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生活大爆炸第二季14: Sheldon借钱给penny及Leonard帮penny向前男友讨债事件







[00:04.59]The problem appears to be unsolvable. 问题看来是解不出了

[00:06.44]Maybe we could run some computer simulations. 做电脑模拟试试呢

[00:08.53]There are too many variables. It would take forever. 变量太多 一辈子都弄不完

[00:11.05]We've got to be missing something. 肯定漏下啥了

[00:13.57]Let's start again. 咱重来一次

[00:15.02]The movie is playing here at 7:20, here at 7:40, here at 8:10 and here at 8:45. 电影在这是7:20上映 这是7:40 这是8:10 这里是8:45

[00:21.67]- These theaters have to be eliminated. - Why? - 这些影院要排除掉 - 为啥?

[00:24.53]They're state-of-the-art digital projection, 20-channel surround sound. 这有最先进的数码放映机 20通路环绕立体声

[00:27.39]Yes, but they have no Icee machines. 是 但那没有冰吸饮料机

[00:31.17]Despite my aggressive letter-writing campaign, I might add. 还无视我的写信抗议 顺便说一下

[00:34.95]What about the multiplex here? The seats are terrific. 这个多功能影厅怎么样? 座位舒服极了

[00:37.72]They have Twizzlers instead of Red Vines. 那的绳子糖是Twizzlers牌而不是Red Vines的

[00:39.73]No amount of lumbar support can compensate for that. 坐着腰部再舒服也无法弥补

[00:43.79]Well, it's gonna take at least an hour to eat, 吃饭至少要花上一小时

[00:45.69]and I don't see a Sheldon-approved restaurant proximate to a Sheldon-approved theater. 咋就找不到Sheldon许可餐厅 和Sheldon许可影院挨着那种呢

[00:50.09]- We could eat after the movie. - Unacceptable. - 咱可以看完再吃 - 不可以

[00:52.75]The delay would result in tomorrow morning's bowel movement occurring at work. 晚吃饭的话 明早工作时该想排便了

[00:57.77]Hang on, hang on. There's a 7-Eleven here. 别急 别急 这有个7-11便利店

[01:00.86]We smuggle Srpies, which are essentially Icees, in under our coats, 我们把思乐冰雪泥藏衣服里带进去 就当做冰吸果饮

[01:04.72]after having a pleasant meal either here, here or here. 之前呢 先在这 这或这饱餐一顿

[01:10.68]I don't see how we missed that. 刚才咋没发现呢

[01:12.08]Excuse me, in what universe are Slurpies Icees? 打扰一下 啥时候思乐冰雪泥 成了冰吸果饮的一种了?

[01:17.93]That's how we missed it. 所以没发现呗

[01:20.25]Sheldon, would you be prepared, on a non-precedential basis, Sheldon 你能不能就破例一次

[01:22.87]to create an emergency ad hoc Slurpie-Icee equivalency? 紧急临时把这俩饮品等同看待?

[01:26.03]Oh, Leonard, you know I can't do that. 哦 Leonard 你知道我做不到

[01:30.96]Okay, I guess we only have one option. 好了 看来只有一个法子了

[01:32.91]Yep, I don't see any way around it. 是啊 别无他法

[01:35.80]- Bye, Sheldon. - See ya. - 拜 Sheldon - 再见

[01:36.73]Stay loose. 不用送

[01:44.51]They're right, it was the only option. 他们没错 就这一个办法了

[02:14.72]Ooh, ooh, shut the door, shut the door.

[02:16.12]- Why? - Just do it! 噢噢 关门 关门

[02:18.90]- 为啥? - 关就是了!

[02:22.55]- Get inside and shut the door. - Well, you didn't specify.

[02:25.33]- 进来再关门 - 你又没说清楚

[02:29.02]Is Leonard around?

[02:30.02]He went to the movies without me.

[02:31.99]It was the only option. Leonard在吗?

[02:32.80]他去看电影了 没带上我


[02:42.59]I'm sorry, I don't understand which social situation this is.

