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生活大爆炸第二季18.Sheldon帮penny做penny blossoms头饰生意事件






[00:00.41]Knight to queen's bishop-five. 马跳C3

[00:04.00]Oh,very nice. What's Leonard going to do? 哦 很好 Leonard该怎么做呢?

[00:06.27]Does he give up the pawn or does he give up the position? 他是放弃卒 还是放弃位置?

[00:08.97]Let's find out. Leonard,ready? 咱拭目以待吧 Leonard 准备好了?

[00:12.70]Ready. 好了

[00:14.31]Go. 开始

[00:39.77]Damn it. I slipped. 该死 我滑了一下

[00:41.12]Too bad. You know the rules of Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess. 可惜啊 你也知道激光障碍 象棋特工的游戏规则

[00:46.28]Leonard died again,Sheldon. You're up. Leonard又死了 Sheldon 该你了

[00:48.31]Despite my deep love of chess,lasers and aerosol disinfectant,I must forfeit. 虽然我深爱象棋 激光和喷雾剂 但我必须放弃游戏

[00:54.00]Why? 为啥啊?

[00:54.96]- Because it's almost 11:00. - So? - 因为已经快11点了 - 所以呢?

[00:57.79]So,Penny has a "don't knock on my door before 11:00 or I punch you in the throat" rule. Penny定了个"11点前别敲我家门 否则我一拳把你打成哑巴"的规矩

[01:07.14]Hey,you know what'd be a great idea? 嘿 我想到一个绝妙的点子

[01:08.88]We get some girls over here and play Laser Optical Strip Chess. 咱找几个姑娘来玩激光障碍脱衣象棋

[01:14.23]Believe me,Howard,any girl who would be willing to play that,you don't want to see naked. 信我一句 Howard 凡是愿意来玩的 你都不忍心看她们脱光

[01:20.41]You underestimate me. 你小看我

[01:29.55]Penny. Penny. Penny. Penny Penny Penny

[01:33.58]Hey,Sheldon. 嘿 Sheldon

[01:36.69]- It's 11:00 a.m. - I know. You're safe. - 11点了哦 - 我知道 你很安全

[01:40.30]This package came while you were at work. 这包裹是你上班时寄来的

[01:42.34]Oh,great,my rhinestones. Thank you. 太好了 我的莱茵仿钻 谢谢

[01:44.14]- Excuse me. - What? - 等下 - 干嘛?

[01:45.19]- You have to sign this. - What is it? - 你得签这个 - 啥东西?

[01:48.60]When I signed for the package,I was deputized by the United Parcel Service 我签收这个包裹时 即代表联合邮递公司

[01:52.77]and entrusted with its final delivery. 受委托将其转交给你

[01:54.24]I now need you to acknowledge receipt of the package so that I'm fully indemnified and no longer liable. 现在需要你确认收到包裹 说明我安全送达不再负任何责任

[02:00.45]Sheldon,it's just a box of rhinestones. Sheldon 只不过是一盒子莱茵石嘛

[02:02.53]Well,the contents are irrelevant. A legal bailment has been created. 内容不重要 主要是确立合法托管关系

[02:05.60]Does that mean nothing to you? 你满不在乎是吧?

[02:08.22]It means nothing to anybody. 谁在乎这些啊

[02:10.97]Come here,let me show you what I'm doing. 进来 看看我在干嘛

[02:12.71]Bailment describes a relationship in common law 托管是法律中的一种关系

[02:16.08]where a physical possession of personal property,or "chattels," 即对私有财产 或者说"动产"的所有权

[02:19.24]is transferred from one person,the bailor,to another person,the bailee... 从一人 即委托人转给另一人 受托者...

