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生活大爆炸第二季05.The Euclid Alternative(欧几里得交错): Sheldon学车事件






[00:10.02]Good morning, Leonard. 早上好啊 Leonard

[00:13.15]Yeah. we're gonna have to stop by Pottery Barn on the way to work. 今天上班路上我们顺便去下陶器坊吧 (PotteryBarn 美国时尚家居购物中心)

[00:15.42]I bought these Star Wars sheets, but they turned out to be much too stimulating 我买了些星战床单 但实在是望而生畏

[00:20.04]to be compatible with a good night's sleep. 晚上老是睡不好

[00:24.96]I don't like the way Darth Vader stares at me. 我讨厌达斯·维达那样瞪着我

[00:28.79]I'm not going to work. 我今天不上班

[00:30.27]Oh, just because your career's been stagnant for a few years, 噢 你的事业不过是停滞了几年时光

[00:32.65]that's no reason to give up. 没理由现在就放弃啊

[00:35.31]Sheldon, I was up all night using the new free-electron laser Sheldon 我整晚都在用新自由电子激光仪

[00:38.59]for my X-ray diffraction experiment. 做我的X光衍射实验

[00:41.21]Did the laser accidentally burn out your retinas? 你不小心被激光灼伤了视网膜?

[00:44.15]- No. - Then you can drive. Let's go. - 没有 - 那你还是能开车的 走吧

[00:49.21]Didn't I tell you I'd be working nights and that you'd have to make other arrangements? 我不是已经说了我整晚都在工作 你得自己另行安排嘛

[00:53.35]- You did. - And? - 说了呀 - 那还要怎样?

[00:54.97]I didn't. 可我不

[00:57.66]Let's go. 快走吧

[01:00.01]Good night, Sheldon. 晚安 Sheldon

[01:01.34]But how am I going to get to work? 那我要怎么去上班呢?

[01:02.95]- Take the bus. - I can't take the bus anymore. - 坐公车咯 - 我可不能再去坐公车了

[01:05.28]They don't have seat belts, and they won't let you latch yourself to the seat with bungee cords. 都没有安全带的说 还不让你用 蹦极绳把自己拴在椅子上

[01:10.49]You tried to latch yourself to the seat with bungee cords? 你试过把自己栓椅子上?

[01:13.49]I didn't try. I succeeded. 试算啥 我都成功了呢

[01:16.86]But for some reason, it alarmed the other passengers and I was asked to de-bus. 可不知咋的 吓着其他乘客了 然后我就被赶下车了

[01:21.04]Oh, you're a big boy. You'll figure it out. 你这么大人了 会有办法的

[01:23.73]Don't talk to me like I'm a child. 别总拿我当小孩嘛

[01:25.91]Now, take me to return my Star Wars sheets! 带我去退了那些星战床单啦

[01:31.11]Penny? Penny? Penny? Penny? Penny? Penny?

[01:34.87]Sheldon. What is it? Sheldon 什么事?

[01:37.76]Leonard's asleep. Leonard睡着了

[01:41.80]- Thanks for the update. - No. Wait. - 谢谢你的及时报告 - 不 等等

[01:45.38]You have to drive me to work. 你得开车送我去上班

[01:47.55]Yeah, I really don't think I do. 我没这义务吧

[01:50.70]But I don't drive, and I can't take the bus. 可我不会开车 又不能坐公车

[01:53.08]Honey, you'll be fine as long as you don't do that bungee cord thing, okay? 亲爱的 只要你不干绑蹦极带的傻事 你不会有事的 明白吗?

[01:55.88]Penny. Penny

[01:58.66]Didn't you recently state that you and I are friends? 前阵子你不是说我们是朋友么?

