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生活大爆炸第二季06.The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem(Cooper-Nowitzki定理): Sheldon的女粉丝事件






[00:00.40]******you are considering going into experimental physics,my door is always open. 如果你们对应用物理有兴趣 随时欢迎

[00:05.36]Once again,I'm sorry that the demonstration didn't quite work out, 再次的抱歉 演示不太成功

[00:08.12]but now we know what happens when you accidentally spill Peach Snapple into a helium neon laser. 但至少我们知道了 氦-氖激光管里 不小心洒了桃味饮料的后果

[00:15.51]Short answer is...don't. 明智的做法是...别那么做

[00:22.42]And now to tell you about the theoretical physics department is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 接下来给你们讲理论物理的是 Sheldon Cooper博士

[00:31.00]- Dr. Cooper? - Forget it. - Cooper博士? - 我不来

[00:35.29]Excuse me. 不好意思

[00:37.85]Sheldon,we both agreed to do this. Sheldon我们可商量好了的

[00:39.52]It's a waste of time. 这是浪费时间

[00:40.57]I might as well explain the laws of thermodynamics to a bunch of labradoodles. 我还不如去给 一群拉布拉多犬讲解热力学理论

[00:46.34]If you don't do this,I won't take you to the comic book store. 要是不配合 不带你去漫画书店哟

[00:52.88]Hello. 大家好

[00:58.96]Nice work with the laser,by the way. 我说 激光实验做的不错嘛

[01:04.04]Looking out at your fresh young faces, 看着你们这些年轻的新鲜面孔

[01:06.68]I remember when I too was deciding my academic future as a lowly graduate student. 不禁想起了 当年还是小研究生时 我也如此决定自己的研究方向

[01:12.92]Of course,I was 14. 当然 那时我才14岁

[01:15.85]And I'd already achieved more than most of you could ever hope to,despite my 9:00 bedtime. 即使9点就得睡觉 那时也已小有成就 在座大多数至今望尘莫及

[01:21.93]Now,there may be one or two of you in this room 你们中或许有一两位

[01:25.06]who has what it takes to succeed in theoretical physics. 具备天赋 在理论物理上有所建树

[01:28.72]Although,it's more likely that you'll spend your scientific careers teaching fifth graders 当然啦 各位的科学前程 将更有可能教授五年级学生

[01:31.81]how to make papier mache volcanoes with baking soda lava. 怎样用烘烤苏打粉 来糊个纸火山

[01:36.86]Oh,good God. 仁慈的主呀

[01:38.85]In short-- any one who told you 总之-- 要是有人告诉你们

[01:40.87]that you would someday be able to make any significant contribution to physics, 你们有朝一日能对物理做出巨大贡献

[01:44.18]played a cruel trick on you,a cruel trick indeed. 真是忽悠你们 绝对绝对是忽悠惨了

[01:50.00]Any questions? 有问题吗?

[01:54.34]Of course not. 自然没有了

[01:57.61]I weep for the future of science. 真为科学的未来感到悲哀呐

[01:59.50]Now if you'll excuse me,the latest issue of Batman is out. 恕我不奉陪 最新的蝙蝠侠发行了

[02:03.50]Come,Leonard. 走吧 Leonard

[02:08.59]Laser demonstration's looking pretty good now,huh? 现在看来 我的激光演示很棒吧?

[02:36.98]I love this time of the year. 每年的这个时节 真叫我倾心

[02:38.50]The leaves are turning,there's a bracing chill in the air. 树叶转色 空中的寒意让人神清气爽

[02:41.56]Plus there's a whole new crop of female grad students about to put on just enough winter weight 再加上新来的一群女研究生 准备在冬天稍微给自己"加点料"

[02:46.30]to make them needy and vulnerable. 让自己愈发惹人呵护

[02:50.57]That's right,honey,have another calzone. 这就对了嘛 宝贝 再吃块馅饼

[02:52.67]Daddy can wait. 老爹可以再忍忍

[02:56.66]Isn't there a university policy against dating graduate students? 不是有校规嘛? 不能和研究生约会的

[02:59.49]No,if you can talk to them,you can ask them out. 不是 只要能跟她们搭上话 你可以随便约

[03:02.07]Damn,there's always a catch. 要死啊! 总给我下套!

