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生活大爆炸第二季09.The White Asparagus Triangulation: Sheldon想促进Leonard和医生的关系事件






[00:00.56]Penny,hello. Penny 你好

[00:02.66]Hey,Sheldon. 好呀 Sheldon

[00:04.35]What is shaking? 有啥新鲜事不?

[00:08.60]I'm sorry? 你说什么呢?

[00:09.81]It's colloquial,a conversation opener. 一个口语化的开场白

[00:13.63]So,do you find the weather satisfying? 天气很怡人 对吧?

[00:16.23]Are you currently sharing in the triumph some local sports team? 为最近本地球队的胜绩兴奋吧?

[00:20.77]What's wrong with you? You're freaking me out. 你到底咋了? 这样怪吓人的

[00:23.62]I'm striking up a casual conversation with you. 我在跟你闲聊哇

[00:26.98]S'up? 咋样?

[00:33.35]Please don't do that. 你行行好 别

[00:35.52]All right,but I'm given to understand that when you have something awkward to discuss with someone, 好吧 但我以为当你准备与某人 交谈尴尬之事前

[00:39.26]it's more palatable to preface it with banal chit chat. 先用闲聊做些铺垫会自在一些

[00:43.89]So,this wasn't the awkward part? 尴尬的部分还没到?

[00:48.54]No. 没啊

[00:52.19]Oh,all right. S'up? 好吧 啥~事啊?

[00:57.64]Oh,good,I used that right. 很好 看来我这句用对了

[01:00.40]Anyway,you're aware that Leonard has entered into a new romantic relationship 总之呢 你知道Leonard开始一段新恋情了

[01:04.80]which includes a sexual component? 牵扯到性关系那种

[01:10.01]Okay,feeling the awkward now. 我现在可感到尴尬了

[01:13.81]Her name is Dr. Stephanie Barnett and she is a highly distinguished surgical resident at Freemont Memorial. 那女的叫Stephanie Barnett 弗里蒙特医院的有名外科住院医生

[01:19.19]Yeah,Leonard told me. 知道 Leonard给我说过的

[01:20.24]Good. What he may have left out is how important this relationship is to me. 那就好 有个事他可能忘说了 就是这段关系对我至关重要

[01:26.94]To you? 对你重要?

[01:27.68]Yes,see,of the handful of women Leonard's been involved with, 在Leonard交往过的 为数不多的女人中

[01:31.08]she's the only one I have ever found tolerable. 她是唯一一个我可以忍受的

[01:38.88]Well,what about me? 那我呢?

[01:41.37]The statement stands for itself. 事实如此 由不得我

[01:45.84]Well,aren't you sweet? 难为你了

[01:47.16]Anyway,should you have any interaction with her, 你是不是该和她交流下的?

[01:49.64]it would be most helpful that she not see you as a sexual rival. 免得她把你当竞争对手

[01:55.59]Yeah,I think she's pretty safe. 我觉得她可安全的很咯

[01:58.10]You say that now,but consider the following scenario: 你现在是这样说 但设想下哈

[02:01.12]You're sitting in your apartment,it's late,you're alone. 可当你夜深独居闺房 孤枕难眠

[02:04.23]Your hypothalamus is swimming in a soup of estrogen and progesterone 雌激素和孕酮刺激你的下丘脑 使你饥渴难耐

[02:08.58]and suddenly even Leonard seems like a viable sexual candidate. 就连Leonard也突然成为 适合的交配对象了

[02:15.18]Or a,uh,"hookup" as it's referred to by today's urban youth. 或者说"吊男人" 当今大都市 青年人口头常念叨的

[02:19.46]- Really? - Yes. - 是咩? - 是的

[02:20.98]Now,should that happen,I would ask you to find some way to suppress your libido. 以防万一 我希望你找些 压抑性冲动的法子

[02:28.81]I could think about you. 那我想想你就解决了

[02:33.73]Fine,whatever works. 可以 只要奏效我无所谓

[02:37.40]Always nice talking to you,Sheldon. 和你聊天总是很"愉快" Sheldon

[02:39.81]Uh,peace out! 瘪瘪!

