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生活大爆炸第二季11.The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis(洗浴品假说): 圣诞节礼物事件






[00:00.49]Your argument is lacking in all scientific merit. 你的论点完全缺乏科学论证

[00:03.30]It is well established Superman cleans his uniform by flying into Earth's yellow sun, 十分肯定的是 超人飞到地球的黄色恒星 可以清洁他的超人服

[00:08.64]which incinerates any contaminate matter 任何污染物都可以烧掉

[00:10.71]and leaves t invulnerable Kryptonian fabric unharmed and daisy fresh. 只留下不可摧毁的氪星球纤维布 完全无害 超级干净

[00:10.22]Krypton: 超人出生的星球

[00:16.24]What if he gets something Kryptonian on it? 要是又染上啥氪星球的东西怎么办?

[00:18.59]Like what? 比如什么呢?

[00:19.46]I don't know. Kryptonian mustard. 不知道 也许氪芥末吧

[00:22.68]I think we can safely assume that all Kryptonian condiments were destroyed 我觉得我们完全可以设想 所有氪星球调味品都被毁灭掉了

[00:25.86]when the planet Krypton exploded. 因为氪星已经爆炸了

[00:28.64]Or it turned into mustard Kryptonite, 或者全变成芥末放射物了

[00:28.15]Kryptonite: 氪星爆炸后的放射物 超人致命弱点

[00:30.74]the only way to destroy a rogue Kryptonian hotdog threatening Earth. 这是消灭威胁地球的 劣质氪星热狗的唯一办法

[00:35.88]Raj,please,let's stay serious here. Raj 拜托 严肃点讨论

[00:38.67]Superman's body is Kryptonian,therefore his sweat is Kryptonian. 超人的身体来自氪星 他的汗水也是

[00:42.04]Yeah,what about Kryptonian pit stains? 对 还有氪星的汗渍呢

[00:45.30]Superman doesn't sweat on Earth. 超人在地球不会出汗

[00:47.59]Okay,he's invited for dinner in the Bottle City of Kandor. 好吧 他到Kandor瓶子城里赴宴 (超人家乡 氪星爆炸后被保存在瓶子里)

[00:50.14]He miniaturizes himself,enters the city where he loses his superpowers. 他变小后 进入城市 就会失去超能力

[00:52.98]Now,before dinner,his host says,Who's up for a little Kryptonian tetherball? 宴会开始前 主人问 "谁想来玩玩氪星绳球?"

[00:56.91]Superman says "Sure," works up a sweat,comes back to Earth, 超人说"当然愿意" 自然他就出了汗水 带回了地球

[00:59.40]his uniform now stained with indestructible Kryptonian perspiration. 他的超人服就这样 被不可摧毁的氪汗水污染了

[01:05.87]Boo ya. 没招了吧你

[01:09.73]Superman would have taken his uniform to a Kandorian dry cleaner before he left the Bottle. 离开瓶子前 超人会去Kandor城干洗店 洗超人服

[01:15.69]Kandorian dry cl... I give up. Kandor城的干洗... 我不玩了

[01:17.11]You can't have a rational argument with this man. 这家伙蛮不讲理

[01:21.63]Hey,isn't that the guy who won the MacArthur genius grant last year? 嘿 那不是去年 麦克阿瑟天才奖的得主吗?

[01:25.70]No,not all at once. 别 不要一起看

[01:28.15]- Then how? - Leonard. - 那怎么看? - Leonard

[01:32.45]Now,Raj. 该你了 Raj

[01:35.79]Now,Sheldon. 现在 Sheldon

[01:39.26]I didn't get a good look. Can I go again? 我没看清楚 我可以再看看吗?

[01:40.68]No. 不行

[01:42.24]It's David Underhill. So what? 是David Underhill 那又怎样?

[01:44.39]So what? 那又怎样?

