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生活大爆炸第二季04.The Griffin Equivalency(格里芬当量): Raj发现行星事件






[00:00.28]Let's see,Raj was the kung pao chicken. 那个... 宫保鸡丁是Raj的

[00:02.82]- I'm the dumplings. - Yes,you are. - 我是饺子 - 没错

[00:06.85]Creepy,Howard. Howard 别恶心

[00:08.90]Creepy good or creepy bad? 你在夸我还是贬我?

[00:11.89]Who was the shrimp with lobster sauce? 小虾米配龙虾酱是谁的?

[00:13.66]That would be me. Come to pa,you un-kosher delight. 我的 来让老爸爽爽 好久没犯戒了 (不吃虾是犹太教戒律之一)

[00:19.05]I'm not necessarily talking to the food. 我不是光指虾虾哦

[00:26.90]Sit over there. 别坐这儿

[00:33.28]Sit over there. 别坐这儿

[00:44.40]- Baby wipe? - Why do you have... - 要婴儿卫生纸么? - 你为啥...

[00:46.57]- No,don't ask! - No,don't,don't! - 别问! - 不! 不要!

[00:49.98]I'll tell you why. 我来告诉你吧

[00:52.15]I had to sanitize my hands because the university replaced the paper towels in the rest rooms 我得清洁一下我的手 学校厕所的擦手纸

[00:56.93]with hot air blowers. 都换成干手机了

[00:58.39]I thought the blowers were more sanitary. 我还以为干手机会干净点

[01:00.12]- Really,don't. - Why... - 实际上不是 - 为啥要再问...

[01:02.32]Hot air blowers are incubators and spewers of bacteria and pestilence. 干手机藏污纳垢 然后都喷到你手上

[01:06.99]Frankly,it'd be more hygienic if they just had a plague-infested gibbon sneeze my hands dry. 坦白说 让得瘟疫的长臂猿来把我手喷干 都比那要来得卫生

[01:12.39]Hey,guys,I just got the most amazing news... 嘿 大伙们 我有惊世奇闻...

[01:18.04]Gosh,Raj,do you think you'll ever be able to talk in front of me without being drunk? 哟 Raj 你觉得你还有可能 在清醒时同我说话么?

[01:24.03]Okay,well,I'll just,um,go eat by myself. 好吧 我还是自己一个人回房吃算了

[01:27.48]Penny,you don't have to do that. Penny 没必要这样吧

[01:29.00]Oh,it's okay,between him not talking,him talking and him... 没关系的 比起他不说话 他乱说话 还有他...

[01:34.77]I'm better off alone. 我一个人舒坦多了

[01:37.12]Good-bye,you poor,strange little man. 再见了 可怜的小怪人

[01:44.34]She's so considerate. 她可真体贴

[01:46.56]So what's your news? 什么事呀?

[01:47.38]Remember that little planetary object I spotted beyond the Kuiper Belt? 还记得我透过古柏带观察到的 类似行星的物体吗?

[01:50.15]Oh,yeah,2008-NQ Sub-17. 记得啊 2008-NQ亚17号

[01:52.63]Or as I call it,Planet Bollywood. 现在我要将它命名为宝莱坞行星

[01:55.75]Anyway,because of my discovery,Peoplemagazine is naming me one of their 30 under 30 to watch. 总之 因为我的发现 我已经是人物杂志"3030计划"的一员了

[02:01.90]- Congratulations. - that's incredible. - 恭喜你呀 - 真是太赞了

[02:04.36]Excuse me,30 what under 30 what to watch what? 不好意思 啥是"3030计划"?

[02:10.15]30 visionaries under 30 years of age to watch as they challenge the preconceptions of their fields. 三十位未及而立之年的梦想家 挑战他们各自领域里种种成见

[02:15.97]If I had a million guesses,I never would have gotten that. 汗... 让我猜一万次都猜不着

[02:20.23]It's pretty cool. 还挺酷的

[02:20.80]They've got me in with a guy who's doing something about hunger in Indonesia, 除了我 还有为印尼饥荒奔波游走的

[02:23.70]and a psychotherapist who's using dolphins to rehabilitate prisoners, 还有用海豚来改造犯人的精神医疗师

[02:26.96]and Ellen Page,star of the charming independent film,Juno. 噢 还有Ellen Page 那部大赞的独立电影"朱诺"的主角

