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生活大爆炸第二季17. Raj和Howard在火车上泡summer事件。Sheldon让penny帮忙找u盘事件






[00:00.85]Okay, Raj. 好了 Raj

[00:03.10]Hand me the #6 Torx screwdriver. 给我6号内六角螺丝起子

[00:07.37]Stop. 停

[00:09.48]We can't do this. It's not right. 我们不能这样做 这是不对的

[00:11.05]Sheldon, you have two choices. Sheldon 你有两种选择

[00:13.06]ther you let him put a bigger hard drive in the TiVo, 要么你让他给TiVo换个大点的硬盘

[00:14.92]or you delete stuff before we go out of town. 要么在我们离城前删点东西

[00:17.01]But once you open the box, you've voided the warranty. 但是打开机器 就享受不了质保了

[00:20.56]The warranty is a sacred covenant we've entered into with the manufacturer. 质保协议是我们和厂家签订的重要协议

[00:24.57]He offers to stand by his equipment, and we in return 厂家对他们产品提供质保 而我们

[00:27.52]agree not to violate the integrity of the internal hardware. 要做到不人为破坏内部硬件

[00:30.16]This little orange sticker is all that stands between us and anarchy. 我们和烂摊子之前可就这 小黄贴纸之隔啊

[00:36.60]Okay, then we won't touch the hard drive. 好吧 我们不动硬盘

[00:38.51]We'll just erase the first season of Battlestar. 把第一季太空堡垒卡拉狄加删了就行

[00:43.39]There. We're outlaws. 没质保了

[00:46.92]Here you go, Leonard. Is this going to be big enough? Leonard 给你 这够用吧?

[00:48.49]It's perfect. 棒极了

[00:52.90]For taking daffodils to your unicorn. 给你独角兽装水仙花用?

[00:57.37]It's just for my notebooks. Thanks, Penny. 放我的笔记本 谢了 Penny

[00:59.55]I love San Francisco. I wish I was going with you. 我超喜欢旧金山 要能一起去就好了

[01:02.32]I understand your envy. Thiss a can't-miss symposium. 你当然会羡慕了 这场研讨会可是百年一遇

[01:05.87]There are going to be discussions on bioorganic cellular computer devices, 会讨论生物有机细胞计算机设备

[01:09.79]the advancements in multi-threaded task completion, 多线程任务完成方面的进展

[01:12.43]plus a roundtable on the nonequilibrium Green's function approach 还有一个非平衡性格林函数在

[01:15.95]to the photoionization process in atoms. 原子光电离进程中运用的圆桌会议

[01:19.49]When I go, I usually just get hammered and ride the cable cars. 我去那 通常是大醉一场还有坐坐缆车

[01:23.57]This conference is kind of a big thing. 这次会议真是非比寻常

[01:25.34]The keynote address is being delivered by George Smoot. 主讲人可是George Smoot

[01:28.13]Oh, my God, the George Smoot? 哦 上帝 那George Smoot?

[01:30.42]- You've heard of him? - Of course I haven't. - 你听过? - 当然没有

[01:34.18]George Smoot is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, one of the great minds of our time. George Smoot是物理学诺贝尔奖获得者 是当今著名的学者

[01:39.30]His work in black body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation 他对于宇宙微波背景辐射的黑体 和各向异性研究

[01:43.86]cemented our understanding of the origin of the universe. 巩固了我们对宇宙起源的了解

[01:47.37]It's kind of a funny name, though-- "Smoot." 名字念起来倒挺有趣 Smoot

[01:54.18]It's like talking to a chimp. 简直是跟大猩猩说话

[01:57.54]Okay, now that I've been completely insulted, have a good flight. 得 伤自尊了 你们飞行愉快吧

[02:00.55]Yeah, I wish. 我倒是想飞

[02:01.45]We're not flying. We're taking the train. 但我们不坐飞机 我们搭火车

[02:03.85]Oh, cool. 哦 酷

[02:05.20]Yeah, cool. Seven times as long as flying, and costs almost twice as much. 是很酷 不仅时间是乘飞机的7倍 连车票都贵上一倍呢

[02:11.15]Well, then why are you doing it? 那么你们干嘛还坐火车?

[02:12.71]Well, we had a vote. Three of us voted for airplane. 我们投票来着 3票坐飞机

[02:15.28]Sheldon voted for train. So we're taking the trn. Sheldon投坐火车 所以我们坐火车

[02:20.03]Don't say it like that, Leonard. 别用这腔调说 Leonard

[02:21.32]Say it like: We're taking the train! 应该是 我们坐火车~~!