[02:46.17]Could you give me some guidance as to how to proceed? 抱歉 我还没搞清是什么状况

[02:48.66]The building manager's showing an apartment downstairs, and I haven't paid my rent. 你能给点指示告诉我接下来干啥吗?

[02:51.44]大楼管理人在楼下介绍房子呢 我还没付房租

[02:52.99]Oh, I see.

[02:55.59]Penny, I'm not sure I'm comfortable harboring a fugitive from the 2311 North Los Robles Corporation. 哦 明白了

[02:58.37]Penny 我好像不太喜欢私藏 北Los Robles公寓楼2311号逃犯

[03:01.19]It's no big deal.I'm just a little behind on my bills

[03:03.74]because they cut back my hours at the restaurant and my car broke down. 没啥大不了的 我就是有点缺钱

[03:07.02]If you recall, I pointed out the "check engine" light to you several months ago. 因为他们削减了我的上班时间 而且我的车还坏了

[03:09.80]你还记得的话 几个月前我跟你 提过"检查引擎"指示灯的事

[03:12.51]The "check engine" light is fine. It's still blinking away.

[03:15.29]"检查引擎"的灯没事 还闪啊闪呢

[03:17.42]It's the stupid engine that stopped working.

[03:21.01]It cost me like $1,200 to fix it. 是那倒霉引擎坏掉了

[03:24.23]You know, it occurs to me you could solve all your problems by obtaining more money. 花了我1200块去修

[03:27.01]知道么 我突然想到 你可以挣更多钱来解决这些问题

[03:32.21]Yes, it occurs to me, too.

[03:35.90]Hang on a moment. 是哈 我也想到了


[03:47.40]Here. Take some. Pay me back when you can.

[03:51.05]Wow, you got a lot of money in there. 来 拿点吧 有钱了再还

[03:53.15]That's why it's guarded by snakes. 哇 里面钱还不少啊


[03:58.09]- Take some. - Don't be silly.

[03:59.87]I'm never silly. - 拿点吧 - 别犯傻了

[04:03.39]- Here. - No, I can't. 我才不傻

[04:05.43]Don't you need money? - 拿着 - 不 不行

[04:06.64]- Well, yeah, but... - This is money I'm not using.

[04:08.93]But what if you need it? 你不是需要钱吗?

[04:10.67]My expenses account for 46. 9% of my after-tax income. - 需要 但是... - 这些钱我用不着


[04:14.44]The rest is divvied up between a small savings account, 我的花销占我税后工资的46.9%

[04:17.22]this deceptive container of peanut brittle 其他钱就分摊给小的储蓄帐户

[04:19.44]and the hollowed-out buttocks of a superhero action figure 也就是这个糊弄人的花生脆罐子

[04:22.79]who shall remain nameless for his own protection. 还有一个超级英雄手办 被掏空的屁股


[04:28.26]Or her own protection.


[04:34.33]- Take some. - Really? I mean, are you sure?

[04:36.99]I see no large upcoming expenditures unless they develop an affordable technology - 拿点吧 - 真的? 你确定?

[04:40.77]to fuse my skeleton with adamantium like Wolverine. 我看不会有什么大的开销 除非发明了负担得起的科技

[04:43.55]可以让我的骨骼坚硬 像金刚狼一样

[04:45.69]Are th working on that?

[04:48.12]I sincerely hope so. 真在发明这个?


[04:52.80]Okay. Well, thank you.

[04:55.58]好吧 谢谢

[05:18.91]Oh, no, I can't.

[05:20.35]Sheldon honey, I don't want things to be weird between us. 哦 不 我不能要

[05:23.01]Won't it also be weird if I have to say hello to you every morning on my way to work Sheldon亲爱的 我不想把咱俩关系搞得怪怪的

[05:27.09]and you're living in a refrigerator box and washing your hair with rain water? 那我每天早晨上班路上都要和你打招呼

[05:29.87]你要住在冰箱里 用雨水洗头 这样怪不怪呢?