[03:17.15]Well,this is very pleasant. 这真是太惬意了

[03:20.79]Glad you're enjoying yourself. 很高兴你开心

[03:23.03]And you said there'd never be enough pasta for the three of us. 你还说意面肯定不够三人吃咧

[03:26.77]I stand corrected. 我认错

[03:28.53]You know,Italian housewives have a rule of thumb. 要知道 意大利主妇们有套经验

[03:31.22]A ndful of dry pasta about an inch in diameter 一把直径大约一英寸的干意面

[03:34.09]is sufficient for each person as it doubles in volume when cooked. 煮熟后量会翻倍 足够每个人吃了

[03:39.39]- That's very interesting. - Thank you. - 真是有趣 - 谢

[03:41.20]She doesn't mean it. She's just being nice. 她不是那意思 只是客套话

[03:46.34]Well,Stephanie,since Leonard seems to be dropping the conversational ball, Stephanie 既然Leonard不要聊天

[03:49.84]I guess I'll just have to pick it up. 让我找点话题接过来吧

[03:59.76]Have you ever witnessed a violent crime? 你目击过暴力犯罪吗?

[04:05.17]- No. - Good. - 没 - 那就好

[04:06.87]What's your favorite fruit? 你最喜欢什么水果?

[04:10.01]Uh,strawberries. 草莓吧

[04:11.16]Hmm,technically not a fruit,but all right. 准确的讲不算水果 但还好

[04:15.47]Where did you do your medical internship? 你在哪个医院做实习医生的?

[04:17.78]Uh,Lawrence Memorial in Galveston,Texas. 德州加尔维斯顿的劳伦斯医院

[04:19.91]Really? That's where I was born! 真的? 那可是我的出生地!

[04:24.75]You're kidding! 不是开玩笑吧!

[04:26.12]I spent so much of my childhood at that hospital. 我童年不少时间在那医院度过的

[04:28.61]When I was 12,I got to re there in a helicopter. 我12那年 被直升飞机送去的

[04:32.95]Why,w-w-what happened? 为什么 发生了什么?

[04:34.20]Radiation burns. 放射线烧伤

[04:36.26]A little mishap while I was building my own CAT scanner. 自制分层造影(CAT)扫描机时 发生了点小事故

[04:39.97]I'm sorry,you tried to build your own CAT scanner? 不是吧 你想自制CAT扫描仪?

[04:42.84]No,I didn't try,I succeeded. 不 不是想 我做出来了

[04:45.25]In fact,I was briefly able to see the inside of my sister's guinea pig,Snowball, 我基本看到我姐的豚鼠-雪球球的内部咯

[04:48.57]before he caught fire. 然后它就着火了

[04:51.69]It led to an interesting expression in our house: 于是就有了我家那句玩笑话

[04:53.62]Not a Snowball's chance in a CAT scanner. 雪球别想在扫描仪里活命 (CAT=猫 雪球=豚鼠)

[04:58.45]Uh,Sheldon? 嗯 Sheldon?

[05:01.05]Excuse me. 抱歉离开下

[05:03.23]When I come back,just for fun,the subject will be alternative history. 等我回来 为了有趣些 话题将是:历史的分叉点

[05:06.57]Specifically,how would the Civil War have gone differently 尤其是 如果林肯是未来送来的机器人

[05:09.43]if Lincoln had been a robot sent from the future? 内战会有如何不同的发展呢?

[05:17.41]Look at that,there's even pasta left over. 看嘛 还有没吃完的意面

[05:20.94]Do you understand that this was supposed to be a date? 你知道这本应是次约会吗?

[05:23.78]I do. Do you? 我知道哦 你知道吗?

[05:25.44]Because frankly,you've been in a foul mood since I sat down. 老实讲 因为自我坐下 你的心情就一直很恶劣

[05:32.15]Okay,here's my question. 好嘛 那我问你

[05:34.31]Why did you sit down? 你为啥要坐下来?

[05:37.21]To help. 帮忙呀

[05:38.15]Look,if you fail at this relationship,and history suggests you will, 如果你这次搞砸 历史证明你会哟

[05:43.86]then we risk losing the medical officer that our landing party has always needed. 那我们有可能失去登陆先头部队 一直需要的医疗官哦

[05:51.02]What landing party? 什么登陆先头部队? (星际旅行每次都会先遣队登陆探险)

[05:54.31]You're Kirk,I'm Spock,Wolowitz is Scotty,Koothrappali is the guy who always gets killed... 你是Kirk 我是Spock Wolowitz是Scotty Koothrappali是那个老被干掉的角色...