[02:51.13]Hey, we're all going over to the Apple store to make fun of the guys at the Genius Bar. 我们要去苹果专卖店 作弄那些天才吧的家伙

[02:53.89]You want to come? 你来吗?

[02:55.62]Oh, I always enjoy that, but I'm a little busy. 我是很想去啦 不过现在有点忙

[02:59.29]What are you doing? 你忙啥呢?

[03:00.01]I'm simplifying the task of packing for our trip. 我在为旅行打包做简化工作

[03:02.91]See, by attaching RFID tags to my clothing, it will able my laptop 给衣服贴上电子标签 这样用上这个扫描器就可以

[03:06.85]to read and identify the items with this wand. 让电脑来识别物品了

[03:09.54]I will then cross-reference them against destination, anticipated activity spectrum, 然后我再根据目的地 预计活动频谱

[03:13.20]weather conditions, duration of trip, et cetera. 天气状况 旅行时间等信息来相互对照

[03:19.56]Well, that does sound much simpler. 呃 听起来是挺简化的

[03:23.30]How long is this going to take? 那你要弄多久?

[03:24.76]Assuming I can keep up this pace, three hours, 11 minutes, 照我现在的速度 大约3小时11分钟

[03:27.55]and plus however long tak to conclude this fairly pointless conversation. 再加上不知道多久才能结束这 毫无意义的对话

[03:33.96]Teasing the guys at the Apple store seems a little redundant now. 看来作弄苹果店里的人都多余

[03:37.41]- I don't follow. - I wouldn't expect you to. I'll see you later. - 我没明白 - 也没指望你明白 待会见

[03:44.06]Socks:one pair, cotton, argyle, blue. 袜子 一双 棉质 菱形花纹 蓝色

[03:53.47]Socks: one pair, cotton, argyle, blue. 袜子 一双 棉质 菱形花纹 蓝色

[04:03.06]What on earth are you doing? 你这是要干嘛?

[04:05.56]Whatever it is, I'm guessing we're doing it wrong. 不管我做了什么 我猜我是做错了

[04:08.54]Gentlemen, this is the Coast Starlight, 先生们 这可是海岸星光列车

[04:12.28]one of the great American trains operating on one of the classic American routes. 美国经典路线上的最好列车之一

[04:17.17]On this side, you'll see panoramic ocean vistas inaccessible to any other form of transportation, 坐这边 可以享受乘坐其他交通工具 所无法体会的全景式海岸风光

[04:22.80]while on your side, you'll be treated to 350 miles of CostCos, 坐这边呢 看到的是350英里的好市多

[04:27.29]Jiffy Lubes, and cinderblock homes with above-ground pools. 捷飞络连锁店 还有带泳池水泥民居

[04:33.00]Come on, Raj. 这儿 Raj

[04:34.38]What's wrong with Jiffy Lubes? 捷飞络有啥不好的?

[04:36.99]No. 不

[04:39.61]- Why not? - That's over the wheelbase. - 又怎么啦? - 这座位正好在轴距上

[04:41.91]Are you completely unfamiliar with the suspension characteristics 你难道一点不清楚 80年代前所造豪华乘坐席

[04:45.18]of a pre-1980 Pullman-built Superliner Deluxe passenger coach? 悬挂系统的特性吗?

[04:49.37]Sheldon, we've been on this train 90 seconds, Sheldon 才上车90秒

[04:51.57]and you've already said a thousand words. 你已经叽歪了上千句了

[04:54.12]Just tell us where to sit and shut up. 你直接说坐哪 然后闭嘴

[04:58.93]Here. 这儿

[05:00.53]I'm hoping once you reap the endorphic rewards of the steady clickety-clack of steel wheels on polished rails, 我希望你在享受车轮 和铁轨发出的美妙喀嚓声时

[05:06.61]your sour disposition will abate. 你的抱怨会少一点

[05:08.87]Yeah, maybe. 可能

[05:10.01]Meanwhil back in the 21st century, people are raising their tray tables 同时21世纪的人 在准备收起折叠桌

[05:13.26]and putting their seat-backs in an upright position 'cause it's time to land in San Francisco. 将座椅调整到竖直状态 因为飞机要着陆到旧金山了

