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生活大爆炸第二季15.The Maternal Capacitance(妈妈的电容): Leonard的妈妈来了事件






[00:06.17]* I don't ever want to feel * * 我再也不想有 *

[00:09.65]* Like I did that day * * 如那天般的感受 *

[00:11.75]* Take me to the place I love * * 带我去我爱的地方 *

[00:15.20]* Take me all the way * * 带我一路走 *

[00:17.29]* I don't ever want to feel * * 我再也不想有 *

[00:20.94]* Like I did that day * * 如那天般的感受 *

[00:23.16]* Take me to the place I lo...* * 带我去我爱的地...*

[00:28.07]Fellas, please. 伙计们 消停点儿吧

[00:29.93]Penny, come on. We were just finding our sound. 算了吧 Penny 我们刚开始唱呢

[00:34.43]You found it. It's the sound of a cat being run over by a lawn mower. 你自己听听吧 不知道的还以为 哪只猫被卷进割草机里了呢

[00:40.86]I'm really very busy. 我真的很忙

[00:42.28]Is there any way that we can put this off until I have more time to prepare? 我们能否推迟一下? 我好有点时间来准备

[00:46.35]Of course. But, uh, you understand my trepidation. 当然了 可... 你知道我有些啥顾虑

[00:49.64]- What's that about? - Not a clue. - 他又在干嘛? - 毫无头绪

[00:51.61]Can't we just postpone it till the spring? 就不能推迟到开春吗?

[00:54.07]Maybe next summer? 或者明年夏天?

[00:55.50]This should be fairly easy to deduce. 这个应该很好推断的

[00:57.57]He's holding the phone to his left ear. 他把电话搁在左耳旁边

[00:59.76]Ears do not cross hemispheres, so he's using the analytical rather than the emotional side of the brain, 左耳还是左脑控制的 所以他是在理性分析而不是感情用事

[01:04.33]suggesting that he has no personal relationship with the caller. 表明他和来电者没有私人关系

[01:08.13]No, I didn't realize it had been so long. 不 我没想到已经这么久了

[01:11.42]Sure, I guess there's no other choice but to just go ahead and do it. 好吧 那就只好这么办了

[01:14.67]He's referring to an activity he has done before. 他谈到了一件以前做过的事

[01:16.77]It's unpleasant and needs to be repeated. 那件事不怎么令人愉快 但又不得不再来一遍

[01:19.26]This suggests some sort of invasive medical test, like perhaps a colonoscopy. 表明这件事应该是某种侵入性 医疗检查 比如说 结肠镜检查

[01:25.37]Aren't there any other options? 就没有其他选择了么?

[01:26.57]There's not a lot of room. It's gonna be uncomfortable. 没多大地方 肯定很不舒服的

[01:28.77]Yes, yes. 没错 没错

[01:30.36]I'm definitely going with colonoscopy. 我敢肯定是结肠镜检查

[01:33.24]Okay, bye. 好吧 再见

[01:38.45]My mother's coming to visit. 我妈要来看我

[01:42.88]How about that, you were right. 听听 你说得没错啊

[02:15.75]It's out of order. 电梯坏了

[02:17.26]Yes, I can read the sign. I'm just pondering the implications. 嗯 我识字的 我只是在沉思 其背后的深意

[02:22.72]I think it implies that the elevator doesn't work. 我觉得这意味着电梯不工作了

[02:27.34]Again, I can read the sign. 再说一遍 我识字的

[02:30.12]But the sign and the tape are coated with a layer of dust, 不过标签和胶带上都有厚厚一层灰了

[02:32.52]which indicates that the elevator has been nonfunctional for a significant amount of time. 这表示电梯已经坏了 有相当长的一段时间了

[02:36.78]Which suggests either a remarkable passivity among the, 也就暗示着这栋大楼里的

[02:40.28]I assume, 24 to 36 residents of this building, 大约24到36位居民十分不主动

[02:43.26]based on the number of mailboxes and given typical urban population density 噢 居民数我是从邮箱的数目以及 普通城镇人口密度推断出来的

[02:47.55]or a shared delusion of functionality. 或者说这些人都有功能性错觉

[02:52.42]You must be Leonard's mother. 你一定是Leonard他母亲

[02:56.18]Oh, I don't know if I must be, but yes. 噢 不知道是不是非得是 不过是的

[02:58.88]Uh, I'm Penny. I'm his neighbor. 我是Penny 他的邻居

[03:00.60]Oh, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. 噢 Beverly Hofstadter博士

[03:02.49]Oh, nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你

[03:04.45]Oh, you're a hand shaker. Interesting. 噢 你习惯握手啊 真有趣

[03:09.50]Uh, why don't you come with me. I'll walk you to the apartment. 你跟我一起走吧 我带你去他们房间

[03:11.53]Oh, all right. Would you like to exchange pleasantries on the way? 噢 好啊 路上咱先寒暄寒暄吧?