[02:02.85]Yes, Sheldon. We are friends. 是啊 Sheldon 我们是朋友

[02:05.93]Then I hereby invoke what I'm given to understand is an integral part of the implied covenant of friendship. 那我就据此援引下我所理解的 作为友谊誓约必不可少的部分

[02:15.87]The favor. 帮助

[02:18.88]Oh, dear God. 噢 亲爱的上帝啊

[02:21.27]I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was interrupting your morning prayers. 真抱歉 打断你做晨间祷告了

[02:26.22]When you're done, we'll go. 等你完了我们就走

[02:53.65]Thank you for driving me to work. 多谢你开车送我

[02:56.01]You know this is my day off, Sheldon. Sheldon 今天我可是歇班的

[02:57.82]Oh, good. I'm not keeping you from anything. 噢 那好哇 我没耽误你什么事

[03:03.71]Your "check engine" light is on. "检查引擎"的灯亮着呢

[03:07.64]Typically that's an indicator to, you know, check your engine. 基本上 它的意思是要让你 检查引擎

[03:11.66]It's fine. It's been on for, like, a month. 没事的 都已经亮了有一个月了

[03:15.23]Well, actually, that would be all the more reason to... 好吧 那这么说来 你就更得去...

[03:17.43]you know, check your engine. 检查一下引擎了

[03:20.30]Sheldon, it's fine. Sheldon 没事的

[03:22.03]If it were fine, the light wouldn't be on. 要真没事的话 灯干嘛还亮着

[03:23.89]That's why the manufacturer installed that light, to let you know it's not fine. 生产商装这个指示灯的目的 不就是在出问题的时候提醒你嘛

[03:28.07]Maybe the light's broken. 大概是灯坏了吧

[03:30.91]Is there a "check the 'check engine light' light"? 有没有"检查'检查引擎灯'指示灯"?

[03:36.94]What? 啥?

[03:38.26]Studies have shown that performing tasks such as eating, 有研究表明 在开车的时候

[03:40.92]talking on a cell phone or drinking coffee while driving reduces one's reaction time 吃东西 打手机 或者喝咖啡等等 都会对降低人的反应敏捷度

[03:45.23]by the same factor as an ounce of alcohol. 就和喝了一盎司酒一样

[03:47.68]Do you have any alcohol? 你喝酒了吗?

[03:49.43]- Of course not. - Too bad. - 当然没有 - 太糟了

[03:54.72]You're going up Euclid Avenue? 你要从Euclid大道走?

[03:57.89]Leonard takes Los Robles Avenue. Leonard通常走Los Robles大道

[03:59.94]Well, good for Leonard. Leonard真行啊

[04:01.78]Euclid Avenue is shorter as the crow flies, but it has speed bumps, Euclid大道直线距离是短点 可路上有减速带啊

[04:05.56]which appreciably increase point-to-point drive time, making it the less efficient choice. 点对点的行车时间就显著增加 这样一来就不算高效了

[04:11.50]But you have the conn. 不过方向盘在你手里

[04:17.02]Of course, if you're not going to slow down fothe speed bumps, 当然 如果你通过减速带时不减速

[04:18.82]I withdraw my previous objection. 我收回我之前的话

[04:23.15]Here's a fun question. 问你个有意思的问题

[04:25.05]Do you know what the most common street name is? 你知道最常见的街名是啥吗?

[04:27.72]- No. - The answer's tricky. - 不知道 - 答案很狡猾噢

[04:31.21]It's Second Street. 是第二大街

[04:32.62]You see, you'd think it would be First Street, but in most towns, 大多数人都会认为是第一大街 但在大多数城里

[04:35.25]First Street eventually gets renamed to something else. 第一大街最终都会被重新命名

[04:37.53]You know, like Main Street, Broad Street. 比方说美茵街 布罗德街

[04:41.25]Michigan Avenue. 密歇根大道

[04:43.48]See, Leonard and I often use our commute time to exercise our minds with brain-teasers like that. 看没 我和Leonard总用路上时间 玩玩脑筋急转弯锻炼脑子

[04:48.44]We also play games. 我们还做游戏

[04:51.99]- Would you like to play one? - No. - 来玩个不? - 不用了

[04:54.44]Oh, come on. It's fun. 噢 来吧 可有意思呢

[04:57.37]Another bump. 又不减速 弹咯

[05:00.44]Okay. I'll say an element, and, and you say an element 好咧 我来说一个元素名 然后 你再说一个

[05:03.86]whose name starts with the last letter of the one I said, okay? 像接龙一样 首尾字母相接 怎么样?

