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生活大爆炸第二季08.The Lizard-Spock ExpansionLeonard和医生Stephanie的date,Howard的火星车事件






[00:00.18]Oh,look, Saturn 3is on. 看啊 正在放"土星三号"呢

[00:00.00]电影 提名过金酸莓奖

[00:02.08]I don't want to watch Saturn 3. Deep Space Nine is better. 我不想看"土星三号" "深空九号"更好看

[00:01.90]电视剧 "星际旅行: 深空九号"

[00:05.51]How isDeep Space Ninebetter thanSaturn 3? "深空九号"哪有"土星三号"好看

[00:09.33]Simple subtraction will tell you it's six better. 简单的减法告诉你 好看六个数儿

[00:14.11]Compromise. WatchBabylon 5. 折衷一下 看"巴比伦五号"好了

[00:13.93]科幻电视剧 1993-1998

[00:17.76]In what sense is that a compromise? 这是哪门子折衷啊?

[00:20.14]Well,five is partway between three... 恩 五处在三和九之间...

[00:22.77]Never mind. 算了

[00:24.69]I'll tell you what. How about we go rock-paper-scissors? 要不这样 我们来用石头剪子布决定

[00:27.30]Ooh,I don't think so. 不行 我不干

[00:29.20]Anecdotal evidence suggests that in the game of rock-paper-scissors, 数据统计显示 在石头-剪子-布中

[00:32.28]players familiar with each other will tie 75 to 80% of the time due to the limited number of outcomes. 由于出法太少 相熟的玩家 有75%到80%的可能性会打平

[00:38.35]I suggest rock-paper-scissors- lizard-Spock. 我建议采用石头-剪刀-布-蜥蜴-史波克

[00:38.17]Spock: 星际旅行中的尖耳朵副舰长

[00:43.63]What? 什么

[00:44.38]It's very simple. 很简单

[00:46.25]Scissors cuts paper. 剪子剪布

[00:47.53]Paper covers rock. 布包石头

[00:48.71]Rock crushes lizard. 石头压蜥蜴

[00:49.95]Lizard poisons Spock. 蜥蜴毒死史波克

[00:49.77]Sheldon出的手势 为Spock的常用手势

[00:51.45]Spock smashes scissors. 史波克轰碎剪子

[00:52.78]Scissors decapitates lizard. 剪子腰斩蜥蜴

[00:54.24]Lizard eats paper. 蜥蜴吃布

[00:55.25]Paper disproves Spock. 布否定史波克

[00:56.58]Spock vaporizes rock. 史波克蒸发石头

[00:58.20]And as it always has, rock crushes scissors. 再加上一如既往的规则 石头砸剪子

[01:04.19]Okay,I think I got it. 行啊 我应该会玩了

[01:08.25]Rock-paper-scissors- lizard-Spock! 石头-剪刀-布-蜥蜴-史波克

[01:18.51]Hello,boys. 嗨 伙计们

[01:20.97]Ahoy,matey. 啊嗬 朋友

[01:23.69]Noticed the eye patch,did you? 看见这个眼罩了 对吧

[01:25.54]It's all part of a technique I've been studying for picking up women. 这是我泡妞宝典中的一种技巧

[01:29.27]You employ a visual display designed to make yourself distinctive and memorable. 给别人视觉上的冲击力 让你显的与众不同

[01:35.99]Oh,yes,like the male peacock with brilliant plumage or the rutting baboon with engorged hindquarters. 就像雄孔雀有漂亮的羽毛 或者发情的狒狒有隆起的臀部一样

[01:42.93]Or in this case,the bar mitzvah boy with pinkeye. 或者可以这么说 像一个得红眼病的犹太男

[01:46.86]Mock me if you will, but it works. 尽管嘲笑我吧 不过这招确实有用

[01:49.09]You show up at a club in something distinctive, scope out your target and toss out some negs. 你穿成这样去泡吧 寻找你的目标 然后抛出几句"反话"

[01:53.46]What are negs? 啥叫"反话"?