[03:15.97]- Yeah, sure, I guess. - All right, you start. - 嗯 好啊 - 那好 你先说吧

[03:19.89]Okay. You know, I've always been curious. 行 你要知道 我一直都好奇心很重

[03:21.32]What was Leonard like when he was little? Leonard小时候是什么样的?

[03:23.03]Oh, I think you mean young. He's always been little. 噢 我想你是指他年轻的时候 他一直都是个小不点儿

[03:26.88]Right, okay. What was he like when he was young? 没错 他年轻的时候是什么样的?

[03:28.98]You'll have to be more specific. 你得再说具体点儿

[03:31.13]Um, okay, like, five or six. 呃... 好吧 比如说 五六岁的时候

[03:40.10]Five. 五岁

[03:41.64]Oh, well, at that age, he was well enmeshed in what Freud would call the phallic stage of psychosexual development. 那时他正深陷于弗洛伊德所谓的 心理性发展之生殖器崇拜阶段

[03:46.82]An outmoded theory, of course, but the boy did spend most of his waking hours 当然是个过时的理论了 不过那孩子确实在大部分醒着的时候

[03:50.01]with a tight grasp on his penis. 牢牢地抓住自己的小弟弟不放

[03:53.50]Yeah, Leonard mentioned you were a psychiatrist. 是啊 Leonard说起过 你是个精神病学家

[03:55.97]Well, that is one of my degrees. My primary field is neuroscience. 那只是其中一个学位罢了 我主要涉及的领域是神经系统学

[04:00.66]Well, I'm an actress. 我是个演员

[04:07.20]Why? 为什么?

[04:10.31]What do you mean why? 什么叫为什么?

[04:11.43]Well, there are studies that suggest that many 有研究表明

[04:13.39]who go into the performing arts suffer from an external locus of identity. 许多演艺界的人士都有外控性格

[04:21.14]Yeah, I don't know what that means. 我不知道你在说什么

[04:24.81]Well, it means you value yourself only as others value you, 是说当别人重视你时 你才会重视自己

[04:28.33]which is often the result of unmet childhood emotional needs. 通常是童年未满足的情感需求导致的

[04:32.36]Oh, well, I had a wonderful childhood. 噢 我的童年可了不得了

[04:36.39]Tell me about it. 是么

[04:39.61]I know my dad wanted a boy. 我知道老爸想要个儿子

[04:44.47]I-I just, I tried being good at sports, but I hated getting dirty! 我... 我努力让自己变成体育健将 可我真的讨厌把自己弄脏!

[04:51.55]And then, I'm assuming, you entered adolescence. 然后 我想你进入了青春期

[04:54.49]He called me Slugger until I got my first training bra. 在我得到第一件运动内衣之前 他都管我叫"重击手"来着

[04:57.64]And then he just stopped playing catch with me. 之后他就不和我玩传接球了

[05:01.70]I wasn't Slugger anymore. 我再也不是"重击手"了

[05:06.82]Your mother's here! 你妈妈来了!

[05:13.73]If y w want to have intercouee with tt t girl, find out what kind of cologne her fathorore. 如果你想和那个姑娘上床 查查他老爸擦的是哪种古龙水