[02:32.31]Oh,I'd so do her. 噢 我也想像她那样

[02:36.30]You'd do the dolphins. 就你? 海豚还差不多

[02:39.47]Do I get an honorable mention for designing the telescope camera mounting bracket you used? 有否提及我的贡献? 我可是为你设计了望远镜的托架的

[02:43.65]Sorry,it's not part of my heartwarming and personal narrative 抱歉 这可不在我的感人事迹里头

[02:46.75]in which a humble boy from New Delhi overcame poverty 一个来自新德里的谦逊男孩儿

[02:49.83]and prejudice and journeyed to America to reach for the stars. 冲破贫困和偏见的重重阻碍 千辛万苦来到美国探索宇宙的奥秘

[02:53.59]Poverty? Your father's a gynecologist. He drives a Bentley. 你还贫困? 你老爸是妇科医生 还开宾利跑车呢

[02:58.42]It's a lease. 那是租的

[03:02.93]I'm confused. 我有点困惑

[03:04.39]Was there some sort of peer review committee to determine which scientists would be included? 这是怎么选出来的? 有没有同行评议会之类的?

[03:09.47]Peer review? It'sPeoplemagazine. Peoplepicked me. 同行评议会? 那是人物杂志 是人们选择了我

[03:13.69]- What people? - The people fromPeople. - 哪些人? - 人物杂志的那些人呗

[03:17.68]Yeah,but exactly who are these people? 没错 但他们究竟是些什么人?

[03:19.33]What are their credentials? How are they qualified? 他们凭什么? 他们够格吗?

[03:21.49]What makes accidentally noticing a hunk of rock 你不过是凑巧看见罢了

[03:24.75]that's been traipsing around the solar system for billions of years more noteworthy 不就是块绕着太阳系漫游了几十亿年的石头

[03:28.82]than any other scientific accomplishment made by someone under 30? 怎么就比其他未及而立之年的科学家 取得了更大的成就呢?

[03:33.00]Boy,I'll bet Ellen Page's friends aren't giving her this kind of crap. 我敢打赌 Ellen Page的朋友们可不会说这些废话

[03:41.89]Are you proud of yourself? 你为自己感到骄傲?

[03:44.11]In general,yes. 总体上是这样

[04:14.95]Oh,there's my missing neutrino. 噢 丢掉的微中子在这儿

[04:17.97]You were hiding from me as an unbalanced charge,weren't you,you little sub-atomic dickens? 你干嘛像个不稳定的电子一样躲着我 对吧 你这亚原子小鬼?

[04:24.26]Hey,Sheldon. 嘿 Sheldon

[04:25.05]Hey,look,look,I found my missing neutrino. 嘿 看呐 我找到丢掉的微中子了

[04:27.18]Oh good,we can take it off the milk carton. 噢 真棒 能把它从牛奶盒上拿下来了

[04:31.21]Come on,we're going to apologize to Raj and invite him out to dinner. 来吧 我们要去同Raj道歉 顺便请他一起去吃饭

[04:34.11]Apologize for what? 为啥要道歉?

[04:36.15]He came over last night with some pretty good news and we weren't very supportive. 他昨晚带着惊天奇闻而来 可我们却不怎么支持他

[04:41.35]I sense you're trying to tell me something. 我的第六感告诉我你有话要说

[04:44.43]You were a colossal asshat. 你是个大混球

[04:48.14]No,I beg to differ. 恕难同意

[04:51.39]Of the three of us,I was by far the most supportive. 我们三个里面 我至今都是最支持他的

[04:54.13]Really? Do tell. 真的? 说说看你怎么支持了

[04:55.67]How will Raj ever reach true greatness if his friends lower the bar for him? 要是作为朋友的我们 总是降低他成功的门槛 Raj怎么可能真正取得伟大的成就呢?

[05:00.09]When I was 11,my sister bought our father a "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug 十一岁时 我姐姐给老爸买了个咖啡杯 上面写着"世上最棒的老爸"

[05:04.35]and,frankly,the man coasted until the day he died. 可说实在的 他至死都没当一天好爸爸

[05:09.01]Okay,let's try it this way. 好吧 这么跟你说吧

[05:10.53]What if thisPeople magazine thing is the best Raj is ever going to achieve? 如果这已经是Raj所能达到的最高境界了呢?