[05:32.53]I'll pay you back as soon as I can.

[05:34.70]Of course you will. 我一有钱就还给你

[05:36.51]It's impossible to pay me back sooner than you can. 那是当然

[05:39.89]Assuming you subscribe to a linear understanding of time and causality. 你还没钱呢就还我是不可能的嘛


[05:45.40]I'm regretting this already.


[05:51.41]You know, I've given the matter some thought,

[05:53.20]and I think I'd be willing to be a house pet to a race of super-intelligent aliens. 我考虑了一下那个问题



[06:02.85]Ask me why. 有意思

[06:05.33]Do I have to? 问问我为什么

[06:07.09]Of course. That's how you move a conversation forward. 必须问啊?

[06:10.68]Why? 当然了 这样才能继续对话啊

[06:11.95]The learning opportunities would be abundant.

[06:14.43]Additionally, I like having my belly scratched. 为什么呢?


[06:17.21]还有呢 我喜欢人家挠我肚肚

[06:20.62]Hey, Penny. How was work?

[06:21.85]Grt. I hope I'm a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory for my whole life.

[06:23.40]嘿 Penny 工作咋样?

[06:24.63]棒极了 真希望一辈子都做蛋糕店的服务员

[06:26.83]Was that sarcasm?

[06:29.01]No. 这是说反话吗?

[06:30.18]Was that sarcasm?

[06:31.90]Yes. 不是

[06:33.53]- Was that sar-- - Stop it! 这是说反话吗?


[06:37.25]Penny, you appear to have a package here. - 这是说反话... - 打住吧!

[06:40.18]Oh, thanks. This must be the beret I ordered. Penny 你有一个包裹

[06:42.84]A couple of months ago. It was back-ordered. 哦 谢谢 肯定是我订的贝雷帽

[06:46.07]Did you know the beret is an example of piece of women's fashion adapted from male military uniforms? 几个月前订的 延期交货

[06:48.85]知道不 贝雷帽是由男性军装 演变来的女性时尚之一?

[06:52.03]Another fascinating example is the epaulet.


[06:57.41]He's not lying. He does find that fascinating.

[07:01.42]Okay, whatever. 他说真的 他真觉得那玩意不错

[07:02.75]It's not like I'm running up and down the streets just buying myself berets. 好了 随便了

[07:05.87]I bought one, like, a month ago, and it was back-ordered. 我又不是到处跑 只为买贝雷帽

[07:08.17]Look, it finally arrived, all right? 我买了一顶 n个月前买的 还是延期交货

[07:10.15]- All right. - Oh, my God, would you just get off my case? 瞧着 终于来了 好吗?

[07:12.93]- 好吧 - 哦 天啊 你能别理我了不?


[07:17.39]Oh, good, that was an unusual interaction. I wasn't sure.


[07:20.17]哦 是啊 这次交流的确别扭 我还不确定呢

[07:22.82]Did you guys have an argument?

[07:24.15]No. 你俩吵架了?

[07:25.37]Well, you clearly did something to aggravate her.


[07:28.72]I'm at a loss. 你肯定做啥事惹着她了

[07:30.22]If you like, you can review my daily log of social interactions 我糊涂了都

[07:34.28]and see if there's a blunder I overlooked. 你愿意的话 可以看看我的每日交际记录


[07:38.78]Here you go.

[07:39.96]Oh, you owe me another two dollars. The price of moo shu pork went up.


[07:44.00]It's getting tougher and tougher to be a bad Jew. 对了 你欠我两块钱 木须肉涨价了


[07:49.22]Here you go, Penny. Shrimp with lobster sauce.

[07:51.32]Thank you, Leonard. What's my share? 你的 Penny 带龙虾酱的虾

[07:53.23]Don't worry about it. It's my treat. 谢了 Leonard 我的多少钱?