[05:22.08]Good to see you, Mother. 见到你真好 妈妈

[05:26.67]Here's your tea, Mother. 这是你要的茶 妈妈

[05:27.84]- Oolong? - Yes. - 乌龙茶? - 嗯

[05:28.90]- Loose, not bagged? - Yes. - 散装的 不是袋泡的? - 嗯

[05:30.17]- Steeped three minutes? - Yes. - 泡了三分钟? - 嗯

[05:31.64]- Two-percent milk? - Yes. - 加了2%的牛奶 - 嗯

[05:32.96]- Warmed separately? - Yes. - 分开加热的? - 嗯

[05:34.36]- One teaspoon sugar? - Yes. - 一茶勺糖? - 嗯

[05:35.74]- Raw sugar? - Yes. - 原糖? - 嗯

[05:39.51]It's cold. 凉了

[05:44.36]I'll start again. 我再来一回

[05:47.66]I******* 我也有同样的困扰

[05:52.37]*******developed sex drive. 我的看法是他无法集中精力 是因为过度发达的性冲动造成的

[05:58.52]Oh, I don't know where he would've gotten that. 他怎么会有那玩意儿

[06:00.39]Aside from a pro forma consummation of our marriage, 除却一段形式上完满的婚姻

[06:03.13]his father and I only had intercourse for the purposes of reproduction. 他的父亲和我交髯只是为了繁殖

[06:08.46]That seems a fairly efficient arrangement. 这样还真是高效哈

[06:11.73]Yes, we think so. We've both done papers on it. 是啊 我们也这么想 我们曾为这事做了论文研究

[06:14.46]Mine from the neuroscientific point of view and his from an anthropological. 我从神经系统科学观点出发 他是从人类学观点出发

[06:19.02]Mine, of course, was the only one worth reading. 当然 我的才有阅读价值

[06:22.13]Of course. 当然

[06:23.57]I would very much like to read about your sex life. 我非常希望可以拜读一下你的性生活

[06:27.84]Well, it's all online or you can order it from the Princeton University Press. 你可以在线阅读或者 你可以从普林斯顿大学出版社订购

[06:32.08]Here's your tea, Mother. 这是你的茶 妈妈

[06:34.37]So, what are you guys talking about? 你们在聊什么呢?

[06:36.63]The frequency with which your parents had intercourse. 你父母性交的频率

[06:41.34]Swell. 哦

[06:43.22]If you're lucky, maybe she'll show you the PowerPoint presentation. 幸运的话 她会给你做幻灯片演讲哦

[06:47.26]I'm sorry, it's on my other laptop. 对不起 那在我另一个笔记本里

[06:51.80]So, Mother... what's new? 妈妈... 有什么新鲜事?

[06:54.52]You'll have to be more specific. 你应该要有针对性地问

[06:57.89]All right. Uh, what's new with you? 好吧 你有什么新鲜事?

[07:00.51]Oh, well, I've been having some fascinating menopausal symptoms recently. 哦 我最近有一些令人着迷的 更年期征兆

[07:05.28]Maybe something less personal. 说些不是太私人的事

[07:09.61]Your Uncle Floyd died. 你Floyd叔叔死了

[07:11.97]Oh, my God. What happened? 哦 天啊 出什么事了?

[07:13.44]His heart stopped beating. 他的心脏不跳了

[07:16.89]I have to urinate. 我得去小便

[07:23.91]What a remarkable woman. 多么非凡的女人

[07:28.04]Yeah, I-I thought you guys might hit it off. 是啊 我就觉着你俩合得来

[07:31.15]I envy you your childhood. 我很嫉妒你的童年

[07:33.33]I hate to tell you, but the only warm memories I have of my childhood are of my Uncle Floyd. 不想这么说 但我童年时期唯一 温暖的记忆都是来自我Floyd叔叔

[07:39.44]You're clearly misremembering. 你很显然记错了

[07:41.02]Your mother is brilliant, analytical, insightful. 你妈妈太有才了 既有分析能力 又富有洞察力

[07:44.14]And I'm betting she never hit you with a Bible because you wouldn't eat your Brussels sprouts. 而且我打赌她不会因为 你不吃芽甘蓝 就用圣经来打你

[07:49.04]Sheldon, you don't give your mother enough credit. Sheldon 你太不会欣赏你妈妈了

[07:51.77]She's warm, she's loving, 她很温暖 她很慈爱

[07:53.63]she doesn't glue electrodes to your head to measure your brain waves while potty training. 不会在你学用婴儿便盆时 就把电极粘到你头上来测脑电波

[07:59.20]You were lucky.When I was a kid, if I wanted an EEG, 够有福了 我小的时候 要是想做脑电图

[08:02.75]I had to attach my own electrodes. 我还得自己接电极

[08:07.96]So, Dr.Hofstadter, Leonard rarely talks about his incredibly successful brother and sister. Hofstadter博士 Lenoard很少谈起 他格外成功的兄弟姐妹