[03:04.96]Hey,guys. 好呀 小伙子们

[03:05.97]Hey,Leslie. 好 Leslie

[03:06.81]So,dumbass,I heard you made a grad student throw up last night. 大傻冒 听说昨晚你把一研究生折腾吐了

[03:11.35]The truth can indeed be a finger down the throat of those unprepared to hear it. 其实是没准备好听我讲的人 自己用手指抠吐的

[03:16.86]But why should I cater to second-rate minds? 我干吗要去给那些二流智商的人讲课?

[03:19.36]Because first-rate minds call you "dumbass"? 因为智商一流的人 总喊你"傻冒儿"

[03:24.62]Oh,yeah?Well... 切 是吗? 嗯...

[03:26.56]you're a mean person. 你这个毒舌妇

[03:29.77]Excuse me,Dr. Cooper,I'm Ramona Nowitzki. 打扰下 Cooper博士 我是Ramona Nowitzki

[03:32.59]I was at your talk last night. 昨晚我听了你的讲课

[03:34.31]I think you're just brilliant. 我觉得你真是天才耶

[03:35.99]That is the prevailing opinion. 绝大多数人都这么觉得

[03:38.61]Oh,now I'm gonna throw up. 这下我要去吐了

[03:41.85]Howard Wolowitz,department of engineering, Howard Wolowitz 工程系的

[03:44.38]co-designer of the International Space Station's Liquid Waste Disposal System. 参与设计了 国际空间站液体废物处理系统

[03:56.11]Dr. Cooper,I've read everything you've published. Cooper博士 我拜读了你发表的全部文章

[03:58.49]I especially liked your paper on grand unification using string-network condensates 特别钟意那篇 从弦网浓缩角度阐述大统一理论

[04:01.89]and was wondering how you determined that 我很好奇 你是怎么确定

[04:02.93]three-dimensional string-nets provided a unified picture of ferrnions and gauge bosons? 3D弦网提供了费密子 和规范玻色子的统一描述?

[04:08.01]Amazing,an intelligent labradoodle. 很不错啊! 这拉布拉多真聪明!

[04:12.56]Woof. 汪汪

[04:16.38]The fact is I'm quite close to a breakthrough in showing 其实呢 我离研究突破就差一点点

[04:18.61]how neutrinos emerge from a string-net condensate. 就快搞清楚 微中子如何在弦网冷凝物中脱出了

[04:21.25]Oh,my God,that would change the way we view the entire physical universe. 天啦 那将会颠覆 全球对整个物理界的认识

[04:24.90]It's what I do. 我就是干这个的

[04:27.52]You know,the Pishkin-Wolowitz Liquid Waste Disposal System is turning a few heads as well. Pishkin-Wolowitz(两名设计者) 废液处理系统也带来一些冲击

[04:37.09]Again,ew. 又来了 恶心

[04:41.59]You know,I'd love to hear more about how you intend to add neutrinos. 我很想听你讲讲 怎样加入微中子

[04:44.79]Could we get a cup of coffee sometime? 啥时候去喝杯咖啡吧?

[04:46.91]I don't drink coffee. 我从不喝咖啡

[04:48.14]I do.I love me a cup of joe. 我喝 我爱喝咖啡了

[04:51.24]Well,it doesn't have to be coffee. 不一定非要喝咖啡

[04:52.51]How about dinner? 一起晚餐如何?

[04:53.35]I do eat dinner. 晚饭我还是要吃的

[04:54.53]Great. I know a terrific little Italian place. 那就好 我知道有家意大利餐厅 超棒

[04:56.64]I never eat in strange restaurants. 我从不去陌生的餐厅吃饭

[04:57.96]One runs the risk of non-standard cutlery. 指不定就用那些不标准的餐具了

[05:02.00]Excuse me? 啊 什么

[05:02.75]Sheldon lives in fear of the three-tined fork. Sheldon对三个分叉的叉子有恐惧心理

[05:06.97]Three tines is not a fork. 三个分叉的根本不能叫叉子

[05:08.58]Three tines is a trident. 那叫三叉戟

[05:10.21]Forks are for eating, 叉是用来吃东西的

[05:11.32]tridents are for ruling the seven seas. 而三叉戟是用来统治七海的 (海神手中的三叉戟)

[05:15.75]What if I brought food to your place? 要不我把吃的带去你那儿?

