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生活大爆炸第二季10.The Vartabedian Conundrum: 关于Leonard和医生的同居事件






[00:03.92]I don't see anything at all,Sheldon. 我啥都没看见 Sheldon

[00:07.24]Well,you're the doctor, but I am constantly hearing this annoying sound. 得 你是医生 可我咋老耳鸣呢

[00:11.87]Me,too. 我也是

[00:14.61]Is it a high-frequency whistle? 是高频口哨音?

[00:16.13]No,it's more of a relentless, narcissistic drone. 不 比较像是无情而又自恋的嗡嗡声

[00:21.54]Yup,there's no inflammation at all,Sheldon. 嗯 根本没发炎 Sheldon

[00:24.00]Then it must be a tumor. 那我肯定长瘤了

[00:27.55]Seriously doubt it. 严重怀疑

[00:29.40]Maybe it's a lingering bacterial infection from all those childhood toilet swirlies. 可能是你孩提时代的那些卷纸 残留的细菌给感染了

[00:35.37]Is that possible? 这有可能吗?

[00:36.44]I used to get those all the time. 我以前常这么干

[00:38.91]Even in church. 甚至在教堂都是

[00:41.47]Well,if it is from a swirly, there something I can do. 呃 要真是卷纸引起的 我倒是有办法对付

[00:44.98]Okay,circle, circle,dot,dot, now you have a cootie shot! 好咧 圈 圈 点 点 这是给你的虱子预防针!

[00:44.61]小盆友互相敌视 男生认为女生身上有虱子

[00:53.02]- I'm going to bed. - Okay,I'll be right in. - 我要上床了 - 好 我马上就来

[00:57.02]It's not enough that she mocks me,but that isn't even the correct procedure for a cootie shot. 她藐视我还不算 虱子预防针根本就不是这么打的

[01:02.16]Do you understand that Stephanie's not here to treat your imaginary ailments? Stephanie可不是来这儿治疗 你想象中的微恙的 明白?

[01:06.35]How is it imaginary that I keep hearing an octave above Middle C? 怎么可能是想象出来的? 不然我怎么老听见比中音C高八度的音?

[01:12.07]Is that imaginary? 那是想象出来的?

[01:15.02]I don't think so. 我可不这么认为

[01:20.82]- Good night. - Another thing. - 晚安 - Leonard 还有件事

[01:23.20]Under Article One,Section Three of our Roommate Agreement, 基于我们室友协议的第一章第三节

[01:25.36]I'm calling an emergency meeting. 我要求召开紧急会议

[01:26.83]No,you're not. 才不呢

[01:27.87]Leonard moves the meeting not occur. Is there a second? Leonard请求取消会议 还有别人吗?

[01:30.20]None heard,the motion fails. 没有 请求驳回

[01:32.97]I'd like to begin the meeting by congratulating you on the progress in your relationship with Dr. Stephanie. 会议一开始 我想要祝贺你 同Stephanie医生的关系突飞猛进

[01:38.78]Thank you. 谢了

[01:40.15]That being said, we have to discuss the implementation of the agreed upon "cohabitation" rider 说完客套话 我们得讨论一下 是否执行"同居"附加条款之内容

[01:44.65]which has been activated now that the two of you are living together. 在你俩住在一起之后 该条款正式生效了

[01:47.68]We're not living together. 我俩没住在一起

[01:49.19]I beg to disagree. 恕难同意

[01:51.36]"A girlfriend shall be deemed quote living with un-quote Leonard "当某女子在此屋内待过以下时间 即可认为其与Leonard

[01:54.90]when she has stayed over for A:ten consecutive nights, 引号 同居 引号 A: 连续十个晚上

[01:57.21]or B: more than nine nights in a three week period, 或者B: 连续三周内超过九个晚上

[01:59.68]or C: all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights. 或者C: 一个自然月中 每个周末外加三个晚上

[02:06.89]That's absurd. 真是荒谬

[02:08.93]You initialed it. See? L.H.,L.H.,L.H. 你签了字的 瞧? L.H. L.H. L.H. (Leonard Hofstadter)

[02:12.14]Wait,I only initialed it because I never thought it would happen! 等等 我签字 是因为压根没想过这种事会发生