[08:14.20]Please, don't go there, Howard. 求你 别说起这个 Howard

[08:15.92]I understand that, unlike Leonard, they're at the top of their respective fields. 我知道 不像Lenoard 他们在各自的领域里是尖子

[08:23.44]Boy, you suck. 兄弟 你很烦

[08:25.87]Well, Leonard's younger brother, Michael, is a tenured law professor at Harvard, Leonard的弟弟 Michael 是哈佛大学的终身制法学教授

[08:29.65]and his sister just successfully grew a human pancreas in an adolescent gibbon. 他姐姐刚在一个青年长臂猿身上 成功地培育了一个人类的胰腺

[08:35.76]So, she's close to curing diabetes? 说来 她就快能治糖尿病了?

[08:38.58]Why else would you grow a pancreas in a enaged gibbon? 要不然为啥在青年长臂猿身上培育胰腺?

[08:42.93]Wow, you must be very proud. 哇喔 你肯定对此感到很骄傲

[08:44.83]Why? They're not my accomplishments. 骄傲啥 又不是我的成就

[08:48.58]I have to urinate. 我得去小便

[08:54.04]Why are you doing this? 为什么你要这么做?

[08:55.66]You know the rules. You brought your mom to work-- you must suffer. 你知道规矩 你带妈妈来上班 就等着遭罪吧

[09:01.18]Leonard, I had no idea your siblings were so much more successful than yo Leonard 真不知道你兄妹 比你强那么多呢呀

[09:06.32]Yeah, you're like the Jar Jar Binks of the Hofstadter family. 你就像Hofstadter家族的加·加·宾克斯 (星战人物 笨手笨脚)

[09:11.81]Oh, meesa think yousa lookin' so so sad. 哦~我呀觉得你呀看起来好伤心哟

[09:17.16]You know, rather than mock me, my friends might realize that this is difficult 比起嘲笑我 我的朋友们应该 意识到我这日子不好过

[09:20.25]and try to help me through it. 并试着帮我渡过难关

[09:22.83]Nope, I think mocking you isore fun. 不 我认为嘲笑你更有意思

[09:26.59]Next time, don't yousa bring mama to work. Okee-day? 下次 你呀来带妈妈来工作不?

[09:32.50]That was fast. 很快啊

[09:33.40]Oh, the middle stall was occupied. I'll have to try again later. 哦 中间那个隔间有人 我一会再去

[09:37.51]That's totally understandable. 这是完全可以理解的

[09:38.72]In bladder voiding, as in real estate, it's location, location, location. 在膀胱排泄过程中 就好比房地产 最重要的就是位置 位置 还是位置

[09:45.15]So, where were we? 我们说到哪了?

[09:46.06]Howard lives with his mother and Raj can't speak to women unless he's drunk. Howard和他妈妈一起住 Raj只有喝醉了才和女人讲话

[09:49.07]Go. 开讲吧

[09:52.75]That's fascinating. Selective mutism is quite rare. 真有意思 选择性缄默症是非常罕见的

[09:56.91]On the other hand, an adult Jewish male living with his mother 另一方面 一个成年犹太男人 跟他的妈妈住在一起

[09:59.53]is so common it borders on sociological clich\. 就太常见了 社会学中家常便饭

[10:05.22]It's just temporary; I pay rent. 只是暂时的 我有付租金

[10:07.20]He lives in the same room where his bassinet was. 他的摇篮还放在自己的卧室

[10:10.01]You know, both selective mutism and an inability to separate from one's mother 选择性缄默症和无法跟妈妈分开

[10:13.98]can stem from a pathological fear of women. 都可能源于对女性的病态恐惧

[10:17.02]It might explain why the two of you have created an ersatz homosexual marriage 可以解释你俩为什么假装同性结婚

[10:20.81]to satisfy your need for intimacy 来满足你们对亲热的需求

[10:31.16]Say what? 说啥?

[10:34.03]That's basically what I just said. 不就是我刚说的嘛

[10:36.61]You brought your husband to work. You know the rules. 你带老公来上班 你知道规矩的

[10:41.88]Meesa thinking yousa looking pretty sad now too, betcha, betcha. 我呀觉得你呀看起来也很伤心哟 真的哟 真的哟

[10:45.87]Leonard, it's 1:00. Leonard 1点了

[10:47.09]Weren't you going to show me your laboratory at 1:00? 你不是要在1点带我去实验室么?