[02:22.33]ah,yeah,yeah. Look,look,look! I started a business. 好了 好了 瞧啊瞧 我做生意了

[02:26.73]Obviously,not a cleaning business. 显然不是做清洁工作的

[02:30.58]No,I'm making flower barrettes. See? 不是 我在做小花发夹 瞧见没

[02:33.35]I call them Penny Blossoms. 我叫它们"Penny小花"

[02:34.94]I made one for myself,then all the girls at work wanted one. 我给自己做了一个 结果上班那的女孩们都要

[02:37.09]Then I showed some to this lady who runs a shop in Old Town. 后来我给奥德城一开铺子的女士看了

[02:39.49]She sells cards and homemade jewelry. She said she wanted to sell them. 她是卖卡片和自制首饰的 她说要卖我的发夹

[02:42.04]I said,"Okay." And in one week,I made a $156. 我说"好哇" 一周我就赚了156美刀

[02:45.71]Good for you. Sign here. 真不错 签字

[02:50.61]Sheldon,don't you get it? Sheldon 还不明白吗?

[02:51.69]If this takes off,I won't have to be a waitress anymore. 如果这事有起色 我再也不用做服务生了

[02:54.92]But then who will bring me my cheeseburger on Tuesday nights? 那每周二晚谁给我拿芝士汉堡啊?

[02:58.54]- Another waitress. - What's her name? - 别的服务生咯 - 叫什么名字?

[03:01.67]I don't know. 不知道呢

[03:02.87]And you're going to let her handle my food? 不知道就让她给我送餐?

[03:05.10]Nancy. Her name is Nancy. Nancy 她叫Nancy

[03:08.10]I think you're just making that up. 我看你是瞎编的吧

[03:10.32]Sheldon,I'm sorry about your hamburger,okay? Sheldon 汉堡的事抱歉了 好吗?

[03:11.95]I just don't want to be a waitress for the rest of my life. 我真是不想做一辈子服务生

[03:14.16]Cheeseburger. I get a cheeseburger. 是芝士汉堡 我要的是芝士汉堡

[03:16.54]Fine,cheeseburger. 好了啦 芝士汉堡

[03:17.79]Maybe I'd be better off with Nancy. 或许Nancy能招待的更好一点

[03:20.96]So,what do you think? I mean,this could be a business,right? 你觉得咋样? 能成一番事业吧?

[03:25.43]How many of these can you make a day? 这玩意你一天能做多少个?

[03:27.82]About 20. 20来个

[03:29.00]And how much profit do you make per... Penny Blossom? 你一个"Penny小花"能挣多少...钱?

[03:32.84]I don't know,like,50 cents. I'm not sure. 不知道 5毛钱吧 说不好

[03:34.46]Of course you're not. All right... 当然了 好吧...

[03:38.31]Ten dollars a day times five days a week times 52 weeks a year is $2,600. 一天10块钱 每周5天 每年52周 那你能挣2600块

[03:44.32]- That's all? - Before taxes. - 就这么点儿? - 税前

[03:46.74]I don't have to pay taxes on this stuff. 这玩意还交什么税啊

[03:49.18]I believe the Internal Revenue Service would strongly disagree. 国内税收署肯定会强烈反对

[03:53.47]But,if you took advantage of modn marketing techniques,and you optimized your manufacturing process, 但是 如果你利用现代销售技术 完善制作工艺

[03:59.14]you might be able to make this a viable business. 说不定这生意能做成

[04:01.77]And you know about that stuff? 你对那些都懂不?

[04:03.55]Penny... Penny...

[04:08.40]I'm a physicist. 我是物理学家

[04:10.28]I have a working knowledge of the entire universe and everything it contains. 我对整个宇宙及其 包含的事物都有所了解

[04:17.59]Who's Radiohead? Radiohead是干嘛的?

[04:31.39]I have a working knowledge of the important things in the universe. Good luck. 我对整个宇宙及其包含的 重要事物都有所了解 祝你好运了

[04:36.72]Sheldon,hold on. Sheldon 等下

[04:38.58]Could you maybe show me how to make more money with this? 能不能教我怎么用这些赚更多钱?