[05:15.65]I had not considered that. 这倒没想过

[05:17.77]Come on. 走吧

[05:19.07]I often forget other people have limitations. 我总是以为别人同我一样没有极限

[05:22.06]It's so sad. 真是太悲哀了

[05:24.43]He can feel sadness? 他知道什么是悲哀?

[05:26.01]Not really. It's what you and I would call condescension. 不是这样啦 我和你都管这叫优越感

[05:31.16]Now when we go in there,let's show Raj that we're happy for him. 我们进去的时候 要展现出高兴的神情

[05:34.16]But I'm not. 可我不高兴

[05:37.50]Well,then fake it. Look at me. 好 那就装吧 你看我

[05:39.64]I could be grinding on the fact that without my stabilizing telescope mount 我都能慢慢接受这个事实 要知道 没有我的固定架

[05:43.42]he never would have found that stupid,little clump of cosmic schmutz. 他哪能看到宇宙中那一小块垃圾

[05:49.50]But I'm bigger than that. 可我的胸襟 不止那么点啦

[05:51.66]Fine. What do you want me to do? 好吧 你们要我怎么做?

[05:54.01]Smile. 微笑

[06:03.04]Oh,crap,that's terrifying. 我靠 太吓人了

[06:07.92]We're here to see Koothrappali,not kill Batman. 我们是来这儿看Koothrappali的 又不是追杀蝙蝠侠

[06:12.71]Try less teeth. 少露几颗牙看看

[06:19.87]Close enough. Come on. 已经很接近了 来吧

[06:24.06]- Hey,Raj. - Hey,guys. What's up? - 嘿 Raj - 嘿 大伙都在啊 怎么了?

[06:26.33]We just wanted to invite you out to dinner tonight. 我们想邀请你和我们一起共进晚餐

[06:28.69]To celebrate your "30 under 30" thing. Right,Sheldon? 为了庆祝你的"3030" 没错吧 Sheldon?

[06:36.28]That's very nice of you. I would like that. 好啊 你们真好

[06:38.06]Hello,boys. 大家好

[06:39.12]- Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Koothrappali. - Gablehauser博士 - Koothrappal博士

[06:41.06]- Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Hofstader. - Gablehauser博士 - Hofstader博士

[06:42.62]- Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Cooper. - Gablehauser博士 - Cooper博士

[06:43.94]- Dr. Gablehauser. - Mr.Wolowitz. - Gablehauser博士 - Wolowitz先生

[06:48.08]Boys,I've got a question for you: Who in this room discovered a star? 我有个问题:我们中谁发现了一颗星星?

[06:52.53]Actually,2008-NQ Sub-17 is a planetary body. 2008-NQ 亚17号 实际上是一颗行星

[06:55.45]I'm not talking about you,I'm talking about me. 我又没说你 我在说我呢

[06:57.90]You,my exotic young friend,are my star. 我的外国朋友 你是我的明星

[07:02.63]But you didn't discover him. 又不是你发现了他

[07:04.30]You merely noticed he was here,much like he did with 2008-NQ Sub-17. 你只是注意到他在这儿而已 就像他注意到2008-NQ亚17号一样

[07:08.83]- Sheldon... - Oh,sorry. - Sheldon - 噢 不好意思

[07:14.15]Boy,we've got to get you into a better office. 孩子 要给你安排一间好点的办公室

[07:16.17]Something more suited to your status. 得配得上你现在的身份

[07:18.37]Really,you don't have to go to any trouble. 没必要麻烦的 真的

[07:19.84]How about if I put you in Von Gerlich's old office? 让你用Von Gerlich以前的办公室如何?

[07:21.61]I'd rather have Fishbein's. It's bigger. 我情愿要Fishbein的 大多了

[07:25.30]Wait a minute,I called dibs on Fishbein's office the day he started showing up at work in his bathrobe. 等等 Fishbein穿睡衣来上班以后 我是第一个申请他的办公室的

[07:30.64]He gets a new office,I can't even get paper towels in the men's room? 他都有新的办公室了 男厕所里就不能放几张擦手纸吗?

[07:33.88]- Sheldon. - Damn,this is hard. - Sheldon - 靠 这也太难了

[07:43.71]Let me ask you something. 我来问问你们

[07:44.82]What do you think the business of this place is? 你们觉得你们成天在这里是为了啥?