[01:45.44]His observation of high-energy positrons has provided the first conclusive evidence 他对高能正电子的观测 第一次实证了

[01:49.33]for the existence of galactic dark matter. 宇宙暗物质的存在

[01:51.29]I have two words for you. The first is "big," the other's "whoop." 送你两个词 第一个是"大声" 第二个是 "叫哇"

[01:55.42]It is a big whoop. 是该大声叫哇 (大肆宣扬)

[01:56.65]It made almost all the work you've done since you've been here completely useless. 几乎让你来这之后的一切研究 都没了意义

[01:59.33]- Did not. - Did,too. - 才不是 - 的确是

[02:00.52]Did... Okay,maybe some of it,but... 不... 好吧 可能有些是吧 但...

[02:04.23]Look,the guy was just in the right place,at the right time 他不过是适时适地

[02:06.56]with the right paradigm-shifting reinterpretation of the universe. 适当地给出了阐释宇宙的转换示例

[02:09.40]He got lucky. 走运而已

[02:11.73]In more ways than one. 可不止那样

[02:13.54]He's a very handsome man. 他还是个帅哥呢

[02:16.09]Doesn't do anything for me. 我那么帅 又有啥用

[02:17.34]If I was gonna go that way,I'm more of a Zac Ephron kinda guy. 要是我成名了 我也是Zac Ephron那种类型的

[02:23.87]Oh,yeah,like you have a shot with Zac Ephron. 说的好像你跟Zac谈过朋友啊

[02:27.68]Excuse me... Are you Leonard Hofstadter? 请问..你是Leonard Hofstadter吗?

[02:31.21]- yeah. - I'm David Underhill. - 是我 - 我是David Underhill

[02:33.34]y-yeah. 你好~

[02:36.46]Yeah,Dr. Gablehauser said if I wanted to set something up in the photomultiplier lab, Gablehauser博士告诉我 要在光电实验室做实验的话

[02:39.60]that you'd be able to give me a hand? 你可以帮到我?

[02:41.91]You want to work with me? 你想和我一起工作?

[02:42.93]Well,if you have a little time,yeah. 如果你有时间的话 是的

[02:44.66]Y-yeah,sure. Yeah,no problem. 哇哦 是-当然有 没问题

[02:48.77]Here's my home number. Here's my cell. Here's my office. 这是我家的号码 我的手机 我办公室的

[02:53.34]Here's my parents' number up in New Jersey. 这是我新泽西父母家的号码

[02:56.50]They always know how to reach me. 他们知道我的一切行踪

[02:57.44]- So... - Okay. - 所以... - 好的

[02:58.29]Congratulations on the MacArthur Grant,by the way. Big fan. 顺便恭喜你得到麦克阿瑟奖 我很粉你的

[03:01.61]Thanks. I'll call you. 谢谢 我会联系你的

[03:03.35]Okay. Bye-bye! 好的 拜-拜!

[03:11.25]What are you looking at? You've never seen a hypocrite before? 看什么看? 以前没看到过伪君子吗?

[03:39.09]Trailing badly,Wolowitz needs a strike if he has any hopes of catching up with Sheldon Cooper, 拖曳步不到位 Wolowitz需要一投全倒 才能追赶上Sheldon Cooper

[03:43.63]who is dominating in the ninth frame with a career-best 68. 后者第九格打出职业生涯最高的68分 优势无人撼动

[03:57.24]Hey,guys! 嘿 兄弟们!

[04:00.06]That doesn't count. Do over! Do over! 这个不算 重来! 重来!

[04:01.98]There are no do-overs in Wii bowling. Wii保龄球不许反悔

[04:05.47]There are always do-overs when my people play sports. 我们运动的时候 都有重来的

[04:10.12]Where were you that's more important than Wii bowling night? 你有啥事 能比Wii保龄之夜还重要?

[04:12.69]- Actually,I was... - It's a rhetorical question. - 其实我在... - 反问句而已

[04:14.49]There is nothing more important than Wii bowling night. 不会有比Wii保龄之夜还重要的事

[04:17.63]Come on,it's just a video game. 得了吧 不就是个视频游戏

[04:19.57]And we suck at it. 而且我们玩得很逊的

[04:21.78]Nice motivational speech from the team captain. 队长的讲话多么激励人呀

[04:25.72]Where were you? 你去哪儿了?