[06:01.63]and now we've got McCoy. 现在我们可算找到McCoy了 (McCoy星际中的医疗官)

[06:11.68]So,we're all standing around looking at the post-op X ray and there it is, 我们都围着看手术后的x光片

[06:15.81]clear as day,right in the guy's chest cavity... 十分显眼 就在那家伙的胸腔里

[06:18.52]one of my earrings. 我的一只耳环

[06:21.44]Oh,my God,what did you do? 我的天 你都做了些什么啊?

[06:24.58]What do you think I did? 我还能做什么?

[06:25.91]I discreetly slipped off the other earring,put it in my pocket and then got the hell out of there! 我小心地取下另外一只 放进口袋 然后溜了出来!

[06:32.16]I have a bone to pick with you,sir. 先生 我可得和你评评理

[06:36.24]- Hi,Sheldon. - Hi,Stephanie. - 你好 Sheldon - 你好 Stephanie

[06:37.88]I'm sorry I'm late,but your companion left the most indecipherable invitation. 抱歉 迟来了 你的同伴留下了 最难破译的邀请函

[06:42.91]What invitation? 什么邀请?

[06:45.96]We're going to the movies. 我们看电影去了

[06:48.07]What movie? What theater? What time? 啥电影 啥影院 啥时候

[06:52.58]If you were trying to make it impossible to locate you,you couldn't have done a better job. 如果你想让别人找不到你 你应该做的更绝一点

[06:56.52]Oh,clearly I could have. 哦 很明显我是该这么做

[07:00.26]It took me nearly 20 minutes to go through the browser history on your computer to see 我用了将近20分钟 查看你电脑里的历史记录

[07:03.20]what movie times you looked up. 查找你都搜索过什么电影

[07:06.55]Wait here,I'll find us seats. 呆在这 我去找找咱们的座位

[07:08.04]Uh,no,we have seats. 不用阿 我们有座位了

[07:09.32]Not the right seats. 不是"正确"的座位

[07:22.06]What is he doing? 他在搞什么飞机

[07:23.25]He's finding the acoustic sweet spot. 他要找一个"余音绕梁"的地儿

[07:30.28]Does he always do this? 他经常这么干吗

[07:32.07]Sometimes he brings a toy xylophone. 有时他还会自带玩具木琴

[07:41.72]I am really sorry about this. 我对这一切很抱歉

[07:44.00]No,it's fine. You know,he's sweet. 不 我没事 你知道的 他人很好

[07:54.26]My apologies,you've been sitting in it all along. 怪我 不就是你们一直坐的地儿嘛

[07:57.58]Leonard,you want to slide over one? Leonard 你能往那边移一个位置吗

[07:59.11]No,just sit here. 不行 你好好坐这就得了

[08:16.80]Oh,yeah,this is it. 乖乖 就是这儿了

[08:21.47]Leonard. Leonard? Leonard? Leonard

[08:25.43]What,Sheldon? What,Sheldon? What,Sheldon? 干嘛 Sheldon

[08:29.69]Tell me what you see here. 告诉我你看到了什么

[08:31.35]The blunt instrument that will be the focus of my murder trial? 这笨重的电脑将会是我谋杀你的凶器?

[08:35.37]This is Stephanie's Facebook page. 这是Stephanie的Facebook

[08:37.45]Now,where it should say "in a relationship," what does it say? 本该填"恋爱中"的地方 看她写了啥

[08:40.70]Stephanie Barnett is single. Stephanie Barnett 单身

[08:42.32]Yeah,furthermore,earlier this evening,she threw a digital sheep at some guy named Mike. 没错 还有呢 今晚早些时候 她送了一叫Mike的一只电子宠物羊

[08:49.81]Who's Mike? Why does he get a digital sheep and not you? Mike是哪根葱 为什么他得到 一只宠物羊而你没有

[08:53.93]It's just her Facebook page and we've only been going out a couple of weeks. 这只不过是她的Facebook 拜托 我们才拍拖了几个星期