[04:42.99]- Of course I could. - Sheldon,wait! - 等然能了 - Sheldon 等等!

[04:47.17]Will you? 行吗?

[04:52.52]Just to be clear here,you're asking for my assistance. 咱说清楚 你是请求我帮忙

[04:56.89]Yes. 是的

[04:57.79]And you understand that will involve me telling you what to do? 你清楚期间我会指导你去做事?

[05:03.09]I understand. 我清楚

[05:04.94]And you're not allowed to be sarcastic or snide to me while I'm doing so. 我要你做事时 你不许冷嘲热讽

[05:10.73]Okay. 好吧

[05:13.03]Good. 很好

[05:15.17]Let's begin with the premise that everything you've done up to this point is wrong. 咱先前提假设你目前 做的一切都是错的

[05:21.19]Oh,imagine that. 哦 可不是嘛

[05:22.73]- Sarcasm. Good-bye. - No,sorry. Wait! - 挖苦 别了 - 别走 对不起 等等!

[05:25.32]Please come back! 快回来嘛!

[05:53.13]There. Done. 好了 做好了

[05:54.05]All right. 12 minutes and 17 seconds. 看看 12分17秒

[05:57.11]Pretty good,right? 还不错哈?

[05:58.54]That's 4. 9 Penny Blossoms per hour. 也就是一小时做4.9个"Penny小花"

[06:00.95]Based on your cost of materials and your wholesale selling price, 根据你的材料钱和批发价

[06:04.07]you'll effectively be paying yourself... $5.19 a day. 你一天实际能挣5.19块美元

[06:09.67]A day? 一天?

[06:10.57]There are children in a sneaker factory in Indonesia who outearn you. 印尼运动鞋厂的小孩都比你赚的多

[06:16.05]That just can't be right. 不对啊

[06:17.52]- You're questioning my math? - No,sorry. - 你质疑我的算数? - 没有 抱歉

[06:20.63]- Want me to show my work? - Oh,God,no. - 用我给你演示遍怎么算的吗? - 哦 天啊 可别

[06:23.12]- Just please tell me what to do about it. - All right. - 就告诉我该怎么办吧 - 好的

[06:25.75]Are you familiar with the development that resulted from Honor\ Blanc's 你了解Honore Blanc1778年 使用可替换零件

[06:29.02]1778 use of interchangeable parts? 给工业带来什么发展吗?

[06:36.49]The assembly line,of course. 不就是装配线嘛

[06:38.96]Okay,you know what,if I'm not allowed to be snide,you're not allowed to be condescending. 好了 这样吧 既然你不让我讽刺 那你也不许表现得高人一等

[06:42.95]That wasn't a part of our original agreement,and I don't agree to it now. 最初的协定里可没有这条 我现在也不同意

[06:47.32]All right,fine. How are we supposed to set up machines and conveyor belts in my apartment? 随便了 那我们怎么在我公寓 弄机器和传送带啊?

[06:50.92]You're thinking of the moving assembly line,an understandable but not excusable mistake. 你说的是流动装配线啊 可以理解但无法原谅的错误

[06:55.47]No. The... 不是的 流动...

[06:57.93]The moving assembly line,that was introduced by Henry Ford in 1908. 流动装配线是由亨利·福特 在1908年引进的

[07:01.20]That innovation is what made possible our modern consumer culture 是这项革新技术通过低费用生产

[07:04.64]by enabling a low-unit cost for manufactured goods. 促成了现代消费文化

[07:07.43]I guess that isn't one of the topics discussed on your Radiohead. 我看Radiohead不讲这些东西吧

[07:15.53]Let's go. We're going to miss the coming attractions. 走了 别错过精彩的事

[07:18.36]What's the matter? 怎么了?