[10:49.51]There's no hurry, Mother. 不用着急 妈妈

[10:50.47]Tell them more about their secret love for each other. 再跟他们讲讲他们的爱恋之情

[10:53.37]But it's 1:00. You were going to show me your laboratory at 1:00. 但是1点了啊 你说1点带我看实验室的

[10:56.57]Her reasoning is unassailable It is 1:00. 她完全在理啊 1点了

[11:01.93]Fine. Let's go. 好吧 走吧

[11:04.95]I think you'll find my work pretty interesting. 你会觉得我的工作特别有意思

[11:07.26]I'm attempti to replicate the dark matter signal found in sodium iodide crystals by the Italians. 我试图复制意大利人曾发现的 钠的碘化物结晶上黑物质信号

[11:12.01]So, no original research? 不是原创的研究喽?

[11:14.89]No. 不是

[11:16.38]Well, what's the point of my seeing it? 那还有啥好参观的

[11:18.27]I could just read the paper the Italians wrote. 看意大利人写的文章不得了

[11:23.25]Just for the record, we're not in an ersatz homosexual relationship. 告诉你哦 我们不是什么假同性恋人

[11:27.03]Wellthen why didn't you say that to her? 那你刚才怎么不跟她说?

[11:28.81]Why is it always my responsibility? 怎么总是怪我啊?

[11:31.11]It's not always your responsibility. 啥总是怪你啊

[11:33.15]I swear, this is the same thing you did at the comic book store last week. 我发誓 上周在漫画书店 你也是这么干的

[11:40.20]I can't believe you're bringing that up. 你居然敢提起这事

[11:43.77]I didn't bring it up. You did. 我没提 是你提的

[11:44.93]We'll talk about this later. 咱们过会再说

[11:47.48]You always say that, but we never do. 你老是这么说 可是从来也没谈

[11:55.72]You went to the comic book store without me? 你们去漫画书店 竟然没带我

[12:06.08]You got alcohol? 你有酒么?

[12:07.06]- Your mom still here? - Yep. - 你妈妈还在这呢? - 是啊

[12:08.21]Come on in. 进来吧

[12:11.30]Wait, wait, she's not gonna come here looking for you, is she? 等等 她不会过来找你吧?

[12:13.70]Relax. She took Sheldon to the hospital to get a brain scan. 放心吧 她带Sheldon 去医院扫描大脑了

[12:17.36]Oh, my God. What happened? 天啦 出什么事了?

[12:19.06]Nothing. Mother likes looking at brains and Sheldon likes getting his brain scanned. 没事 老妈喜欢看大脑 Sheldon喜欢大脑被扫描

[12:25.12]Geez, what a fun couple. 呀 多搭调的一对呀

[12:27.65]She's only been here a day and a half and I'm seriously considering alcoholism as a new career path. 她才来一天半 我已经在考虑当职业酗酒者了

[12:33.45]Hey, I talked to her for five minutes yesterday and I've been half bombed ever since. 嘿 我昨天和她谈了五分钟 我到现在还没缓过神来呢

[12:38.79]You can't let her get into your head. 千万别往脑子里去

[12:40.69]My head, what about yours? 我的脑子 你的呢?

[12:42.15]It's too late for me. My head is her summer house. 我没救了 我脑袋已是她的避暑别墅了

[12:48.07]She was right, you know. 她说的对

[12:49.44]The locus of my identity is totally exterior to me. 我还真是外控性格

[12:52.68]Oh, yeah, there she is. Hi, Mom. 是呀 老妈上身了 老妈 你好

[12:57.71]I mean, do you know where I was all morning? 你知道我整个早上在哪儿吗?

[12:59.61]Auditioning with 50 other blondes for some stupid antidepressant commercial. 为某傻傻的抗抑郁药品广告 和50个金发美女试镜

[13:03.90]And for what? 为了啥?

[13:04.90]So I'll finally get my daddy's approval? 为了最终获得我爸的认可?

[13:08.81]Did you get the part? 你得到角色了吗?

[13:10.36]No, they said I was too perky. 没 他们觉得我太活泼了

[13:17.38]You want to talk about not getting love from a parent. 想谈谈得不到父母关爱么

[13:19.56]You know what I used to do when I was little to have some sensation of human contact? 你知道我小时候 为了感知 人情味而干了什么吗?