[05:08.60]I'll start. 我先开始

[05:11.26]Helium. 氦(helium)

[05:16.18]Now, you could say "mercury." 你可以接"汞"(mercury)

[05:18.95]That would give me a "y." Very clever. That's a tough one. 我就要用"y"开头 真聪明 这有点难度

[05:23.61]So I go with "ytterbium," which gets you back to "m." 那我就接"镱"(ytterbium) 你又得用"m"开头了

[05:26.77]So you go "molybdenum," and I say "magnesium." 那你就接"钼"(molybdenum) 然后我接"镁"(magnesium)

[05:30.98]You say "manganese." 你接"锰"(manganese)

[05:32.57]I say "europium," and, then, you're left with "mendelevium," and... 我接"铕"(europium) 然后你 就只能接"钔"(Mendelevium) 这样一来...

[05:36.62]there are no more m's because I believe that meitnerium should still be called ekairidium. 就没有以"m"开头的了 因为我觉得"钔"还是该叫"类铅"(Ekairidium)

[05:40.38]So, congratulations. You win. 恭喜啊 你赢了

[05:47.66]Do you wanna go again? 你想再来一遍吗?

[05:50.20]Why don't we just have a little quiet time now? 你就不能消停一会儿吗

[05:53.13]All right. 好吧

[05:59.70]I'm sorry. 对不起

[06:00.53]I'm finding your reckless nonchalance regarding the check-engine light to be very troubling. 你对"检查引擎"无所谓的冷漠态度 让我感到极度不安

[06:09.03]Get out. 下车

[06:12.02]Well, I have to tell you that 好吧 我跟你实话实说

[06:13.14]while I do have a theoretical understanding of the workings of an internal combustion engine, 我的确对内燃引擎的工作原理有所了解

[06:17.09]I'm not sure I'm capable of performing diagnostics. 可我不确定我是否能进行故障排查

[06:20.32]I said, "Get out." 我说"下车"

[06:22.35]Okay. I'll give it a shot. 好吧 我来试试好了

[06:38.53]Oh, Leonard. There you are. 噢 Leonard 你在这儿啊

[06:40.61]I'm ready to go home. 我准备回家了

[06:43.94]- I just got here. - Good. Perfect timing. - 我才刚来 - 太好了 时间算得够准的

[06:47.78]Sheldon, I told you, I only have access to the free-electron laser at night. Sheldon 我跟你说过了 我只有晚上才能用自由电子激光仪

[06:51.21]I can't drive you for the next few weeks. 接下来几个礼拜我都不能开车送你了

[06:52.92]No, you said you couldn't drive me to work. 不 你只是说你不能开车送我上班

[06:55.22]This is from work. 现在是下班

[06:57.95]Howard, help me out here. Howard 救救我吧

[06:59.72]No, just for the fun of it, I'm gonna take his side. 才不呢 为了乐子 我也要站在他那边

[07:04.38]Now, how do you propose I get home? 那你觉得我该怎么回家?

[07:06.95]How did you get here in the first place? 你是怎么来的?

[07:08.71]Penny. Penny送我来的

[07:10.03]But I sense that's no longer an option. 但我感觉再也不可能了

[07:13.93]Look, I need to get to the laser lab. 听着 我现在要去激光实验室

[07:15.53]You're just gonna have to find someone else to take you home. 你就找别人送你回去吧

[07:25.20]Ah, damn, I picked the wrong side. 噢 可恶 我站错边了

[07:33.41]Oh, God, not Euclid Avenue! 噢 天呐 表又走Euclid大道嘛!