[04:26.96]I was working with Dave Underhill. 我和Dave Underhill在一起工作呢

[04:28.58]Ooh,"Dave." Sounds like Leonard's got a new BFF. 呀 "Dave" 听着好像Leonard有新死党了

[04:33.66]Actually,he's pretty cool. 他的确相当的酷

[04:35.14]I mean,not only is he a brilliant scientist, 不仅仅因为他是个天才的科学家

[04:37.37]but it turns out he's a Black Diamond skier. 而且他是还玩黑钻滑雪板

[04:39.97]He collects vintage motorcycles. He plays in a rock band. 他收集老爷摩托车 他还玩摇滚乐队

[04:43.54]So? We're in a rock band. 又怎样? 我们也玩摇滚的

[04:45.55]No... We play Rock Band on our X-Box. 不... 我们是玩X-Box的摇滚

[04:51.02]Nice motivational speech from our lead guitarist. 我们的主音吉他手真会鼓励大家呀

[04:54.68]He's funny,too. 他也很幽默

[04:55.65]He does this hysterical impersonation of Stephen Hawking having phone sex. 他模仿斯蒂芬霍金电话做爱 笑死人了

[05:01.41]What are you wearing? 你-穿得-什么-呀?

[05:04.99]That's not... He does it better. 不是这样的...他模仿得好多了

[05:07.40]Anyway,he said he was gonna take me to the gym tomorrow, 总之 他说明天带我去体育馆

[05:09.42]so I'm gonna go practice my situps. 所以我得去练练仰卧起坐

[05:13.87]Humongous man crush,dude. 大丈夫惺惺相惜呀

[05:16.44]Yeah. It's officially a bro-mance. 对呀 正式进入"哥俩好"阶段

[05:20.68]Hey,Sheldon,are you and Leonard putting up a Christmas tree? Sheldon 你和Leonard准备好圣诞树了吗?

[05:23.09]No,because we don't celebrate the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia. 没 因为我们不庆祝古代异教徒的农神节

[05:28.76]Saturnalia? 农神节?

[05:30.13]Gather round,kids,it's time for Sheldon's beloved Christmas special. 孩子们都过来吧 听听Sheldon叔叔最爱的圣诞段子

[05:36.49]In the pre-Christian era,as the winter solstice approached and the plants died, 在基督教以前的年代里 随着冬至的来到 植物死去

[05:40.53]pagans brought evergreen boughs into their homes as an act of sympathetic magic, 异教徒们把绿树枝带回家里 作为一种感应巫术

[05:44.72]intended to guard the life essences of the plants until spring. 意在 守护植物的生命精华 直到春天到来

[05:48.11]This custom was later appropriated by Northern Europeans 这个传统后来被北欧人沿用

[05:50.82]and eventually it becomes the so-called Christmas tree. 最终演变成了圣诞树

[05:55.55]And that,Charlie Brown,is what boredom is all about. 我跟你说 Charlie Brown (漫画人物) 无聊的最高境界也就是这样了

[06:01.45]Okay,well,thank you for that,but I got you and Leonard a few silly neighbor gifts, 好了 谢谢你的解释 但我给你和Leonard都买了傻傻的小礼物

[06:05.29]- so I'll just put them under my tree. - Wait! - 放我圣诞树下好了 - 等等!

[06:08.01]You bought me a present? 你给我买了礼物?

[06:10.29]Why would you do such a thing? 为什么呢?

[06:13.44]I don't know. 'Cause it's Christmas? 不知道 因为圣诞吧?

[06:15.03]Oh,Penny. Penny

[06:16.19]I know you think you're being generous,but the foundation of gift-giving is reciprocity. 我明白 你这么做觉得自己很大方 但赠送礼物的基础原则是礼尚往来

[06:20.69]You haven't given me a gift. 你不是给我一份礼物

[06:22.28]You've given me an obligation. 你给了我一份责任

[06:26.16]Don't feel bad,Penny,it's a classic rookie mistake. 别太郁闷 Penny 一般新手都会犯这个错误

[06:29.02]My first Hanukah with Sheldon,he yelled at me for eight nights. 我和Sheldon过的第一个光明节 他吼了我八夜

[06:34.34]Now,hey,it's okay. You don't have to get me anything in return. 没事的 你用不着回赠礼物的