[07:23.88]I think I bruised a testicle capturing that last pawn. 我想我吃上一个卒时挫伤了睾丸

[07:31.06]* Please pay attentn and listen to me* * Please pay attention and listen to me*

[07:34.18]* Give me some time to blow the man down * * Give me some time to blow the man down *

[07:37.49]* I'm a deepwater sailor just come from Hong Kong * * I'm a deepwater sailor just come from Hong Kong *

[07:40.84]* Give me way,hey,blow the man down * * Give me way, hey, blow the man down *

[07:43.91]* If you give me some whiskey I'll sing you a song * * If you give me some whiskey I'll sing you a song *

[07:47.04]* Give me some time to blow the man down.* * Give me some time to blow the man down.*

[07:49.92]Hello? 你们好哇?

[07:52.62]- Hello. - Hello. - 你们好 - 你们好

[07:54.16]* Come quickly lay aft To the break of the poop * * Come quickly lay after To the break of the poop *

[07:56.86]* To me way,hey,blow the man down * * To me way,hey,blow the man down *

[08:00.09]* Or I'll help you along with the toe of my boot * * Or I'll help you along with the toe of my boot *

[08:03.15]* Give me some time to blow the man down.* * Give me some time to blow the man down.*

[08:05.80]W-W-Wait,what's going on? 嘿嘿 这是怎么了?

[08:08.18]I assume you're referring to the sea shanty. 我猜你是说这劳动工作歌

[08:10.21]It's a rhythmic work song designed to increase productivity. 这是首用来提高生产力的 节奏感强的劳动歌

[08:13.10]Yeah,it's crazy,but it totally works. 是啊 傻了吧唧 但的确有用

[08:14.74]Look,we made this Penny Blossom in under three minutes. 瞧 不到3分钟就做好一个"Penny小花"

[08:18.04]Terrific,but that kind of raises more questions than it answers. 真棒 不过我们的疑问倒是更多了

[08:23.06]Penny's making hair accessories. Penny在做头饰

[08:24.69]I'm helping her optimize her manufacturing process. 我帮她完善她的制作工艺

[08:27.23]All right,break's over. 好了 休息结束

[08:28.25]* Pay attention to orders now you one and all...* * Pay attention to orders now you one and all...*

[08:30.96]Hold on. What are you using as a bonding agent? 等等 你用什么粘的?

[08:33.77]- Hot glue. - You're kidding. - 热粘接剂 - 傻了吧你

[08:35.10]Any of the cyanoacrylates would do a better job. 随便一种氰基丙烯酸盐粘合剂 粘的效果都会更好啊

[08:37.70]It won't work,the flower's too porous. 不行的 花的孔太多了

[08:39.64]What if we infused the bottom layer with silicone-RTV to provide a better mounting surface? 要是在底层那片注入硅橡胶 打好一个基础面呢?

[08:44.53]Intriguing. 有点意思

[08:46.88]Good question. ****tion channels? 问的好 你的市场销售渠道呢?

[08:49.17]Well,there are the waitresses at my work,and this cute,little shop in Old Town... 有我上班那的服务生们 还有奥德城的一家小店...

[08:52.01]Hush,hush,hush,hush,hush-- virtually non-existent. 嘘嘘嘘 事实上 没有

[08:55.46]I'm thinking that we set her up with a hosted turnkey e-commerce system to start. 我在考虑我们让她从 全权负责的电子商务做起

[08:59.40]Why not eliminate the middle man? 何不省去中间人呢?

[09:01.05]We couldnstall a small server farm with a static IP in her bedroom. 我们可以用她卧室的静止IP 装一个服务器场

[09:04.11]She'd need some kind of industrial cooling system. 她得要工业冷却系统

[09:06.07]Of course,but before we set up a marketing and distribution infrastructure, 当然 但建立销售和分销基础设施前

[09:09.45]we should finish optimizing the manufacturing process. 我们得先完善好制作工艺

[09:11.97]To start with,she has a terrible problem with moisture-induced glitter clump. 首先 遇湿凝结的亮片是个老大难

[09:17.96]Yeah,it's a bitch. 是啊 烦透了

[09:22.09]Uh,I've seen this before. 哦 我见过

[09:25.13]Where? 在哪?