[01:54.36]A neg is a negative compliment that throws a pretty woman off her game, 就是反向的恭维 让漂亮女性忘了她们的小缺陷

[01:57.93]like "Normally,I'm not turned on by big teeth, but on you,they work." 好比这样 "通常情况 牙有些大的女士 不会让我动心 但你就不一样了"

[02:04.46]I got a whole list of 'em. Who wants to be my wingman? 我有一大堆招数呢 谁想做我的泡妞搭档

[02:07.64]You're not gonna need a wingman. 你用不着找个泡妞搭档

[02:08.66]You're gonna need a paramedic. 你应该找个护理搭档

[02:12.06]Howard,your scooter's blocking my car. Howard 你的摩托挡住我的车了

[02:14.50]Aw,did you get pinkeye again? 喔 你又得红眼病了?

[02:19.06]Step one: she notices the eye patch. 第一步 她注意到了我的眼罩

[02:22.76]May I say,Penny, not a lot of women could look as hot as you do with such greasy hair? 这么说吧 Penny 不是所有女人 都和你一样 头发油油的还这么性感

[02:35.94]Yeah,just move your stupid scooter before I pick it up and throw it in the dumpster. 赶紧把你那破摩托车开走 不然我马上扔进垃圾堆

[03:12.03]I'm sorry,but I'm not going to watchThe Clone WarsTV series until I've seen The Clone Warsmovie. 对不起 我现在不看克隆人战争的电视剧 我得先看电影版

[03:19.19]I prefer to let George Lucas disappoint me in the order he intended. 乔治卢卡斯肯定会让我失望 就顺着他的顺序来吧

[03:24.87]Well,I want to watch it now. 我现在就要看

[03:26.67]Then I believe we've arrived at another quintessential rock-paper-scissors- lizard-Spock moment. 那又到了石头-剪子-布-蜥蜴-史波克 的经典一刻了

[03:37.61]Watch whatever you want. 你爱看什么看什么吧

[03:40.44]I saw what you did there. 我看到你的魄力了

[03:43.15]What'd I do? 我的魄力?

[03:49.07]Hello. Hey,Howard. What's wrong? 嗨 Howard 什么事

[03:53.83]Okay. Okay, we'll be right there. 好 好 我们这就过去

[03:56.79]What happened? 发生什么事了

[03:57.78]Howard's at the Mars Rover lab. He says he's in trouble. Howard在火星探测器实验室 他说遇到麻烦了

[04:00.20]- Defcon 5. - Defcon 5? - 五级战备状态 - 五级战备状态?

[04:02.72]Well,there's no need to rush. 这么说用不着急着赶过去

[04:06.05]What? 什么?

[04:06.73]Defcon 5 means "no danger." 五级战备状态意味着"没有危险"

[04:08.44]Defcon 1 is a cris. 一级战备状态才是危机来临

[04:10.50]How can 5 not be worse than 1? 五级怎么会还不如一级?

[04:12.57]Yeah,Star Trek V worse thanI. 就是啊 星际迷航第五部比第一部难看

[04:16.73]Okay,first of all, that's a comparison of quality, not intensity. 首先来说 我们比较的是影片的品质 而不是激烈程度

[04:19.67]Secondly,Star Trek I is orders-of-magnitude worse thanStar Trek V. 再说 星战迷航第一部差第五部 不止一个数量级

[04:24.51]Are you joking? 你开什么玩笑

[04:25.62]Star Trek Vis the standard against which all badness is measured. 星际迷航5简直就是 "没有最烂只有更烂"的最好诠释

[04:28.94]No,no. 不对 不对

[04:30.85]Star Trek V has specific failures in writing and direction, 星际迷航5只是剧本失败 导演很烂

[04:33.75]whileStar Trek Ifails across the board: art direction,costuming, music,sound editing. 但星际迷航1 所有部分都很烂 艺术执导 服装 配乐 音效剪辑