[02:17.25]I initialed another clause naming you my sidekick in case I get superpowers. 我还签了另一个条款说 一旦我拥有超能力就喊你死党来着

[02:23.17]Hmm,yes,you did. 哼 没错 是你干的

[02:25.01]Now,to review,the following provisions are hereby activated: 现在总结陈词 以下条款也已激活生效:

[02:29.47]In the refrigerator, as opposed to us having two separate shelves and one communal shelf, 首先是冰箱里 本来我俩一人一个架子 这个架子是公用的

[02:33.36]the three of us now get individual shelves and the door becomes communal. 现在我们仨各拥有一个独立架子 冰箱门成为公用部分

[02:37.15]Next,apartment vacuuming shall be increased from two to three times a week 接着 每周的吸尘工作 由两次增加至三次

[02:40.98]to accommodate the increased accumulation of dead skin cells. 以适应新增的死皮细胞

[02:43.93]Third,the bhroom schedule. 第三 洗手间的时间表

[02:45.62]Now,I'm given to understand women have different needs,so, we'll have to discuss that. 既然我已明了 女性需求不同 我们就得一起商量一下

[02:52.88]I'm going to bed. 我要上床了

[02:55.70]At least take this with you. 至少把这个带上

[02:57.17]Look,and have Stephanie initial here,here,here,here... 瞧 让Stephanie在这几个地方都签字

[03:01.64]and... here. 还有... 这儿

[03:04.78]This states that she does not now nor does she intend to play a percussive or brass instrument. 这条规定她现在和将来都不能 弹奏打击乐器或铜管乐器

[03:25.45]Sure sounds like a tumor pressing on the auditory nerve. 听上去就是个瘤~ 在挤压我的听觉神经~~

[03:53.08]No,absolutely not. 不 绝对不行

[03:55.51]It's not a big deal. We have latex gloves. 又没啥了不起的 我们有橡胶手套

[03:59.45]I don't care what the symptoms are, my girlfriend is not going to give you a prostate exam. 我不管你有何种症状 我女朋友才不会给你检查前列腺

[04:06.41]Hi,Sheldon. 嗨 Sheldon

[04:07.35]Good morning, Dr. Stephanie. 早上好 Stephanie医生

[04:09.44]I ust Leonard satisfied you sexually last night. 我相信Leonard昨晚让你爽歪歪了

[04:15.12]Sheldon,we don't ask questions like that. Sheldon 地球人不会问这种问题

[04:17.34]I heard you ask it over and over. 我听见你一遍又一遍地问来着

[04:20.86]How is it inappropriate for me to ask it once? 让我问一次有啥不恰当的?

[04:24.08]He did very nicely. 他干得很棒

[04:25.56]See? She's not offended. 瞧见没? 又没冒犯人家

[04:27.17]And now you finally have an answer. 还让你小子知道了答案

[04:31.00]Out of coffee. Need coffee. 咖啡没了 来借咖啡

[04:33.16]Oh,hello. 噢 你好

[04:35.56]Stephanie,right? 是Stephanie 对吧?

[04:37.82]And-And- And you are? 你-你-你是?

[04:40.37]Penny,I live across the hall. Penny 我住在走廊那头

[04:42.54]I've heard a lot about you. 我常听他们提起你来着

[04:44.33]Really? 真的吗?

[04:45.71]I haven't heard a thing about you. 关于你 他可啥都没跟我提起呢

[04:56.22]Leonard? Leonard?

[04:57.64]Why haven't I heard a thing about this woman who lives across the hall 为啥你对于这个住在走廊那头的 好邻居只字不提呢?

[05:01.09]and comes into your apartment in the morning... 她可会大清早来你们屋

[05:03.77]in her underwear? 还只穿着睡衣哟?

[05:11.95]She's heard about you because we're,you know, involved 我们跟她提起你来 是因为我和你...在谈朋友嘛

[05:15.53]and you haven't heard about her because... 我没同你提起她来是因为...

[05:20.11]I never slept with her,I swear! 我从没同她睡过 我发誓!

[05:23.14]In Leonard's defense,it wasn't for lack of trying. Leonard可是争辩说 自己想方设法要同她睡来着

[05:28.15]Thank you,Sheldon. 谢谢侬 Sheldon

[05:29.47]You're welcome,Leonard. 表客气 Leonard

[05:31.67]Look,I'm just saying,um... 听着 我是说...