[07:54.56]- No, really, how much? - It's... hatever. $10, $11. 算了 我请客

[07:57.90]Well, which is it, $10 or $11? - 不 说真的 多少钱? - 10块还是11块吧

[07:59.71]14.50 But it's no biggie. 到底多少 10还是11?

[08:02.65]You'll get the next one. 14.5 不算什么啦



[08:09.02]He was just wondering if he wo skintight jeans and a tank top 笑啥?

[08:12.63]if he'd get his shrimp lo mein for free. 他在想要是他也穿紧身仔裤吊带背心


[08:17.28]What are you saying?

[08:18.50]That I'm using my body to get dinner?

[08:20.42]That I'm some kind of Chinese food prostitute? 说什么呢?



[08:25.65]Yeah, Raj, what are you saying?

[08:28.31]'Cause let me tell you something, buddy. 就是 Raj 咋说话呢?

[08:29.51]I pay my own way in this world, okay?

[08:31.04]I don't rely on anybody! 我告诉你们 兄弟们

[08:32.29]我自己花自己的钱 好不?


[08:39.04]What was that about?

[08:40.03]He has a nervous bladder when he's stressed out.


[08:42.81]他一紧张 膀胱就受不了

[08:44.71]Kind of like a puppy.

[08:48.76]Here, Leonard-- $10, $11, $12... 跟狗狗差不多

[08:52.94]It was $14. 50, but it's okay. 给你 Leonard 10 11 12...14块钱

[08:56.40]Oh, good. Dinner's here. 是14块5 但没事的

[08:58.04]Yes, dinner's here, and I'm having some. I'm having takeout food. 哦 太好了 晚饭来了

[09:00.74]- Okay. - You're damn right it's okay. 是的 有晚饭吃 我在吃 我在吃外带食品

[09:02.36]I've been having leftovers at the restaurant for like four days, - 好吧 - 你算是说对了

[09:04.67]and I wanted something different. So sue me. 我在餐馆吃了4天剩饭了

[09:06.48]Forgive me, Penny, but that would be the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit. 我想吃点不一样的 咋了 去告我呀

[09:09.26]恕我直言 Penny 那可就是纯粹的琐碎案了

[09:12.44]Sheldon, look, I will pay you back as soon as I can.

[09:14.18]You just have to give me more time. Sheldon 听着 我一有钱就还你

[09:15.50]Oh, wait, you lent her money? 你得多给我点时间

[09:17.22]She needed money. 等等 你借她钱了?

[09:18.69]You seem under pressure. Did I not lend you a sufficient amount? 她需要钱

[09:21.85]Because I n give you more. 你看起来很有负担 我借你的钱不够?

[09:23.32]Oh, you know, you would just love that, wouldn't you? Yeah. 我还可以多给你点

[09:26.10]哦 你就爱施舍是吧?

[09:29.22]You would just love to open up your little snake can

[09:32.02]and throw some money at the girl who can't pay her bills. 你就喜欢打开那小蛇罐子


[09:36.82]Where are you going?

[09:37.63]Going home, where I won't be interrogated like a criminal.


[09:40.41]回家 我可不想被当做犯人审了

[09:46.35]I forgot my fortune cookie.


[09:52.67]In case either of you have larceny in your heart,

[09:54.93]you should know that I've moved my money out of the snake can. 提前跟心怀鬼胎的人说


[10:01.58]But if you're ever short, there's always a couple of 50s in Green Lantern's ass.

[10:04.36]你们要是啥时候缺钱 绿灯侠的屁股里永远藏着几张50的

[10:16.86]A little mood lighting, huh?

[10:18.93]Yeah.When I didn't pay my bill, 蛮有情调哈?

[10:20.82]the Department of Water and Power thought I would enjoy the ambience. 是啊 我没付账单


[10:25.81]Yeah, they're very considerate that way.

[10:28.71]I used Sheldon's money to pay my rent. 是啊 他们还真体贴

[10:30.54]Then I had like $14 left over. 我用Sheldon的钱付了房租

[10:34.35]$14, huh? 然后剩下14块吧

[10:37.10]Put it back in your pocket, or I'll find some other place to put it. 14块哦?