[07:53.22]- Science? - Money. - 科学? - 钱

[07:54.21]Told you. 都跟你说了

[07:56.52]And this boy's picture inPeoplemagazine is gonna raise us a pile of money taller than... 他出现在人物杂志上 不就意味着 有数不尽的钱要向我们涌来

[08:02.50]well,taller than you. 堆起来都比你高了

[08:06.05]I have a Master's degree. 我是硕士

[08:07.80]Who doesn't? 谁不是?

[08:10.78]Dr. Koothrappali,have you ever had lunch in the president's dining room? Koothrappali博士 你有没有在校长餐厅吃过午饭?

[08:14.19]I didn't even know there was a president's dining room. 我都不知道还有校长餐厅

[08:16.68]It's the same food as the cafeteria,only fresh. 东西是一样的 不过新鲜多了

[08:19.85]Come on,little buddy. 走吧 小伙子

[08:20.83]Okay,big buddy. See you tonight,guys. 好咧 大伙晚上见

[08:26.78]You can stop smiling now. 别再笑了

[08:31.84]So anyway,after a fantastic lunch, 总之 在享用了一顿大餐之后

[08:34.21]I was whisked off to the Peoplemagazine photo shoot... 我立马被接去拍封面照

[08:36.88]Have any of you boys ever been to a photo shoot? 你们几个拍过杂志封面照么?

[08:38.52]No. 没

[08:39.36]It's fantastic. 那感觉太妙了

[08:41.41]Apparently,the camera loves me and I,it. 显然 相机同我惺惺相惜

[08:45.71]They shot me in front of a starry background where I posed like this. 他们给我弄了个星光熠熠的背景 我就摆了这么一个Pose

[08:55.67]They're going to digitally add a supernova. 他们准备PS一个超新星上去

[08:57.76]They say it's the perfect metaphor for my incandescent talent. 他们都说 对于我这个耀眼的天才而言 这是个完美的比喻

[09:01.19]Right,a ball of hot,flaming gas that collapses upon itself. 没错 一团滚烫的火球 最终自取灭亡

[09:07.49]Excuse me. Oh,it's my assistant,Trevor. 抱歉 是我的助手Trevor

[09:09.87]Go for Koothrappali. 说吧 我是Koothrappali

[09:12.06]They gave him an assistant? 给他派了个助手?

[09:13.90]If I want a new pen,I have to go to the bank with wire cutters. 我只是要一支新的钢笔 他们都会让我带着钢丝钳去抢银行

[09:18.42]Have we at this point met our social obligations? 我们是否已经够仁至义尽了?

[09:20.76]Not yet. 还没

[09:21.76]Okay,just put it on my calendar,but start thinking of a reason why I can't go. All righty? 好 替我排上议事日程 不过别忘了编一个我无法出席的理由

[09:25.88]Koothrappali out. Koothrappali断线

[09:28.47]God bless that boy. I don't know what I'd do without him. 愿主保佑那孩子 没有他我都不知道怎么办了

[09:30.75]You just got him this afternoon. 他不是今天下午才成了你的助手

[09:32.89]Yes,but I'm finding that having a lackey suits me. 没错 不过我觉得我应该有个侍从

[09:37.10]A lackey? 侍从?

[09:38.18]Oh,I'm sorry. Is that politically incorrect? 噢 抱歉 从政治角度 这么说对吗?

[09:39.81]In India,we just call them untouchables. 在印度 我们管这些人叫贱民

[09:43.27]- Now? - Almost. - 够了吗? - 还差一点儿

[09:45.55]Speaking of untouchables,I've got great news for you guys. 说起贱民 我要告诉你们个好消息

[09:50.41]Peoplemagazine is having a reception this Saturday and I managed to get you invited. 人物杂志这周六要办一个招待会 我已经把你们都邀请去了

[09:54.56]- Oh,gee,thanks. - Oh,you're welcome. - 噢 谢了 - 你真客气

[09:57.27]Of course,I couldn't get you into the VIP section because,you know, 当然 我没法让你们去VIP区

[10:00.38]that's for VIPs and you guys are just,you know... P's. 你们也知道 你们只是个P而已 (只是普通人)

[10:06.17]There's a tribe in Papua New Guinea where,when a hunter flaunts his success to the rt of the village, 在巴布亚新几内亚 有个原始部落 如果猎人向村里其他人炫耀自己的猎物

[10:12.14]they kill him and drive away evil spirits with a drum made of his skin. 部族的人就会把他杀了 把他的皮做成鼓 据说能驱魔避邪

[10:16.59]Superstious nonsense,of course,but one can see their point. 当然是些迷信的话 不过意思大家都明白

[10:27.74]Here you go,Raj. You might want to drink this one slowly. 来了 Raj 你该慢点喝

[10:30.58]Okay. So,Saturday night,can I count on my posse? 好 那这周六晚上大伙一起去吧?