[05:18.56]It's not so bad, really. 其实也没那么糟啦

[05:20.18]At least these trains have modern plumbing. 至少这火车有现代化的卫生间

[05:21.95]In India, you squat over a hole in the train and expose your naked buttocks 在印度 你得光着屁屁 蹲在车厢里的一个洞上

[05:25.62]to the chilly air of Rajasthan. 感受拉贾斯坦邦的冷空气

[05:28.26]He is referring, of course, to third class on Indian Railways' magnificent Ranakpur Express 他说的当然是印度 华丽的Ranakpur特快三等席

[05:33.46]and its 1,200-kilometer journey from Maharashtra to the Bikaner Junction. 从马哈拉施特拉邦到比卡内尔接轨点 的1200公里旅途

[05:37.96]Oh, look, now he's boring on an international scale. 哦 现在他又开始罗嗦国际单位了

[05:42.85]Holy crap! Look! 哦 我的天! 看哪!

[05:46.81]Is that who I think it is? 不会真是她吧?

[05:48.34]It can't be. What would Summer Glau be doing riding the train? 不能够啊 Summer Glau干嘛坐火车

[05:51.62]Maybe John Connor's aboard and she's protecting him from an evil Terminator. 可能John Connor也在车上 她要保护他不被坏终结者追杀

[05:56.37]Unlikely. That's a television show, Leonard. 不太可能 那只是电视剧啦 Leonard

[05:59.65]Thank you. 多谢提醒

[06:01.31]Of course, if SkyNet actually did exist in the future, 当然啦 如果"天网"真的存在于未来世界

[06:03.71]a perfect way to infiltrate and destroy mankind would be to send Terminators back posing 那么完美潜入毁灭人类的方法就是 让派来的终结者

[06:08.15]as actors who have played Terminators in popular films and television series, 扮成曾在热门电影剧集中 饰演过终结者的演员

[06:11.70]lulling us into a false sense of security, i.e., 让我们产生安全错觉 就像是

[06:14.34]"That's Summer Glau "from The Sarah Connor Chronicles. "她是<终结者 莎拉传>里的Summer Glau"

[06:16.71]No, Summer, don't kill me!" I'm pro-robot! Ahh!" - 不要 Summer 别杀我! - "我是机器人!啊!"

[06:22.77]At least he's off the train crap. 至少他不再纠结那些火车的废话了

[06:26.86]Whee! 嘻嘻!

[06:30.03]Sheldon, I owe you an apology. Sheldon 我得向你道歉

[06:31.87]Taking the train was a stroke of brilliance! 乘火车绝对是次天才的举动!

[06:33.73]I've actually got a shot at a Terminator. 终于有机会接触终结者了

[06:35.94]Oh, please.When it comes to Terminators, 拜托 谈到终结者

[06:37.92]you've got a better shot of scoring with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 我看你还是和施瓦辛格机会比较大

[06:42.75]You're overlooking something. 你忽略了件事

[06:44.34]I have 11 hours with her in a confined space. 我将和她在这个狭窄的空间里 待上11个小时

[06:49.49]Unless she's willing to jump off a moving train, tuck and roll down the side of a hill, 除非她愿意跳下行驶的火车 翻转着滚下那边的山坡

[06:53.61]she will eventually succumb to the acquired taste that is ward Wolowitz. 她最终将屈服于逐渐产生好感的对象 那就是我 Howard Wolowitz

[07:02.73]My money's on tuck and roll. 我压她滚下山

[07:05.84]I'm confused. 我搞不懂了

[07:07.00]I thought you were involved in some sort of socially intimate pairing with Leslie Winkle. 我以为你和Leslie Winkle在社交上 保持着某种亲密关系

[07:12.00]- Sheldon, let me explain to you how this works. - All right. - Sheldon 我来给你解释下 - 好吧

[07:15.62]- That's Summer Glau. - Yes. - 那是Summer Glau耶! - 是啊

[07:19.04]That's it. 就这理由

[07:21.57]Hang on a sec. Why do you get first crack at her? 等等 凭什么是你第一个去追她?

[07:24.20]Um, well, let's see, couple reasons. One, I saw her first. 呃 我想想 几个理由 第一 我先看到她的

[07:27.92]No, you didn't. I did. 不 不是你 是我

[07:29.89]Fair enough. But... then, let me move on to #2. 那好吧 但是...我们说第二个理由吧

[07:32.81]Unlike you, I can actually talk to women when I'm sober. 和你不同 我能镇静地同一位女性交谈

[07:36.49]You fail to take into account that even mute, I am foreign and exotic, 你没有考虑到 即使不说话 我来自国外 有异国情调

[07:40.98]while you, on the other hand, are frail and pasty. 相反 而你呢 虚弱而苍白

[07:45.89]Well, you know the old saying, Pasty and frail never fail. 你知道有句老话吗 "虚弱苍白者从不失手"

[07:53.83]Excuse me, but what about me? 打断一下 那还有我呢?

