yeah, why not? 是啊 为什么不?

[09:26.29]What if I choke on my popcorn? 要是我被爆米花噎住了呢?

[09:27.74]Who will administer the Heimlich maneuver? 谁来做海姆利克氏操作法?

[09:30.67]Well, then don't order popcorn. 那就别买爆米花呗

[09:32.09]No popcorn at the mov... listen to yourself. 看电影不买爆米花... 你自己听听

[09:36.06]Why don't you go to a cfee shop? 那去咖啡店如何?

[09:37.59]I don't drink coffee. 我不喝咖啡

[09:38.59]They have other things. 他们还有别的东西

[09:40.95]What do they have? 什么?

[09:42.64]I don't know. You know, cookies, pastries... 不清楚 大概有饼干 油酥面团...

[09:44.50]Pastries such as bear claws? 熊爪糕之类的? (一种杏仁味早餐糕点 形似熊爪)

[09:46.82]- Yeah, sure. - I don't like bear claws. - 没错 - 我不喜欢吃熊爪糕

[09:50.93]Hey, Penny. Dumbass. 嘿 Penny 傻蛋

[09:55.60]Leslie Winkle. Leslie Winkle

[09:57.36]Of all the overrated physicists in all the labs in all the world, 这世上有这么多被高估的物理学家

[10:00.57]why does it have to be Leslie Winkle? 为什么非得是Leslie Winkle?

[10:03.79]Well, they have a lot in common. 嗯... 他们有许多共同之处

[10:05.70]I mean, they're both scientists. 我是说 他们都是科学家

[10:06.97]Oh, please. 噢 得了吧

[10:08.18]The only way she could make a contribution to science would be if they resumed sending chimps into space. 要是他们重新启动送猩猩上天的计划 她倒是还有可能为科学作出点贡献

[10:14.37]Okay, well, I have a date, too, so I'll see ya. 好吧 我也有约会 回见啦

[10:19.63]Everybody has a date. 大家都有约会

[10:22.01]Even you, Mario, going after Princess Peach. 连你玛丽都在追求桃子公主

[10:26.87]And what am I doing? I'm just enabling you. 而我在做啥? 不过是操纵你追她罢了

[10:33.08]This is pretty good orange chicken. 这陈皮鸡味道真不赖

[10:34.69]Yeah, it's from Chang's. 没错 去陈记买的嘛

[10:36.01]- Not Chow's? - No, Chang's. - 不是周记? - 不 是陈记

[10:37.23]- What happened to Chow's? - It changed. - 周记是怎么了? - 它变了

[10:42.47]So, how many children do you think we should have? 那么 我们该生几个小孩?

[10:47.38]I'm sorry. 抱歉

[10:48.72]That was a little abrupt. 有点唐突了

[10:50.66]A little? 只是有点?

[10:52.31]I mean, there are so many things to talk about before we discuss reproduction. 我是说 在我们讨论繁衍后代之前 还有好多事要谈呢

[10:55.20]I sure hope so. 当然 我希望如此

[10:58.53]Besides shortness, what genetic weaknesses run in your family? 除了矮小 你家还有啥基因缺陷?

[11:03.11]Sorry to interrupt. Battery's dying. Continue. 抱歉打扰了 没电了 你们继续

[11:07.91]Uh, genetic weakness, right. 呃... 基因缺陷 有了

[11:09.28]Uh, there's the lactose intolerance. 我有乳糖不耐症

[11:11.71]Don't forget the male-pattern baldness. 别忘了还有男性型秃发

[11:15.19]When his uncles sit around the dinner table, they look like a half carton of eggs. 他的叔叔们围坐餐桌前的情形 就像是看到了半箱鸡蛋一样

[11:39.23]Okay, yeah, my uncles are bald, 好吧 我的叔叔都是秃头

[11:40.83]but my Aunt Edna is one of the hairiest women you'll ever meet, so... 不过我阿姨Edna将是你见过的头发最茂盛的

[11:45.33]Sweet lady. 挺和蔼可亲的

[11:46.64]Always tickles when she hugs me. 抱我的时候老是会痒痒

[11:53.78]What now? 又怎么了?

[11:54.74]I have to make pee-pee. 我要尿尿

[12:02.58]Listen, I'm sorry about all of Sheldon's interruptions. 听着 Shelon老是来打扰 我为此抱歉

[12:04.88]He can be a bit of an eccentric. 他的举止是有点古怪

[12:06.97]If by "eccentric" you mean passive-aggressive East Texas blowhole, I agree. 要是你说的"举止古怪"是指他表面看起来支持我们 实际却老在背地里捣乱 我很同意

[12:13.13]I think tonight was a very good start. 我觉得今晚是个很不错的开端

[12:14.86]Me, too. 我也是

[12:16.25]Are you sure you're okay postponing intercourse until our relationship is past the initial viability test? 在我们的关系通过"生存能力大考验"之前 你确定不和我发生关系?