[07:43.20]Why did Howard leave you in the middle of the road anyway? Howard为啥在半路上把你抛下?

[07:47.67]We had a difference of opinion. 我们意见不合

[07:49.50]Over what? 什么事?

[07:51.17]Whether or not he was trying to kill me. 就他是否打算杀了我这件事

[07:53.77]For the record, I maintain he was. 提一句哈 我仍认为他要杀我

[07:58.09]Where are you going? 你这是要上哪儿?

[07:59.07]I'm taking you home. 送你回家啊

[08:00.20]Oh, but I'm not going home. It's Wednesday. 噢 可我不要回家 今天是礼拜三

[08:02.48]Wednesday's new comic book day. 礼拜三是"漫画书淘宝"日

[08:03.89]We have to go to the comic book store. 我们得去漫画书屋

[08:06.48]And then, we have to stop at Soup Plantation; it's creamy tomato soup day. 之后还得去靓汤园 今天有奶油土豆汤

[08:10.41]And Radio Shack. There's a sale on triple-A batteries. 还有RadioShack电子商店 三A电池在打折呢

[08:13.94]Plus, we have to go to Pottery Barn and return my Star Wars sheets. 此外 我们还要去一下陶器坊 我要把星战被单给退了

[08:17.74]I have a better idea. 我有个更好的主意

[08:20.10]You want to go to Pottery Barn first? 你打算先去陶器坊?

[08:33.82]Can you drive me to Pottery Barn? 你能送我去陶器坊吗?

[08:42.09]Maybe if I turn off the night-light, I can keep the sheets. 也许我把小夜灯关了 就不用退床单了

[08:57.48]Good morning. 早上好

[09:00.46]Good morning. 早上好

[09:02.70]Sheldon, sit down. Sheldon 坐下

[09:04.84]She's in my spot. 她占了我的地方

[09:09.12]Don't look at me like that. Everybody knows that's my spot. 别瞪我 谁都知道那是我的地方

[09:17.21]Sheldon, you know that we care about you. Sheldon 你知道我们都很关心你

[09:21.35]And it's because we care about you that we've decided we have to speak up. 正因为如此 我们决定打开天窗说亮话

[09:29.87]You're hurting the people around you, sweetie. 亲爱的 你伤了我们的感情

[09:32.26]So we made you an appointment, and we want you to keep it. 我们给你预约了 这个你收好

[09:37.71]Department of Motor Vehicles New Driver Handbook? 汽车管理局新手指南

[09:44.71]But I don't have a problem. 但我没啥要指南的啊

[09:48.05]Sheldon, you need to learn how to drive. Sheldon 你要学会开车

[09:50.87]This madness has to stop. 我们不能再陪你疯了

[09:54.62]Penny's taking you to the DMV. I'm going to bed. Penny会带你去车管局 我去睡觉

[09:57.17]Why Penny? 为什么是Penny?

[09:58.30]Because rock breaks scissors. Good night. 因为石头赢了剪刀 晚安

[10:02.16]All right, come on, Sheldon. 行了 走吧 Sheldon

[10:04.01]Hold on. I have one condition. 等等 我有个条件

[10:06.29]What? 啥啊?

[10:07.12]We have to stop at Pottery Barn. 我们要在陶器坊那停一停

[10:09.96]Okay. 行

[10:11.36]And Radio Shack. 还有Radio Shack零售店

[10:13.78]Fine. 好吧

[10:15.94]- And the comic book store. - All right! - 漫画书店 - 知道了

[10:18.70]Ooh, I want to go to the comic book store. 我也要去漫画书店

[10:40.60]I like comic books. 我喜欢漫画书

[10:46.83]I just don't see why I need a driver's license. 搞不懂我考驾照干啥

[10:49.82]Albert Einstein never had a driver's license. 爱因斯坦都没考过的说

[10:53.39]Yeah, but Albert Einstein didn't make me wet myself at 40 miles an hour. 是啊 但爱因斯坦没让我在 40英里时速下尿裤子

[10:58.63]Yeah, and I never wanted to kick Albert Einstein in the nuts. 我从没想过踢爱因斯坦老二

[11:05.60]You know, I gotta ask, why didn't you just get a license at 16 like everybody else? 我想问问 你干嘛不像其他人一样 16岁时就考到驾照呢?

