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生活大爆炸第二季03.The Barbarian Sublimation(野蛮人升华):penny的网游瘾事件






[00:01.00]战士兄弟们 我是征服者Sheldor 我们将要向堡垒出发

[00:06.31]Now,this is a long run,so let's do another bladder check. 今天 我们将长时间作战 再次检查下 膀胱是否排空

[00:12.13]All right,Barry,we'll wait for you again,but you really should see a doctor. 好吧 Barry 我们再等你会儿 但你真的需要去看医生了

[00:20.42]Sheldor is AFK. Sheldor 暂停一下(AFK)

[00:27.65]Penny,are you experiencing some sort of difficulty? Penny 你遇到什么难题了吗?

[00:30.04]Yes. I can't get my stupid door open. 对 我打不开这该死的门了

[00:32.61]You appear to have put your car key in the door lock-- are you aware of that? 显然你插的是车钥匙 你意识到了吗?

[00:37.47]Yeah. 对

[00:39.50]All right,then. 好吧

[00:42.65]Damn it,damn it,damn it,damn it,damn it! 该死 该死 该死 该死 该死!

[00:45.85]Would it be possible for you to do this a little more quietly? 你可以小声点弄吗?

[00:49.52]I can't get the damn key out. 这个该死的钥匙拔不出来了

[00:51.86]Well,it's not surprising-- that Baldwin lock on your door uses traditional edge-mounted cylinders, 那是自然不能了 你门锁上用的是传统的边缘锁柱

[00:56.43]whereas the key for your Volkswagen uses a center cylinder system. 而你的大众车钥匙 是开中央锁柱的系统的

[01:02.51]Thank you,Sheldon. 谢谢讲解 Sheldon

[01:04.76]You're welcome. 不用谢

[01:06.93]Point of inquiry: why did you put your car key in the door lock? 关键问题是: 为什么你把车钥匙放门锁里?

[01:10.50]Why?I'll tell you why-- 原因? 我告诉你吧--

[01:11.48]because today I had an audition,it took me two hours to get there, 因为今天我去试镜 花了两个小时才赶到

[01:14.42]I waited an hour for my turn,and before I could even start,they told me I looked too Midwest for the part. 又花了一个小时才轮到我 还没开始演 他们就说 我对于角色太中西部化了

[01:19.34]Too Midwest-- what the hell does that even mean? 太中西部化 到底什么意思?

[01:21.61]Well,the American Midwest was mostly settled by Scandinavian and Germanic people. 美国中西部的大部分居民 都是 斯坎迪纳维亚人和日耳曼人后裔

[01:26.77]- They have a characteristic facial bone structure... - I know what it means,Sheldon! - 他们的面部骨骼结构特征明显... - 不需要你解释 Sheldon!

[01:30.68]God! You know,I have been in L. A.for almost two years now, 天! 我到洛杉矶都快两年了

[01:34.03]and I haven't gotten a single acting job. 我没有找到一份专职的演出工作

[01:35.89]I've accomplished nothing,haven't gotten a raise at work,haven't even had sex in six months, 我一事无成 没有升职 6个月没有做爱了

[01:40.40]and just now,when I was walking up those stairs,a fly flew in my mouth and I ate it! 而我刚上楼梯时 一只苍蝇飞进我的嘴里被我吞了!

[01:46.48]Well,actually,insects are a dietary staple in many cultures. 其实 在很多文化里 昆虫是主食

[01:49.45]They're almost pure protein. 几乎全是蛋白质

[01:51.92]Oh,son of a bitch! 他奶奶的!

[01:54.98]I believe the condensation on your frozen foods weakened the structural integrity of the bag. 我想是你的冷冻食物上的水珠 破坏了袋子的结构完整

[02:03.98]But returning to your key conundrum,perhaps you should call a locksmith and have him open the door for you. 还是说你的钥匙难题 或许你可以找个开锁匠人来

[02:08.98]I did. He said he'll get here when he gets here. 我叫了 他说到时候他就会到了

[02:11.86]And you're frustrated because he phrased his reply in the form of a meaningless tautology? 你因他无意义的重复措辞而沮丧?