[05:34.20]Penny is one of our many neighbors,you know, and in our building, Penny不过是我们众邻居之一 在我们这栋楼里

[05:39.03]neighbors come and go,it's very casual,no dress code. 邻里们串门是很正常的 也没什么着装要求

[05:43.84]In fact,some mornings I'll just mosey down to the third floor in my pajamas 实际上 在某些早晨 我会穿着睡衣跑去三楼

[05:46.78]and have cereal with Mrs.Vartabedian. 同Vartabedian太太喝燕麦呢

[05:49.48]Really? I have never once been invited to have cereal with Mrs. Vartabedian. 真的假的? 她咋从来也不请我去喝?

[05:54.00]She doesn't like you. 她不喜欢你

[05:56.67]You have a gall bladder to remove and I have to get in the shower 你得去给人动胆囊手术 我得进去洗澡

[06:00.34]and Penny has clothes to put on,so... 而Penny要回房穿衣服 那么...

[06:03.86]Well,it was very nice meeting you. 幸会幸会

[06:05.53]Nice to finally meet you,too. 最终能见着你 我也很高兴

[06:07.33]- And I'll see you tonight? - Okay,bye-bye. - 今晚见? - 好咧 拜拜

[06:19.61]What could I possibly have done to offend Mrs. Vartabedian? 我做了啥对不起Vartabedian太太的事儿了?

[06:24.19]So,that's Stephanie,huh? 她就是你的Stephanie?

[06:28.83]Why do I feel like I'm the one that just got the prostate exam? 为啥我觉得自己像才去查过前列腺的?

[06:37.82]You know,she seems very nice. 她看起来相当不错嘛

[06:39.62]Oh,she is. She's terrific. 那是 她好极了

[06:41.33]And she's proving to be a valuable roommate. 事实证明她是位珍贵的室友

[06:43.96]Roommate? You guys are living together? 室友? 你们同居啦?

[06:46.17]Like hippies. 很前卫吧

[06:48.41]We're not living together. 我们没同居啦

[06:49.99]Do I have to pull out the paperwork again? 又要我拿出书面证明吗?

[06:52.89]We're not living together. 我们没同居

[06:54.44]Are you sure? 你确定?

[06:55.45]How could I not be sure? 我怎么不能确定了?

[06:57.58]Well,let's find out. 咱来检查下吧

[07:00.03]Don't you think if a woman was living with me I'd be the first one to know about it? 难道你不觉得 如果我和人同居了 我会是第一个知道?

[07:03.85]Oh,sweetie,you'd be the last one to know about it. 小伙子 你肯定是最后一个觉悟的

[07:10.27]Hmm,cute dresses. 很漂亮的衣衣呀

[07:14.43]I bet this looks great on you! 我打赌你穿这个一定靓!

[07:18.13]We're not living together. 我们没同居

[07:19.93]Okay,hmm... 好 嗯...

[07:21.52]Scented candles, fuzzy slippers, Floral bed sheets? 香蜡烛 毛拖鞋 印花床单?

[07:26.95]We're not living together. 我们没同居

[07:28.44]Okay,moving on. 那好 继续检查

[07:29.87]Now,who are these guys at Disney World? 那 迪斯尼乐园里的这些家伙是谁哦?

[07:32.92]Uh,the big dog is Goofy, 大狗是高飞

[07:36.67]but the older couple with the mouse ears,I have no idea. 但是有老鼠耳朵的那一对 我就不知道了

[07:42.83]We're not living together! 我们没同居!

[07:45.59]You're going to go down swinging,huh? 不见棺材不落泪?

[07:48.22]All right,well,we got your body lotion, 好吧 我们发现了你的润肤露

[07:50.44]your InStyle Magazine,your jewelry box. 你的InStyle时尚杂志 你的首饰盒

[07:52.80]We're not-- 我们没--

[07:54.49]Where's my Bat Signal? 我的蝙蝠侠标记哪去了?

[07:57.45]You have a Bat Signal? 你有蝙蝠侠标记?

[07:59.20]I did. 有呀

[08:01.40]It was right here. 就放这儿的

[08:04.13]She must've-- 她一定--

[08:06.38]Oh,my God,we're living together. 噢 天啦 我们同居了

[08:10.44]Really? What was your first clue? 真的? 你咋发现的?