[11:09.53]I was otherwise engaged. 我在忙其他事情

[11:12.96]Doing what? 忙什么?

[11:14.49]Examining perturbative amplitudes in N=4 supersymmetric theories 检测N=4超对称理论的扰动振幅

[11:18.05]leading to a re-examination of the ultraviolet properties of multi-loop N=8 supergravity 从而开展了利用现代扭量理论 对多线圈N=8超引力

[11:22.46]using modern twistor theory. 紫外线特质的复查

[11:28.14]Well, how 'bout when you were 17? 那你17岁的时候呢?

[11:32.19]Take this to the testing area, put your name at the top, 拿着去测试区 表格顶端写好名字

[11:34.31]sign the bottom, answer the questions, bring it back. Next. 在最底下签名 答完问题拿回来 下一个

[11:43.60]Application? 你的申请表呢?

[11:45.61]I'm actually more of a theorist. 事实上我不仅仅是一个理论家

[11:50.12]The application in your hand. Give it to her. 你手里的申请表 给她

[11:57.66]Take this to the testing area, put your name at the top, 拿着去测试区 表格顶端写好名字

[11:59.71]sign the bottom, answer the questions, bring it back. Next! 在最底下签名 答完问题再拿回来 下一个

[12:02.57]Excuse me, but I have some concerns about these questions. 对不起 关于这些问题 我有些疑问

[12:07.43]Look at that sign up there. 看看那里的告示

[12:09.53]Yes? 嗯?

[12:10.47]Does it say "I give a damn"? 有没有写"我乐意搭理"呢?

[12:15.14]No. 没有

[12:15.88]That's because I don't. 那是因为我不乐意呗

[12:18.20]Just look. See, this first question makes no sense. 看一下啦 第一个问题讲不通啊

[12:21.18]"How many car lengths should you leave in front of you when driving?" "开车时 你需距前车多少车长"

[12:24.99]There's no possible way to answer that. 不可能有答案

[12:27.39]A "car length" is not a standardized unit of measure. "车长"根本不是标准度量单位

[12:31.69]Look at the sign. 看告示

[12:34.09]Sheldon, it's "C." Just put down "C." Sheldon 是C啦 选C就好了

[12:35.86]I don't need your help, Penny. Penny 我不要你帮忙

[12:37.21]Listen to that little girl, honey. Put "C." Next! 亲爱的 听那小姑娘的 选C 下一个

[12:39.91]No, wait! No, hang on. Look at this next question. 不 等下! 等等 看下一个问题

[12:42.39]Sheldon, why are you arguing with the DMV? Sheldon 你干嘛要和车管局的争论呢?

[12:46.55]How else are they going to learn? 我不吵他们咋学习进步啊?

[12:50.61]Look... question two: When are roadways most slippery? 看... 问题二: 什么时候路道最滑?

[12:55.01]Now, okay, there are three answers, none of which are correct. 瞧 三个答案 全是错的

[12:57.59]The correct answer is "when covered by "a film of liquid sufficient to reduce the coefficient of static friction" 正解是 当覆盖一层 足够减少摩擦系数的液体

[13:02.53]"between the tire and the road to essentially zero, 在轮胎和路之间达到零始态

[13:04.64]but not so deep as to introduce a new source of friction." 而这液态膜又不至于成为新的摩擦源

[13:12.40]Here's your learner's permit. Go away. 你的驾驶学习许可 快走

[13:16.10]But I'm not done. I have many additional concerns about these questions. 还没说完呢 关于这些问题我还有很多疑问

[13:19.51]Don't make me climb over this counter. 别逼我爬出柜台扁你

[13:20.88]Come on. Let's go. 行了 走吧

[13:24.77]Next! 下一个!