[02:15.78]No! 没有!

[02:17.05]I am frustrated because I am a failure at everything and my breath smells like fly. 我沮丧是因为我是很废材 而且我嘴巴里一股苍蝇味

[02:26.84]There,there. 明白了

[02:35.72]Would you prefer to wait in our apartment? 你想在我们那边等会吗?

[02:38.44]No,Sheldon,I'd rather sit on this freezing-cold floor sobbing like a three-year-old. 不 Sheldon 我更想坐在冰冷的楼板上 呜呜的像个三岁女孩

[02:42.89]All right,then. 好 回头见

[02:45.43]For heaven's sake. 受不了了我

[03:18.96]Make yourself comfortable. 你自便

[03:21.51]Not there. 那儿不能坐

[03:52.76]Sheldor is back online. Sheldor回到线上

[03:56.01]Sheldor? Sheldor?

[03:58.29]The Conqueror. 征服者

[04:01.24]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[04:03.56]AFK. 暂停一下 (AFK)

[04:06.50]I'm playing Age of Conan,an online multiplayer game 我在玩科南时代 多人网络游戏

[04:09.63]set in the universe of Robert E.Howard's Conan the Barbarian. 设定在Robert E. Howard的科南荒蛮时代


[04:15.87]Sheldor back online. Sheldor上线了

[04:18.85]What's "AFK"? "AFK"啥意思?

[04:20.25]AFK. 暂停一下 (AFK)

[04:23.72]Away From Keyboard. 暂时离开键盘 (Away From Keyboard)

[04:26.85]Oh,I see. 明白了 (音同OIC)

[04:29.23]What does that stand for? 代表什么意思?

[04:35.74]Oh,I see. 我明白了 (OIC)

[04:39.05]Yes,but what does it stand for? 听清了 但是它是什么的简称呢?

[04:55.19]Now,just click on the enchanted boots to put them on. 点那个魔法鞋子穿上它们

[04:58.36]Mm,I don't know-- can I see them in another color? 不知道诶 可以换其他颜色吗?

[05:02.26]Just click on them. 快点就是了

[05:04.49]Yeah,congratulations. You are now a level-three warrior. 恭喜 你是个三级的战士了

[05:08.49]What's going on? 在干嘛?

[05:09.31]Leonard,guess what? I'm a level-three warrior. Leonard 你猜怎么着? 我是三级战士了

[05:12.98]Great. Do you know there are groceries outside of your apartment? 很好 你知道你公寓外面 掉了一堆东西吗?

[05:15.60]Yeah,yeah,yeah. 知道 知道 表吵

[05:18.28]I only bring it up because your ice cream's melting and it's starting to attract wildlife. 我把吃的捡起来了 因为冰激淋化了 都招来了野猫

[05:22.93]Uh-huh,yeah. Do I stay in the jungle or go towards the beach? 知道了 我呆在丛林还是去海滩?

[05:25.73]It doesn't matter-- right now; you're looking for treasure. 无所谓 现在 你要去找财宝

[05:31.35]Wait,wait,where are you going? 别 别 你去哪儿?

[05:32.44]No,no. You're okay. 没事 你可以的

[05:33.57]If you run into crocodiles,just kick them with your boots. 要是走进鳄鱼堆里 用鞋子踢它们就是

[05:39.69]You want to catch me up? 跟我说说咋回事儿?

[05:42.19]Well,let's see,uh,she attempted to open her apartment with her car key 我想想 她努力用车钥匙开房门

[05:45.85]because her face is overly Midwestern,um... 因为她的脸过于中西部了...

[05:50.08]she hasn't had sex in six months... 她有6个月没做爱了...

[05:52.67]and she ate a fly. 还有 她吃了只苍蝇

[05:58.73]Seriously? Six months? 真的? 6个月?

[06:01.07]Oh,my God! A treasure chest! I'm rich! 噢 天哪! 找到宝藏了! 我发达了!!