[08:57.99]You don't see it,do you? We're losing her. 你眼瞎了吗 我们要失去她了

[09:03.57]Okay,I'm going to make this very simple for you. 这样子 我和你直说了吧

[09:06.46]You are not in this relationship. 你和她没有什么关系

[09:10.75]I am. 我才有

[09:12.93]Ergo,you have no say in anything that happens between me and Stephanie. 所以说 我和Stephanie的事 都轮不到你来插嘴

[09:21.49]I'm afraid I can't allow that. 很抱歉 恐怕我不能放任不管

[09:24.52]Pursuant to Starfleet General Order 104,Section A: 根据星际舰队总则104条A款

[09:26.85]You are deemed unfit and I hereby relieve you of your command. 你已经被视为渎职 我因此解除你的职务

[09:33.60]General Order 104,Section A does not apply in this situation. 星际舰队总则104条A款 不适用于这个状况

[09:36.92]Give me one good reason why not. 给我一个信服的理由 为什么不行

[09:38.42]Because this is not Star Trek! 因为这不是星际迷航

[09:46.90]Penny? Penny? Penny? Penny Penny Penny

[09:51.51]What? 什么事

[09:53.00]This is banana bread. 这是香蕉面包

[09:56.96]This is a door knob. 这是门把手

[10:00.84]It's my understanding that an unsolicited gift of food can be a precursor 我认为主动送来食物就意味着

[10:04.75]to an impromptu invitation to come in and chat. 即刻邀请对方进门并聊天

[10:10.60]Sheldon,would youlike to come in? Sheldon 你想进来坐坐吗

[10:12.59]I suppose I could spare a few minutes. 我想我应该可以小待一会

[10:19.14]Were you robbed? 你被抄家了吗

[10:23.03]No. 没有

[10:24.77]How can you be sure? 你怎么能这么肯定

[10:27.23]Sheldon,what do you want? Sheldon 你到底要干嘛

[10:28.80]I'm certain this will come as no surprise to you, 我肯定你已经见怪不怪了

[10:31.01]but Leonard is failing in yet another relationship. Leonard的恋情又一次玩完了

[10:34.45]He's having problems with Stephanie? 他和Stephanie要吹了吗

[10:35.93]She's sending virtual livestock to random men on the Internet. 她送了一个电子宠物给了网上的陌生男子

[10:40.35]If Iave any hope of keeping them together,I need data. 想要他们俩破镜重圆的话 我需要统计数据

[10:42.96]Specifically,I need to know exactly what Leonard did 具体来说呢 我想知道Leonard做了些什么

[10:46.12]that caused you to pop an emotional cap in his buttocks. 能让你对他的小朋友敞开大门

[10:51.75]- What? - Again,urban slang. - 什么 - 再说一次 俚语

[10:54.12]In which,I believe I'm gaining remarkable fluency. 我觉得我已经说的很溜了

[10:58.28]So,what is the "down" and the "low"? "低潮"啊啥的是什么?

[11:00.68]And don't worry,this is all entirely confidential, 别担心 这完全保密

[11:03.05]so,you feel free to include any and all shortcomings in the bedroom. 卧室里的任何"不愉快" 你都可以和我敞开心扉

[11:07.67]We never got to the bedroom. 我们没有到那一步

[11:10.08]Because? 原因是

[11:13.80]Oh,okay,all right,you know what? 好的 这样子 你知道吗

[11:16.58]I'll tell you what happened. 我告诉你发生了什么

[11:19.50]We were young,we were very much in love, 我们两小无猜 坠入爱河不能自拔

[11:22.56]but we could only communicate through a time-traveling mailbox at my lake house. 却只能守在湖边小屋 用一个穿越时空的信箱互相通信

[11:32.04]It's not enough that you made me watch that movie,but now you mock me with it? 你逼着我看了那电影还不够 现在还要戏弄我是吧

[11:39.31]Gentlemen,I have a question about dating and relationships. 先生们 我有一个拍拖方面的问题

[11:49.68]You told me you were going to have the talk with him. 你和我说过 你会和他好好谈谈的

[11:53.50]I've been waiting for someone to have the talk with me. 我一直在等别人跟我谈呢

[11:56.89]More to the point,it's about finding a way to keep Leonard and Stephanie together. 总的来说 就是要想办法 让Leonard和Stephanie在一起