[08:27.39]New pants? 新裤子?

[08:29.30]Yeah,Stephanie got them for me. 对 Stephanie给我买的

[08:32.82]Nice. Cotton? 不错 全棉的?

[08:34.14]Actually,I think it's more of a wool,fire ant blend. 其实 我觉得更像是羊毛和热蚂蚁混纺

[08:38.75]So,the girlfriend's buying clothes for you,huh? 女友开始给你买衣服了?

[08:40.73]- Sounds serious. - It is actually. - 来真的了 - 确实是

[08:43.31]In fact,I gave it a lot of thought and I decided it was time for us to live together. 事实上 我考虑了很久 我觉得是时候同居了

[08:50.65]Oh,Leonard,huge mistake. Leonard 亏大了你

[08:53.13]There's a whole buffet of women out there and you're just standing in the corner 外面那么多秀色可餐 唾手可得 你却站在角落

[08:57.16]eating the same deviled egg over and over again. 反复咀嚼你的芥末蛋

[09:01.86]At least I have an egg. What do you have? 起码我有蛋吃 你有啥?

[09:05.01]A veritable smorgasbord of potential sexual partners. 一大桌性感时髦靓妞儿大杂烩 等我去嘿咻呢

[09:09.45]See the blonde over there? 瞧见那个金发妞了吗?

[09:12.62]I can hit on her and you can't. 我可以去跟她搭讪 你却不能

[09:16.63]So,go hit on her. 那 你去呀

[09:23.00]She's not my type. 不是我的茶

[09:25.88]Too bad,'cause she was checking you out before. 太可惜了 她刚才还在看你咧

[09:27.91]- She was? - Of course not. Look at her. - 真哒? - 假的 你也不瞧瞧人家

[09:32.58]I don't care what you guys think. 我不管你们怎么看的

[09:34.59]Stephanie and I are very happy living together. Stephanie和我的同居生活很快乐

[09:37.43]I will give either of you 20 dollars,right now to trade pants with me. 你们谁和我换裤子 我给他20刀

[09:48.20]Sheldon,what are you doing here? Sheldon 你在这儿干嘛?

[09:49.83]Hang on. 稍等

[09:52.07]130 over 80. (血压)130/80

[09:54.63]A little high. 有点高

[09:56.06]We can attribute that to the stress of sneaking past the security desk. 应该是偷偷溜过保安的桌子时 太紧张引起的

[10:00.40]Where did you get the stethoscope and the blood pressure cuff? 你在哪儿搞到听诊器和血压袖带的?

[10:02.82]My aunt Marion gave them to me for my 12th birthday. Marion姑妈送我的12岁礼物

[10:07.16]She thought if I failed at theoretical physics that I should have a trade to fall back on. 她觉得要是我理论物理学没出路了 还可以有个谋生的出路

[10:12.82]And by the way,the blood pressure cuff is called a sphygmomanometer. 顺便提醒下 血压袖带叫血压计

[10:17.16]I know. 谢谢提醒

[10:17.80]Didn't they teach you that in medical school? 难道医学院里不教这个?

[10:21.61]- I'm busy here,Sheldon. - I understand. - 我很忙的 Sheldon - 我知道

[10:23.45]All I need is for you to authorize these tests. 我只需要你授权这些检查

[10:27.26]A cardiac stress test,a full body MRI,an electromyogram,a CBC,baseline glucose. 心脏负荷测试 全身核磁共振 肌动电流图 全血球计数 葡萄糖基线测试

[10:32.27]Upper GI? 上消化道造影?

[10:33.28]Oh,and an exploratory laparoscopy. 还有腹腔镜探测检查

[10:35.33]Last time I had hiccups,it felt like my diaphragm was just going through the motions. 上次我打嗝 感觉我的隔膜也跟着动了

[10:40.43]Go home,Sheldon. 回家吧 Sheldon

[10:42.39]Can I at least have the upper GI? 至少来个上消化道造影?

[10:45.01]I already drank the barium! 我已经喝了钡餐了!

[10:51.02]Oh,good. Do you have any fabric softener? 哦 太好了 你有织物软化剂吗?