[04:38.84]Can we just forget I said Defcon and go? 表再纠结战备状态了 赶快走吧

[04:43.31]Star Trek V. 星际迷航5

[04:47.58]All right,will you at least stipulate thatStar Trek IV: The Voyage Homeis inarguably the best? 至少你得承认 "星际迷航4:重回地球" 是最好看的 这毫无争议

[04:52.81]I have three words for you: Wrath of Khan. 送你五个字 凯恩的愤怒 (星际迷航2)


[04:57.07]- Oh,thank God, you're here. - What's the emergency? - 感谢上帝 你们可来了 - 什么事这么急

[04:59.15]I got the Mars Rover stuck in a ditch. 我把火星探测器卡在一条裂沟里了

[05:02.53]Where? 在哪里?

[05:03.58]On a dusty highway just outside Bakersfield. Bekersfield郊外 一条脏兮兮的高速公路上

[05:05.97]Where do you think? On Mars! 还能在哪儿啊?! 火星呗!

[05:08.99]Howard, is everything okay? Howard 没事吧?

[05:10.51]Yeah,baby,I'll be right in. 当然 宝贝 我就来

[05:14.43]You brought a girl to the Mars Rover control room? 你还把姑娘带进了火星探测器控制室?

[05:17.06]Yeah,I picked her up in the bar. She's a doctor. 是啊 我在酒吧搭上她的 她是个医生

[05:19.67]One free barium enema, and my mother won't care she's not Jewish. 送一次免费的钡餐灌肠 我妈肯定再不介意她不是犹太人了

[05:24.62]Wait a minute. So the eye patch and the insults worked? 等一下 这么说眼罩和反向恭维奏效了

[05:27.63]No,there were three other guys with eye patches. 没有 那里还有三个带眼罩的

[05:30.08]It was a fiasco. 简直一败涂地

[05:32.89]What did work was, "How'd you like to visit a secret government facility?" 奏效的是这招: "你想不想参观一处秘密政府设施?"

[05:36.96]So what exactly do you want us to do? 那你到底要我们做些什么?

[05:38.73]I need you and Raj to help me get the Rover out of the ditch 我要你和Raj 帮我把火星探测器从沟里拖出来

[05:40.89]and I need you to get Stephanie out before somebody notices she's here. 你呢 在别人发现之前 把Stephanie从这带走

[05:43.42]She doesn't exactly have clearance. 她进来都没开证明

[05:44.89]Really? They don't let strange women from honky-tonks 真的吗? 这儿不许泡廉价酒馆的女人进来

[05:47.41]come in and play with $200 million government projects on distant planets? 拿遥远星球上价值2亿的政府装备 当玩具玩?

[05:51.60]Yes,I was bad. 好吧 我错了

[05:52.93]Maybe she'll spank me. 也许她会给我一巴掌

[05:54.20]Can we please move on? 开始行动了好吧?

[05:57.44]Hey,Howard,you know, it's getting late, so do I get to drive this thing or what? 嗨 Howard 时间不早了 我能开始操纵这玩意儿了吗?

[06:01.45]Yeah. No. I'm sorry, but something's come up. 不好意思 出了点状况

[06:03.73]Kind of a Mars Rover... 火星探测器...

[06:06.04]Mars Rover can Howard come over... 只有Howard才能解决的 火星探测器...

[06:11.79]situation. 的状况

[06:14.88]So my friend Leonard is gonna take you home. 所以我的朋友Leonard会送你回家

[06:17.79]- Oh,okay. Let's go, friend Leonard. - Okay. - 哦 好吧 咱们走 Leonard朋友 - 好吧

[06:21.50]- I'll call ya. - Yeah. - 我会给你打电话的 - 好的

[06:22.57]So are you a scientist like Howard? 这么说 你和Howard一样是个科学家?