[10:34.36]Gee,I'd love to,Raj,but I can't make it. 我很想去 Raj 可我没空

[10:37.61]Oh,okay. Leonard? 噢好吧 那Leonard呢?

[10:41.91]No,I could... no. 呃 行吧... 还是算了

[10:45.68]Sheldon? Sheldon呢?

[10:46.40]I can make it. But I won't. 我有空 可我不会去的

[10:49.57]What are you guys talking about? 你们在说啥呢?

[10:50.71]There's a reception for my magazine article on Saturday. 这周六专为我设的招待会

[10:53.74]And you guys aren't going? 你们这些家伙都不去?

[10:55.78]I can't believe you. 真是难以置信

[10:56.92]Raj is celebrating a tremendous accomplishment and you're not even going to be there to support him? Raj要庆祝如此巨大的成就 你们居然不去捧场?

[11:00.88]A tremendous accomplishment would be if the planetary body he discovered were plummeting toward Earth 巨大成就 是指他发现的星体正坠向地球

[11:05.80]and he exploded it with his mind. 而他用意念爆破掉它

[11:09.28]That would be cool. I'd go to that reception. 那真牛了 那样的招待会我肯定去

[11:12.75]Come on,this is huge. 别啊 这已经很牛了

[11:14.05]Raj is gonna be inPeoplemagazine,and he didn't even have to knock up one of the Spears sisters. Raj要上人物杂志了 都不用把哪个Spears姐妹搞大了肚子

[11:20.02]Would you like to go with me? 你愿意和我去吗?

[11:22.26]Of course I would. I would be honored. 当然愿意 我很荣幸

[11:24.47]Really? Cool. 当真?太好了

[11:26.20]Shame on you guys. 你们真不厚道

[11:30.93]Look at that,I got a date with Penny. 瞧呀 我约到Penny了

[11:34.37]I can't believe it took you a whole year. 花了你一年时间真难以置信

[11:38.19]- Now? - Now. - 够了吗? - 咱撤

[11:45.45]Hey,buddy,I'm going to be inPeoplemagazine. 老兄 我要上人物杂志了

[11:48.58]Yeah,call me when you're on the cover. 哦 上了封面再来给爷说

[12:02.78]Raj,look at you! Raj 真帅气呀!

[12:04.33]I know. I'm resplendent like the noonday sun,am I not? 我知道 像正午的太阳光彩照人 对吧?

[12:09.93]Uh,yeah. Starting with the champagne a little early,aren't you? 是呀 这香槟喝的 不觉得早了点吗?

[12:13.24]It was in the limo. They sent a limo. I have a limo. 是豪华轿车里的 他们派了辆加长轿车 我可以用豪华车了

[12:16.33]I just love saying "limo." 我爱死说 "豪华车"了

[12:19.35]Sip on this while you're getting ready. 准备的时候 小饮几口吧

[12:20.92]Oh,I'm ready. 我准备好了

[12:22.75]That's what you're wearing? 就穿这个?

[12:26.29]Um,yeah. Why,what's wrong with it? 对呀 怎么 有什么不对吗?

[12:28.79]Nothing. I was just hoping for something a little more,you know,ridonkulous. 没什么 我只是期待你会超夸张超狂野滴

[12:39.24]Mm,yeah. Well,this is all the donkulous you're gonna get tonight. 除了俺这身衣裳 你啥也看不见了

[12:45.55]Okey-dokey,let's roll. 好 也行 出发吧

[12:48.11]All right,it's time to raise the roof! 好了 是宣泄时间了!