[06:36.56]Of course I do. 我当然得回赠了

[06:37.77]The essence of the custom is that I now have to go out and purchase for you a gift of commensurate value 风俗的精髓就在于 我得去给你买份价值相当的礼物

[06:42.34]and representing the same perceived level of friendship as that represented by the gift you've given me. 才能够代表你的礼物 所表达的相同的情意

[06:48.07]It's no wonder suicide rates skyrocket this time of year. 怪不得每年这个时候 自杀率狂飙呀

[06:52.29]Okay,you know what? Forget it. I'm not giving you a present. 忘了这事吧 我不会送你礼物了

[06:54.03]No,it's too late. I see it. 不 太迟了 我看见了

[06:55.49]That elf sticker says,"To Sheldon." 那个精灵贴纸上写着"赠Sheldon"

[06:58.62]The die has been cast. 骰子已经掷出

[07:00.16]The moving finger has writ Hannibal has crossed the alps. 魔手已经伸出 (阿加莎小说"魔手") 汉尼拔已经越过了阿尔卑斯山

[07:00.82]汉尼拔率军巧过山 击溃罗马军

[07:05.67]I know. It's funny when it's not happening to us. 就是啊 看别人热闹最乐呵

[07:10.63]Sheldon,I am very,very sorry. Sheldon 我真的非常抱歉

[07:13.14]No. No,I brought this on myself by being such an endearing and important part of your life. 不 我自找的 谁叫我出现在你生命里 又那么可爱 那么举足轻重呢

[07:20.08]I'm going to need a ride to the mall. 我需要有人载我去卖场

[07:23.30]It's happening to us. 风水轮流转 我们该倒霉了

[07:30.19]- Are you gonna make it? - Yeah,I guess. - 你能行吗? - 嗯 没问题吧

[07:32.12]All right. 行

[07:34.64]Thanks for letting me try out your motorcycle. 谢谢让我试骑你的摩托车

[07:38.22]No problem. 不用

[07:39.51]I had no idea it was so heavy. 我不知道它会这么重

[07:42.71]The thing just fell right over on me,didn't it? 它实实地压住我了 对吧?

[07:45.36]Yeah. Lucky for you it wasn't moving. 是呀 走运的是它还没启动

[07:48.96]Oh,hey,Leonard. Ooh,are you okay? 嘿 Leonard 哎呀 你没事吧?

[07:50.55]Oh,yeah. It's just a little motorcycle accident. 哦 只是一点小小的摩托车事故

[07:53.81]My God,how fast were you going? 天啦 你开得多快呀?

[07:55.48]I don't know. It's all such a blur. 不知道 一切都模糊了

[07:59.60]Good one. He couldn't even get it started. 真幽默 他甚至没点着火

[08:02.50]- Dave. - Penny. - 你好 我是Dave - 你好 我是Penny

[08:04.64]So it's your motorcycle? 那他骑的是你的摩托车了?

[08:07.11]Is it okay? 车子还好吗?

[08:10.04]Lucky for the bike it landed on my leg. 机车很走运 有我的腿当垫背

[08:13.90]- You mind giving me a hand with speed racer here? - Oh,yeah. Yeah,sure. - 能帮我扶下这位急速飞车手吗? - 当然愿意

[08:16.56]So,um,Dave,how do you know Leonard? Dave 你怎么认识Sheldon的?

[08:19.13]I'm a physicist. 我是物理学家

[08:20.75]No,you're not. 你不是吧

[08:23.79]Why is that so surprising? 有那么吃惊吗?

[08:25.34]Uh,well,it's just that the physicists I know are indoorsy and pale. 反正 我认识的物理学家 都很宅 皮肤也都可白了

[08:31.81]I'm not indoorsy. 我哪里宅了

[08:33.10]I just wear the appropriate sun block because I don't take melanoma lightly. 我涂防晒霜 因为不想引起黑素瘤嘛

[08:37.45]So,are you and Leonard working on an experiment together? 你和Leonard一起做实验的?