[10:41.61]Back in the pocket it goes. 放回口袋里 要不我找地方塞

[10:44.38]Look, you do understd that Sheldon really doesn't care when he gets the money back. 放回口袋啦

[10:48.07]It's actually one of the few idiosyncrasies that doesn't make you want to, you know, kill him. 你该知道Sheldon并不在意你啥时候还钱

[10:51.31]说实话 是他少有的几个好地方之一 让人不那么想...杀了他

[10:53.90]Yeah, well, that's not really my big problem.

[10:56.18]So you're a little behind on your bills. Everybody gets behind on their bills. 那倒不是我的大问题

[10:59.60]Yeah, I know, it's just... this wasn't the plan. 你缺钱 付不起账单嘛 人人都有这样的时候

[11:02.51]It wasn't supposed to go this way. 是 我知道 只是...计划不是这样的

[11:04.31]Well, what was the plan? 不该这样嘛

[11:06.57]Um, waitress for six months and then become a movie star. 计划是什么样的?

[11:09.81]做六个月服务员 然后成为电影明星

[11:13.16]Was there a plan B?

[11:14.49]TV star.


[11:18.24]It's probably not as bad as you think. Let's take a look. 电视明星

[11:20.87]Maybe we can find some corners to cut. 或许没你想的那么糟 我们看看

[11:23.73]Oh, here's something. 也许能找到省钱的法子呢

[11:25.18]If you don't have electricity, then you probably don't need cable.


[11:28.42]你要是没电的话 也就用不上有线电视了

[11:31.20]Just a suggestion.

[11:34.99]$170 dollars for acting classes? 提议而已

[11:37.38]Oh, no, I can't give up my acting classes. 170美元的表演课?

[11:39.23]I'm a professional actress. 不行 表演课绝对不能省

[11:41.96]You've had an acting job where you got paid? 我是职业演员

[11:44.33]That is not the definition of professional. 你有能进账的表演工作了?


[11:51.05]Actually, it kind of... Let's keep looking.

[11:54.29]其实吧 有点...咱接着看

[11:55.84]Whoa, what's $1,800 to the Los Angeles County Superior Court?

[11:59.08]喔 洛杉矶高级法庭的1800块怎么回事?

[12:01.09]Oh, that's nothing.

[12:02.92]Nothing? It sounds like you got caught speeding going 4,000 miles an hour. 哦 没什么

[12:06.16]没什么? 这么多钱感觉像你 以每小时4千英里超速被捕呢

[12:09.60]Well, remember Kurt?

[12:11.21]Your ex-boyfriend?

[12:13.45]Yeah. He got arrested for taking a whiz on a cop car. 记得Kurt吗?


[12:16.53]- What? - He was drunk. 嗯 他在警车上撒尿被抓了

[12:18.56]I would hope so. - 啥? - 他喝多了

[12:20.81]Anyway, he had a bunch of outstanding tickets and a bench warrant, 我猜也是

[12:23.48]so I, you know, I paid his fines. 总之 他收了一堆罚单和一张拘票

[12:26.45]Did he pay you back? 我...替他付了罚款

[12:27.59]No, but he will.

[12:29.35]And that's based on the inherent credit-worthiness of people 他还你没有?

[12:30.83]没 但他会还的

[12:32.63]who get drunk and urinate on police vehicles? 你信那与生俱来值得信赖

[12:36.31]Leonard, I'm not gonna call up Kurt and ask him for money. 喝得醉醺醺 在警车上撒尿的人?

[12:39.66]Well... what are you gonna do? Leonard 我才不会打电话给Kurt 找他要钱呢

[12:42.50]I don't know, but I may have to find a cheaper place to live. 那你怎么办?

[12:45.75]Oh, no... 不知道 或许得找个便宜的地方住

[12:49.13]Oh, you don't want to do that. 不要啊

[12:51.46]Why not? 你不能搬啊

[12:53.23]Moving is a big deal. 为什么不?