[07:55.91]Why don't I get a shot? 咋没我的事了?

[07:57.55]Fine, go ahead. Take a shot. 好吧 那你去啊 去碰碰运气

[08:02.28]You know, I've already got a gorgeous blonde back home at I can't score with. 家里已经有个搞不定的 漂亮金发妞儿了

[08:05.15]I think I'll let you two take this one. 这一个还是留给你们俩吧

[08:07.54]Sheldon, is there a place on this train to get alcohol? Sheldon 这火车上有地方卖酒吗?

[08:09.75]Interesting that you ask. 你问起来我就讲讲

[08:11.29]The Coast Starlight recently added the refurbished Pacific Parlour Car. 海岸星光列车最近加入了 重新装修的"太平洋特等客车"

[08:14.98]Built in 1956 and originally known as the Santa Fe Lounge Car, 建于1956年 即著名的原"圣达菲休闲客车"

[08:18.41]- the lower level is a theater and the upper level - Yeah-yeah, which way? - 下层是一个小剧院 上层是... - 好的好的 怎么走?

[08:20.54]is a bar that offers wine tastings if you're going as far as Portland. 一个提供葡萄酒品尝的酒吧 快去吧

[08:25.59]So aren't you going to go talk to her? 你不去找她搭讪?

[08:27.24]I will, I'm just working on my opening line. 我去 只是先酝酿下我的开场白

[08:29.94]She's probably heard every possible line, Howard. 她也许听腻了各种开场白 Howard

[08:32.09]Why don't you just try "hello"? 你干嘛不直接说"你好"?

[08:33.57]No, no, no, that always creeps girls out. 不 不行 那句通常会把姑娘们吓跑

[08:36.79]I need to come up with something that's funny, smart and delicately suggests 我得想出一句 既风趣聪明又能微妙地暗示出

[08:41.66]that my sexual endowment is disproportionate to my physical stature. 我的做爱本领和我的身材不成正比

[08:46.45]You're going to need more than 11 hours. 那11小时看来不够了

[08:49.84]Oh, no. 噢 不

[08:51.22]What's the matter? 怎么回事?

[08:52.36]I forgot my flash drive. 我忘了带我的闪存卡

[08:54.06]- So? - So we have to go back. - 那又怎样? - 那我们就得回去

[08:56.68]Okay, Sheldon, I'm going to say "why" and your answer cannot be because I forgot my flash drive. 好吧 Sheldon 我接下来要问你为什么 你不能回答因为忘了带闪存卡

[09:03.33]You don't understand. 你不明白

[09:04.52]My flash drive has my paper on astrophysical probes of M-theory effects in the early universe 我的闪存里存着我关于早期宇宙中 天体探测M理论效应的论文

[09:09.26]that I was going to give to George Smoot at the conference. 我打算在研讨会上给George Smoot看的

[09:11.95]Why do you have to give your paper to George Smoot? 你干嘛要把你的论文给George Smoot?

[09:15.20]It's brilliant. He needs to read it. 太有才了 他应该阅读才对

[09:18.91]So you'll send him an e-mail when we get back. 那等我们回去 你给他发封邮件就行了

[09:21.06]Then I won't get to see his face light up as he reads it. 那我就看不到 他读到我论文时 神采奕奕的样子了

[09:24.43]Right. Of course. 对 当然

[09:25.43]Oh, this is an unmitigated disaster. 哦 这绝对是场灾难

[09:27.60]Well, there's nothing you can do about it, so relax. 你也没办法啊 放松点吧

[09:30.29]Sit back, enjoy the clickety-clack of the steel wheels on the polished rails. 坐好 享受火车钢轮在磨光的铁轨上 擦出的咔嗒咔嗒之声

[09:39.33]You forgot your flash drive 你忘了带你的闪存

[09:44.59]You forgot your flash drive 你忘了带你的闪存...

[09:46.82]Only ten hours, 55 minutes to go. 再熬10小时55分钟就好了

[09:58.15]这儿真热 一定是夏天了 (Summer Glau的名有"夏天"之意)

[09:59.92]It's hot in here. Must be Summer.