[05:17.78]That would be acceptable. 这倒行

[05:19.35]On Mondays,I eat Thai food. 周一我吃泰国餐

[05:20.99]Mee krob and chicken sate with extra peanut sauce from Siam Palace. 脆炸米粉 鸡肉沙爹 加上暹罗宫的花生酱

[05:24.74]You got it. I already have your address. 没问题 我有你家的地址

[05:31.19]What a nice girl. 多好的姑娘啊

[05:33.79]Sheldon,do you have any idea what just happened? Sheldon 你到底有没有搞懂刚才怎么回事

[05:37.07]Yes. Apparently I'm getting a free dinner. 当然 显然是有人要请我吃饭

[05:45.07]Oh,yeah,no,this thing's majorly out of order. 不好意思 这东西基本上不能用啦

[05:48.46]See? Sorry. 看吧 真不好意思

[05:49.62]That's okay. Guess I'm taking the stairs. 没关系 那我走楼梯咯

[05:51.93]Where you going? 你去哪家呢?

[05:52.85]- A. 4-A

[05:53.83]Oh,are you here to see Leonard? 是来找Leonard的吧

[05:55.24]No,Dr. Cooper. 不是 我找Cooper博士

[05:57.24]Dr. Sheldon Cooper? 你说的是Sheldon Cooper博士?

[06:00.57]We're having dinner. 我们要共进晚餐

[06:02.57]Sheldon Cooper? 你确信是Sheldon Cooper?

[06:06.14]Tall,thin, looks a little like a giant praying mantis? 那个瘦瘦高高 长得像 巨人版螳螂煞星

[06:12.48]He is cute,isn't he? 他好帅的哟 是吧

[06:16.94]Sheldon Cooper? 真的是Sheldon Cooper?

[06:22.66]Hi,Leonard. 你好Lenonand

[06:23.45]Hey,Ramona. Come on in. 你好Ramona 快进来

[06:24.57]Thanks. Where should I put this? 谢谢 这些东西放哪儿呢

[06:26.12]Uh,the kitchen's fine. 放厨房就好了

[06:28.23]Hey,what are you doing? 你来有事吗?

[06:29.23]I need to see this. 这好戏我不能错过哇

[06:33.16]The viewing area's right over there. 观众席在那边

[06:37.72]Sheldon,your girl... date... person... Ramona's here. Sheldon 你女朋... 约会对...Ramona来了

[06:42.23]Oh,hello. 你好啊

[06:43.67]Oh,sorry I'm late. 不好意思我迟到了

[06:44.87]I just got so caught up reading the draft of your latest paper. 看到你刚发表的论文草本 看得太入迷了

[06:47.54]Did you enjoy the humorous footnote where I illustrate mirror-symmetry 我对镜象对称性作了一个脚注说明

[06:50.92]by likening it to the Flash playing tennis with himself? 把它比喻成闪电和自己打网球 你体会到其中的幽默了吗?

[06:53.29]So funny. 太好笑了

[06:56.01]But the idea that you might be able to incorporate gravity, 不得不提的是 你关于重力组合 可能性的猜想

[06:58.46]I have to tell you,I found it physically exhilarating. 真的是让我实打实地兴奋

[07:04.22]My hypotheses tend to have that effect. 我的假设通常都有这种效果

[07:08.68]I'm sorry I didn't bring enough for your friends. 不好意思 我没给你朋友带吃的

[07:11.06]I assumed we were going to be alone. 我以为就我们两人

[07:15.95]Oh,yeah. No,we were just going. 喔 没错 我们正要--

[07:18.81]To watch,right? 准备看戏 不是吗

[07:22.43]No,come on,now, we're going out. 快 我们马上就出门了

[07:24.06]Oh,come on, we'll be quiet. 别这样嘛 我们不说话成吗

[07:27.30]Let's go,let's go. 我们还是走吧 走吧

[07:30.09]Okay,you two. Have a nice... 好了 祝你们俩的...随便啦

[07:33.74]whatever this is. 开心就是了

[07:39.33]Okay,you guys,look, I know this is none of my business, 你们听好 我清楚这事压根跟我没关系