[12:00.96]Oh,I don't think you can. 我觉得你办不到

[12:02.23]Well,why not? 为什么

[12:03.24]Look at Leonard's record. 27 days with Joyce Kim. 看看Leonard的情史 和Joyce Kim共度了27天

[12:06.76]During which she defected to North Korea. 包括她去朝鲜的那段时间

[12:09.99]Two booty calls with Leslie Winkle. 和Leslie Winkle做了两次炮友

[12:12.55]For which she awarded him the nickname Speed of Light Leonard. 她还授予了他一个外号 闪电侠Leonard

[12:16.73]And the three hour dinner with Penny. 和Penny共进了三小时的晚餐

[12:18.78]Which would have been two and a half if they ordered the souffle when they sat down. 从他们坐下来 点了蛋奶酥算起 只有两个半小时

[12:23.19]Based on the geometric progression, 根据等比级数定律

[12:24.78]his relationship with Stephanie should have ended after 20 minutes. 他和Stephanie的关系本应在 见面后的20分钟后结束

[12:28.49]Yes,I'm aware of the math. 这个我会算

[12:29.78]Y equals 27 days over 12 to the nth. Y等于27天的12次方根

[12:32.29]The issue remains. 问题依旧

[12:35.06]How do we circumvent his inevitable rejection? 我们怎么避免他被甩这个怪圈呢

[12:37.88]Well,if you want to guarantee his appeal to Stephanie, 想要确保他一直和Stephanie在一起

[12:40.06]your best bet would be to kill all the other men on the planet. 大招就是宰了地球上的其他男人

[12:45.46]I'll tell you what you shouldn't do. 我来告诉你啥不该做

[12:46.43]Don't shpritz him with that body spray from the commercial where the women undress when they smell it. 不要往他身上喷广告里那种香水 女人一闻到立马脱衣服那个

[12:50.62]That doesn't work at all. 一点都不管用

[12:55.74]No matter how much you put on. 不管你往身上喷多少

[12:59.32]So,that's all you've got? Apocalyptic genocide and "go easy on the cologne"? 这就是你们给出的建议 种族灭决和少用古龙水

[13:05.46]- Yeah. - Yes. - 对头 - 没错

[13:09.76]Penny. Penny? Penny Penny

[13:12.58]What? 咋了

[13:18.94]Penny? Penny

[13:25.51]Zucchini bread. 青瓜面包

[13:28.00]Oh,thank you. 谢谢

[13:29.45]- May I come in? - No. - 我能进来吗 - 不行

[13:32.47]I see. Apparently,my earlier inquiry regarding you and Leonard crossed some sort of line. 我知道 之前我询问你和Leonard的 问题有点过头了

[13:38.04]I apologize. 我郑重道歉

[13:40.12]Well,thank you. 谢谢

[13:41.95]- So,have you and I returned to a social equilibrium? - Yes. - 那么 你和我回到社会平衡点上了? - 是的

[13:44.72]Great. New topic. 很好 新话题

[13:47.03]Where are you in your menstrual cycle? 你的经期是什么时候?

[13:53.05]What? 什么?

[13:54.02]I've been doing some research online,and apparently female primates, 我在网上做研究 很显然 雌性灵长类

[13:57.49]you know,uh,apes,chimpanzees,you. 呃 像猿类 黑猩猩 还有你

[14:01.63]They find their mate more desirable when he's being courted by another female. 当雄性配偶被其他雌性包围时 对他们的欲望会显著提高

[14:05.10]Now,this effect is intensified when the rival female 这种饥渴度会随着竞争雌性的

[14:07.87]is secreting the pheromones associated with ovulation. 排卵信息素的分泌而增加

[14:10.74]Which brings me back to my question.Where are you in your-- 跟着也就回到我的问题 你的经期是....

[14:16.59]Clearly,I'm 14 days too early. 看样子 她大姨妈还有14天才来

[14:21.80]All I'm saying is if they can cure yellow fever and malaria, 如果他们能治愈黄热病和疟疾

[14:25.18]why can't they do something about lactose intolerance? 咋就不想办法治治不耐乳糖症呢?