[10:15.06]So... where you gals headed?

[10:16.71]好了 我找到了完美的解决方案

[10:18.48]Okay, I've found the perfect solution. 我们在下一站Oxnard站下车

[10:20.69]We get off the train at the next stop in Oxnard. 然后乘1:13的火车到联合车站(洛杉矶)

[10:23.10]We then take the 1:13 train back to Union Station.

[10:24.70]搭计程车回公寓 拿上我的闪存卡 再迅速赶到San Luis Obispo

[10:26.47]We take a cab back to the apartment, get my flash drive, and then race to San Luis Obispo,

[10:29.52]如果天还没黑 没什么堵车的话 我们就能在那儿赶上火车

[10:31.29]where, assuming the lights are with us and minimal traffic, we'll meet the train.


[10:34.74]I've got a better idea. 你是想讽刺我吗?

[10:36.07]Are you going to be sarcastic? 孩子 你把我仅有的一点乐趣都剥夺了

[10:38.42]Boy, you take all the fun out of it for me. 听着 Penny在家 我们何不打给她 让她去我们公寓

[10:41.69]Look, Penny's home. Why don't we just call her, have her go in the apartment, 拿你的闪存卡 然后把论文发邮件给我们呢

[10:44.61]get your flash drive and e-mail you the paper? - 可闪存卡在我锁着的抽屉里啊 - 那又怎样?

[10:46.79]- But the flash drive is in a locked drawer in my desk. - So? - 钥匙藏在我的房间里啊 - 那又怎样?

[10:50.03]- The key is hidden in my room. - So? - Penny得进我的房间啊 - 那又怎样?

[10:52.22]- Penny would have to go into my room. - So? 任何人不允许进我的房间啊!

[10:54.15]People don't go in my room! 明白了 看来你又一次进退两难了

[10:57.32]I see. Well, it seems once again, you're caught between a rock and a crazy place.

[11:02.75]哦 我真讨厌这种情况

[11:04.52]Oh, I te when that happens.

[11:06.57]这儿真热 一定是夏天了

[11:08.34]It's hot in here. It must be Summer. 这儿真热 一定是夏天了

[11:10.25]It's hot in here. Must be Summer. 这儿真热 一定是夏天了

[11:11.67]It's hot in here. Must be Summer. 这儿真热 一定是夏天了

[11:13.73]It's hot in here. Must be Summer.

[11:16.06]- 真有趣 - 是吗? 我刚刚自己编的

[11:17.83]- That's cute. - Really? I just made it up.


[11:22.08]Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? 看过啊 我爱死这部电影了

[11:25.35]Oh, yeah, I loved it. 大体上是根据我的经历改编的

[11:26.85]It's loosely based on my life.

[11:30.50]是啊 我们的剧要在 99座的小剧院上演一晚 你能来吗?

[11:32.27]Yeah, we're putting the play on for one night in this little 99-seat theater. Can you come?

[11:34.76]噢 好极了

[11:36.53]Oh, great. 知道哪98个人也愿意来吗?

[11:37.91]Do you know 98 other people that might want to come?

[11:39.61]哦 等一下

[11:41.38]Oh, hang on. - 喂? - 仔细听好

[11:42.92]- Hello? - Listen carefully. 我要告诉你一系列指示 你必须严格按照指示做

[11:44.49]I'm about to give you a set of instructions, which you must follow to the letter.


[11:48.30]Just a sec. 剧院在一个保龄球球道上面 所以有点嘈杂

[11:49.86]The theater is above a bowling alley, so it's a little noisy, 但这可能是我饰演 安妮·弗兰克的唯一机会了

[11:52.47]but it might be the only chance I'll ever get to play Anne Frank.


[11:57.26]And the director is brilliant. 他利用楼下保龄球的声音作 纳粹炮火声的音效

[11:58.83]He uses the bowling sounds as, like, Nazi artillery.

[12:00.77]好吧 太好啦 那到时见咯 喂?

[12:02.54]Okay, great, I'll see you then. Hello? 好 第四步

[12:05.11]Okay, step four. 你看见我梳妆台上的小塑料盒了吗?

[12:08.06]Do you see that small plastic case on my dresser?


[12:11.58]Your dresser? Who is this? Sheldon

[12:13.70]It's Sheldon. 嗨 Sheldon? 旧金山怎么样?