[06:04.07]Level three,and she thinks she's rich. 才3级 她就觉得自己发了

[06:10.17]What a newb. 好白的新手呀

[06:14.54]Okay... we're all set. 好了...准备完毕

[06:17.42]Let her rip. 放手来吧

[06:33.95]Check it out-- it's just corn starch and water. 你看 只用玉米淀粉和水就能这么high

[06:39.93]They make up a non-Newtonian fluid,which is liquid,but solid under the percussive action of the speaker. 它们组成了非牛顿流体 是种液体 但在喇叭的冲击作用下成了固体

[06:45.31]That's what makes it get all funky. 所以才会这么特别 这么帅~~~

[06:51.35]Yeah. Okay. 呵呵 好吧

[06:52.52]Uh,listen,I need to talk to Sheldon. 呃 听着 我要和Sheldon说话

[06:59.41]No,that's what she said-- Sheldon. 不 她说的就是Sheldon

[07:02.53]Okay,I'm in the game,and I've been exploring the island of Tortage, 那个 我在玩游戏 一直在托提吉岛探险

[07:05.73]but I can't figure out how to get past the Guard Captn. 但我过不了守卫长这一关

[07:08.16]Do you have the Enchanted Sword? 你有魔法宝剑吗?

[07:09.58]No,no,I have a bronze dagger. 没有 我有青铜短剑

[07:11.05]You can't slay the Guard Captain with a bronze dagger. 用青铜短剑杀不死守卫长的

[07:13.12]My Lord,it's like the car key in your apartment door all over again. 老天 这等于又一次用车钥匙开公寓门

[07:16.32]All right,how do I get the sword? 好吧 怎样才能拿到宝剑?

[07:17.72]Well,have you been to the Temple of Mishra? 那么 你去过弥萨神殿吗?

[07:19.46]Is that the place on the hill with the weird priest in front of it? 是山上那个门前站了个怪牧师的地方?

[07:21.50]No,no,no,it's... Oh,for God's sakes,gimme. 不 不 不 是... 噢 老天呀 给我吧

[07:24.21]Thank you-- I really appreciate this. 谢谢 真的非常感激

[07:25.84]You're gonna have to learn to do these things for yourself,Penny. 你得自己学会玩 Penny

[07:27.94]Don't patronize me-- just get the sword! 少跟我说道 快去搞到宝剑!

[07:32.46]What the frack? 搞什么飞机?

[07:35.61]LEONARD: Beats me. They were playing all last night,too. 鬼才知道 他们昨天玩了一晚上

[07:38.77]It's like some kind of weird comic book crossover. 感觉是奇趣漫画互相穿越

[07:42.37]Like if Hulk were dating Peppermint Patty. 像绿巨人和薄荷帕蒂约会


[07:46.10]I always thought Peppermint Patty was a lesbian. 我一直以为薄荷帕蒂是同性恋

[07:48.39]No,that's Marcie. 不 玛茜才是 (<史努比>里的眼镜小呆女)

[07:49.57]Peppermint Patty's just athletic. 薄荷帕蒂只是比较运动型而已

[07:53.20]There you go-- one Enchanted Sword. 有了 魔法宝剑

[07:55.17]All right,gimme,gimme,gimme. I want to kill the Guard Captain. 好吧 给我 给我 给我 我要杀死那个守卫长

[08:02.78]That girl needs to get a life. 那女人得有点现实生活吧

[08:17.50]Sheldon? Sheldon?

[08:25.16]- Sheldon... - Danger! Danger! - Sheldon... - 危险! 危险!

[08:28.72]No danger-- it's just me,Penny. 没危险 是我 Penny

[08:30.04]Listen,I got to level 25 and reached Purple Lotus Swamp,right? 听着 我练到了25级 到了紫莲花沼泽 对吧?

[08:33.29]You're in my bedroom. 你咋在我的卧室里

[08:35.74]Leonard gave me an emergency key. Leonard给了我把紧急备用钥匙

[08:37.26]People can't be in my bedroom. 外人不能进我的卧室

[08:39.06]Well,can we go talk in the living room? 那么 我们能去客厅谈吗?

[08:40.89]I'm not wearing pajama bottoms. 我没有穿睡裤

[08:44.41]Why not? 为什么不穿?