[08:40.06]Yeah,actually we are. 对 我们是

[08:40.98]Yeah,we're examining the radiation levels of photomultiplier tubes for a new dark matter detector. 对 我们在检测一种新暗物质探测器 的光电倍增管的辐射等级

[08:45.56]Uh,sweetie,sweetie,Dave was talking. 亲爱的 亲爱的 Dave还没说完呢

[08:48.90]You know,I love science. 知道不 我很热爱科学哒

[08:50.81]- Since when? - Since always. - 啥时候的事儿? - 一直都是嘛

[08:53.65]Call me a geek,but I am just nuts for the whole subatomic - particle thing. 你说我书呆子也罢 但我对什么亚原子微粒真的很狂热

[08:58.39]The last thing I would ever call you is a geek. 哪会想到你是书呆子呐

[09:01.07]Well,that's what I am-- queen of the nerds. 我就是啊 我是书呆呆女王

[09:05.21]Well,if you like,I could show you the lab we're working in. 要是你愿意 去看看我们的实验室吧

[09:07.88]We've got some cool toys,you know-- lasers and stuff. 那儿设备很不错 激光器啥的

[09:10.60]You know,I have always wanted to see a big science lab. 哎呀 我一直好想参观科学实验室

[09:14.11]- Since when? - Since always. - 啥时候的事儿? - 一直都是嘛

[09:16.77]- Leonard,are you okay here? - Yeah. I guess. - Leonard 送到这儿 你没问题了吧? - 对 没问题

[09:19.43]How 'bout we go see it now? 那咱现在就去?

[09:20.90]Maybe afterwards we take the bike up the coast, We grab a little bite to eat... 之后可以去海边飚飚车 再吃点什么

[09:24.59]Yeah. Yeah,that sounds great. Let me just get my jacket. 好呀 很好玩的样子 我去穿件外套

[09:31.56]Boy,she'll do,huh? 她行的吧?

[09:34.78]Yeah,if you like that type. 对 如果你喜欢那种型的

[09:37.34]So,you and her... 那么 你和她...

[09:39.33]- No,just neighbors. - Really. - 没啦 普通邻居而已 - 真的?

[09:42.03]I don't know how you live next door to that without doing something about it. 隔壁住着这样的妞儿 怎么都不行动啊

[09:47.03]Actually... science is my lady. 其实... 科学才是我的女神

[09:53.30]- Okay. Let's go. - All right. - 好了 走吧 - 好

[09:55.38]- See you tomorrow,Leonard. - See ya. - 明天见 Leonard - 回见

[09:57.75]'Bye,Penny. Have fun. 拜 Penny 玩的开心啊

[10:05.16]Yes? 谁啊?

[10:13.64]Did you forget your key? 忘带钥匙了?

[10:25.63]I don't see anything in here a woman would want.


[10:29.83]You're kidding. You've got lotions and bath oils and soaps.

[10:31.85]开啥玩笑 这儿有润肤露 精油 香皂

[10:33.73]I mean,that's the estrogen hat trick.


[10:38.73]What it is is a cacophonous assault of eucalyptus,bayberry,cinnamon and vanilla.

[10:40.75]这无疑是对桉树 月桂果 肉桂 香草的侵犯啊 真残忍

[10:44.93]It's as if my head were trapped in the pajamas of a sultan.


[10:48.76]Sheldon,if you don't like this stuff,let's just go next door and build her a bear.

[10:50.78]Sheldon 要是你受不了这些东西 咱就去隔壁 给她搭个玩具熊

[10:53.85]I told you before,bears are terrifying.

[10:55.87]我跟你说过嘛 熊很吓人的

[10:58.02]Come on,bath stuff. It's perfect!

[11:00.75]You got a scented candle,a cleansing buff, 得了吧 沐浴用品 够完美了

[11:03.81]spearmint and green tea scented bath oil,promotes relaxation. 薰香蜡烛 沐浴手巾

[11:06.77]That presupposes Penny is tense. 荷兰薄荷加绿茶味精油 有助放松

[11:08.54]She knows you. She's tense. We all are. Buy a basket! 这在Penny压力很大的前提下才有用

[11:11.62]- Excuse me,we're ready. - No,we're not. 她了解你 她会压力很大的 咱不都是嘛 快买礼品篮吧!