[07:41.79]but I just... I have to ask-- what's Sheldon's deal? 但是我还是要 忍不住想问 Sheldon的"型"到底是啥?

[07:49.37]What do you mean "deal"? 什么"型"啊?

[07:50.66]You know,like what's his deal? 就是说 他好哪种型的

[07:52.70]Is it girls...? Guys...? Sock puppets...? 女人 男人 布袋木偶?

[07:56.70]Honestly,we've been operating under the assumption that he has no deal. 说实话 在我们的逻辑中 他根本没有"型"

[08:01.37]Come on,everybody has a deal. 别这样说 每个人都有喜欢的型啊

[08:03.12]Not Sheldon. 除了Sheldon

[08:04.13]Over the years,we've formulated many theories about how he might reproduce. 多年来 我们一直潜心 试图探究他将如何繁衍后代

[08:09.65]I'm an advocate of mitosis. 我主张的是有丝分裂

[08:13.63]I'm sorry? 什么?

[08:14.86]I believe one day Sheldon will eat an enormous amount of Thai food 我相信 总有一天 当Sheldon吃到 一定量的泰国菜

[08:18.57]and split into two Sheldons. 他就会分裂成两个Sheldon

[08:23.01]On the other hand, I think Sheldon might be the larval form of his species, 另一方面 我在想Sheldon可能 是他这个物种的幼虫状态

[08:26.64]and someday he'll spin a cocoon and emerge two months later with moth wings and an exoskeleton. 有一天他会做茧 不出俩月 就破茧成蝶

[08:32.70]Okay,well,thanks for the nightmares. 谢谢你俩给我讲恐怖故事

[08:36.96]Hey,do you want to hang out with us? 要不我们一起出去逛逛

[08:39.78]What are you guys gonna do? 你们有什么节目

[08:43.72]My mom's making a brisket tonight. 我妈妈今晚作了胸肉

[08:47.36]The one with the little onions? 那种放了小洋葱的?

[08:53.20]Yeah,I'm busy,so... Good night. 不好意思 我很忙 晚安吧

[08:58.76]Her loss. Let's go. 不去是她的损失 我们走吧

[09:01.58]Brisket party! B- to-the-R-to-the-I-S-K... 胸肉聚会耶 胸 是胸肉的胸

[09:06.13]To-the-E-to-the-T...Ooh... 肉 是胸肉的肉 哦也

[09:09.81]Don't. 得了吧

[09:15.86]Hey,aren't you having breakfast? 你不吃早餐吗?

[09:17.58]Yes. 我吃的

[09:20.36]Are you experimenting with nutritional suppositories again? 你又在捣鼓那些营养栓剂啊?

[09:25.33]Not in these pants. 穿这条裤子 不干那活儿

[09:28.45]So... how'd it go with Ramona last night? 话说 你昨天和Ramona玩的咋样

[09:31.27]Oh,great. She's smart,insightful 爽歪了 她好聪明 好有见解

[09:35.03]and she has a very unique way of,you know,revering me. 而且用一种十分独特的方式 崇拜我

[09:40.92]Here's your spinach mushroom omelet. 这是你的菠菜蘑菇煎蛋卷

[09:44.13]Thank you. 谢谢

[09:46.49]Did anyone touch it? 有谁碰过这个吗?