[08:45.04]I spilled grape juice. 我打翻了葡萄汁 洒到裤子上了

[08:47.36]Well,wear different pajamas. 那么 穿另外的睡裤嘛

[08:48.87]I can't wear different pajamas-- these are my Monday pajamas. 我不能穿另外的睡裤 这套就是周一穿的

[08:52.72]Penny,people cannot be in my bedroom. Penny 外人不能进我的卧室

[08:55.07]Okay,fine,just tell me,is it too soon to join a quest to the Black Castle? 好吧 随便怎样 只要告诉我 现在加入黑城堡探险之旅会不会太早?

[08:58.77]You were invited on a quest to the Black Castle? 你被邀请加入黑城堡探险之旅?

[09:01.25]Yeah,yeah. By some guys in Budapest. 嗯 是的 好像是布达佩斯的玩家

[09:02.55]I'm just not sure it's the right move for my character. 我不知道这一步是否正确 对我的角色而言

[09:05.91]Of course it's not-- you're only a level 25. 当然不正确 你才25级

[09:08.47]These Hungarians,they're just using you for dragon fodder. 那些匈牙利人 只是拿你来做诱饵 喂龙的

[09:12.99]Really? 真的?

[09:13.78]Boy,you'd think you could trust a horde of Hungarian barbarians. 天哪 还以为一群匈牙利野蛮人值得信任

[09:18.72]Please,Penny,enough. I have to sleep. 求你了 Penny 够了 我需要睡眠

[09:23.84]Okay,well,you were great. Thanks. 好的 你太棒了! 谢谢

[09:29.49]Hey,Leonard. Listen,don't go in Sheldon's room-- he's not wearing bottoms. 嘿 Leonard 听着 别进Sheldon的房间 他没穿睡裤

[09:39.50]Sheldon,you want to catch me up again? Sheldon 跟我说说咋回事儿?!

[09:43.76]各位 我今天很忙

[09:46.26]**ery busy today. 我知道 Gablehauser博士 但这是你的工作

[09:48.63]I realize that,Dr.Gablehauser,but it is your job, 主持整个部门 协调所有内部矛盾

[09:51.15]as head of the department,to mediate all interdepartmental disputes. 本大学规章制度 第四章第2部分: 调节内部矛盾

[09:54.07]University Policy Manual,Chapter Four,Subsection Two: Mediation of Interdepartmental Disputes.


[10:00.26]Fine. Winkle博士 这次你又给Cooper博士取了什么绰号?

[10:02.15]Dr. Winkle,what colorful name did you call Dr. Cooper this time?


[10:06.43]Dr. Dumb-Ass.

[10:08.08]Cooper博士 Winkle博士会道歉的

[10:10.58]Dr. Cooper,Dr. Winkle apologizes. - 不 我不要 - 不 她没有

[10:12.90]- No,I don't. - No,she doesn't. 问题是


[10:15.44]Here's the problem.

[10:16.41]I was clearly signed up to use the mainframe in Buckman 204, Winkle博士却肆意撕掉墙上的报名单

[10:19.61]and Dr.Winkle just wantonly ripped the sign-up sheet off the wall. 根本不是正规的报名单

[10:22.79]It wasn't even an official sign-up sheet. 他自己打印的表格 而且接下来的六个月都填了他的名字

[10:24.66]He printed it himself,and he put his name down on every slot for the next six months.

[10:26.55]如果说 保证学校的资源不被浪费去

[10:29.05]If it is a crime to ensure that the university's resources 研究什么亚原子野鹅也有罪的话 那么我认罪

[10:31.60]are not being squandered chasing subatomic wild geese,then I plead guilty.

[10:37.39]噢 Penny!

[10:39.89]Oh,Penny! 你要接电话吗 Cooper博士?

[10:41.12]Do you need to get that,Dr. Cooper? 鬼才接

[10:42.40]God,no. 别关机 小心错过诺贝尔委员会

[10:44.23]Well,don't turn it off,you might miss your call from the Nobel committee letting you know 通知你被提名为"年度最佳傻冒"

[10:47.37]you've been nominated as Dumb-Ass Laureate of the Year. 噢 是吗? 那么...