[14:30.32]Leonard,you're going to have to let this go. Leonard 别再折磨自己了

[14:32.25]You had a little cheese dip,you farted. 吃点乳酪就放屁

[14:34.21]I thought it was cute. 我觉得很可爱呀

[14:38.24]Oh,hi,Stephanie. 噢 嗨 Stephanie

[14:41.62]Want some more wine? 还要酒吗?

[14:42.70]Yeah,I mean,I assume I'm not driving anywhere tonight. 好的呀 我想今晚我不用开车了

[14:58.64]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?

[15:00.06]I have a craving for white asparagus that apparently is destined to go unsatisfied. 我很渴望吃白芦笋 看情形是没法满足了

[15:10.65]Excuse me. 失陪下

[15:14.42]What the hell is wrong with you? 你到底在干嘛?

[15:15.65]I'm helping you with Stephanie. 我在帮你和Stephanie

[15:17.06]By making constipated moose sounds? 就凭学便秘的麋鹿叫?

[15:20.78]When I fail to open this jar and you succeed,it will establish you as the "alpha" male. 我开不了这瓶罐头 而你能打开 就可以树立你的猛男形象

[15:25.05]You see...when a female witnesses an exhibition of physical domination, 是这样的... 当雄性在雌性面前展现肌肉

[15:28.93]she produces the hormone oxytocin. 雌性会释放荷尔蒙催产素

[15:31.03]If the two of you then engage in intercourse, 如果你俩之后进行性交

[15:32.78]this will create the biochemical reaction in the brain 大脑里会产生生化反应

[15:35.09]which lay people naively interpret as "falling in love." 普通人会天真地以为是"相爱了"

[15:43.43]Would it work if I just punched you in the face? 那揍你一拳能不能达到效果?

[15:47.57]Yes,actually it would,but let's see how the lid goes. 嗯 应该可以 但我们还是拧盖子吧

[15:51.36]I'm not strong enough,Leonard,you'll have to do it. 我不够强壮 Leonard 你得帮帮我

[15:55.60]Oh,for God's sakes. 噢 上帝呀

[15:57.13]Go ahead,it's pre-loosened. 来吧 这罐之前开封过的

[16:13.00]Do you want some help with that? 要不要帮忙?

[16:14.25]No,no,no,I got it. 不 不 不 我能搞定

[16:18.25]No,yeah,yeah,he's got it,and that's not surprising. 是的 是的 他能搞定 没啥意外的

[16:20.71]This is something I long ago came to peace with in my role as the beta male. 我早就安分于自己的小弟身份

[16:27.41]Open it. 快打开

[16:35.21]Oh,my God,are you okay? 噢 天哪 你还好吧?

[16:37.53]No,I'm not. I'm bleeding. 不 我不好 我在流血

[16:39.12]Like a gladiator! 如角斗士般淌着血!

[16:41.77]Oh,honey,you're going to need stitches. 噢 宝贝 你得缝针了

[16:43.61]Stitches? With a needle? 缝针? 用针来缝?

[16:46.18]Well,yeah,I mean,just a few. 嗯 是的 用不了几针

[16:48.04]Oh,okay,yeah,hang on a sec. 噢 好的 等一下下

[17:01.86]FYI,I was defrosting a steak in there. 那啥 我放了块牛肉在那里解冻

[17:08.68]What a beautiful job Stephanie did. Stephanie的活干得真漂亮

[17:12.11]I might have gone with a mattress suture instead of a blanket stitch, 虽然我更喜欢褥式缝合法 而不是毯边锁缝针法

[17:14.60]but you can' argue with her results. 但她的杰作无可挑剔

[17:16.99]It's a shame it won't scar. 不会结疤真是可惜了

[17:18.81]The war wound is a time-honored badge of masculinity. 战伤是男子气概的永恒标志

[17:24.19]I can't remember a time when you weren't talking. 我不记得你啥时候消停过

[17:28.66]Just for the record,my efforts to establish you as the alpha male 声明一下 我努力为你营造猛男形象

[17:31.79]were not aided by you bursting into tears. 却被你的嚎啕大哭给毁了

[17:33.99]I did not burst into tears,my eyes jusgot a little watery. 我才没哭呢 只是我眼睛湿润了一下

[17:37.57]Watery? 湿润?

[17:39.14]She stuck a needle into my hand! 她可是往我手上插针呀!!