[10:53.07]Yeah,sure. 有 有

[11:03.74]What are you washing? A crocodile? 你在洗什么? 洗鳄鱼皮呀?

[11:07.62]No,the pants that Stephanie got me. 不 是Stephanie送我的裤子

[11:09.98]Oh,sweetie,you can't machine wash these. They'll be ruined. 小伙子 这个不能机洗 会洗坏的

[11:13.43]- Are you sure? - Absolutely. - 确定吗? - 当然

[11:19.06]Oh,no. I wish you'd told me that sooner. 糟糕咧 你咋不早点告诉我呢

[11:24.48]Are you guys having problems? 你俩怎么了?

[11:26.18]No,everything's fine. 没事 一切顺利

[11:27.79]Really? 真的?

[11:29.03]Yeah,it's wonderful. 对呀 好极了

[11:32.07]Okay,maybe this whole living together happened kind of suddenly,but it's fine,it's great. 好吧 也许同居的事有点突然 但还好 很不错的

[11:38.21]Okay,Leonard,honey,you know,if you're uncomfortable with the way things are going, Leonard 如果你不满意 恋爱关系的发展现状

[11:41.68]you're allowed to say something. 你应该说出来

[11:43.87]Are you sure? That doesn't sound right. 说真的吗? 听起来不太对

[11:46.78]Believe me,your feelings are just as important as hers. 相信我 你的感觉和她的一样重要

[11:50.52]No,that doesn't sound right either. 不对 这个听着也不太对

[11:54.12]Just tell her you need the relationship to move at a pace that you both are comfortable with. 就告诉她 你需要这段关系 能兼顾你们两个的节奏

[12:00.15]Yeah,I could say something like that to her. 对 我可以给她那么说的

[12:03.62]I'll go do that. 我去给她说说

[12:05.80]- Thank you. - Sure. - 谢谢你 - 没什么

[12:12.93]You ve a really good grasp on this. 谈这些东西你很拿手吧?

[12:15.77]Maybe you could talk to her? 也许你可以帮我去说说?

[12:18.98]You're kidding,right? 你开玩笑吧?

[12:21.37]No,but that's okay. 没 也没关系啦

[12:25.74]I'll go talk to her. 我去和她谈

[12:29.79]Want to come with? 一起来吗?

[12:32.76]Go! 快去!

[12:45.31]- Oh,no. - Whaa? - 呀 不是吧 - 啥?

[12:48.83]You were right. ur larynx is terribly inflamed. 你说得对 你的喉咙红肿的厉害呀

[12:51.89]I mean,I've never seen anything like it. 我都还没见过这么严重的

[12:53.89]I knew it! 我就知道!

[12:57.33]What do I do? 我该怎么办?

[13:00.16]You're going to need to stop talking immediately. 你得马上停止说话

[13:04.56]- For how-- - Dut-dut-dut. - 多久才... - 得 得 得

[13:07.97]Immediately. 马上

[13:12.35]- Oh,hi,honey. - Sheldon. - 噢 嗨 宝贝 - Sheldon

[13:22.60]What's going on? 他怎么了?

[13:24.26]I just performed a "Sheldonectomy." 我刚做完"Sheldon切除术"

[13:28.51]Careful,if you don't get it all,it'll only come back woe. 小心哦 要是没斩草除根 只会后患无穷

[13:32.54]Gotcha. 明白

[13:34.12]Listen,we need to talk. 听着 我们得谈谈

[13:37.26]Do we need to talk or "do we need to talk"? 是"我们谈谈哈" 还是"我们得好好谈谈了"?

[13:40.73]I don't know what that means. 不知道你什么意思

[13:43.04]Okay,why don't you just tell me what it is you have to tell me? 这样吧 你干脆直接把想说的告诉我吧

[13:46.51]Okay,um,well,look,it's just that... 那好 呃 其实 你看 就是...

[13:50.90]things between you and me have been going pretty quick. 我们之间进展得着实快了点

[13:55.25]And... 然后呢...

[13:57.04]It's just a little scary. 有点吓人哇

[13:58.83]Well,yeah,but scary good,right? 是啊 但这吓人也是好事 对吧?

[14:01.80]Sure... 那当然...

[14:04.85]When is scary not good? 吓人还有不好的咩?

[14:08.49]But... 不过...