[12:14.79]Oh, hey, Sheldon! How is San Francisco? 我不在旧金山 我在火车上呢 你刚才没有在听吗?

[12:17.81]I'm not in San Francisco. I'm on a train. Were you even listening to me?

[12:19.81]没有 我在和朋友聊天 你有什么事?

[12:21.58]Uh, no, I was talking to my friend, but what's up? 什么事? 我来告诉你怎么回事

[12:23.98]What's up? I'll tell you what's up. 我陷入危急情况 我需要你集中精力

[12:25.87]I'm in a crisis situation, and I need you to marshal your powers of concentration,

[12:28.16]- 集中到... - 把手机给我

[12:29.93]- limited as they may be... - Give me the phone.

[12:32.95]嗨 Penny 我是Leonard

[12:34.72]Hi, Penny. It's Leonard. 嘿 Leonard 怪里怪气博士怎么了?

[12:35.92]Hey, Leonard. What's going on with Dr. Wkadood?


[12:40.09]He's calling to ask you a favor. 估计你没搞明白 因为他没说 "Penny" "Sheldon" "请" "帮忙"

[12:41.97]You might be confused because he didn't use the words, Penny, "Sheldon," "please" or "favor."

[12:45.03]好了 别聊天了

[12:46.80]Okay. Enough chitchat. 好 第一步 将你的紧急备用钥匙 插入我们公寓大门

[12:49.73]Okay, step one. Locate your emergency key to our apartment.

[12:51.46]第二步 进入我们的公寓 第三步...

[12:53.23]Step two: enter our apartment. Step three:...


[12:58.62]Enter my broom. - 等等 Sheldon 有电话来了 - 不!

[13:01.52]- Oh, hang on, Sheldon, getting another call. - No!

[13:03.27]Leonard 我告诉你 私人机器人没那么快到达这里

[13:05.04]Leonard, let me tell you something. Personal robots cannot get here soon enough.


[13:11.82]And that bright little star peeking her head out early today...

[13:14.05]就是金星 (亦有爱神"维纳斯"之意)

[13:15.82]that's Venus. 太酷了

[13:17.97]That is so cool. 你真的很了解太空

[13:20.08]You really know a lot about space. 拜托 你在电视上演<萤火虫>时 你实际上就是在太空上

[13:21.88]Come on. When you were on TV in Firefly, you were actually in space.


[13:28.46]You're not one of those guys who really believe that, are you? 你是说那些绝望的怪家伙?才不是

[13:31.20]You mean one of the hopeless geeks? No.


[13:34.53]Those are crazy people.

[13:37.26]Howard 行行好 帮我再拿一杯这个

[13:39.03]Howard, be a dear and get me another one of these.

[13:45.89]看他 他就是怪家伙之一

[13:47.66]Now, him, he's one of those geeks.

[13:50.17]好吧 现在 在你独自进入我的卧室前

[13:51.94]All right, now, before you enter my bedroom unescorted, 我需要你弄清楚 一次进入许可并不代表永久通行权

[13:54.68]I need you to understand that this onetime grant of access does not create a permanent easement.


[14:01.61]Easement. 是合法进入权 老天爷啊

[14:04.40]It's a legal right of access. Good grief.

[14:07.68]什么? 别啊 别让我再等了

[14:09.45]What? No, don't put me on hold.


[14:14.69]Do you believe him? 一般一见女人 他就跟蔫豆角一样

[14:16.37]Normally around women, he has the personality of a boiled potato.

[14:18.90]一杯啤酒下了肚 立马变成魅力先生了

[14:20.67]Put one beer in him, and he's M. Night Charmalarmalon.

[14:26.08]他就喝的这个? 根本都不算是酒啊

[14:27.85]Is that what he's drinking? It's not even real beer. - 什么? - 看啊 无酒精

[14:30.17]- What? - Look at it. Non-alcoholic beer.

[14:34.17]- 怎么回事? - 不知道

[14:35.94]- What's going on? - I don't know. 算是安慰剂效应吧

[14:38.06]Some sort of placebo effect, I guess. 安慰剂是吧 有意思了

[14:41.24]Placebo, you say. Interesting.

[14:43.84]是啊 当然在 还能去哪? 我可是在火车上

[14:45.61]Yes, I'm still here. Where am I going? I'm on a train. 现在 在霍伯曼球面和 有黄铁矿斑点的石英样本中

[14:48.51]Now, what you'll be looking for is a small wooden box located between a Hoberman's sphere


[14:54.29]and a sample of quartz flecked with pyrite.