[12:22.05]No, problem. I'm very skilled at postponing intercourse. 没问题 我对延迟交配很在行

[12:26.85]I guess I'll call you and we'll arrange another evening. 我会再打给你的 哪天晚上再过来

[12:29.44]Yes, I believe protocol dictates that you wait a minimum of 18 hours 没错 我们不是有约定咩 你至少得在18个小时之后才打给我

[12:32.82]before you call so I'm not repulsed by your cloying eagerness. 不然我会对你如此猴急反感的

[12:36.70]Sure. 当然

[12:37.28]Again, it's your decision. You're the man. 再说一遍 这是你决定的 你是男人

[12:40.02]PENNY: It wasn't my cat. 那不是我的猫

[12:41.26]It was an experiment designed by this guy named Schroedinger. 是一个叫薛定谔的家伙设计的实验 (上季也有提及:薛定谔的猫)

[12:46.62]ERIC: From the Charlie Brown cartoons? 查理布朗动画里的人物?

[12:50.18]PENNY: No, he was some kind of scientist. Let me start again. 不 他是个啥科学家的 我们从头来过

[12:53.72]- Oh, hey, Leonard. - Hello. - 嘿 Leonard - 好啊

[12:55.44]Leslie. Leslie

[13:01.34]Okay, well, good night. 好吧 晚安啦

[13:06.66]Okay, well, good night. 好吧 晚安啦

[13:10.49]That ain't gonna make your point. 这样子可不够

[13:25.02]That's enough. 够了够了

[13:29.10]Call me. 打给我哦

[13:32.27]Right. 好

[13:35.38]- Okay, good night. - Uh, what? - 晚安 - 什么?

[13:37.33]Had a great time. Ciao. 今晚很高兴 再见

[13:41.67]I'm sorry, I am not going back to the renaissance fair. 对不起 我可不想再去什么文艺复兴节了

[13:45.48]Come on, Sheldon. 得了吧 Sheldon

[13:46.52]There's so few places I can wear my jester costume. 我还能穿小丑服去啥别的地方咩

[13:51.65]I don't care. 我不管

[13:52.57]There are far too many historical anomalies for my comfort. 这么多奇怪的人和物 打着历史的名号

[13:55.64]Okay, how about this? 你看这样如何?

[13:57.12]You can go dressed as a Star Trek science officer exploring a planet similar to Earth in the 1500s. 你可以打扮成星际迷航里的科学家 在十五世纪探索一个和地球类似的行星

[14:04.51]You mean, like Spock? 你是说像"尖耳朵"史波克那样?

[14:06.68]Sure. 没错

[14:08.14]Fascinating. 太棒了

[14:12.07]Hey, fellow scientists... 嘿 我的科学家同事们

[14:14.48]Sheldon. Sheldon

[14:17.53]Why don't we all move over there so Leslie can join us? 我们不如坐那儿吧 这样Leslie就能一起了

[14:20.05]Yeah, let's do it. 好 我们过去吧

[14:26.98]If you're having trouble deciding where to sit, may I suggest one potato, two potato? 如果你不知道该坐哪儿 我建议你念 "一个土豆 两个土豆"(一种美国小孩玩的顺口溜)

[14:31.03]Or as I call it, the Leslie Winkle experimental methodology. 或者按我的叫法 Leslie Winkle的实验方法论

[14:37.76]Don't make this hard for me. 别让我左右为难

[14:39.30]It's not hard. It's simple. 这又不难 简单得很

[14:40.91]You can either sit with me, your friend, colleague and roommate 你可以和我坐一起 你的朋友同事兼室友

[14:43.84]or you can sit with an overrated scientist you might have sex with. 或者你可以和那个被高估的科学家坐一起 反正你们马上就会发生性行为了

[14:49.07]You're right, it is simple. 你说对了 这很简单

[14:56.49]Hey, Sheldon. 嘿 Sheldon

[14:57.61]Penny. Penny

[14:58.63]Third floor tonight-- mixing it up? 今晚坐三楼哈 吵架了?