[13:23.55]Yeah, you grabbed your penis and wouldn't let go. 知道 你抓住小弟弟不放

[13:31.35]Your mother told me. 你妈告诉我的

[13:33.98]Of course she did. Anyway, that's not what I was gonnaay. 肯定是她说的 不过 那不是我想说的

[13:36.32]When I was ten years old, I built a hugging machine. 我十岁的时候 我造了个拥抱机

[13:41.12]- A hugging machine? - Yeah. - 拥抱机? - 是呀

[13:42.70]I got a dressmaker's mannequin, 我有个做裁缝用的模特

[13:44.63]I stuffed it with an electric blanket so it would be warm, 我塞进一床电热毯 让它变得温暖

[13:47.02]and built two radio-controlled arms that would hug me and pat my back. 又造了无线电控制的双臂 可以拥抱我 轻拍我的背

[13:52.42]Oh, that is so sad. 呀 可怜的孩子

[13:55.24]- You know what the saddest part was? - What? - 知道最可怜的是什么吗? - 什么?

[13:56.78]My father used to borrow it. 我爸常借过去用

[14:02.76]Your scan data will be very helpful to my research. 你的扫描数据会对 我的研究很有帮助

[14:05.66]You have a remarkable brain. 你的大脑很与众不同

[14:07.57]I know. 我知道

[14:10.71]Although I've always hated how my right frontal lobe looks in pictures. 尽管我一直很不喜欢我右额叶图

[14:15.79]Common complaint among men. 男人的常见抱怨

[14:17.56]Nothing's ever big enough. 什么都嫌不够大

[14:20.05]Except when they get a tumor. Then you never hear the end of it. 除非得了肿瘤 要不总是抱怨

[14:24.97]I'd love to e a scan of your brain sometime. 有机会我很想看看你的脑扫描图

[14:28.05]Oh, I'll send you a link, but its physiology is fairly unimpressive. 我会给你发个链接 但其生理机能比较稀疏平常

[14:31.07]Oh, I can't believe that. 不会吧

[14:33.36]Your unwillingness to accept empirical evidence suggests an attempt at flattery. 你不愿接受经验证据 显示出你打算对我阿谀奉承

[14:39.69]My apologies. 我很抱歉

[14:41.55]I've been living with your son too long. Gotten into some bad habits. 长期与你儿子居住 养成了一些坏习惯

[14:45.86]Understandable. 可以理解

[14:47.77]Can I make you a cup of tea? 我能为你沏杯茶吗?

[14:49.82]I doubt it, but if anyone has a chance, it's probably you. 我不太确定 但是如果 有人可以的话 可能就是你

[14:57.13]I feel very comfortable around you. 和你相处我十分自在

[15:00.69]I feel very comfortable around you, too. 和你相处我也很自在

[15:03.33]It's surprising because I generally don't feel comfortable around, well, anyone. 令人吃惊的是 我基本上和谁相处都...不自在

[15:10.64]Nor I. 我也是

[15:12.27]What are the odds that two individuals as unique as ourselves would be connected 我们两个这样如此稀罕的人

[15:17.51]by someone as comparatively workaday as your son? 被像你儿子这般普通的人 联系起来的可能性有多大呀?

[15:22.84]Is that a rhetorical point or would you like to do the math? 你是在比喻还是想算出来?

[15:27.82]I'd like to do the math. 我想算出几率来

[15:32.20]I'd like that, too. 我也是

[15:50.53]Okay, now this time, you're gonna lick the salt... 好啦 这次 你要舔掉...

[15:55.69]off my neck... 我脖子上的盐...

[16:00.15]do the shot... Whoops. 干一杯...哟

[16:02.82]and then bite the lime. 然后咬住酸橙

[16:10.44]I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything after "lick." 抱歉 "舔"字后面的完全没清

[16:14.87]Neck, shot, lime. 脖子 干杯 酸橙

[16:27.17]- Okay, shot, lime. - Right. - 好啦 干杯 咬酸橙 - 对

[16:35.99]Where's the lime? 酸橙呢?

[16:41.80]Oh, okay, we're sharing. 好极了 我们一起吃吧

[17:00.50]So, what do you think? 那么 你觉得如何?