[10:51.11]Oh,yeah? Well... 你连提名都捞不到呢

[10:53.09]you wouldn't even be nominated.

[10:57.66]Gablehauser博士 我有一系列重要的计算和模拟要运行

[11:00.16]Dr. Gablehauser,I have a series of important calculations and simulations to run.

[11:01.98]她整天就知道胡乱推断无关数据 外加对我冷嘲热讽

[11:04.48]All she's doing is reducing irrelevant data and making a mock... 抱歉 Gablehauser

[11:07.32]Excuse me. Gablehauser.


[11:12.47]It's for you.


[11:17.26]Hello? Penny 现在不是时候

[11:18.85]Penny,this is not a good time. 不 我告诉过你 你还不能进入火灵魂的密室

[11:21.31]No,I told you,you're not prepared for the Sanctum of Burning Souls.

[11:24.33]你们必须组成至少5人的小组 而且其中要有个35级的药师

[11:26.83]You need to be in a group of at least five for that quest and one should be a level 35 healer.

[11:28.75]Penny 我现在不能登录 帮你打

[11:31.25]Penny,I can't log on and help you. 等我回家后再说

[11:34.66]We'll talk when I get home.

[11:39.61]我不能用实验室 对吗?

[11:42.11]I'm not getting the computing time,am I? 傻冒


[11:48.57]Leonard 你得想办法搞定Penny

[11:51.07]Leonard,you have to do something about Penny. 她打扰我睡觉 打扰我工作

[11:53.68]She is interfering with my sleep,she's interfering with my work, 如果我生活中还有其他重要的方面

[11:56.84]and if I had another significant aspect of my life, 我肯定她也会来干扰

[11:59.15]I'm sure she'd be interfering with that,too.


[12:03.18]Why should I do something? 谁叫你介绍她玩网游的

[12:04.34]You're the one who introduced her to online gaming. 没错 但她搬来时 是你跟她打招呼的

[12:06.46]Yes,but you're the one who said hello to her when she moved in.

[12:08.67]如果你当时能克制住自己 现在根本不会出现这种状况

[12:11.17]If you'd simply restrained yourself,none of this would be happening. 你干嘛不叫她别烦你?

[12:14.96]Why don't you just tell her to leave you alone? 我跟她说了 短信也发了 Twitter的即使留言也态度强硬

[12:16.77]I did,I told her,I texted her,I sent out a very emphatic twitter.

[12:18.88]我甚至把我的Facebook状态改为: Sheldon Cooper希望Penny别来烦他

[12:21.38]I even changed my Facebook status to Sheldon Cooper wishes Penny would leave him alone.


[12:25.40]I don't know what else to do. 那么 我能做什么?

[12:27.78]Well,what am I supposed to do? 我不知道 但是如果你不把事情摆平

[12:29.86]I don't know,but if you don't figure something out, 我警告你 我会变得很难伺候

[12:31.54]I warn you,I shall become very difficult to live with.

[12:34.47]你是指 到目前为止 你一直是开心好玩的Sheldon?

[12:36.97]You mean up until now we've been experiencing the happy,fun-time Sheldon?

[12:39.55]- 是的 - 我去跟她谈谈

[12:42.05]- Yes. - I'll go talk to her.

[12:43.80]不 Fritz 站到我旁边去

[12:46.30]No,Fritz,I need you on my flank. 不 我不懂德语 你快传中 快传中!

[12:49.17]No,I don't know German. Flankenzei,flankenzei.

[12:52.85]- 嘿 Penny - 忙着呢

[12:55.35]- Hey,Penny. - Busy. 嗯 看出来了 你不用上班吗?

[12:57.83]Yeah,I see that. Shouldn't you be at work? 我周一不上班

[13:00.10]I don't work on Mondays. 今天是星期四

[13:02.24]It's Thursday. 听着Penny...

[13:06.23]Listen,Penny... Penelope女王 我暂停一下 干嘛...

[13:07.34]Queen Penelope,AFK. What...