[11:14.54]Let's say for a moment that I accept the bath item gift hypothesis, - 你好 我们选好了 - 没选好

[11:16.56]这么说吧 假如我暂且同意 购买沐浴用品

[11:18.30]I now lay the following conundrum at your feet: Which size?

[11:20.32]接下来又有这样一个难题: 买哪个大小的?

[11:22.64]This one. Let's go.

[11:24.53]You put no thought into that. 这个 付钱去吧

[11:26.25]I'm sorry. Uh... this one. Let's go! 你都不好好想想

[11:28.27]不好意思 就这个! 快付钱去吧

[11:31.88]I have insufficient data to proceed.

[11:33.66]- Excuse me,miss? - Yes? 处理这一问题的数据尚不充分

[11:36.75]If I were to give you this gift basket,based on that action alone and no other data, - 请问一下 小姐? - 嗯?

[11:38.77]如果我将这个礼篮送给你 仅根据这一举动 不考虑其他任何因素

[11:41.34]infer and describe the hypothetical relationship that exists between us.

[11:43.36]请你推断并描述 我俩之间可能的关系

[11:47.68]Excuse me?

[11:50.04]Here. 什么意思?

[11:51.92]Now,are we friends? Colleagues? Lovers? 给你

[11:53.94]你说 我俩是朋友呢? 同事呢? 还是恋人?

[11:56.57]Are you my grandmother?

[11:58.59]或者 你是我奶奶?

[12:00.38]I don't understand what you're talking about and you're making me a little uncomfortable.

[12:02.40]你说的我啥都听不懂 你再说我要生气了啊

[12:05.34]See? Sounds just like you and Penny. We'll take it.

[12:07.36]看到没? 简直是你和Penny的翻版嘛 我们就买这个

[12:13.86]Hey,Leonard. Come,join us.

[12:15.08]Oh,hey,Dave. And Penny,what a surprise. 嘿 Leonard 快过来 一起吧

[12:17.10]嘿 Dave 哇 Penny 好惊喜哦

[12:18.99]Hey,Leonard. Dave was just showing me around the university.

[12:21.30]You know,this place is unbelievable! 嘿 Leonard Dave刚带着我在校园里兜了兜

[12:23.35]Yeah,I know. I've been offering to show you around for a year and a half. 学校好漂亮啊!

[12:25.37]我知道 我邀你参观 都邀了一年半了

[12:27.63]You always said you had yoga.

[12:29.87]I never said that. 你每次都说 要上瑜伽课

[12:31.21]Maybe I heard you wrong. 我没说过吧

[12:32.95]A lot of words sound like "yoga." 大概我听错了

[12:36.23]This is an amazing woman,Leonard. 好多词都跟"瑜伽"发音相近

[12:37.83]She has a curious and agile mind,not to mention being curious and agile in other respects. 这个女人太不可思议了 Leonard

[12:39.85]她充满求知欲 头脑机敏 更不用说 其他方面也很敏捷很渴求

[12:43.40]Oh,shut up!

[12:45.21]Yes,please shut up. 快别说了!

[12:47.23]对啊 快别说了

[12:48.77]So,um,Dave,don't you think you and I should get back to the lab?

[12:50.79]Dave 咱们是不是该回实验室了?

[12:52.57]You know,that dark matter isn't going to detect itself.


[12:59.05]Actually,I was thinking about taking the afternoon off

[13:01.03]so I could work on another experiment with Penny. 我倒想今儿下午请个假

[13:03.53]Really? We're going to do an experiment? 好跟Penny做做另外一项实验

[13:05.83]We're going to explore the effects of tequila shots on a gorgeous 22-year-old woman. 真的? 我们要做实验了?

[13:07.85]我们将探索一下 龙舌兰酒 作用于芳龄22的美女身上 有什么效果

[13:10.49]It's not an experiment! You saw what happened last night.

[13:12.51]这哪是什么实验呀! 你昨晚也看到结果了

[13:15.36]- You ready to go? - Yeah.

[13:16.87]Oh,can I drive the motorcycle? - 那我们走吧? - 好

[13:18.33]Yeah,why not? You can't do any worse than Leonard. 喔 我能骑骑你的摩托车不?