[06:24.72]No one's a scientist like Howard. 没有哪个科学家和Howard一样

[06:28.52]My mother is so gonna love her. 我老妈肯定会爱死她的

[06:31.07]How nice. Maybe they can carpool when they visit you in federal prison. 真甜蜜阿 也许她们会一起拼车来联邦监狱探视你

[06:41.73]I'm sorry. I totally interrupted you. 对不起 我打断你了

[06:44.36]What,what, what were you saying? 你刚才说...说些什么?

[06:45.66]Just said Howard's a terrific guy. 我就是说 Howard是个棒小伙

[06:49.67]He's got a great sense of humor. 他很有幽默感的

[06:52.47]He loves his mother... a lot. 也爱他老妈... 爱极了

[06:55.43]People say "too much." 大家都觉得"太过了"

[06:58.00]I really like that you're such a loyal friend. 我就喜欢你这种仗义朋友型的

[07:00.08]Yeah,I am loyal. 对 我很仗义的

[07:02.53]You know,if you look at the big picture. 当然要整体来看

[07:08.05]Out of curiosity, did he ever have a shot with you? 我就好奇问一句 你对他有过感觉吗?

[07:12.84]Are you insane? The guy was wearing an eye patch. 不是吧? 那家伙戴着独眼罩的诶

[07:16.81]Then why did you... 那为什么你...

[07:17.67]He said that I could drive a car on Mars. 他说我可以在火星上开车玩

[07:22.03]Got it. 了解了

[07:25.09]So,can I see you again? 我们会再见面吗?

[07:27.56]You're not gonna see me now. 现在你肯定看不见我咯

[07:32.58]Cool. 爽哟

[07:40.02]Anything? 有反应了吗?

[07:41.79]Actually,I was just checking my e-mail. 其实 我是在查我的电邮

[07:45.08]But,uh,no,the Rover is not responding. 但 探测器还是没反应

[07:48.18]I believe the appropriate metaphor here involves a river of excrement 此刻最恰当的比喻应该包括 一条臭水沟

[07:51.83]and a Native American water vessel without any means of propulsion. 还有一艘没有推动器的土著船

[07:56.04]Hang on. There's got to be other options. 等等 总归有别的办法吧

[07:58.46]You could try calling Triple-A. 也可以试试给独立宇航员联盟打电话

[08:01.36]But based on NASA's latest timetable, they won't get there for 35 years. 不过根据航空航天局最新时间表 他们35年后才能到那儿

[08:06.11]Plus I understand you have to be standing next to the vehicle with your card when they arrive. 而且就算到了 你也得排号

[08:11.45]Oh,snap. 牛叉叉的 (snap有"折断一意")

[08:13.44]Snap what? 什么断了?

[08:15.90]Okay,I guess we have to turn to Plan B. 好吧 那我们得改B计划了

[08:17.77]What's Plan B? B计划是啥?

[08:18.55]Erase all the hard drives, scrap the surveillance tapes, 洗白硬盘 销毁监视录像带

[08:20.58]wipe our fingerprints off every surface and run. 擦干净我们的指纹 开溜

[08:23.52]Why wasn't that Plan A? 这咋不是A计划呢?

[08:28.09]A NASA spokesman states that due to the loss of data, 航空航天局发言人称 由于数据丢失

[08:31.02]they will most likely be unable to determine the cause of the Mars Rover's malfunction. 很难确定火星探测器的故障原因

[08:35.99]This is not the first time an exploratory mission to Mars has ended in disappointment. 这已不是火星探险计划第一次 如此失望而终了

[08:39.22]Thank God for Plan B. 还好我们有B计划

[08:43.04]Howard,didn't you say you worked on the Mars Rover? Howard 你不是说过 你在做火星探测器的工作吗?