[12:52.40]- Hey,Leonard. - Dude. - 你好 Leonard - 兄弟

[12:54.58]- You look very nice. - Thank you. - 很漂亮 - 谢谢

[13:00.18]- Come on. Good night,Leonard. - Good night. - 走吧 晚安 Leonard - 晚安

[13:02.19]- Hey,Leonard,do you see my limo downstairs? - Yeah. - Leonard 看到楼下的豪华车了吗? - 嗯

[13:05.47]- It's bigger than the house my grandfather grew up in. - Terrific. - 比我祖父长大的那间房子还大 - 相当不错

[13:09.36]- It has more food,too. - All right,come on. Come on. - 吃的也比那房子里的多 - 行了 走了 走了

[13:14.29]I'm coming out,so get the party started 我要出场了 让聚会开始吧

[13:17.52]I'm coming out,I'm coming out I'm coming out... 我要出场 出场 出场...

[13:25.58]Hey,good news. You don't have to sulk about Penny anymore. 好消息 你不用再为 和Penny的事闷闷不乐了

[13:27.86]Look,there are hundreds of Croatian women just waiting for you to contact them. 看 这里有无数的克罗地亚女人 就等你联系她们了

[13:33.11]Anything-for-a-greencard. com? 一切为了绿卡.com?

[13:38.12]I'll lend you my user name. It's "Wealthy Big Penis." 你可以用我的ID "超级强悍的那话儿"

[13:43.43]You're joking. 开玩笑

[13:44.76]You gotta make it easy for 'em. They're just learning English. 你得用简单的词语 她们还在学英语中

[13:49.14]Pass. 去你的

[13:50.39]So you're just gonna sit around here and mope 你情愿坐在这里郁郁寡欢

[13:52.18]while Penny is out with Dr. Apu from the Kwik-E Mart? 眼瞅着Penny和Ewik-E超市的Apu博士约会?

[13:52.33]"辛普森一家"里 Apu博士创立的这家超市

[13:56.88]It's not a date,and that's racist. 又不是约会 这么说也太种族主义了 (该角色为印度移民)

[13:59.57]It can't be racist. He's a beloved character onThe Simpsons. 哪能啊 他可是辛普森一家里面 受大家喜爱的角色

[14:05.09]Let's just eat so I can get to bed. 咱快点吃了吧 我好去睡觉

[14:07.02]With any luck,tonight will be the night my sleep apnea kills me. 要是狗屎运 今晚就是我的窒息睡眠死亡夜

[14:14.72]Did you remember to ask for the chicken with broccoli to be diced,not shredded? 记得让他们 把椰菜鸡肉切成块 而不是丝吗?

[14:17.20]Yes. 有

[14:17.74]- Even though the menu description specifies "shredded"? - Yes. - 尽管菜单上特别提到 "鸡肉丝" - 对

[14:19.83]- Brown rice,not white? - Yes. - 黑米 没叫白米吧? - 对

[14:21.51]- Did you stop at the Korean grocery and get the good hot mustard? - Yes. - 有在韩国杂货店买上等的热芥末吗? - 有

[14:23.98]- Did you pick up the low sodium soy sauce from the market? - Yes. - 去市场打低钠酱油没? - 去了

[14:26.37]Thank you. 谢谢你

[14:29.94]What took you so long? 怎么去了这么久?

[14:32.82]- Just sit down and eat. - Fine. - 坐着吃吧 别废话 - 好吧

[14:38.81]All right,it's shredded. What do you want me to do? 好啦 是鸡肉块 你想怎样啊?

[14:41.67]I want you to check before you accept the order. 你接受订单前 怎么不检查好呢

[14:43.88]Sorry. 抱歉

[14:46.57]Were you distracted by the possibility that Koothrappali might have intercourse with Penny tonight? 你心烦意乱 是怕今晚Koothrappali 可能会和Penny发生关系?

[14:54.05]He's not going to have intercourse with Penny. 他们不会发生关系的

[14:56.18]Then there's no excuse for this chicken. 那鸡肉的错误就不能原谅

[15:00.29]You know,this situation with Koothrappali brings to mind a story from my childhood. Koothrappali的情况让我想起了件童年往事

[15:05.13]Oh,goody,more tales from the panhandle. 切 这下好哟 狭长土地的又一传说

[15:05.28]锅柄状的突出地带 狭窄的条带 这里指德州

[15:08.53]That's northwest Texas. 那是德克萨斯西北部

[15:09.68]I'm from east Texas,the Gulf region,home to many Vietnamese shrimpers. 我来自东德克萨斯的海湾地区 住着很多越南捕虾人

[15:15.06]Do the shrimpers feature in your story? 捕虾人是你故事的重点?