[09:47.62]Gloves were worn by everyone involved. 每个人手上都带上了手套

[09:49.27]I was vigilant. 我一直很小心

[09:51.44]Ramona pointed out that I've been wasting 20 minutes a day standing on cafeteria lines. Ramona跟我说 我每次浪费 20分钟在食堂排队

[09:56.18]Time which would be better spent tackling the great physics problems of our day. 这些时间用来攻克世界级的物理课题 会更好哟

[09:59.53]You don't tackle the big issues,Ramona. 哎 我们不是攻克难题 Ramona

[10:01.78]You fence with them. 是要和它们周旋

[10:03.10]En garde. Riposte. 准备好 杀个回马枪

[10:09.54]Touche. 说的好

[10:12.24]- Morning. - Hi,Leslie. - 早上好 - 你好 Leslie

[10:14.14]So,Sheldon, I see you're organizing your papers Sheldon 我看到你在为Smithsonian

[10:16.17]for the Smithsonian Museum of Dumbassery. 傻冒儿博物馆赶论文呢

[10:20.58]There won't be any room until they get rid of the permanent Leslie Winkle exhibit. 在撤下Leslie Winkle的永久展览前 那里没有多余的展厅

[10:25.93]Oh,good one. 喔 正点

[10:28.73]I see you got a grad student to fight your battles for you. 你居然找了一个研究生替你出头

[10:31.33]I'll let you keep your lunch money today. 今天就饶你一马 省省你的午餐费

[10:34.51]Okay,Dr. Cooper is on the verge of a breakthrough. Cooper博士马上要取得突破性的进展

[10:37.07]If you're going to stay, 如果你想待在这里

[10:38.21]you'll have to be respectful and quiet. 你就得乖乖的听他的

[10:49.03]Wait for me. 等我~~

[10:54.32]So have you worked out the neutrino issue? 微中子问题解决了吗?

[10:56.62]Well,to paraphrase Mozart, 为了诠释莫扎特

[10:58.73]all the subatomic particles are there. 所有的次原子微粒都齐备了

[11:00.39]I just have to put them in the right order. 我只需要把他们按顺序排列一下

[11:02.21]You're so witty. 你可真机敏呀

[11:04.23]Aren't I? 敢说不是

[11:10.53]Hey,guys, this package came for... 伙计们 这个包裹是

[11:16.67]Dr. Cooper is working. Cooper博士正在工作

[11:18.32]Yes,I'm close to a breakthrough. 没错 我马上要取得惊人的进展了

[11:19.94]Ooh,it tickles! 哎呀 痒痒!

[11:23.56]Sorry. 真抱歉打扰了

[11:29.54]Holy crap on a cracker. 囧囧 偶的神啊

[11:33.70]Hey,Penny. 嗨 Penny

[11:34.21]Hi. You probably don't want to go in there. 你最好不要进去

[11:36.98]Why? What are they doing? 为啥 他们搞什么呢?

[11:39.62]The only way I could explain it would be in a therapist's office with dolls. 我只能这么解释 里面是一间摆着洋娃娃的医务室

[11:52.72]Hoo-boy. 乖乖隆滴东

[11:55.74]Dr. Cooper's working. Cooper博士正在研究

[11:57.47]Yeah,I can see that. 是啊 我长着眼睛看得见

[11:59.91]Sheldon,Halonight, Koothrappali's. You coming? Sheldon 今天是光环之夜 (Xbox360游戏) Koothrappali家 你来吗?

[12:02.81]Oh,yes,it'sHalonight. 对哦 光环之夜

[12:04.57]Let me just dry my tootsies. 等我烘干一下我的小脚趾

[12:07.66]You're not going toHalonight. 你不会去光环大战吧

[12:09.48]Yes,I am. It's Wednesday. Wednesday'sHalonight. 我要去啊 今儿是周三 周三是光环之夜

[12:13.68]Didn't a great man once say, "Science demands nothing less than the fervent 有个伟人不是说过 科学需要不仅仅是

[12:17.81]"and unconditional dedication of our entire lives"? 一腔热血 而是无条件的奉献我们的一生

[12:21.23]He did. 他是说过

[12:22.44]And who was that great man? 那么这个伟人是谁呢

[12:24.78]Me. 我

[12:28.09]Sorry,Leonard. 不好意思 Leonard

[12:29.37]Seriously? You're not coming? 你真的不来吗

[12:30.93]You heard her. How can I argue with me? 你听到她说的了 我怎么能跟自己唱反调?