[12:55.22]You have to go to the supermarket and get boxes, 搬家可是大事

[12:59.23]and if they're not clean, then your books smell like melons, and it's just, like... 你得去超市 找盒子

[13:02.47]要是盒子不干净 你的书会有西瓜味...

[13:05.01]Why don't you just get a roommate a stay here?

[13:07.59]Well, do you know anybody? 干嘛不找个室友来 继续住这里?

[13:09.13]Well, I'm sure the guy living with Sheldon wouldn't mind moving in with you.



[13:15.42]Oh, Leonard, honey, if we started living together,

[13:18.54]I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. Leonard 亲爱的 要是我们住在一起



[13:27.03]And you thought my acting lessons were a waste of money. 真的?


[13:35.92]This moo shu pork's burning a hole through my duodenum.


[13:41.45]Leviticus 11:3: "Only that which parteth the hoof and cheweth the cud among the beasts shall ye eat."

[13:44.69]利未记 第十一章第三节 "凡蹄分两瓣 倒嚼的走兽 你们都可以吃"

[13:50.26]Hey, do I mock you with the Bhagavad-Gita every time you scarf down a Whopper?

[13:53.50]嘿 你每次吞下大汉堡时 我嘲笑过"巴哥维得·吉它"没?

[13:53.50]Bhagavad-Gita 巴哥维得·吉它 印度教中最重要的宗教书籍

[13:59.62]Hey, what's going on?

[14:00.62]We're on a quest through the Valley of Fire to acquire the sacred crown.

[14:03.68]You want the Valley of Fire? It's right here. 嘿 咋样?


[14:08.33]Hey, you guys want to go on a real live quest? 想找火之山谷? 就在这呢

[14:10.29]Outside? I just made cocoa. 嘿 你们想不想来个真正的探险?

[14:14.11]- Come on. It'll be fun. - What is it? 外出啊? 我刚做了可可

[14:17.08]Do you guys remember Penny's ex-boyfriend Kurt? - 来吧 肯定有意思 - 啥事啊?


[14:22.70]Yeah, that's him.

[14:24.34]It tur out he owes Penny a lot of money, and I'm gonna go get it from him.

[14:25.94]对 就是他

[14:28.56]Who's with me? 原来他欠Penny很多钱 我想去找他要回来


[14:33.99]Ooh, double sixes.

[14:36.10]Really? You're just gonna let me go by myself? 哦 两个六

[14:38.50]Oh, cool, I got a sword. 真的啊? 你们就让我自己去?

[14:40.97]I could use some help. 哦 太棒了 我得到了剑

[14:43.23]Here. 我需要帮忙

[14:46.44]You guys are unbelievable. 给你

[14:47.85]You play a game to simulate adventure,

[14:49.62]but when there's real adventure out there in the real world, you just wimp out. 你们真是叫我无语


[14:53.42]Leonard, do you not recall the last time we visited this gentleman, we returned home without pants? 现在真有探险了吧 你们又怂了

[14:56.66]Leonard 还记得上次去拜访这位绅士吗 回来时连裤子都没有了?

[15:01.02]- I do. - Are you sure?

[15:02.92]Because your proposal suggests that you don't. - 记得 - 真记得?

[15:05.66]- I'm not afraid of him. - All right. Leonard fairly calls the question: 听这提议感觉你忘了呢

[15:09.53]Who is in favor of abandoning our game and confronting Penny's steroid-infused ex-boyfriend - 我不怕他 - 好吧 Leonard提出了一个问题

[15:12.77]谁想放下手中的游戏 加入到对峙 Penny打鸡血的前男友的

[15:14.75]in a suicidal mission to extract money from him?


[15:20.56]Say hi to Kurt for us.

[15:24.31]Excuse me. 替我们给Kurt带好

[15:25.58]When Frodo left the Shire to take the one ring to Mordor,

[15:28.24]didn't Samwise, Pippin d Merry go with him? 听我说

[15:28.82]当弗拉多离开夏尔 拿着戒指到魔多时

[15:30.53]- They did. - Well? 山姆怀斯 皮平和梅利没跟他一起去?