[13:26.51]Aced it. 搞定

[13:31.07]Okay, that's it. Let's boot it up. 好 成了 启动吧

[13:34.68]Booting. 启动

[13:36.86]This is a state-of-the-art simulator. 这是最先进的模拟器

[13:38.76]I adapted it from something a friend of mine designed for the army. 我照一朋友给军方设计改装的

[13:41.67]Is that why I appear to be in downtown Fallujah behind the wheel of an up-armored Humvee? 所以我在费卢杰市区 跟在一辆全副武装的悍马后面?

[13:46.89]I haven't configured it yet. 还没有完全改成民用程序

[13:49.63]Let's see... Bradley tank... transport truck... Batmobile... 我看看 布莱德利坦克 运输卡车 蝙蝠侠车

[13:54.74]No. 别

[13:57.12]Here we go. Red 2006 Ford Taurus on the streets of Pasadena. 好了 帕萨迪纳市街道 2006款红色福特金牛星

[14:03.69]What? 想说啥?

[14:04.44]Statistically, red cars are stopped by police far more often than any other color. 统计显示 红车远比其他车被警察扣的多

[14:08.51]I don't want any hassles with the fuzz. 我可不想和警察争论

[14:11.87]Fine, what color do you want? 行了 你想要啥色的?

[14:14.36]You know the pale blue of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber? 知道天行者路克光剑的灰蓝色不?

[14:19.18]Before it was digitally remastered? 数码制作之前的那种?

[14:24.24]Black, it is. 黑色 选定

[14:27.51]Okay, now, what you want to do first is turn on the ignition and shift into drive. 好了 首先你要点火然后挂挡

[14:31.78]I haven't fastened my seat belt yet. 我还没有系上安全带呢

[14:36.29]Okay, fasten your seat belt. 好啦 系上吧

[14:45.12]**** 系好了

[14:48.54]Now, are there air bags? 有安全气囊吗?

[14:49.54]You don't need air bags. 用不着的

[14:50.85]What if a simulated van rear-ends me? 万一模拟货车追尾了呢?

[14:52.70]I'll hit you in the face with a pillow. 我会用枕头打你脸的

[15:04.32]Okay, now shift into drive. 好 现在换到驾驶档

[15:06.74]Pull out slowly into traffic. 慢慢驶上路

[15:11.26]Watch out, watch, watch out for the pedestrians! 小心 小心路人!

[15:14.49]Oh, God. Wait-- slow-- Hit the brakes! The brakes! 天 等等 慢点 刹车!刹车!

[15:30.24]Thank you. 谢了

[15:35.14]Sorry. Excuse me. 对不起 抱歉

[15:39.39]My bad. 我的错

[15:43.42]Student driver. 新手上路

[15:47.06]How did you manage to get on the second floor of the Glendale Galleria? 你怎么上的格兰岱尔商场二楼的?

[15:51.47]I don't know. I was on the Pasadena freeway. 不知道 我本来在帕萨迪纳高速路

[15:54.17]I missed my exit, flew off the overpass, and one thing led to another. 我错过出口 飞过天桥 接二连三的...

[16:00.93]Maybe you want to give it a rest and try again tomorrow. 也许你可以休息下 明天再练

[16:03.44]No. I quit. 不 老子不干了

[16:13.65]Aw, the pet store. 呀 宠物店

[16:17.79]Remind me to compliment Wolowitz on the software. It's amazingly detailed. 提醒我称赞Wolowitz的软件 细节太逼真了

[16:23.46]So wait, you're just gonna give up? 那 你准备放弃了?