[14:57.71]Hoberman's Sphere. 是个可折叠的三十二面体

[14:59.50]It's collapsible icosidodecahedron.

[15:01.84]不是 上面有时间的是我的闹表

[15:03.61]No, the thing with the time on it is my alarm clock.

[15:07.92]实际在印度 星座的名字是不一样的

[15:09.69]Actually, in India, the names of constellations are different.

[15:11.48]你们说北斗七星是大勺子 我们叫大咖喱锅

[15:13.25]Where you have the Big Dipper, we have the Big Curry Pot.


[15:18.60]You're making that up. 被你拆穿了

[15:20.41]You got me. 现在打算怎么惩罚我?

[15:22.29]Now what are you going to do with me?

[15:26.98]- Raj - 啥事?

[15:28.75]- Raj. - Yes? - 瞧瞧 - 瞧什么?

[15:30.07]- Look. - What am I looking at? 你说呢

[15:31.98]You tell me. 无酒精啤酒...

[15:33.53]Non-alcoholic beer.


[15:44.36]I'm the small package good things come in.

[15:48.89]我是找到盒子了 但没有钥匙

[15:50.66]Okay, I got a box, but there's no key in here. 都是信

[15:53.37]Just letters. 拿错盒子了 放回去

[15:54.38]That's the wrg box. Put it back. 哦 Sheldon 都是你外婆寄的信?

[15:56.19]Oh, Sheldon, are these letters from your grandmother? 表读那些信哦!

[15:58.99]Don't read those letters! 呀 瞧瞧 她叫你"月亮派" 多可爱啊

[16:00.67]Oh, look, she calls you "Moon Pie." That is so cute. 快把信放下!

[16:03.91]Put down the letters!

[16:07.44]嘿 Penny 我是Leonard

[16:09.21]Hey, Penny. It's Leonard. 嘿Leonard 火车旅途怎么样?

[16:10.74]Hey, Leonard. How's the train ride? 很开心

[16:12.40]Delightful. 听着 不知道你在读啥

[16:14.87]Listen, I don't know what you're doing right now, 不过Sheldon气得嘴角吐泡了

[16:16.35]but there are little bubbles forming on the corners of Sheldon's mouth.

[16:17.97]好啦 我是越界了 让他接吧

[16:19.74]Okay, yeah, I kind of crossed a line. Put him back on. 谢谢

[16:22.55]Thank you. - 我来了 - 咋样 月亮派?

[16:25.28]- I'm back. - What up, Moon Pie?

[16:26.97]除了外婆 谁都不许叫我月亮派

[16:28.74]Nobody calls me Moon Pie but Meemaw!

[16:31.99]嘿 Penny 又是我Leonard

[16:33.76]Hey, Penny. Leonard again.

[16:35.87]总之 在梦里 我俩滑冰来着 就我们两个人

[16:37.64]So anyway, in the dream, you and I were ice skating, just the two of us.


[16:41.41]And then, I picked you up by your ankles and twirled you round and round


[16:45.77]until your legs tore off.

[16:48.42]我尝试把它们接回去的 但还没来得及

[16:50.19]I tried to stick them back on, but before I could,


[16:53.92]you turned into a giant loaf of pumpernickel bread.


[16:58.60]What do you think that means? 我还真不知道

[17:01.57]I really don't know.

[17:03.50]给你点提示吧 我最爱的三明治?

[17:05.27]I'll give you a little clue. My favorite sandwich? 粗麦面包夹意大利香肠

[17:07.55]Salami on pumpernickel.


[17:10.97]Is that so? 你知不知道粗麦面包(pumpernickel)是由 德文里的"pumper"和"nickel"来的

[17:13.26]And did you know the word "pumpernickel" comes from the German words "pumper" and "nickel,"


[17:16.90]which loosely translates to "fart goblin"?

[17:19.54]不 不知道

[17:21.31]No. I didn't.

[17:25.36]好了 找到盒子里 接下来呢?

[17:27.13]Okay, I found the box. Now what? 你拿着的是日本解谜盒子 要走精确地十步才能打开

[17:29.10]You're holding a Japanese puzzle box, which takes ten precise moves to open.

[17:33.18]首先 用钻石图案找到嵌板

[17:34.95]First, locate the panel with the diamond pattern 将中间部分向左移动一毫米

[17:38.20]and slide the center portion one millimeter to the left.