[15:31.68]They had a terrible time of it, Leonard.

[15:33.77]- 去了 - 那你们呢

[15:36.03]Plus, no one stole their pants. 他们可是受尽苦啊 Leonard

[15:39.53]Fine. Enjoy your little game. I'll make this quest on my own. 而且没人偷他们裤子

[15:44.12]Leonard, wait. 好吧 享受你们的小游戏吧 我自己去找他

[15:45.78]Take a jacket. It's shpritzing a little.

[15:47.36]Leonard 等等

[15:49.42]You guys suck. 穿个外套 有点小雨


[15:54.19]Come on, please? He's so big.

[15:57.43]来嘛 拜托了? 他块头太大

[15:59.42]Okay, is everyone clear on the plan?

[16:01.24]Yes. Koothrappali's going to wet himself, I'm gonna throw up, 好了 计划都清楚了?

[16:03.82]Sheldon's gonna run away, and you're going to die. 是的 Koothrappali会尿裤子 我会吐

[16:07.06]Sheldon会跑掉 你会死翘翘

[16:08.73]Shall we synchronize our watches?

[16:11.25]Guys, there are four of us and one of him. 对一下时间?

[16:13.44]Which means his triumph will be even larger. 伙计们 我们有4个人 他才一个

[16:17.40]Minstrels will write songs about him. 那他的胜利就更加伟大了

[16:20.50]Okay, how about this? I'll do the talking. 歌手会写歌歌颂他的

[16:22.02]You just stand behind me and try to look formidable.

[16:23.74]好了 这样吧? 我来谈

[16:25.26]你们就站我后边 装的吓人一点

[16:31.23]I should've peed before we left.

[16:35.45]Yeah? 出门前该先尿一泡的


[16:40.28]- Hi, Kurt. - Lenny, right?

[16:42.87]I don't really go by Lenny, but that's okay. - 嗨 Kurt - Lenny 对吧?

[16:44.83]Um, you remember Sheldon, Howard and Raj. 我不喜欢人叫我Lenny 但也行啦

[16:49.55]No. What do you want? 记得吗 他们是Sheldon Howard和Raj

[16:52.23]You don't remember me? How could he not remember me? 不记得 你有什么事?

[16:54.93]Sheldon, not now. 你不记得我了? 他怎么会不记得我呢?

[16:55.99]I remember him.

[16:58.26]Okay, here it is.Penny's in kind of a financial jam, Sheldon 不是时候


[17:01.41]and the money that you owe her would go a long way to solving her problems. 好的 是这样 Penny有点经济困难

[17:05.22]And she sent you to get it from me? 你欠她的那些钱可以解决她的难题

[17:06.75]No, no, she's too proud to ask for the money.

[17:09.64]I, on the other hand, feel you should honor your debt. 她派你来讨债的?

[17:09.99]不不 她放不下架子来要钱

[17:12.37]You do? 我呢 则觉得你欠债应该还钱


[17:17.49]Feel is a kind of a... it's a strong word.

[17:19.66]Um, I just think it would be a nice gesture on your part. "觉得"这词其实...是很强烈一词

[17:23.04]She'll get it when she gets it. 我认为这样做对你也好


[17:29.36]Well, there you go. Problem solved.

[17:33.06]A successful quest. Now let's go find a gas station with a clean bathroom. 得 问题解决了

[17:37.62]No, the problem isn't soed. He just ew uoff. 探险成功 咱现在去找个 带干净卫生间的加油站吧

[17:41.00]******** 不行 还没解决 他根本没往心里去

[17:44.24]知道了 他不认得我是因为 上次见面时我穿的是万圣节衣服

[17:49.11]Come on, Leonard, let'go

[17:50.54]NoYou can leave if you want to. I'gonna see this through.