[13:20.35]当然 反正不会比Leonard逊

[13:22.09]That's funny.


[13:26.65]By the way,my leg is killing me. Thanks for asking.

[13:28.67]顺便说句 我腿疼死啦 多谢你们关心

[13:53.31]Mmm,great news,Leonard.

[13:54.80]I've solved my Penny gift dilemma. 大好消息啊 Leonard

[13:57.33]Yippee. 要不要给Penny回礼的问题 我已经解决了

[13:59.22]You see,the danger was that I might under or over-reciprocate, 好开心

[14:02.59]but I have devised a foolproof plan. 你知道 我回的礼 可能太轻 也可能太重

[14:04.59]See,I will open her gift to me first and then excuse myself, 但我想出了完美的计划

[14:06.61]到时候 我先拆开她送的礼物 然后借口失陪

[14:08.69]feigning digestive distress.

[14:10.44]Then I'll look up the price of her gift online,choose the basket closest to that value, 假装肠胃不适

[14:12.46]然后迅速在网上查好礼物价格 选一个价格最接近的礼篮

[14:15.74]give it to her and then I'll return the others for a full refund.

[14:17.76]送给她 之后再把其他礼篮都送去退掉


[14:23.80]It is,isn't it? 太聪明了

[14:26.17]Is it okay if I hide them in your room? 当然了 敢说不是?

[14:28.37]The smell makes me nauseated. 我把篮子藏你房间里成不?

[14:30.39]那股味道哟 闻了就要吐

[14:31.90]Do whatever you want.

[14:33.26]Thank you,that's very gracious. 随你怎么办吧

[14:35.28]谢谢 你真是品格高尚



[14:42.29]Why couldn't you have just done what Leonard did and get Penny a new boyfriend?

[14:44.31]你就不能学学Leonard? 给Penny找个男朋友不就行了?!

[14:50.71]My leg is killing me. Thanks for asking.

[14:52.73]腿要痛死了 谢谢大家关心

[15:04.31]Okay,I have just one question for you.

[15:07.75]While I am perfectly happy with the way things are between us, 好 我就问你一个问题

[15:10.39]you said that you didn't want to go out with me because I was too smart for you! 我对咱俩的关系状况非常满意

[15:13.60]Well,news flash,lady: David Underhill is ten times smarter than me! 你那时说不愿意跟我约会 是因为我太聪明了!

[15:15.62]告诉你吧 姑娘: Dave Underhill比我聪明十倍!

[15:18.54]You'd have to drive a railroad spike into his brain for me to beat him at checkers!

[15:20.56]跟他下跳棋 得往他脑子里戳根大铁钉 我才能赢他

[15:23.70]Next to him,I'm like one of those sign-language gorillas who knows how to ask for grapes!

[15:25.72]跟他比起来 我就像是只会做做手势的大猩猩 只知道怎么讨葡萄吃!

[15:29.44]So,my question is...

[15:32.18]What's up with that? 所以 我要问的就是...


[15:36.14]Why are you yelling at me?

[15:38.68]Sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry! Never mind,we're cool. 你吼我干什么嘛

[15:40.70]不好意思 对不起对不起 别往心里去 我没怪你

[15:43.02]Dave is not smarter than you. He's an idiot.

[15:45.04]Dave才没有比你聪明呢 他是个傻冒儿

[15:46.65]Really? Why would you say that?

[15:49.31]Because a smart guy takes the nude photos of his wife off his cell phone 真的? 为啥这么说呢?

[15:51.33]真正的聪明人 用手机给女朋友拍裸照之前

[15:53.41]before he tries to take nude photos of his girlfriend.


[15:58.61]He tried to take nude photos of you?

[16:01.31]That's what you took from that? 他要给你拍裸照?


[16:06.08]The guy is married!

[16:08.14]Oh,yeah. I'm so-- Oh,that's terrible. 那家伙都有老婆了!

[16:10.16]是哇... 真是... 太糟了

[16:13.35]And you,if you are so okay with the way things are between us,

[16:15.98]why are you so jealous? 那你呢 既然你对咱俩的关系很满意

[16:17.94]Well,uh... 你吃个什么醋啊?