[15:05.15]I still don't understand why you don't just go to dinner or something. 我还是不明白你为啥不去吃个饭之类的

[15:08.43]All right, let's say I go to dinner alone, and during the meal, I have to use the restroom. 好吧 就说我一个人去吃饭吧 在用餐期间 我肯定得去洗手间

[15:13.35]How do I know someone's not touching my food? 我怎么知道别人没碰过我的食物?

[15:19.88]Good night, Sheldon. 晚安 Sheldon

[15:22.05]Penny, hold on. Penny 等等

[15:24.89]Are you sure things can't work out with you and Leonard? 你肯定你和Leonard没可能了?

[15:27.33]Excuse me? 什么?

[15:28.38]I'm just wondering if you really gave it the old college try. 我只是想知道你会不会努力试试 (这里是个双关语 也指Penny试着去念大学)

[15:33.38]Or in your case, the old community college try. 放在你身上 就是去社区学院试试

[15:38.29]Okay, where is this coming from? 干嘛要提起这个?

[15:41.19]Leonard is upstairs right now with my archenemy. Leonard和我的宿敌在楼上

[15:44.71]Your archenemy? 你的宿敌?

[15:45.92]Yes, the Dr. Doom to my Mr. Fantastic. 没错 就像毁灭博士对我的神奇先生

[15:49.31]Dr. Octopus to my Spider-Man, the Dr. Sivana to my Captain Marvel. 章鱼博士对我的蜘蛛侠 Sivana博士对我的神奇队长

[15:52.71]I get it, I get it, I get it. 明白了 明白了

[15:54.39]Do you know, it's amazing how many supervillains have advanced degrees. 真是奇妙 这些超级大坏蛋都有很高的学历

[15:59.53]Graduate school should probably do a better job of screening those people out. 研究生院该好好做做工作把他们筛选出嘛

[16:03.01]Sheldon, come back. You're losing me. Sheldon 快说正题 你把我弄晕了

[16:04.92]It's Leslie Winkle, Penny. Penny 我说的是Leslie Winkle

[16:06.90]She belittles my research. 她鄙视我的研究

[16:08.83]Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. 噢 小可爱 我很抱歉

[16:11.19]She called me "dumbass." 她叫我"傻蛋"

[16:14.15]I know. I heard. 我知道 我听见了

[16:15.83]Given this situation, I have no choice but to withdraw my previous objections 在这种情况下 我不得不收回之前

[16:19.88]to your ill-considered relationship with Leonard. 对你和Leonard欠考虑关系的反对

[16:23.58]Oh, gee, well, thank you for that. 噢 谢谢你这么做

[16:26.72]But I think for now, Leonard and I are just gonna stay friends. 不过就现在而言 Leonard和我还是做朋友比较好

[16:30.12]No, that response is unacceptable to me. 不行 这个回答我无法接受

[16:34.37]Sheldon, you are a smart guy. Sheldon 你是个聪明人

[16:36.20]- You must know... - I'm "smart"? - 你得知道 - 我是"聪明人"?

[16:37.71]I'd have to lose 60 IQ points to be classified as "smart." 要被归为"聪明人" 我得去掉60点智商才行

[16:42.21]- Are you gonna let me talk? - I'm sorry. - 你还让不让我说了? - 对不起

[16:45.16]You must know that if Leonard and Leslie want to be together, nothing you can do is gonna stop it. 你得知道要是Leonard和Leslie要在一起的话 你做什么都是阻止不了的

[16:50.46]You continue to underestimate my capabilities, madam. 小姐 你再次低估了我的能力

[16:55.13]Okay, let me put it this way. 好 这么说吧

[16:56.59]If you're really Leonard's friend, you will support him no matter who he wants to be with. 如果你真是Leonard的哥们 无论他和谁在一起你都会支持他的

[17:01.20]Wait a minute. 等一下

[17:02.38]Why am I doing all the giving here? 为什么我要他们让地儿?

[17:05.32]If Leonard's really my friend, why doesn't he have to support me an my hatred of Leslie Winkle? 如果Leonard真的是我的哥们 他怎么就不支持一下我对Leslie Winkle的厌恶之情?