[08:45.36]No,you're mistaken. 没 你记错了

[08:48.16]Yeah,when we first met, you said that if I went out with you, I could drive a car on Mars. 没 我们第一次见面 你就说 如果和你约会 我就可以在火星上开车玩

[08:54.88]I don't know what you're talking about. 搞不懂你在说什么

[09:01.10]Will you all excuse me? 抱歉离开下

[09:02.25]Leonard is subtly signaling that he'd like to talk to me in private. Leonard微妙的暗示了 他想和我单独谈谈

[09:07.51]No. Yeah,I remember specifically. 不 我很清楚地记得

[09:09.71]You started by asking if I was from Mars because my ass was out of this world. 你一张嘴就问我 是否来自火星 因为我的翘臀地球罕见

[09:17.36]Well,that does sound like me, but no. 很有我风格 但不是我啦

[09:20.94]- Is there some problem? - Yeah. - 出什么状况了吗? - 是的

[09:23.25]Listen,I have to kinda sneak out for a while. 我得溜出去一会儿

[09:26.77]All right,good-bye. 好的 拜拜

[09:28.08]No,wait! 不 等下!

[09:29.88]If anyone asks you where I went, you don't know. 要是有人问我去哪儿了 你就说不知道

[09:32.76]Whereareyou going? 你要去哪儿?

[09:34.19]I can't tell you that. 不能告诉你

[09:36.36]Who would ask me? 谁会问我呢?

[09:39.16]I can't tell you that,either. 也不能告诉你这个

[09:42.19]So you brought me in here to inform me that you can't tell me 你带我进来就是要告诉我 你不能告诉我

[09:44.46]where you're going and you can't tell me who might ask? 你要去哪儿 也不能告诉我谁会问起?

[09:49.52]Yeah,I really didn't think this through. 对呀 是我欠考虑

[09:54.06]- Leonard,a moment. - What? - Leonard 先别走 - 啥?

[09:56.19]If someone-- and of course,we don't know who this would be-- 要是有人... 当然不知到底是谁了...

[09:58.81]does ask where you've gone, what should I say? 问起你去哪儿 我该说什么呢?

[10:01.53]I don't know. Just tell 'em I went to the office. 不知道 就说我去办公室了

[10:03.89]- Are you going to the office? - No. - 你是去办公室吗? - 不是

[10:05.87]Then how can I say it convincingly? 那我怎么能说得自然啊?!

[10:08.00]Just say,"Leonard went totheoffice." 就说"Leonard 去了办公室"

[10:10.23]All right. Leonard went tothe office. 好吧 Leonard去了办公室

[10:18.83]What is... No,not like that! 这是... 不 不是那样的!

[10:21.11]Just,"Leonard went to the office." 就说 "Leonard到办公室去了"

[10:22.57]This would have worked out a lot better if you'd just told me you were going to the office. 如果你直接说你要去办公室 就好办多了嘛

[10:26.79]I'm going to the office. 我去办公室

[10:28.70]See? Why don't I believe you? 看嘛? 凭啥我不信你呢?

[10:35.98]I'm going out for a while. 出去一会儿

[10:37.46]Okay. 好

[10:48.39]Doesn't anyone want to know where he's going? 没人想知道他去哪儿吗?

[10:53.07]Okay,where is he going? 他去哪儿了?

[10:54.61]Leonard is going tothe office. Leonard去办公室了

[11:11.27]So how was work today? 今天工作如何?

[11:12.84]Busy. 忙死了

[11:13.88]I removed an appendix, a gall bladder and about a foot and a half of bowel. 割了一个阑尾 一个胆囊 还有一段一尺半的肠子

[11:19.33]I'm hoping that's three different guys. 不会是一个人的吧

[11:23.13]No,just the one. 不 就是一个人

[11:26.36]He didn't make it. 他没挺过来

[11:29.40]So,how was your day? 你今天过得怎样呢?

[11:31.09]Oh,you know,I'm a physicist,so... I thought about stuff. 你知道 我是个物理学家... 我就思考思考

[11:37.19]That's it? 就这些?

[11:38.59]Well,I wrote some of it down. 我把一些想法写下来了

[11:42.16]Are you done eating? 吃完了吗?