[17:04.52]I'm very tempted. 相当的诱人

[17:06.65]I'm just not sure it's appropriate with my son's roommate. 我不知道与我儿子的室友 这么做 是否合适

[17:11.57]Normally, I'd feel the same way. 通常 我也这样想

[17:13.46]But based on everything I've observed about us, 但基于我所观察到的我们之间的情况

[17:16.15]I can't help but speculate we'd be very good together. 我不得不推测我们一起会相当得棒

[17:20.02]True. I've had a similar observation. 对 我也观察到了

[17:23.92]It's certainly something I could never do with my husband. 我和我丈夫永远也不会发生这事

[17:29.34]I was hesitant the first time I tried it, 我第一次尝试的时候也很犹豫

[17:31.40]but I experienced an unanticipated anremarkable release of endorphins. 但我经历了一次前所未有的 极量"快感荷尔蒙"释放

[17:39.45]It's quite satisfying. 相当的惬意呀

[17:42.18]I see what you're doing. 我明白你想干什么

[17:43.86]You're appealing to the neuroscientific researcher in me. 你请求对我做一次神经学研究

[17:49.05]You see right through me, don't you? 你能看透我 对吧?

[17:53.44]Only when you're in a CAT scanner. 只有在分层造影扫描机里才行

[18:04.56]This is actually gonna happen. 美梦正在成真呀

[18:08.09]Honey, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush. 宝贝 嘘 嘘 嘘 嘘 嘘

[18:09.56]You shush, I'm happy. I want to talk about it. 你别出声 我乐死了 我想谈谈

[18:13.10]You know what my mother would say about this? 知道我妈会怎么说吗?

[18:14.54]She would say because you were not loved by your father and I was not loved by my mother, 她会说因为你缺父爱 而我缺母爱

[18:18.52]that having sex is our way of making up for the intimacy we didn't get as children. 我们做爱是为了弥补 我们童年缺少的亲人之爱

[18:23.27]Why would you bring that up right now? 为啥你现在提起这个?

[18:26.52]I don't know. Foreplay? 不知道也 作为前戏?

[18:30.57]So you're saying you're not having sex with me, you're having sex with your mother? 你的意思是你不是和我做爱 是而你妈做了?

[18:36.48]I'm gonna go with "no." 我想说的是"不是"

[18:41.04]That is the sickest thing I've ever heard. 这是我听过的最变态的事

[18:43.07]Come on, you're trying to have sex with your father, and I'm okay with that. 别呀 如果你想和你爸做爱 我没意见的

[18:49.06]Get out! 滚出去!

[18:56.06]She said shush. I should have shushed. 她说嘘的时候 我就该闭嘴

[19:02.40]Ooh, all night, all night 彻夜 彻夜

[19:06.00]Oh, every night 每夜

[19:09.56]Hold tight 抱紧

[19:11.14]You hold tight 你抱紧

[19:13.66]Baby, hold tight 宝贝儿 抱紧吧

[19:15.69]Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it 你想怎样 就怎样

[19:19.26]Anyway you want it... 你想怎样...

[19:24.15]All right, Mother.

[19:26.21]Um, have a nice flight. 好啦 妈妈

[19:27.40]That's not really in my control, is it? 一路平安

[19:29.20]不由我说了算 对吧?

[19:31.20]Oh, uh, yes.

[19:33.00]哦 对了

[19:43.07]Oh, good morning.

[19:44.62]Morning. 早上好

[19:45.46]Look, I was just coming over to talk to you. 早

[19:47.60]You don't have to. Ever. 我正想过来和你谈谈

[19:49.40]你用不着谈了 永远别


[19:53.30]- Good-bye, Mother. - Good-bye, Leonard. 知道了

[19:55.19]So, Slugger, shall we pick up where we left off last time? - 再见 妈妈 - 再见 Leonard

[19:56.99]重击手 我们接着聊上次的话题吗?

[20:00.13]I mean, my mom could've just said, Bob, get over it, she's a girl, move on.

[20:01.93]我是说 我妈可以说 Bob 算了吧 她是个女孩子 日子还得过

[20:06.56]But she didn't. Not one word.

[20:08.70]Interesting. 但她没有 口都没张

[20:09.77]Would you be willing to fly to New Jersey and discuss your relationship with your parents 有意思

[20:11.57]你愿意到新泽西聊聊 你和父母的关系

[20:13.42]during a brain scan?


[20:17.27]- Would it help? - Well, it would help me.

[20:19.07]- 对我有帮助吗? - 嗯 对我有帮助

[20:21.07]<#00FFFF>天才理论传 第二季 第15集 完

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