[14:09.99]okay,um,I have feelings,right? 好吧 我心有所想 是不?

[14:13.18]Okay,and it's perfectly okay to express those feelings,right? 那好 把我所想的表达出来 也无可厚非 是不?

[14:16.60]Of course,honey,why don't you tell me what it is you're feeling? 当然了 宝贝 告诉我你在想些啥吧

[14:19.29]Okay,we,I ju...I think it's important to remember that we move at a pace 好吧 我只是...觉得有必要记清楚 我们的关系 发展的步伐...

[14:24.59]that is our speed and-- 是我们的速度 然后...

[14:29.06]Oh,shoot,I had it! 噢 真是 刚记得好好的

[14:32.05]Okay,how about this? How about I tell you what I'm feeling? 那 这样如何? 让我来告诉你我在想什么

[14:35.96]What's that? 你想什么?

[14:40.54]Really? Right now? 当真? 现在?

[14:43.09]Why not? 为啥不呢?

[14:44.43]I just ate,aren't you supposed to wait an hour? 我刚吃过饭呢 不该等上个把小时?

[14:50.17]I think that's for swimming. 我想那是对游泳而言吧

[14:52.28]Oh,okay. 噢 好吧

[14:55.86]I just hope I don't get cramps. 希望不会抽筋就是了

[15:02.32]- Oh,I put your clothes in the dryer. - Thank you. - 噢 我把你衣服放烘干机了 - 谢谢

[15:04.30]- Your pants are ruined. - Good. - 你的裤子洗坏了 - 忒好了

[15:08.88]So,how did the talk with Stephanie go? 和Stephanie谈得怎么样了?

[15:11.07]Well,um,on one level,really,really well. 呃 某方面来说 非常 非常好

[15:17.06]So,you told her you wanted to slow things down? 那你告诉她了 你想放慢脚步咯?

[15:19.80]Not specifically,but,uh,I did tell her that I had feelings. 没很明确地说 但是 呃 我确实说了我有些想法

[15:24.13]Good,good. 好嘛 很好

[15:26.49]And then what? 然后咋了?

[15:29.01]And then,uh,the subject got changed somehow. 然后就 呃 话题不知不觉就变了

[15:34.33]You had sex,didn't you? 你们上床了 是吧?

[15:38.44]little bit. 上了一点点

[15:42.89]- What? - Nothing. - 怎么了? - 没什么

[15:49.65]Okay,well,it sounds like things are going to work out. 好啊 看来事情会进展得很顺利

[15:52.48]Yeah,it's all good. Everything's going to work out. 是啊 都好着呢 一切都会很顺利的

[15:56.03]One way or another. 正反都顺利

[15:58.13]God,come on,Leonard,You are entitled to try and make things go the way you want them to. 天 拜托 Leonard 你有权让事情按你的想法走下去

[16:03.90]- Really? - Yes! - 是吗? - 是的!

[16:05.51]You don't always have to go along with what the woman wants. 你没必要总是迁就女人

[16:11.46]- What? - Nothing. Just... - 怎么了? - 没什么 只是...

[16:13.33]rethinking my whole life. 重新审视我这一辈子

[16:20.61]Okay,here's the thing. 好啦 是这样的

[16:23.68]I'm afraid that if I ask her to move out,she'll just dump me. 如果我叫她搬出去 我怕她会甩了我

[16:27.73]Well,it's a chance you have to take. 这个嘛 你不得不冒这个险

[16:30.08]I mean,look,if it's meant to be,it'll be. 你看嘛 该来的 总归躲不掉

[16:33.85]Very comforting. 真是受用

[16:37.17]Okay,so what do I say to her? 那我该怎么跟她说呢?

[16:40.94]I don't know. 我不知道

[16:41.81]I mean,what have women said to you when they wanted to slow a relationship down? 当女人想慢慢发展感情时 她们怎么跟你说的呀?

[16:45.76]I really like you,but I want to see how things go with Mark? 我是真的喜欢你 但是我想试试和Mark发展一下

[16:52.11]Yeah,that'll slow it down. 没错 这样是会慢下来

[17:01.44]I'm sorry,I totally inteupted you. What we you sang? 不好意思 我彻底打断了你 你刚说啥来着?