[09:26.00]It's a common stripper probl. 常见的脱衣舞女问题

[09:30.64]They dance,they sweat,they clump. 她们跳啊 流汗啊 凝到一起

[09:37.62]Are you thinking about adding a desiccant like calcium sulfate? 你在想加入些除湿剂 比如说硫酸钙?

[09:40.67]Actually,I'm thinking about this one stripper named Vega. 事实上 我在想那叫Vega的脱衣舞女郎

[09:47.16]But sure,calcium sulfate uld work. 但当然 硫酸钙应该行

[09:50.39]Let's think out of the box for a moment. 咱跳出框框想一想

[09:53.24]How about a molecular sieve? 分子筛怎么样?

[09:57.24]I've got a spaghetti strainer in the kitchen. 我厨房有个意面滤网

[10:07.97]Hey,we could liberate some micro-porous charcoal from the chem lab. 我们可以从化学实验室弄点微孔木炭

[10:11.29]Oh,great. Raj,why don't you and Howard go get the charcoal? 哦 太好了 Raj 你和Howard去拿木炭吧

[10:14.63]Leonard,why don't you start working on some preliminary Web site designs. Leonard 你着手做网站的初步设计

[10:17.67]I'll make some space in our apartment so we can move the manufacturing process. 我去我们公寓腾点地方 好弄到那边去制作

[10:21.51]Well,what's wrong with my apartment? 我的公寓怎么了?

[10:23.71]It's not my apartment. 因为不是我的公寓

[10:25.87]Wait,wait,what am I going to do? 等下啊 我干点啥呢?

[10:27.47]Uh,hey,it's your business. Do whatever you want. 嘿 是你的事嘛 想干啥干啥吧

[10:32.61]Okay,cool. 好吧

[10:36.05]I'm going to take a nap. 我睡一小觉去

[10:41.87]I'm still tweaking things a little bit,but this will give you the general idea of the Web site. 我还在不断改进 不过现在 也能看到网站的基本概念

[10:51.15]So,what do you guys think? 怎么样?

[10:54.39]Uh,pretty much any way I say that is going to hurt his feelings. 呃...不管咋说都会伤感情的

[11:02.06]Okay,what's wrong with it? 好吧 不足在哪里?

[11:03.55]- What's wrong with it? - Not you. I wasn't asking you. - 不足在哪里? - 你别说话 没问你

[11:07.97]Penny? Penny?

[11:08.93]Uh,well,it's a little juvenile. 好吧 有点装嫩

[11:11.43]I mean,it kind of looks like the MySpace page of a 13-year-old girl. 我是说 感觉是13岁小姑娘的MySpace页面

[11:16.06]No,it doesn't. 没有啊

[11:17.62]Please. Dateline could use it to attract predators. 得了吧 可以用日期栏吊禽兽上钩

[11:24.40]Penny,this is your enterprise,so it's ultimately your decision, Penny 这是你的生意 你有最终决定权

[11:28.65]but based on the quality of his work,I'd strongly recommend that we let Leonard go. 但鉴于Leonard的工作质量 我强烈建议把他打发掉

[11:34.08]You want to fire me? 你想开了我?

[11:35.38]What I want is irrelevant. This is Penny's decision. 我想怎样没关系 是Penny的决定

[11:39.07]Penny? Penny?

[11:40.90]Excuse me,but if I did such a bad job then why do we already have orders? 抱歉 要是我真做的那么糟 怎么会有订单了呢?

[11:44.53]- We do? - Look. - 有了? - 瞧

[11:47.89]Mrs. Fiona Fondell from Huntsville,Alabama has ordered two. 阿拉巴马Huntsville的Fiona Fondell女士 下了两个订单

[11:51.75]No kidding. Two? 真的啊 两个?