[12:35.18]Okay,well,once again, you guys have a good... 又这样 得 你们俩好好的乐吧

[12:39.20]whatever this is. 管你们乐些什么

[12:43.59]Dr. Cooper, I have to tell you your friends are holding you back. Cooper博士 我必须向你指出 你的朋友在拖你后腿

[12:47.43]I prefer to think of it as "I'm pulling them forward." 我倾向于认为"我在促使他们进步"

[12:51.87]Halo night? 光环之夜?

[12:53.06]A man with your intellectual gifts doesn't waste an evening playing video games. 你这样资质的人是不会 浪费一晚上时间玩游戏的

[12:57.66]He does on Wednesdays. 星期三就会啊

[13:00.14]Not if he wants a Nobel Prize. 如果他想拿诺贝尔奖就不会

[13:02.81]He does want that. 他还真想拿!

[13:06.90]Does a man with my intellectual gifts play paintball on weekends? 我这样资质的人会在周末打彩弹吗?

[13:10.84]What do you think? 你觉得呢?

[13:12.19]Drat. 可恶

[13:15.25]Now shall we get back to work? 我们现在该继续干活了吧?

[13:17.16]I suppose. 我想是的

[13:22.17]Battlestar Galactica comes on tonight. 太空堡垒卡拉狄加今晚上映

[13:25.43]I guess I can wait for the DVD. 我想我可以等DVD出来

[13:28.95]And then never ever watch it. 到时就算买来也永远不看

[13:40.42]* You can be my Yoko Ono * * You can be my Yoko Ono *

[13:39.36]Barenaked Ladies乐队 "Be My Yoko Ono"

[13:44.40]* You can follow me wherever I go * * You can follow me wherever I go *

[13:43.34]歌词中 演唱者将自己和爱人

[13:48.48]* Be my, be my, be my Yoko Ono, whoa-oa * * Be my, be my, be my Yoko Ono, whoa-oa *


[13:56.54]* Now that I'm far away * * Now that I'm far away *


[13:58.12]* It doesn't seem to me to be such a pain * * It doesn't seem to me to be such a pain *


[14:04.52]* To have you hanging off my ankle * * To have you hanging off my ankle *

[14:07.05]* Like some kind of ball and chain * * Like some kind of ball and chain *

[14:12.84]* You can be my Yoko Ono * * You can be my Yoko Ono *

[14:16.95]* You can follow me wherever I go * * You can follow me wherever I go *

[14:21.04]* You can be my Yoko Ono Whoa-oa-oa * * You can be my Yoko Ono Whoa-oa-oa *

[14:25.01]* You can follow me wherever I go * * You can follow me wherever I go *

[14:30.59]Penny! Penny! Penny! Penny! Penny! Penny!

[14:34.05]Sheldon, honey, I've told you, it's a small apartment. Sheldon 亲爱的 我都跟你说几回了 房子又不大

[14:36.52]You only have to knock one time. 敲一下就够了

[14:37.81]Please, please, I don't have a lot of time. 别唐僧了 我没多少时间

[14:39.15]Look, Ramona finally dozed off, and I need you to help me get rid of her. 听着 Ramona总算打瞌睡了 你得帮我甩了她

[14:45.91]Get rid of her how? 甩了她? 怎么个甩法?

[14:48.10]I don't know, but apparently I'm in some kind of relationship, 我不知道 但显然我正处于某种关系中

[14:51.98]and you seem to be an expert at ending them. 而你似乎是终结这类关系的老手

[14:59.25]Excuse me? 你说什么?

[15:00.63]I see man after man leaving this apartment never to return. 我看见男人们一个接一个从这儿离开 倒是没见过再回来的

[15:05.07]Okay, first of all, it is not man after man. 好吧 首先澄清一点 并不是一个接一个男人

[15:07.92]- Dr. Cooper? - Hide me. - Cooper博士? - 把我藏起来

[15:11.63]Hide you? 把你藏起来?