[15:18.19]No. 不是

[15:20.57]Anyway,when I was eight,a Montgomery Ward delivery van ran over our family cat Lucky. 我8岁时 一辆蒙哥马利·华德的运货车 压死了我家的猫Lucky

[15:29.25]- Lucky? - Yes,Lucky. - Lucky(幸运的)? - 是的 Lucky

[15:31.10]He's irony-impaired. Just move on. 他不懂啥叫讽刺 继续听就是了

[15:34.71]Okay,dead cat named Lucky. Continue. 好吧 名叫Lucky的死猫 请继续

[15:37.68]While others mourned Lucky, 当其他人都因Lucky的死而伤心时

[15:39.54]I realized his untimely demise provided me with the opportunity 我意识到 它的意外身亡

[15:42.83]to replace him with something more suited to my pet needs: 让我有机会拥有我更需要的宠物:

[15:46.48]a faithful companion that I could snuggle with at night, 晚上可以和我相互偎依的忠实伴侣

[15:49.33]yet would be capable of killing upon telepathic command. 又不会违背人类命令的动物

[15:55.10]So not a puppy? 难道不是小狗?

[15:57.49]Please,nothing so pedestrian. 拜托 怎么可能这么平凡

[15:59.68]I wanted a griffin. 我要一只Griffin (希腊神话中一种狮身鹫首怪兽)

[16:03.10]A griffin? 一只Griffin?

[16:04.63]Yes,half eagle,half lion. 是的 半鹰半狮

[16:07.60]And mythological. 传说中才有...

[16:10.76]Irrelevant. 与这无关

[16:13.06]I was studying recombinant DNA technology,and I was confidant I could create one, 我当时正在研究DNA重组技术 而且有信心能造一只出来

[16:17.14]but my parents were unwilling to secure the necessary eagle eggs and lion semen. 但我父母拒绝提供必需的 鹰卵子和狮精子

[16:24.48]Of course,my sister got swimming lessons when she wanted them. 郁闷的是 我妹妹想上游泳课 他们就让她去

[16:30.17]Sheldon,not that we don't all enjoy a good lion semen story,but... Sheldon 不是我们不喜欢狮子精子的故事 但是...

[16:35.84]what's your point? 你想说什么?

[16:37.15]My point is if Koothrappali is moving on to a new life of shallow undeserved fame, 我想说的是 如果Koothrappali 开始追求浅浮低贱名利的新生活

[16:43.18]perhaps this is an opportunity to create a better cohort. 也许正是我们的机会 创造一个更好的同伴

[16:46.95]You want to breed a new friend? 你想养育一个新朋友?

[16:50.53]That's one option,but who has the time? 这是选择之一 但是谁这么有空啊?

[16:53.49]But consider this-- the Japanese,they're doing some wonderful work with artificial intelligence. 可你们想想看--日本人 他们在人工智能方面干的很不错

[16:58.66]Now,you combine that with some animatronics from the imagineers over at Disney, 如果把他们的技术和迪斯尼动画家 的一些电子动画结合起来

[17:03.01]next thing you know,we're playing HALO with a multilingual Abraham Lincoln. 也许接下来 我们就能和一个懂多国语言的 亚伯拉罕·林肯一起玩HALO

[17:07.98]Sheldon,don't take this the wrong way,but you're insane. Sheldon 别误会我的意思 你疯了

[17:12.84]That may well be,but the fact is it wouldn't kill us to meet some new people. 他疯是疯 但我们去结交新朋友又不会死

[17:16.92]For the record,it could kill us to meet new people. 我必须指出 结交新朋友真的会死啊

[17:21.63]They could be murders or the carriers of unusual pathogens. 他们可能是杀人犯或者 不知名病原体的携带者

[17:26.02]And I'm not insane. 还有啊 我一点不疯

[17:27.28]My mother had me tested. 我妈早就带我去测试过了

[17:33.03]If we do get a new friend,he should be a guy you can trust. A guy who has your back. 如果我们要结交个新朋友 他必须值得信任 必须为我们两肋插刀

[17:37.64]And he should have a lot of money and live in a cool place down by the beach where we could throw parties. 而且他必须很有钱 住在海边的大房子里 可以供我们开派对

[17:41.89]He should share our love of technology. 必须和我们一样热爱科学技术

[17:43.66]And he should know a lot of women. 也要认识很多女人

[17:46.36]Let's see,money,women,technology. Okay,we're agreed. 我想想 有钱 女人 技术 好吧 就这么说定了

[17:49.59]Our new friend is going to be Iron Man. 我们的新朋友是 钢铁侠

[17:56.12]I can go all night... 我一晚上都能...