[11:53.98]Look at the comments. 看看评论吧

[11:56.01]"Thank you,Penny Blossoms. These will be perfect to cover my bald spot." "谢谢 Penny小花 刚好可以 盖住我谢顶的地方"

[12:02.25]that... that is so sweet. 真是...真是贴心啊

[12:04.55]Camouflaging bald spots. 遮盖谢顶

[12:06.18]That's primarily a male concern. 男士一大隐患啊

[12:08.02]Perhaps we could expand our market. 可以以此拓宽市场

[12:11.14]How are flower barrettes going to appeal to men? 男的怎么会对花发夹感兴趣的?

[12:17.43]We add Bluetooth! 加上蓝牙!

[12:20.63]Brilliant. Men love Bluetooth. 聪明 男人喜欢蓝牙

[12:23.38]Wait a minute,wait a minute,you want to make a hair barrette with Bluetooth? 等等 用蓝牙做发夹?

[12:26.50]Penny,everything is better with Bluetooth. Penny 有了蓝牙事半功倍

[12:33.87]Holy crap. Someone just ordered a thousand Penny Blossoms. 天呐 刚有人定了1千朵的Penny小花

[12:37.92]Get out! 不可能

[12:39.23]Who needs a thousand sparkly flower barrettes with rhinestones? 谁会要一千个莱茵仿钻花发夹啊?

[12:43.68]"The Fifth Annual East Rutherford,New Jersey,Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Alliance Luau." "新泽西东卢瑟福男同 女同 双性恋 变性人联盟5周年庆"

[12:50.26]Oh,another market to expand into-- balding gay men. 哦~我们还以发展一下谢顶同志

[12:55.01]And I'll bet lesbians love Bluetooth. 我打赌拉拉肯定也喜欢蓝牙

[12:58.34]We should get to work. 开工啦

[13:00.13]Wait,wait,why does it say "one-day rush"? 等等 为什么说是"一天交货"

[13:02.39]Since when do we offer a one-day rush? 我们什么时候有这服务了?

[13:04.51]Amazon offers one-day rush. 亚马逊就有"一天交货"

[13:06.58]Yeah,but they don't have to glue the books together. 是啊 但是他们不需要把书粘起来

[13:10.44]How the hell are we going to make a thousand Penny Blossoms in one day? 我们到底要怎样才能 在一天内做出一千个?

[13:13.78]Don't yell at me. I'm not manufacturing. I'm just Web design. 别对我吼 我又不是搞生产的 我只是设计网站而已啦

[13:17.57]Okay,well,I'm gonna have to call them and cancel the order. 好 那我打电话告诉他们取消订单

[13:19.73]Excuse me,but was this not your goal? 等等 难道这不是你的目标?

[13:23.04]Financial independence through entrepreneurial brilliance and innovation? 通过才智和创新的商业头脑来财政独立

[13:26.85]My brilliance and innovation,of course,but still. 我的才智和创新 当然

[13:31.20]I just don't see how we can pull this off. 我只是不知道要怎么完成订单

[13:33.48]That,right there,that equivocation and self-doubt,that is not the American spirit. 别 你这模棱两可和自我怀疑 可不符合美国精神

[13:39.92]Did Davy Crockett quit at the Alamo? 大卫·克劳克拉从阿拉莫之围中退却了吗?

[13:42.20]Did Jim Bowie? 吉姆·鲍伊有吗?

[13:44.04]They didn't quit. They were massacred... 没 但他们被屠杀了

[13:48.03]by like a gazillion angry Mexicans. 被无数墨西哥暴民给屠杀了

[13:53.35]Let me put it this way. 这么说吧

[13:54.89]Your gross receipts on this one order will be over $3,000 for one night's work. 你这一夜收入总额可以超过3000美金

[14:01.57]You guys get started. 你们快开工

[14:04.35]- What are you doing? - Going online to buy shoes! - 那你干嘛? - 我要上网买鞋!