[11:43.08]- Uh,yeah. - Oh,good. - 完了 - 那好

[11:48.95]If I knew you were waiting, I would've swallowed that lasagna whole. 早知道你等着我 我就把面条一口吞了

[11:55.20]You've reached Dr. Stephanie Barnett. Leave a message. 这是Stephanie Barnett医生家 请留言

[11:59.13]Hey,Steph, it's me again,Howard. 嘿Steph 还是我 Howard

[12:01.35]Listen,if you're free Friday, maybe we could have a little something to eat at my place. 如果你周五有空 可以到我那儿吃点东西

[12:05.09]My mom cooks a hell of a brisket. 我妈做胸肉可有一手

[12:09.14]Let me know. It's Howard. 想好了告诉我哇 我是Howard

[12:13.99]I've had her brisket. Melts in your mouth. 我吃过她做的胸肉 入口即化

[12:21.07]Maybe we should think about going to the bedroom. 不如我们去卧室吧

[12:24.45]That's a good idea. 好主意

[12:25.47]There's a bed in there, and I'm very... very,very pro-bed. 里面有床 我可是...可是很喜欢床的

[12:31.63]You've reached Dr. Stephanie Barnett. Leave a message. 这是Stephanie Barnett医生家 请留言

[12:35.72]Hey,it's me again. 还是我

[12:38.42]Just want to let you know the head count for dinner Friday has gone up. 想告诉你 下周五的晚餐人数又增加了

[12:43.07]My Aunt Betty and Uncle Elliot are coming in from Palm Springs. 我的Betty婶 Elliot叔要从棕榈泉市过来

[12:46.89]Oh,and if anybody should ask, you're half-Jewish on your mother's side. 要是被问到 你就说你妈那边是犹太人

[12:52.21]Okay,call me. It's Howard. 好了 回我电话哟 我是Howard

[12:57.54]Don't you think we should tell him you're not interested? 我们是不是该让他知道 你对他不感冒?

[13:00.86]Do you want me to stop and call him back right now? 你希望现在我停下来 回他电话?

[13:04.03]Dear God,no! 上帝呀! 千万表!

[13:09.06]Oh,Leonard... 哦 Leonard...

[13:13.51]You've reached Dr. Stephanie Barnett. Leave a message. 这是Stephanie Barnett医生家 请留言

[13:17.31]Hey,it's me again. Howard. 嘿 又是我啦 Howard

[13:21.75]Listen,my cousins from Fort Lauderdale are flying in to meet you 我的表兄 要从罗德岱堡飞过来看看你

[13:25.32]so that means we're gonna have to move the dinner to a restaurant. 所以呢 我们得去餐馆吃晚饭了

[13:29.43]Tell her we're going to the Olive Garden! 跟她说 我们去橄榄园吃! (意式休闲餐厅连锁)

[13:33.79]I have a coupon from the paper. 我从报纸上剪了张优惠券!

[13:37.35]We're not going to the Olive Garden,Mom! 我们不去橄榄园 老妈!

[13:41.70]Oh,Mr. Bigshot with his Red Lobster. 大人物和他的红龙虾哟

[13:47.09]I'll call you back when we firm up the details. 确认了细节以后我再打给你

[13:51.08]It's Howard. 我是Howard哟

[13:59.89]- New shirts? - Yeah,a couple. - 新衬衣吗? - 对 刚买几件

[14:01.53]- Nice. - Thank you. - 不错嘛 - 谢谢

[14:03.03]So,who's the girl? 那妞儿是谁?

[14:06.81]I'm sorry? 你说什么?

[14:07.69]Well,last time you bought a new shirt was when we were dating. 上回你买新衬衫 就是咱俩约会的时候

[14:10.64]So what we did was in fact dating? 这么说 咱俩那真算约会了?

[14:15.36]Well,yeah,we did have a date. 是啊 我们是约了一次

[14:17.61]Exactly. Thank you. 正是 谢谢

[14:20.58]Do me a favor. Tell Koothrappali that next time you see him. 帮我个忙吧 下回看到Koothrappali 告诉他(咱俩约过一回)

[14:24.90]So,who is she? 我说 她是谁哦?