[17:53.59]Okay. 好了 Leonard 走吧

[17:53.78]不走 要走你走 我要搞搞清楚


[18:00.87]I guess, technically, that was my fault.

[18:04.11]我想 应该是我的错

[18:09.67]I'm not leaving here without Penny's money.

[18:13.18]What happened to your backup? 拿不回Penny的钱我就不走

[18:15.83]I don't need backup. 你的后援团呢?

[18:18.21]I have right on my side. 我不需要后援


[18:24.61]And I'm wearing cargo shorts under my pants.



[18:32.04]You may not have succeeded in getting cash,

[18:33.80]but you did secure a formal acknowledgment of the debt. 恭喜



[18:42.57]Maybe we should have your head notarized.


[18:48.44]If anybody cares, I still have to pee.

[18:51.68]各位行行好 我还是得尿尿

[18:59.82]- Is Sheldon here? - Yeah. Hang on. Sheldon!

[19:02.75]Nice hat. - Sheldon在吗? - 嗯 等会 Sheldon!

[19:03.81]It's kind of a fashionable look these days.

[19:08.02]Maybe if you're working on a tuna boat. 帽子不错


[19:11.40]Hello, Penny. 要是在渔船工作差不多

[19:12.44]Sheldon, here is your money. Thank you very much. It helped a lot.

[19:16.48]Sarcasm? 你好啊 Penny

[19:16.52]Sheldon 这是你的钱 太感谢了 帮了我大忙


[19:20.10]Darn. I can't seem to get the hang of that. 反话?

[19:24.01]Hey, I know it's none of my business, but where did the money come from? 不是

[19:24.18]讨厌 我咋就掌握不好呢

[19:27.42]Well, I cut back my expenses like you said and picked up a few more hours at the restaurant, 嘿 虽然不关我的事 还是想问问钱哪来的?

[19:31.62]but the biggest thing was, out of the blue, Kurt shows up and gives me the money he owes me. 我像你说的那样节省开支 在餐馆多加了几个小时的班

[19:35.70]但最重要的是 Kurt突然出现 把欠我的钱都还给我了

[19:37.42]Really? Did he say why?

[19:41.31]Yes, he said he was feeling guilty and wanted to do what was right. 真的啊? 说为啥了没?

[19:45.39]说了 他说他很有愧疚感 想做对的事

[19:48.85]That's it?

[19:51.97]Did he give any reason as to why he came to this moral epiphany? 就这样?

[19:57.12]Nope. I just think he's really changed. 他有没说怎么就突然有道德觉悟了?

[20:02.62]We're having dinner tomorrow night, and I get to wear my new beret. 没 我觉得他是真的变了

[20:06.95]Bye, guys. 我们明晚要一起吃饭 我要戴新贝雷帽了


[20:11.03]再见 伙计


[20:14.74]Well done, Leonard.

[20:18.75]The true hero doesn't seek adulation. 干得好啊 Leonard

[20:21.08]He fights for right and justice simply because it's his nature.


[20:25.33]Penny's hooking up with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and I have indelible ink on my forehead! 出于本性为正义和公平而战

[20:29.41]Penny和混蛋前男友勾搭上了 我脑门还写着大大的墨水字!

[20:31.38]That's your badge of honor-- your warrior's wound, if you will.

[20:35.42]I was wrong. 这是你的荣誉勋章啊 你的战士伤痕 你同意的话

[20:37.20]Minstrels will write songs about you.


[20:42.07]Great. 歌手会写歌来歌颂你啊

[20:43.96]* There once was a brave lad named Leonard *


[20:47.76]* With a -fi fiddle dee-dee * * 曾有一位勇敢的青年 他的名字叫做Leonard *

[20:51.12]* He faced a fearsome giant * * 满嘴跑火车 逞英雄 *

[20:54.14]* While Raj just wanted to pee.* * 他与可怕巨人对峙 *

[20:57.29]*proudly presents * 而Raj却只想嘘嘘 *

[21:01.37]<#00FFFF>-天才理论传 第二季 第14集 完

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