[13:10.39]好吧 呃... 是这样的

[13:12.89]Okay,uh... here's the thing. 人们有时 我是说好人 他们开始玩网游后 发现自己...

[13:16.71]Sometimes people,good people,yeah,they start playing these games and they find themselves--

[13:18.69]这并不是他们的错... 你知道的 有点...沉迷于游戏

[13:21.19]through no fault of their own-- you know,kind of... addicted. 嗯 说重点 我快要升级了

[13:24.77]Yeah,get to the point. I'm about to level up here. 如果人在现实生活中没有成就感

[13:27.69]It's just if a person doesn't have a sense of achievement in their real life, 他们会很容易迷失在虚拟世界里 因为在那里 他们可以得到并不真实的成就感

[13:31.33]it's easy to lose themselves in a virtual world where they can get a false sense of accomplishment. 是啊 唧唧喳喳唧唧 好了 伙计们 Penelope女王回来了

[13:35.29]Yeah,jabber,jabber,jabber. Okay,boys,Queen Penelope's back online.

[13:38.18]Penny 你...

[13:40.68]Penny,you've got... 你头发里有块奇多

[13:42.46]Cheetos in your hair.

[13:44.40]噢 谢谢


[13:58.10]嘿 Penny 又是我 Leonard

[14:00.60]Hey,Penny,it's me again,Leonard. Leonard 我说了现在不行

[14:03.42]Leonard,I said not now. 我知道 我只是有点担心你

[14:05.01]I know,I'm just a little concerned about you. 说了现在不行!

[14:06.95]I said not now! 好吧 迟点再说

[14:08.81]Okay,maybe later. 嘿 伙计们

[14:12.55]Hey,guys. 嘿 他怎么了?

[14:14.86]Hey,what's with him? Penny一晚上没让他睡好

[14:16.23]Penny's been keeping him up at night. 我也是



[14:24.96]But probably in a different way. 她真的迷上了"科南时代" 没日没夜的玩

[14:28.18]She's gotten really hooked on Age of Conan. She's playing nonstop. 啊 是的 网游会上瘾

[14:31.18]Ah,yes,online gaming addiction. 没什么比迷上多人网游更糟糕了

[14:33.63]There's nothing worse than having that multi-player monkey on your back.

[14:36.54]- Sheldon 醒醒! - 危险! 危险!

[14:39.04]- Sheldon,wake up! - Danger! Danger!

[14:40.58]下午好 男人们

[14:43.08]Afternoon,men. Sheldon

[14:45.19]Sheldon. 噢 什么? 你故意把我排除在"男人们"之外 意在把我儿童化 只是...

[14:47.39]Oh,yeah? Well,your attempt at juvenilizing me by excluding me from the set of adult males,just...

[14:49.84]噢 我没精力跟你斗嘴

[14:52.34]Oh,I'm too tired to do this. 很好 听说你每晚都和中东版芭比娃娃消磨时光

[14:55.37]That's right,I heard you've been pulling all-nighters with Middle Earth Barbie.


[15:00.35]She comes into my room. 没人能进我的卧室

[15:01.69]No one's supposed to be in my room. 我认为 她以网游度日 是因为在性方面得不到满足

[15:04.53]I would postulate that she's escaping into the online world to compensate for her sexual frustration.


[15:09.64]I do that,too. 啊 估计又是两码事儿

[15:12.84]But probably in a different way.

[15:14.61]不是这么回事 Leslie

[15:17.11]That's not what she's doing,Leslie. 她只是想增强下自尊心 和性无关

[15:18.96]She's just trying to shore up her self-esteem. It has nothing to do with sex. 任何事都和性有关

[15:22.67]Everything has to do with sex. 嗯嗯 我作证

[15:24.27]Mm,testify. 我碰也不想碰那玩意

[15:28.23]I'm not touching that.

[15:29.84]Leslie 你完全搞错了哦

[15:32.34]Leslie,you are way off base here. 等等 Leonard

[15:34.27]Hang on,Leonard. 虽然我对于作为科学家或者人类的Leslie 不怀有丝毫敬意

[15:35.38]While I have no respect for Leslie as a scientist or a human being,for that matter,

[15:38.31]但我们必须承认她在滥交和淫乱 这些相关领域的成绩是有目共睹的

[15:40.81]we have to concede her undeniable expertise in the interrelated fields of promiscuity and general sluttiness.