[14:26.93]Oh,she's a doctor. 哦 是个医生

[14:28.75]Oh,nice. 哟 不错嘛

[14:30.08]A doctor doctor, or a you kind of doctor? 是正牌医生呢 还是你这样的博士?

[14:33.82]Doctor doctor. Surgical resident. Smart,pretty. 人家就是医生 外科住院医生 又聪明 又漂亮

[14:40.48]Let me ask you something. 我来问问你

[14:43.40]If your friend thinks he's dating someone, but he's not because,in fact, 如果你的朋友觉得 自己在和一妞儿约会 可其实不是

[14:47.53]you're dating her, does that make you a bad person? 因为你在和她约会 你这样是不是不厚道啊?

[14:50.65]- Well,that depends. - On what? - 这也得看情况 - 看啥情况?

[14:52.79]Is that friend Wolowitz? 那朋友是不是Wolowitz?

[14:56.76]- Yeah. - Screw him. You're fine. - 对 - 去死吧他 你没做错

[15:01.49]Are you sure? 真的吗?

[15:02.94]Well,have you slept with her yet? 跟她上床了没有?

[15:06.80]You dog! 小子你行啊!

[15:10.29]Good for you. 挺好的

[15:12.16]- Does that change things? - No. - 上床了有啥不一样咩? - 没有

[15:15.70]So why'd you ask? 那你干嘛要问?

[15:16.93]I'm nosy. See ya. 我八卦呗 回见

[15:24.68]Howard,get the door! Howard 快开门!

[15:28.78]Really? Is that what you dohen someone knocks? 真的? 有人敲门你就这德行吗?

[15:31.28]Thank you. I had no idea! 多谢你啊! 我总算知道了!

[15:36.36]Hey,buddy. What brings you to my little slice of hell? 嘿 兄弟 什么风把你吹到 我的地狱小屋来了?

[15:40.75]Who is it? 是谁啊?

[15:42.51]It's Leonard! 是Leonard!

[15:43.86]You're gonna have to play outside! 要玩别进屋玩啊!

[15:46.58]I'm not dressed to receive! 我衣冠不整没法见人!

[15:50.29]No one cares,Ma! So,what's up? 没人要见你 老妈! 怎么了?

[15:54.97]Listen,I need to talk to you about something. 有件事我得跟你谈谈

[16:00.60]Momentito. Yello. 等一下下噻 里好~

[16:03.79]Oh,Stephanie, thanks for calling me back. I was worried... 喔 Stephanie 谢谢你回我电话 我正担心...

[16:19.77]No,I understand. Sure,we can be friends. Absolutely. 没事 我理解啦 我们还是朋友 当然啦

[16:23.38]Thanks for calling. 谢谢你打电话来

[16:25.23]Yeah,you have a nice day,too. 嗯 也祝你今天愉快

[16:29.26]You are dead to me. 你死定了

[16:36.80]Okay,who gets the extra dumpling? 多余的这份饺子谁吃?

[16:44.05]Rock-paper-scissors- lizard-Spock. 石头-剪子-布-蜥蜴-史波克

[16:49.44]Okay,one of us is going to have to stop putting up Spock. 我说 得有一个人 不能再出史波克了啊

[16:52.74]******* 怎么决定是谁呢

[16:54.87]Rock-paper-scissors- lizard-Spock. 石头-剪子-布-蜥蜴-史波克

[16:59.81]- Oh,hey,guys. - Hello. - 大家好 - 好啊

[17:03.26]Hi,Howard. 嗨 Howard

[17:07.38]- Howard? - Sheldon. - Howard? - Sheldon

[17:10.15]Howard is employing a schoolyard paradigm in which you are, Howard决定使用操场模型 在这个模型里

[17:13.22]for all intents and purposes,deceased. 无论从哪一点看 你都是死的

[17:16.92]He intends to act on this by not speaking to you, 他希望恪守这一规范 所以不和你说话

[17:19.79]feigning an inability to hear you when you speak 你说话的时候 也假装听不见

[17:22.36]and otherwise refusing to acknowledge your existence. 不然就拒绝承认你的存在

[17:26.04]That's just ridiculous. 这也太可笑了

[17:27.15]Why are you cooperating with him? 你怎么成他同伙了?