[17:12.06]Because love trumps hate. 因为爱胜过厌恶

[17:15.59]Oh, now you're just making stuff up. 噢 你可真会胡说

[17:18.65]Okay, good night, Sheldon. 好吧 晚安了 Sheldon

[17:22.54]Oh, Mario, if only I could control everyone the way I control you. 玛丽啊 要是我能像控制你一样控制他人该多好

[17:30.08]Hop, you little plumber, hop, hop, hop. 跳啊 你个小水管工 跳 跳 跳

[17:37.61]When the two of you reach a natural stopping point, I'd like to have a word. 等你们自然地结束以后 我有话要说

[17:42.29]The word is "pee-pee." Just do it. 要是你要说"尿尿" 去就是了

[17:50.24]Leonard, you're my friend, and friends support their friends... apparently. Leonard 你是我朋友 朋友互相支持 那是显然的

[17:55.95]So I'm withdrawing my objection to your desire to have a relationship with Leslie. 所以我收回对你和Leslie交往的反对

[18:01.30]Thank you. 谢谢

[18:02.09]I will graciously overlook the fact that she is an arrogant, subpar scientist 我会和蔼地远眺这位傲慢而不合格的科学家

[18:06.59]who actually believes loop quantum gravity better unites quantum mechanics 实际上她相信环量子引力更好地联系起 量子力学和广义相对论

[18:10.13]with generally relativity than does string theory. 而不是弦理论

[18:14.14]You kids have fun. 你们自娱自乐吧

[18:16.37]Hang on a second. 等等

[18:18.20]Loop quantum gravity clearly offers more testable predictions than string theory. 环量子引力明显比弦理论提供了更多可证的预测

[18:22.39]I'm listening. Amuse me. 我在听呢 逗我笑吧

[18:25.67]Okay, well, for one thing, we expect quantized space-time to manifest itself 好 一方面来说 我们期待量子化的时空能够证明

[18:29.33]as minute differences in the speed of light for different colors. 在光速下不同颜色的细小差异

[18:32.06]Balderdash. Matter clearly consists of tiny strings. 胡言乱语 物质显然是由细小的弦组成的

[18:37.75]Are you gonna let him talk to me like that? 他这么同我说话 你就坐视不理?

[18:45.04]Okay, well, there is a lot of merit to both theories. 好吧 两种理论各有各的优势

[18:47.60]No, there isn't. 不是这样的

[18:48.41]Only loop quantum gravity calculates the entropy of black holes. 只有环量子引力能算出黑洞的熵值

[18:54.89]Sheldon, don't make that noise. Sheldon 别发出那种声音

[18:56.75]It's disrespectful. 太不尊重人了

[18:58.05]I should hope so. It was a snort of derision. 我正是这么想的 那是嘲笑的鼻息声

[19:01.67]You agree with me, right? 你同意我的 对吧?

[19:02.85]Loop quantum gravity is the future of physics. 环量子引力是物理学的未来

[19:06.14]Sorry, Leslie, I guess I prefer my space stringy, not loopy. 抱歉 Leslie 我比较同意弦理论 而不是环理论

[19:10.74]I'm glad I found out the truth about you before this went any further. 我很高兴能在我们的关系有进展前看到了真相

[19:14.71]Truth? What truth? 真相? 什么真相?

[19:16.05]We're talking about untested hypotheses. It's no big deal. 我们在讨论未经证实的假说 有什么大不了的

[19:19.37]It isn't? Really? 没什么大不了的? 真的?

[19:20.55]Tell me, Leonard, how will we raise the children? Leonard 告诉我 我们怎么教育我们的孩子

[19:25.33]I... 我...

[19:26.33]I guess we wait until they're old enough and let them choose their own theory. 我猜我们会等他们长大了自己选吧

[19:30.84]We can't let them choose, Leonard. They're children! 怎么能让他们自己选 他们是孩子!

[19:35.13]Wait. Where are you going? 等等 你上哪儿去?

[19:38.18]I'm sorry. 对不起

[19:39.33]I could have accepted our kids being genetically unable 就遗传角度而言 我们的孩子不能吃冷饮 也没法在游行时看得更远

[19:41.98]to eat ice cream or ever get a good view of a parade. 这些我还都能接受

[19:46.58]But this? 但是这个?

[19:47.94]This is a deal breaker. 这毁了我们的约定

[20:01.66]Look on the bright side. 凡事总有两面

[20:06.02]What's the bright side? 哪有好的一面?

[20:07.60]Only nine more months to Comic-con. 离Comic-con动漫展只有九个月了

[20:11.82]Oh, yeah. 噢 是啊

[20:23.87]Captain, I'm getting an unusual reading. 队长 发现异常情况

[20:28.11]Yeah, that's great. 那很好啊

[20:28.69]- You guys want a corn dog? - Yeah. - 你们要来根玉米肠么? - 好啊

[20:31.68]That's a temporal anomaly. 时间异常

[20:34.11]Corn dog's didn't come into existence till the first half of the 20th century. 玉米肠是二十世纪中叶才出现的

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