[14:09.99]She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes * She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes *

[14:13.50]She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes * She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes *

[14:17.08]She'll be coming round the mountain She'll be coming round the mountain... * She'll be coming round the mountain *

[14:20.44]You know,if I wanted to spend my Saturday nights doing this,I could have stayed in India. 早知道我要在周六晚上做这个 我还不如待在印度

[14:27.44]Oh,stop with the fake third world crap. 少装可怜 瞎掰你那第三世界国家生活

[14:29.77]Your father's a gynecologist. And you had a house full of servants. 你爸是妇科医生 你有一屋子仆人

[14:33.14]We only had four servants. 我们只有4个仆人

[14:34.97]And two of them were children. 其中2个还是未成年

[14:39.66]How we doing? 我们干的怎么样了

[14:40.85]We have 128 assorted Penny Blossoms ready to ship. 已经有128朵Penny小花可以发货了

[14:44.39]Oh,God,we're never gonna finish in time. 上帝 我们不可能做得完的

[14:47.34]Who made Sheldon the boss anyway? 谁提议让Sheldon当头的?

[14:49.23]I believe I'm hearing some negativity on the factory floor. 有人在工厂里散布消极言论

[14:55.04]So? 所以呢?

[14:55.79]Penny,the labor force is a living organism that must be carefully nurtured. Penny 打工仔团体是需要好好教育的

[15:00.01]Any counterproductive grumbling must be skillfully headed off by management. Observe. 任何会产生不良后果的抱怨 必须及时喝止 看着

[15:06.19]Less talk,more work! 少说话 多干活

[15:11.18]- Nicely done. - Thank you. - 做的好 - 谢谢

[15:13.24]You hear any union talk,you let me know. 你要看到什么交头接耳 告诉我

[15:18.47]* Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...* * Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...*

[15:24.20]* Someone's in the kitchen I know-ow-ow-ow * * Someone's in the kitchen I know-ow-ow-ow *

[15:29.66]* Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...* * Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...*

[15:33.80]Sheldon? Sheldon! Sheldon? Sheldon!

[15:35.18]'Cause I sold my soul to the company store. * 'Cause I sold my soul to the company store. *

[15:42.65]Honey,do you want some coffee? 要不要来点咖啡?

[15:44.43]I don't drink coffee. 我不喝咖啡

[15:45.48]Come on,but if you don't stay awake we'll never finish in time. 行了 你要是睡过去了 我们肯定完成不了

[15:48.14]I'm sorry,coffee's out of the question. 对不起 但是我绝不喝咖啡

[15:49.91]When I moved to California,I promised my mother that I wouldn't start doing drugs. 当我搬来加利福尼亚 我答应妈妈不磕药的

[15:54.48]Leonard,help. Leonard 帮帮忙

[15:55.66]Sheldon,we still have 380 of these things to make. Sheldon 我们还有380个要做呢

[15:58.42]I have complete faith that you will make them. Good night. 晚安 你们行的 我对你们绝对有信心

[16:01.50]Leonard? Leonard?

[16:03.38]But,Sheldon,without your insight and leadership this entire enterprise will surely fail. 但是 Shelon 没了你英明的领导 我们的事业绝对是做不起来的

[16:11.65]You're right,of course. 当然 你说的对

[16:14.45]Here,this will help. 来 这个会有帮助

[16:18.16]Very well,but if this leads to opiates or hallucinogenics, 好吧 但要这让我上瘾或产生幻觉

[16:22.61]you're going to have to answer to my mother. 你得去和我妈交待了

[16:27.80]Look at Planck's Constant. People say it's arbitrary. 说到普朗克常数 有人说不确定

[16:30.86]It could not be less arbitrary. 怎么可能呢

[16:32.62]If it varied slightly,life as we know it would not exist. Bam! 如果它稍有改变 我们所知的世界将不复存在 嘣!