[17:42.92]Hey,how's my big cry baby. 嘿 我的爱哭宝贝怎么样了

[17:46.78]I didn't cry. 我没有哭

[17:48.54]Okay,I'm just teasing you. But,yeah,you did. 好吧 算我在戏弄你 但是 你的确哭了

[17:53.41]Okay,it's all good. What do you say we get you home and put you to bed? 很好 伤口没问题 我们把你送回家 躺床上去怎么样?

[17:56.23]Oh,are you still going to spend the night? 噢 你还会留下过夜吗?

[17:58.51]Uh,no,I think that you probablyeed to rest. 呃 不了 我想你需要好好休息

[18:01.20]She's right. As long as you're vomiting,coitus is contra-indicated. 她说的对 只要你还在呕吐 性交不会爽到哪里去

[18:06.29]Thank you,Dr. Cooper. 谢谢你 Cooper医生

[18:08.43]You're welcome,Dr. Hofstadter. 不客气 Hofstadter博士

[18:14.19]Okay,I'm going to go get your discharge papers. 好吧 我去拿你的出院单

[18:19.97]What? 干嘛?

[18:20.97]Well,you seem like a perfectly pleasant person. 你看上去是个很亲切的人

[18:23.65]I can't understand why women have such a hard time loving you. 真不明白 要女人爱你咋就那么困难

[18:34.58]Hey,can you open this for me? 嘿 能帮我打开吗?

[18:37.09]- Can I see your stitches? - Sure. - 能看下你的缝线吗? - 当然

[18:45.00]Answering the question once and for all why Wolowitz bailed out of medical school. 解答了为何Wolowitz退出医学院的问题

[18:50.13]Leonard,congratulations. Leonard 恭喜你

[18:51.98]What for? 恭喜什么?

[18:52.74]Your Facebook status update. 你Facebook的状态更新了

[18:54.73]Leonard Hofstadter is "in a relationship." Leonard Hofstadter"恋爱中"

[18:58.04]What? No. No,that's not right. 什么? 不 不 不对啊

[19:00.65]Oh,man,did you switch your status before she did? 噢 伙计 你在她改状态之前就改了?

[19:05.46]Speaking as an expert,way to look needy. 身为专家 我不得不说 你太饥渴了呗

[19:09.58]Seriously? You went first,after only two weeks? 真的? 你想改了 才两周诶

[19:12.62]That's bold... 真是厉害呀...

[19:14.63]It's not bold,it's a mistake. I didn't change my status. 不是厉害 是错误 我没有改我的状态呀

[19:18.55]Well,then who did? 那是谁改的?

[19:24.84]I had no choice. He cried in front of her. 我没的选择 他在她面前哭了

[19:29.17]You hacked my Facebook account? 你黑进我的Facebook账号?

[19:31.63]Oh,it's hardly hacking when you use the same password for everything,"Kal-El." 噢 你所有的密码都是"Kal-EL" 这还用得着我黑吗?

[19:37.73]Are you insane? 你是不是疯了?

[19:39.15]Now she's going to think I'm desperate. 现在她会以为我很心急

[19:40.99]You've destroyed this relationship! 你毁了这段恋情!

[19:43.41]And you want to know what the worst part is? 想知道最糟糕的是什么吗?

[19:45.23]You don't even understand what you did wrong because you can't conceive of something 你甚至不知道自己哪里做错了

[19:49.26]that you are not an expert in! 因为你不在行的事你是干不来的!!

[19:52.16]- In which I am not an expert... - Don't even! - 我不是专家... - 别跟我辩!

[19:57.88]I don't want to hear another word out of you. 我不想再听你说一个字

[20:03.42]What's wrong,Lassie? Timmy fall down the well? 怎么了 小妹妹 Timmy掉进井里去了?

[20:11.18]She just updated her Facebook status. 她刚刚更新了Facebook状态

[20:13.78]"Stephanie Barnett is in a relationship with Leonard Hofstadter." "Stephanie Barnett和 Leonard Hofstadter恋爱中"

[20:19.14]Really? 真的?

[20:22.84]Oh,look at that. I have a girlfriend. 噢 看哪 我有女朋友了

[20:27.19]If I am permitted to speak again,Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win. 如果能允许我再次说话 制胜法宝Sheldon Cooper博士

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