[15:12.50]I formally request sanctuary. 我正式要求避难

[15:16.04]Why aren't you working? 你为什么没在工作?

[15:19.54]she distracted me. 她让我分心了

[15:22.52]I told you, Penny, I don't have time for your nonsense. Penny 跟你说几遍才明白 我没时间听你胡扯

[15:24.92]I have important things to do. 我要事缠身

[15:29.69]Oh, man. 噢 不是吧

[15:31.02]I know what's going on here. 别以为我不知道怎么回事

[15:32.52]Really? Well, then will you explain it to me? 真的吗? 好 那你来给我解释解释吧

[15:35.81]You're in love with Dr. Cooper. 你爱上Cooper博士了

[15:38.98]Uh, yeah, no, that's not it. 呃 才不是你说的这样

[15:42.15]Don't try to deny it. 别想抵赖

[15:44.05]He's a remarkable man, but you have to let him go. 他是非比寻常之人 可你得懂得放手

[15:47.70]Oh, gee, okay. 噢 是吗 放就放呗

[15:50.98]I know it's hard, but he's a gift to the whole world, and we can't be selfish. 我知道这很难 可我们不能这么自私 他是上帝赐给这个世界的礼物

[15:55.58]Yeah, he's a gift all right. 是啊 他是个天才倒没错

[15:59.29]Sisters? 好姐妹?

[16:03.70]Uh, sure. Sisters. 呃 当然 好姐妹

[16:11.24]Holy crap on a cracker. 真TMTM见鬼了

[16:22.16]Sheldon? Sheldon?

[16:29.41]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?

[16:31.10]It's Morse code. 打莫尔斯码啊

[16:34.48]Why? 干啥?

[16:35.70]So we can communicate through the wall. 我们就能隔着墙交流了

[16:39.39]We are communicating through the wall. 我们不正在隔墙交流么

[16:42.52]Yes, but the communication is not encrypted. 没错 可我们的交流没有加密啊

[16:46.38]I don't know Morse code. 我唔识莫尔斯码

[16:48.24]It's very simple. This is A ... 很容易的 这是A...

[16:50.56]This is B ... This is C... 这是B... 这是C...

[16:53.02]Sheldon, I'm not going to learn Morse code at 3:00 in the morning! Sheldon 我才不要在凌晨三点学莫尔斯码!

[16:56.16]All right. 那好

[16:58.92]Don't come in here, don't come in here, don't come in here, don't... 别进来 别进来 别进来 别进来...

[17:06.21]What's going on? 又发什么神经?

[17:07.72]Ramona's sleeping on the couch. Ramona睡在沙发上呢

[17:09.41]I know. When is she going home? 我知道 她几时回家?

[17:11.59]Never. That's the problem. 她不回家 这就是问题所在

[17:14.35]I need your help. 我需要你的援助

[17:15.58]What are you talking about? 你说啥呢?

[17:17.19]I'm invoking the Skynet clause of our friendship agreement. 我要求启用"友谊协约"第一条:"天网"条款 (Skynet:电影<终结者>中的计算机网络)

[17:21.11]That only applies if you need me to help you destroy an artificial intelligence 那款条约只在一种情况下有效: 你需要我帮你消灭人工智能

[17:24.80]you've created that's taking over the Earth. 你创造了它 它却掌控了地球

[17:27.77]Come on! Don't nitpick! 拜托! 别死抠字眼儿!

[17:31.15]Good night. 晚安

[17:32.73]All right. 好吧

[17:35.25]I'm invoking our Body Snatchers clause. 那我要求启用"异形入侵"条约 (Body Snatchers: 好莱坞科幻电影)

[17:38.55]The Body Snatchers clause requires me to help you destroy someone we know "异形入侵"条款要求我帮助你 消灭我们都认识的人

[17:41.81]who's been replaced with an alien pod. 而那个人必须变成了外星虫囊

[17:43.81]Yes. She's in the living room. Go. I'll wait here. 没错 她就在客厅里 走吧 我在这儿等你凯旋

[17:47.40]Sheldon, what are you doing out of bed? Sheldon 你不睡觉在干啥呢?