[17:05.75]Oh,right,yeah,um. 噢 是的 没错

[17:09.50]So,Stephanie,hereththing. 那个 Stephanie 事情是这样的

[17:14.02]I really like yo 我是真的喜欢你

[17:15.42]Oh,God,here comes the speech. 娘啊 这番话又开始了

[17:22.17]What speech? 什么话?

[17:24.54]"I really like you but maybe we sh spend a little less time together" "我是真的喜欢你 但是也许我们该少聚一点"

[17:29.40]"'cause I need mspace but I'll call you on Tuesday "因为我需要点个人空间 但是我周二会给你打电话的"

[17:33.04]and then you never call me so I call you," 之后你便一直没打 所以我打给你了

[17:35.27]but you don't call me back and then when I run into you at the coffee shop, 但你又没给我回电 然后 当我在咖啡店撞见你时

[17:39.03]you pretend like you've been having problems with your voice mail 你假装说你的语音信箱出了毛病

[17:41.52]and I know that you're lying, 我当然知道你是撒谎

[17:42.90]but I pretend like I don't care even though I'm dying inside! 但还是假装不在乎 尽管内心悲痛欲绝

[17:53.03]No! 不!

[17:55.66]No,no! 不 不是的!

[17:57.37]I wasn't going to say any of that. 这些话我一句都不会讲的

[17:59.33]I was just going to say... 我只想要说...

[18:02.94]I really like you. 我是真的喜欢你

[18:06.58]Oh,good! 噢 那就好!

[18:08.94]'Cause I really like you,too. 因为我也是真的喜欢你

[18:15.45]Terrific. 好极了

[18:27.38]Nice sweater. 毛衣不错嘛

[18:30.54]Yeah,Stephanie got it for me. It's kind of fun. 是吧 Stephanie买给我的 还蛮好玩的

[18:33.56]It's got a big bird on it,dude. 上面印的可是只大鸟啊 老兄

[18:37.37]Yeah,yeah,that's the fun part. 是啊 笑点就在这里嘛

[18:40.60]We're also getting new curtains for my bedroom,and a dust ruffle, 我们还在我卧室换了新窗帘 新床裙

[18:43.73]and a duvet,and I don't even know what a duvet is, 还有羽绒被 我都不知道羽绒被是啥玩意

[18:46.29]but I'm pretty sure if I did I wouldn't want one, 但我很确定要真知道了 我就不想要了

[18:48.20]but every time I talk to her about moving out, 只是每次我说起要分开住

[18:50.69]she cries and we have sex. 她就哭啊 然后咱就嘿咻一场

[18:54.06]You're lucky. With me,it's usually the other way around. 你很走运啊 要是我 通常会是相反的结果

[18:58.85]You know,if you can't talk to her,why don't you just text her? 要知道 你若不能对她直说 为啥不给她发短信呢?

[19:02.10]Isn't that kind of cowardly? 那岂不是太没骨气了?

[19:03.65]Oh,yeah. It's beyond contemptible. 噢 没错 简直是奇耻大辱

[19:06.49]It's true,but on the other hand you are wearing a bird sweater. 话虽如此 但想一想 你都穿了大鸟毛衣了

[19:14.37]Sold. 就这么办

[19:18.42]"I think it would be better for our relationship if you moved back to your place." "我想 如果你搬回自己那里 对我们的关系会更有好处"

[19:26.15]There. It's done. 好了 发完了

[19:29.94]Good for you. 为你高兴啊

[19:31.43]Yeah,good for me. 对 为我高兴

[19:34.64]I'll never have sex again. 我再也没的嘿咻了

[19:41.80]Hmm,I was wrong. See ya. 哟 说错了 回见

[19:50.49]Penny. 喷你

[19:52.94]Penny. 喷你

[19:55.68]Penny. 喷你

[20:02.41]Sheldon? Sheldon?

[20:06.21]I have an inflamed larynx. 我喉咙发炎了

[20:12.31]Okay? 嗯哼?

[20:16.36]We're out of herbal tea. Do you have any? 我们的药草茶喝完哩 你这儿有米?

[20:24.66]Okay,let me check. 好的 我去看看吧

[20:29.81]Some hiney would be nice,too. 要有轰蜜就更好咧

[20:34.90]Hiney? 轰蜜? (hiney)

[20:39.56]Honey. 蜂蜜 (honey)

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