[15:48.21]Thank you. 我是说 Tinkerbell得给她来上几下


[15:50.12]My point is that Tinkerbell just needs to get her some. 几下什么?

[15:53.54]Some what? 哦 对了 来些两性的交流

[15:54.74]Oh,yes,some sexual intercourse. 我不入地狱谁入地狱

[15:58.41]I'll take the bullet. 行行好 这主意根本糟透了

[16:02.30]Excuse me,this whole idea is insane. 讨论结束 得开始行动了

[16:04.40]Enough debate,I'm going to take action. 打扰

[16:07.92]Excuse me. 请问你目前正处于一段两性关系中么?

[16:09.43]Are you currently involved in a sexual relationship?




[16:15.26]Would you like to be?

[16:17.88]好啊 何乐不为呢?

[16:20.38]sure,why not? - Sheldon... - 得 得 得

[16:22.62]- Sheldon... - Puh-puh-puh. 能给我你的电话号码么?

[16:25.92]Can I have your phone number?



[16:40.62]怎么样? 问题解决了

[16:43.12]There. Problem solved.



[16:55.11]好了 我在远古金库的大门这里 我进来了

[16:57.61]Okay,I'm at the gate to the Treasury of the Ancients. I'm going in. 离墙近一点 避开木乃伊

[17:00.73]Stay close to the wall. Avoid the mummies. 明白

[17:02.89]Got it. 我不得不说对于一个23岁的女人来说 你玩得实在是不错啊

[17:04.35]I must say you're playing very well for a woman of 23. - 22 - 好耶 22

[17:08.18]- Twenty-two. - Right,22. 神魂颠倒.com 网上约会人物资料

[17:10.13]Headoverheelz.com Online Dating Profile 有木乃伊来了

[17:12.28]我该用什么咒语? 仇恨打击还是狂暴战士态势?

[17:13.92]Oh,here come the mummies. 你剩下的队员都怎么了?

[17:14.78]Which spell do I use,the hateful strike or the frenzy stance?

[17:17.88]What happened to the rest of your group? 我甩了他们 一群软蛋

[17:19.15]I dumped them,they're a bunch of wussies. 狂暴战士态势

[17:22.79]Frenzy stance. 狂暴 狂暴 狂暴 狂暴


[17:26.06]听着 你怎么描述你的理想职业? 是对未知之地的狂野冒险

[17:28.56]So,listen,would you describe your ideal vacation as a wild adventure to unknown lands

[17:31.90]还是窝在家里 读一本好书?

[17:34.40]or staying at home curled up with a good book? 什么?


[17:36.99]What? 我在填你的游戏在线注册呢

[17:37.64]These are market research questions.

[17:39.74]I'm filling out the online registration for your game. 哦 好的 狂野冒险

[17:42.61]Oh,okay,wild adventure. 噢 狂暴战士态势不管用啊

[17:45.05]Oh,frenzy stance isn't working. 去死吧 你个老不死的木乃伊 死吧!

[17:46.55]Die,you undead mummy,die! - 喝一瓶治愈药水 - 谢谢

[17:48.89]- Drink a healing potion. - Thank you. 不用

[17:50.01]You're welcome. 看这个 共分为五个等级

[17:52.63]Anyhow,on a scale of one to five, 一级是别人主动 五级是你主动

[17:55.60]with one being always initiated by him and five being always initiated by you,


[18:00.74]how do you prefer your sexual encounters to begin?


[18:04.87]That's on the registration? 恩 对的 范围很广的

[18:06.29]Oh,yes,it's quite extensive. 但是如果我们完成了 你会得到个 免费的扩展包和75个其他任务

[18:08.82]But if we complete it,you get a free expansion pack. 75 additional quests.

[18:10.55]赞! 好吧 我喜欢主动哇 我绝对是"大佬五"那型的

[18:13.05]Ooh,awesome,okay,I totally like to initiate. I'm a big ol' five.