[17:49.42]Now! Do it! 快! 消灭她!

[17:54.11]You know you need your sleep in order for your cognitive processing to perform at optimum levels. 你需要足够的睡眠以保证 认知表现处于适宜的水平

[17:57.81]Now come on. 要乖乖的啊

[17:59.06]Godzilla clause? "哥斯拉"条款? (Godzilla 日本科幻电影)

[18:01.25]Not unless she destroys Tokyo. 除非她将东京摧毁

[18:04.21]Rats. 扯淡

[18:07.35]I've got it! 我成功了!

[18:08.97]I finally reconciled the black hole information paradox with my theory of string-network condensates! 我终于用基于弦网冷凝物的理论 解除了黑洞的信息悖论

[18:14.70]It's unbelievable! It's paradigm-altering. 真是难以置信! 那将改变人们的陈见!

[18:17.44]And I could not have done it without you. 多亏了你 我才得以完成

[18:19.16]Oh, please, I just offered a little encouragement. 噢 不用啦 我只不过给了你些许鼓励

[18:21.49]It was a lot more than that. 绝对不止些许鼓励

[18:23.27]You helped me work out the masses of all the fermions and you pumiced my hammer toe. 你帮我解决了大量有关费密子的问题 还替我打磨了我的锤头趾

[18:29.15]How can I ever repay you? 我要怎么回报你?

[18:30.81]Well, would you consider naming it the Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem? 嗯... 你会把它命名为 Cooper-Nowitzki定理吗?

[18:34.38]Who's Nowitzki? 谁是Nowitzki? (诺维茨基)

[18:37.68]I'm Nowitzki. 我就是Nowitzki

[18:38.91]Oh, you want me to share credit? 喔 你要我同你分享荣誉?

[18:42.86]Get out! 出-去!

[18:47.47]Oh, bite me! 噢 别烦我!

[18:51.62]Sisters? 好姐妹?

[18:56.98]Excuse me, Dr. Cooper. 打扰一下 Cooper教授

[18:59.03]I'm Kathy O'Brien. 我是Kathy O'Brien

[19:00.43]I just finished reading your paper reconciling the black hole information paradox 我刚拜读了你的那篇论文 有关解除黑洞信息悖论的

[19:04.24]with your theory of string - network condensates, and it just took my breath away. 你用了基于弦网冷凝物的理论 真是令人惊叹啊 (让我都喘不过气了)

[19:09.82]Maybe when I publish it, I'll include an inhaler. 也许等它发表的时候 我会考虑多加个喷雾器 (治哮喘的)

[19:16.18]Would you possibly have any time for me to pick your brain? 你会不会正巧有空给我解释解释呢?

[19:20.05]Let's see. Today's Thursday. 让我想想 今天是星期四

[19:21.32]Thursday nights, I eat pizza from Giacomo's. 星期四晚上 我吃Giacomo餐厅的匹萨

[19:23.31]Sausage, mushrooms, light olives. 要放香肠 蘑菇 还要一点橄榄油

[19:25.29]Great. I'll bring it to your place. I have the address. 太好了 我会买去你家的 我有地址

[19:32.27]What a nice girl. 真是个好姑娘

[19:35.73]Sheldon, do you see what just happened here? Sheldon 你知道刚才怎么回事吗?

[19:38.46]Yes, I'm getting a free pizza. 当然 我有免费匹萨吃咯

[19:43.70]I'm on a roll. 我好运连连喔!

[19:50.54]More pad Thai, please. 再来点泰国菜

[19:52.41]Sheldon, you've already had four servings. Sheldon 你已经吃了四盒了

[19:54.60]You might want to slow down a bit, buddy. 你该吃慢点 伙计 小心咽着

[19:57.63]Just one more bite. 就一小口

[20:06.66]Sheldon? Sheldon?

[20:08.68]Sheldon, are you okay? Sheldon 你还好吧?

[20:10.29]I'm just so... full. 我太... 饱了

[20:24.62]That's it. No more Thai food. 受不鸟了 再不吃泰国菜了

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