[16:20.47]The important thing is he's married and that's terrible!

[16:22.49]关键是 他已经结婚了! 太不厚道了呀!

[16:26.24]Nice save,genius.

[16:29.50]Eggnog? 算你嘴巴灵

[16:30.55]Lactose. 要蛋奶酒不?

[16:33.55]It's just rum. It stopped being eggnog like half an hour ago. 我不耐乳糖

[16:35.57]只有朗姆酒啦 1小时前就不是蛋奶酒了


[16:45.44]Smoother than you. 好醇~~

[16:48.59]Come on,it's Christmas, just give me this one. 是啊 比你好咧

[16:50.61]都圣诞节了 你就迁就我一回呗

[16:52.85]Okay,Merry Christmas.

[16:54.87]好吧 圣诞快乐

[17:01.62]By the way,my leg is killing me. Thanks for asking.

[17:03.64]顺便说哇 我腿快疼死了 多谢关心

[17:13.03]- Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.

[17:14.77]- How's your leg? - Very good,thanks for asking. Come on in. - 圣诞快乐 - 圣诞快乐

[17:16.99]- 你腿咋样了? - 好多了 谢谢关心 进来吧

[17:19.04]Ah,good,Penny,you're here to exchange gifts.

[17:21.26]喔 太好了 Penny 你终于来交换礼物了

[17:25.93]You'll be pleased to know I'm prepared for whatever you have to offer.

[17:28.15]你一定很高兴 因为我的回礼准备很周到哦


[17:33.02]行~ 给你

[17:35.97]I should note I'm having some digestive distress,

[17:38.19]先说一句 我的肠胃不太舒服

[17:41.22]so,if I excuse myself abruptly,don't be alarmed.

[17:43.44]所以 要是我突然离开一阵 你可别慌

[17:53.27]Oh,a napkin.

[17:55.49]哦 小餐巾呐

[17:58.33]Turn it over.


[18:06.42]"To Sheldon,

[18:08.12]"live long and prosper. "献给Sheldon:

[18:11.80]Leonard Nimoy." 愿你多寿多福

[18:14.02]Leonard Nimoy敬上" (Spock的扮演者)

[18:17.10]Yeah,he came into the restaurant.

[18:18.31]Sorry the napkin's dirty. He wiped his mouth with it. 他前几天来咱餐馆了

[18:20.53]不好意思餐巾有点脏 他用这擦过嘴

[18:26.26]I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?!

[18:28.48]我拥有Leonard Nimoy的DNA了?!


[18:38.57]Yeah,yeah. I guess. But look,he signed it.

[18:41.36]Do you realize what this means?! 对 是吧 你看啊 他签了名呢


[18:46.30]All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!

[18:48.52]只需要一个健康的卵细胞 就可以培育属于我的Leonard Nimoy了!

[18:55.68]Okay,all I'm giving you is the napkin,Sheldon.

[18:57.90]我能给你的 只有这块餐巾 Sheldonn

[19:01.92]Be right back.


[19:06.28]Here. Open it.

[19:08.50]给你 打开瞧瞧

[19:10.68]Oh,a gift cerficate for motorcycle lessons.


[19:17.82]Very thoughtful.

[19:19.16]Yeah,and I checked. Not letting the bike fall on you 想的真周到

[19:21.61]while standing still is lesson one. 我查过了哦 站立时 别让车子压到身上


[19:25.37]Oh,then,I think you'll appreciate what I got you.

[19:28.12]Okay. 啊 那我想 你会喜欢我的礼物的

[19:33.33]"101 Totally Cool Science Experiments for Kids."


[19:41.89]You know,'cause you're so into science.

[19:44.11]你知道的嘛 你多热爱科学哇

[19:55.70]Sheldon! What did you do?!

[19:58.47]I know! Sheldon 你这是干嘛?!

[20:01.31]It's not enough,is it? 我知道啊!




[20:20.10]Leonard,look! Sheldon's hugging me.

[20:22.32]Leonard 看啊 Sheldon拥抱我了诶

[20:24.76]It's a Saturnalia miracle.

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