[18:00.91]Welcome to the Raj Mahal. 欢迎来到"Raj陵" (引自"泰姬陵")

[18:04.14]It's very nice. Good night,Raj. 很不错的地方 晚安 Raj

[18:06.02]- No,no,Wait. The evening's not over. - Yes,it is. - 不 不 等等 夜生活还没结束呢 - 结束了啊

[18:07.89]No,it's time to put on some R. Kelly and suck face. 现在得听听R. Kelly 再一起吸吸脸哟

[18:13.24]- Oh,wow,is the evening over? - Wait,wait,wait! - 噢 喔哦 夜生活结束了吗? - 等等 等等 等等!

[18:16.82]That's my mommy and daddy calling from India. 是我爸妈从印度打来

[18:19.05]I want you to meet my parents. 我想让你见见我父母

[18:20.67]Wait. Meet them? 等等 见他们?

[18:25.14]Hello,Mommy,Daddy. Good to see you. How are you? I'm not drunk. 好啊 爸爸妈妈 很高兴见到你们 你们好吗? 我没有喝醉哦

[18:30.22]- Why would you say that? - Just making conversation. - 干嘛这么说? - 随便说说而已

[18:33.35]Mommy,Daddy,I want you to meet my new squeeze,Penny. 爸爸妈妈 我想让你见见我的新女友 Penny

[18:36.62]I'm not your squeeze. There is no squeezing. 我不是你的女友 他没有什么女友

[18:39.80]I can't see her. Center her in the frame. 我看不到她 镜头对准她

[18:42.46]Here you go. Cute,huh? 看看吧 漂亮哈?

[18:45.38]She's not Indian. 她不是印度人

[18:47.49]So she's not Indian. The boy is just sowing some wild oats. 不是印度人又怎样 咱儿子还年轻 放荡放荡嘛

[18:50.07]No,no,no,there's no sowing,no squeezing and no sucking face. 没有没有 没有放荡 我也不是啥女友 咱也没吸脸

[18:54.90]What if he gets her pregnant? 万一他把她肚子搞大了怎么办?

[18:56.37]Is this little hotsy-totsy who you want as the mother of your grandchildren? 你想要这个粉嫩小妞做你孙辈的母亲?

[19:00.39]What right do you have to pick with whom I can have children with? 你们有什么权利选择我跟谁生孩子?

[19:02.73]Look,Rajesh,I understand you're in America. 听着 Rajesh 我知道你在美国

[19:05.49]You want to try the "local cuisine." 想尝尝"当地小吃"

[19:08.19]Trust me. You don't want it for a steady diet. 但是相信我 那玩意儿吃不久的

[19:12.77]Now you listen to me. 你们听我说

[19:13.78]I am no longer a child and I will not be spoken to like one. 我已经不是小孩子了 说话也不会再像小孩子

[19:17.24]Now if you'll excuse me,I have to go throw up. 失陪失陪 我去吐一吐

[19:22.44]What's wrong with him? 他怎么了?

[19:23.68]I don't know. Maybe it's the local cuisine. 我不知道 可能是吃了当地小吃

[19:31.59]Okay,well,it's nice to meet you. 好吧 那么 很高兴见到你们

[19:35.52]I'm just gonna set you on down over here. 我就把你们放在桌上吧

[19:38.66]And I'm gonna leave,so namaste. 我要走了 Namaste (合十礼 印度见面拜礼)

[19:45.08]And FYI,you'd be lucky to have me as a daughter-in-law. 还有告诉你们 我做他媳妇 是你们的福气

[19:50.69]She's feisty. I like that. 妞有点脾气嘛 我喜欢

[20:04.45]Raj,what are you doing? Raj 你在干嘛?

[20:09.60]No,no notes. If you have something to say to me,say it. 不 不用纸条 如果你有话要说 说出来

[20:27.68]Sorry. 对不起

[20:30.42]Oh,sweetie,it's okay. 噢 宝贝 没关系拉

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