[16:25.63]No, I'm not giving up. I never give up. 不 我才不放弃 我从不放弃

[16:29.92]So, what is it you're doing? 那你这是干啥呢?

[16:32.26]I'm... transcending the situation. 我正在... 度过难关呐

[16:39.69]I'm clearly too evolved for driving. 显然驾驶对我来说太低级了

[16:46.53]What does that mean? 啥意思呢?

[16:48.10]Leonard, have you ever wondered why my little toes and lateral incisors Leonard 你纳闷过为啥 我的小脚趾和侧门牙

[16:52.87]are significantly smaller than the average for someone of my size? 要比和我一号的人小很多吗?

[16:58.70]I wonder a lot of things about you, Sheldon. But not-not that. 你有太多值得纳闷的 Sheldon 但这事没有过

[17:03.08]Well, those are indicators that I'm farther along the evolutionary scale than the average human. 那显示我比普通人进化得多

[17:08.27]- No kidding. - Well, no, no. - 别搞笑了 - 别 听我说

[17:09.73]I'm not gonna go so far as to say that I represent a distinct new stage in humankind-- 我也不好说我处于 人类发展的一个崭新阶段

[17:14.43]you know, a homo novus, if you will. 你要是愿意的话 叫新新人类

[17:18.39]No, that's for anthropologists to decide. 不 那要人类学家来认定的

[17:21.11]But I am convinced that the reason I cannot master the plebeian task of driving 但是我确信我不能精通 普通人驾驶技术的原因

[17:26.18]is because I'm not meant to. 是因为我注定不是干这个的

[17:28.38]Yes, you are. You're meant to learn how to drive. 不 你就是 你就是该学习驾驶的

[17:30.55]- Please learn how to drive! - No, no. - 求你学学开车吧! - 不 不

[17:33.59]Leonard, I'm meant for greater things, like unraveling the mysteries of the universe, Leonard 我注定要做更伟大的事 比如解答宇宙的奥秘

[17:37.34]not determining when it's safe to pass a stopped school bus on a country road. 而不是搞清楚什么时候超过 一个停在乡村路上的校车是安全的

[17:44.12]- It's never safe. - Yeah, well, I know that now. - 啥时候都不安全 - 好极了 我现在知道了

[17:48.80]Fine. Assuming that everything you say is true, 好 假定你说的都是真的

[17:51.93]how does the biologically superior homo novus get to work tomorrow morning? 我们生物角度极其优越的新新人类 明天怎么去上班呢?

[17:57.26]Homo novus doesn't know. 新新人类不知道

[18:00.69]Well, hang in there. 那 耐心等吧

[18:02.79]Maybe you'll evolve into something with wings. 也许你会进化出翅膀的

[18:16.94]Good morning, gentlemen. 早上好 先生们

[18:18.56]Good morning. 早上好

[18:21.64]Is there some new kind of casual Friday I don't know about? 还有我不知道的星期五便装日?

[18:25.27]No, he lives here now. 不是 他住在这里了

[18:27.94]Really? Why? 是不是哟? 为啥?

[18:29.07]Well, since he won't take the bus and he's too evolved to drive, 既然他不能做公车 又进化过了人类驾驶的阶段

[18:32.28]he decided it would be easier to just sleep in his office 他觉得等到我完成我的实验前

[18:34.40]and shower in the radiation lab until I'm finished with my experiment. 办公室睡觉和在辐射实验室 洗澡会好熬些

[18:39.03]But you finished your experiment a week ago. 但你一周前就完成了

[18:45.42]Yep. 对

[18:56.03]******** 天啦

[18:57.78]******** 又出现了

[18:59.66]******** 肯定是老鼠

[19:02.08]******** 老鼠不会烤面包

[19:04.65]******** 更不会剥面包皮

[19:16.89]You saw nothing! 当作啥也没看见!

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