[18:14.86]很好 绝对是"大佬五"

[18:17.36]Good to know. Big ol' five.


[18:30.54]Hello. Leonard 这是Tom

[18:32.41]Leonard,this is Tom.

[18:35.22]你好 Tom Sheldon...

[18:37.72]Hi,Tom. Sheldon...

[18:40.78]你在食堂里搞得那个小误解 我没跟你解释清楚么?

[18:43.28]Didn't I explain to you about your little mistake in the cafeteria?


[18:47.72]Yes,you were very clear. 那桌上每个人都清楚得很

[18:49.44]As was everyone else at the table. 但是Tom 是经过科学选择出的 Penny最合适的伴侣

[18:52.39]Tom,however,has been chosen by science as a suitable mate for Penny.


[18:57.71]Chosen by science? 反正 就是交友网站上的科学呗

[18:59.07]Well,what passes for science on dating sites. 他们声称使用了启发式精简算法 但估计也是瞎胡扯

[19:02.59]They claim to use heuristic algorithms,but it may well be hokum.


[19:07.49]You got Penny to sign up for online dating? 不 当然不是 我只是用了些小小的手段和伎俩

[19:10.00]No,of course not. See,I used trickery and deceit.


[19:15.87]This is bad. Tom是消防署的护理人员 但是他正在医学院上夜校

[19:17.76]Tom is a paramedic with the fire department,but he's going to med school at night. 他喜欢户外 呃... 还有强壮的充满"性"趣女人

[19:21.17]He likes the outdoors and,uh,strong women who initiate sex.

[19:24.13]太糟 太糟了

[19:26.63]Really,really bad. 我很震惊呀 你居然没搞定Penny

[19:30.22]I'm surprised you struck out with Penny. 很显然 她绝对是"大佬五"

[19:32.23]Apparently,she's a big ol' five.

[19:34.44]Sheldon 你想怎样?

[19:36.94]Sheldon,what do you want? 哦 好嘞 你看到我留言了 Penny 来认识下Tom

[19:38.23]Oh,good,you got my note. Penny,I'd like you to meet Tom. Penny 这是Tom Tom 来认识下Penny

[19:41.25]Penny,this is Tom. Tom,may I present Penny. - 嗨 Penny - 恩 嗨 听着...

[19:44.71]- Hi,Penny. - Yeah,hey. Listen... 既然我都来了 我正领着一群小白打任务呢

[19:46.60]as long as I'm here,I'm on a quest with a bunch of newbs. 他们根本不知道自己在干什么

[19:48.80]They don't know what they're doing. 我们有一个刺客 三个魔法师部队 没有坦克

[19:49.86]We've got one assassin,three spell casters and no tank. - 能过会儿再谈这个不? - 不 不 不 现在就得和你说

[19:52.21]- Can we talk about this later? - No,no,no,no. I need you now. 难道你不愿意和Tom社"交"一下么? 他是个户外男孩哦 不大主动的说

[19:54.27]Wouldn't you prefer to socialize with Tom,who is a sexually passive outdoorsman?

[19:58.96]我管你 我自己琢磨去了

[20:01.46]Whatever. I'll figure it out myself. 再见 Penny

[20:03.87]Bye,Penny. 哥们 抱歉 她可和照片上的完全两人

[20:07.09]I'm sorry,dude,she didn't look anything like her picture.

[20:09.62]网上有美女? 你做梦去吧

[20:12.12]They never do.

[20:19.98]Hello,fair Penny. 你好 美貌的Penny

[20:21.75]Who are you? 你谁啊?

[20:22.51]It is I,Sir Howard of Wolowitz. 是我啊 Howard Wolowitz先生

[20:26.67]Can I interest you in an afternoon of spirited questing 我能邀请您 和我来一下午的灵魂之旅么?

[20:29.30]followed by a flagon of ale at Yon Virtual Tavern? 而后在那边的虚拟客栈畅饮几杯?

[20:33.11]Yeah,sure,why not? 恩 好吧 没什么不好的

[20:37.92]Oh,my God,I need help. 哦 糟了 这下真需要人帮助了

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