[17:40.44]然后 在盒子的背面 将整个嵌板向下滑动两毫米

[17:42.21]Then, on the opposite end of the box, slide the entire panel down two millimeters.

[17:45.89]- 你会听到咔哒一声 - 等等

[17:47.66]- You'll hear a slight click. - Hang on. Sheldon 你对这盒子有啥特殊感情吗?

[17:49.97]Sheldon, do you have any emotional attachment to this box?

[17:51.65]没 是我在网上买的新奇玩意 听到咔哒声没有?

[17:53.42]No, it's a velty I ordered off the Internet. Did you hear the click?


[17:57.04]Not yet.


[18:02.04]There it is.

[18:05.55]好 还有一个

[18:07.32]Okay, here's another one. 要是你嫁给著名摇滚吉他手 Johnny Winter 你就叫Summer Winter了 (夏天冬天)

[18:08.95]If you married the famous rock guitarist Johnny Winter, you'd be Summer Winter.

[18:17.71]Yep. 好了 跟你直说吧 我喜欢你

[18:19.54]Okay, I'm going to just go for broke here and say I like you.


[18:24.47]Yeah? 我想问问 你看有没啥可能 咱俩聊着聊着 就从现在的尴尬对话

[18:26.65]So here's my question: do you realistically see any conversational path

[18:30.89]that would take me from where we are right now to a place 过渡到我约你出去 然后你说好的?

[18:33.03]where I could ask you out and you'd say yes?



[18:38.70]很好 我不打扰你了

[18:40.47]Fair enough. I'll leave you in peace. 谢谢

[18:42.97]Thank you.


[18:47.05]But before I go, 介不介意咱俩合个影 我好放到我Facebook上去?

[18:50.06]would you mind if I just take one picture of us together for my Facebook page?



[19:03.48]好的 太棒了 能不能再拍张 看起来像是在亲热的?

[19:05.25]Okay. Great. Now, can I take one where it looks like we're making out?

[19:09.35]好了 现在把闪存卡插到USB口...

[19:11.12]Okay, now you're going to insert the flash drive into the USB port...

[19:18.94]她叫我月亮派 是因为我太口耐 她想把我吃掉

[19:20.71]She calls me Moon Pie because I'm nummy-nummy and she could just eat me up.

[19:25.83]拜托了 把闪存卡插到USB口

[19:27.60]Now, please put the flash drive in the USB port.


[19:33.89]The one that looks like a little duck's mouth.

[19:37.22]嘿 怎么样?

[19:38.99]Hey, how'd it go? 终结者把我的手机终结了

[19:40.29]Terminator broke my phone.


[19:48.28]Excuse me. 好了 实话跟你说吧

[19:51.53]Okay, I'll be honest with you. 两个小时了 我脑子里构想了无数场景

[19:52.97]I've just spent the last two hours imagining various scenarios in my head,


[19:56.44]trying to come up with some clever line to say to you. 但我意识到你是人 我也是人

[19:58.85]But then I finally realized you're a human being; I'm a human being.

[20:00.93]- 我可以干脆跟你说... - 下一站 圣巴巴拉

[20:02.70]- I could just say to you... - Next stop: Santa Barbara. 抱歉 我到站了

[20:04.93]I'm sorry. This is me.

[20:07.55]嗨 我叫Leonard

[20:09.32]Hi, my name's Leonard.

[20:12.40]于是我就想 你是啥时候 3年前得的诺贝尔奖?

[20:14.86]So, I'm thinking, you won the Nobel Prize what, three years ago? 肯定回应了不少 "Smoot最近有啥成就"之类问题

[20:18.36]So you must deal with a whole lot of "What has Smoot done lately?"


[20:23.12]My thought is we continue my research as aeam-- 那个 叫Cooper-Smoot 字母顺序

[20:26.56]you know, Cooper-Smoot, alphabetical-- 等我们赢了诺贝尔 你又可以重回巅峰了

[20:28.77]and when we win the Nobel Prize, you'll be back on top.

[20:31.25]恕我直言 Cooper博士 你嗑药了吧?

[20:33.71]With all due respect, Dr. Cooper, are you on crack?

[20:38.06]好了啦! Smoot-Cooper

[20:40.52]Fine! Smoot-Cooper. 哦哟 瞧这架子

[20:42.97]Wow, what a diva. <#00FFFF>天才理论传 第二季 第17集 完 720p版本调校:C.Ronaldo

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