[16:40.56]Now,now,let's reconsider the entire argument,but with entropy reversed and effect preceding cause. 现在 让我们考虑熵的改变 和因果联系 重新来看这论点

[16:46.61]So you are thinking of a universe that's not expanding from the center-- 你想到的是不由中心扩张的宇宙

[16:50.10]no,it is retreating from a,from a possibility space. Bam! 对的 而是从可能性空间衰减 嘣!

[16:57.08]This is a space where we are all essentially Alice through the looking glass, 在那个空间 我们就像爱丽丝梦游仙境

[17:01.30]standing in front the Red Queen,and we're being offered a cracker to quench our thirst. 穿过镜子站到红心皇后面前 被给予饼干来充饥

[17:06.90]Bam! 嘣!

[17:09.16]Of course,in another universe,let's call it universe prime, 当然 在另外一个宇宙 让我们暂时称之为超宇宙

[17:11.73]there's another Sheldon,let's call him Sheldon prime... 那个宇宙也有个Sheldon 让我们称为超Sheldon

[17:13.00]- We should have let him go to bed. - Bam. - 真该让他睡觉去 - 嘣!

[17:19.87]I can't believe we actually did it. 难以置信 我们居然完成了

[17:22.68]1,000 friggin' Penny Blossoms. 奶奶的1000朵Penny小花

[17:27.68]I just want you guys to know I am really grateful for your help. 真是太谢谢你们的帮助了

[17:30.70]And for ever dollar I make,I'm going to give you 20 cents. 每挣一块钱我分20分给你们

[17:35.12]That's your entire profit margin. 那是你所有的利润了

[17:38.47]Then never mind. 哦 那算了

[17:41.33]I'll print out the shippi label. 我打印发货标签

[17:48.07]What? 等等?

[17:49.43]We got an e-mail from the East Rutherford,New Jersey,Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Alliance. 新泽西东卢瑟福男同 女同 双性恋 变性人联盟又来了封邮件

[17:56.64]They want another thousand Penny Blossoms. 他们再要1000朵Penny小花

[17:59.55]Really? 真的?

[18:00.95]One-day rush. 一天交货

[18:03.66]I really need to take that off the Web site. 我真得把这选项改了去

[18:07.72]d better get started. 我们最好现在开工

[18:10.78]You can't be serious. 你开玩笑吧

[18:13.30]Come on. What about the living organism of the workforce and the American spirit? 我们可是有美国精神的职工团体

[18:19.29]And Jiminy Crockett at the Alamo? 还有阿拉莫之围里的占美尼?

[18:23.92]Davy Crockett. Jiminy Crockett was a cricket. 是大卫·克劳克拉 占美尼是匹诺曹里的蟋蟀啦

[18:27.56]Yes,yes,I know that,okay? 行啦 行啦 我知道?

[18:29.22]I'm tired-- I've had like 18 cups of coffee. 我累了 我已经喝了18杯咖啡了

[18:30.95]The point is,if we just pull together,we can do this. 关键是 我们齐心协力 一定行的

[18:34.84]Who's with me? 谁支持我?

[18:40.28]Penny,although you may find it hard to believe,we do have lives. Penny 虽然你可能很难相信 但是我们都有自己的生活

[18:49.73]Leonard? Leonard?

[18:52.53]Sorry. 对不起

[18:54.90]My apologies to the gay community of East Rutherford,New Jersey. 新泽西东卢瑟福同性联盟 我实在抱歉

[19:04.02]Zoom,zoom,zoom! 咻 咻 咻!

[19:10.57]Where's the coffee? 咖啡呢?

[19:12.66]We're all out. 都喝光了

[19:16.35]No problem. 没问题

[19:18.24]I'll be back before this banana hits the ground. 我会在香蕉落地前回来

[19:21.86]Zoom,zoom,zoom,zoom! Zoom,zoom,zoom,zoom! 咻 咻 咻 咻!

[19:48.33]Yes! 耶!

[19:51.69]Sorry,guys,but Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch is just stupid. 对不起 伙计们 但激光障碍午餐特工真的很傻

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