[17:28.87]I don't make the rules, Leonard. 规矩不是我定的 Leonard

[17:32.79]Howard,come on. I didn't plan on this. These things just happen. Howard 得了吧 我又不是故意的 事情就是发生了嘛

[17:36.80]Usually not to me, but they do happen. 一般呢 我撞不上 不过这种事情还是会有

[17:40.84]Did someone just feel a cold breeze? 你们有没有感到一阵阴风?

[17:44.35]I believe this is an extension of the death metaphor. 这也算是"死亡隐喻"的延伸含义吧

[17:47.63]The cold breeze is the so-called ectoplasmic issue of a disembodied soul passing by. 阴风就是灵魂的躯壳飘过的结果 所谓的空灵物

[17:53.66]You know,screw it. I'm just gonna eat the dumpling. 表废话 饺子你们不吃我吃了

[18:01.11]Oh,hi,Steph. Come on in. 嗨 Steph 快进来

[18:03.20]Is this a bad time? 我来的不时候?

[18:04.35]Yeah,but I don't see a better one on the horizon,so... 对 不过眼下也瞅不见更好的时候

[18:08.31]Oh,if it isn't Mrs. Dead to Me. 哦 这不是"死定了"夫人嘛

[18:12.39]- Hello,Howard. - Sheldon? - 你好 Howard - Sheldon?

[18:14.50]I'm sorry,you violated the terms of your metaphor by acknowledging her existence. 对不起 你违背了自己的隐喻条款 承认了她的存在

[18:17.74]I'm out. 我不玩了

[18:20.81]He just won't listen to me. 他就是不听我说

[18:22.74]Okay,I guess it'll just be the three of us then. 好 那估计就我们三个玩了吧

[18:26.30]- Lisa's gonna be disappointed. - Yeah. - Lisa一定失望死了 - 没错

[18:28.65]Lisa? Lisa?

[18:30.67]Yeah,my roommate. She just went through a really bad breakup 对啊 我室友 刚分手 伤心得要死

[18:33.11]and I thought she might like to meet somebody fun like you. 我想 要是她碰上个有意思的人 比如你 肯定很开心

[18:37.39]Leonard,Stephanie, you're alive! It's a miracle! Leonard Stephanie 你们活过来了! 神啊 奇迹出现了!

[18:44.19]So,anyway,Lisa, I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the other night, Lisa 我就是告诉你 那天晚上我很开心

[18:48.51]and again, I'm sorry for how it ended. 再次抱歉啦 结局不怎么好

[18:53.16]But again,if you could let me know about Friday. 不过希望你尽快告诉我 周五是否可以来

[18:55.79]My mother needs a head count so she can know how big a brisket to get. 我妈急着数人头呢 好知道得做多大的胸肉

[19:00.04]Howard,Howard, look at this. Howard Howard 瞧瞧这个!

[19:01.83]- Anyway,call me.It's Howard. - The possibility of life on Mars has long fascinated scientists and laypersons alike. - 打给我哦 我是Howard - 长久以来 关于火星上有无生命的猜想


[19:06.69]It's unclear how the Mars Rover got into the crevice, but one thing's certain: 目前还不知道 火星探测器是怎么 进入了裂隙 但有一点可以肯定

[19:11.52]The data which it has sent back contain the first clear indications 它发回的数据中 第一次清楚显示

[19:15.34]that there may have been life on Mars. 火星上曾可能有过生命迹象

[19:19.82]It's a scientific discovery that has staggering implications for all mankind. 这一科学发现 对全人类来说 都是惊人的成就

[19:24.65]Unfortunately,we'll never know who's responsible. 可惜的是 再也无法得知 这一切的始作俑者究竟是谁

[19:33.27]Son of a bitch. 他奶奶的

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