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生活大爆炸第二季19.The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition(Dead Hooker并置): 新美女邻居搬来,penny吃醋事件






[00:00.00]Okay,it's done. 好 搞定了

[00:01.63]Look,guys, for the future,I don't mind killing the big spiders, 听着 男同胞们 我不介意以后替你们干掉大蜘蛛

[00:05.20]but you have to at least try with the little ones. 但小的你们总得自己来吧

[00:08.54]Penny,please. Penny 别说了

[00:09.74]We're facing a far more serious problem than stray arachnids. 这问题可比迷路严重得多

[00:12.77]- Sheldon,it's not so bad. - Not bad? It's horrible. - Sheldon 没有那么糟 - 不糟? 简直是恐怖!

[00:16.99]I mean,you hear stories about this sort of thing, but you never think it'll happen to you. 这种事时常听到 但啥时候想到会发生在自己身上

[00:20.78]So they steamed your dumplings. Get over it. 他们是坏了你的饺子 算了吧

[00:25.75]New topic,please. 换个新话题吧

[00:27.61]All right,Penny. 好 Penny

[00:28.96]Let me take this opportunity to point out that you are looking particularly ravishing today. 那就让我借此机会说出 你今天可真是迷死人啊

[00:36.45]Not with a thousand condoms, Howard. 戴上一千个安全套再说吧 Howard

[00:41.23]So,there is a number. 这么说 还有个数呢

[00:45.07]Okay,new topic,please. 够了 换个新话题吧

[00:47.21]Hey,did you hear the people upstairs in 5A are moving out? 嘿 你们听说5楼A座的人要搬出去了吗?

[00:49.33]- No,shh-shh-shh! - What? - 不 嘘-嘘-嘘! - 虾~米?

[00:52.43]- The people upstairs are moving out. - No! - 楼上的人要搬走了 - 不!

[00:55.71]The horror... 骇人听闻...

[00:58.63]Why would you just say something like that? 你为什么要这样说话?

[01:00.80]No,no,no, no,no,no,no... 不不不...

[01:04.59]How else was I supposed to say it? 那我还能怎么个说法?

[01:06.36]Slowly. Like putting a new fish in a tank. You don't just drop it in. 有点铺垫嘛 就像把金鱼放进鱼缸 不是一下子就把它扔进去吧

[01:11.23]You let the bag sit in the water a while. 你得把袋子在水里放一会儿

[01:15.32]The horror... 骇人听闻...

[01:17.69]Sheldon,I'm sure it's going to be fine. Sheldon 我肯定会没事的

[01:19.79]No,it's not going to be fine. Change is never fine. 不 怎么可能没事 改变从来不会没事

[01:22.62]They say it is, but it's not. 人们这么说 但事实并非如此

[01:25.56]Okay,honey,did you even know the people that are moving out? 亲爱的 你认识那些要搬走的人么?

[01:28.34]I never met them. That's what made them perfect. 我从没见过他们 所以他们才如此完美

[01:32.37]There were no awkward "hellos" in the halls. 不用尴尬地在走廊里打招呼

[01:34.52]There's no clickety-clacking of high heel shoes on hardwood floors. 没有硬木地板上咔嗒咔嗒的高跟鞋声

[01:38.13]They may as well have been a family of cats just jumping around from drape to drape. 他们也可能是一窝猫 在帘子间跳来跳去

[01:43.27]Without that annoying ammonia urine smell. 但他们没有烦人的尿骚味

[01:47.66]Well,I'm sure the new people will be just as quiet. 我肯定新来的人也会同样安静的

[01:50.28]You can't know that. How can you possibly know that? 你又不知道 这你要怎么知道?

[01:53.41]You're right,I can't. You know what? 你说得没错 我不知道 你知道吗?

[01:54.57]Anyone could rent that apartment now: an opera singer, the cast ofStomp... 谁都有可能租下那间公寓 歌剧演员 街舞少年剧组的...

[02:02.06]Yeah,a tap-dancing pirate with a wooden leg. 对哈 装着个木腿踢踏舞演员

[02:06.82]Why are you making it worse? 你为什么要越搞越僵?

[02:08.34]I tried making it better. He wouldn't go for it. 我想往好的方面说 可他不听啊

[02:12.56]You're right! That's a great idea. 没错! 那是个好主意

[02:14.37]- What? - I'll take the apartment upstairs. - 什么? - 我要租下楼上的公寓

[02:16.47]I can finally get away from my mother and we can all spend some more time together. 我终于可以离我妈远远的了 我们也能有多一点时间在一起了

[02:21.39]If you catch my drift. 如果你明白我的意思的话

[02:26.06]The horror... 骇人听闻...

[02:51.81]Hold on.You honestly expect me to believe 等等 你们真的以为我会相信

[02:54.84]that social protocol dictates we break our backs helping Wolowitz move, 礼节上我们这么拼命替Wolowitz搬家

[02:58.40]and then he only need buy us a pizza? 他只需要买个匹萨给我们吃?

[03:02.07]I'm sorry,that really is how it works. 抱歉 不过事实就是如此

[03:05.46]You' tricking me. 你们在耍我

[03:08.24]You tell me the truth, what do we get? 给我说实话 我们到底有什么好处?

[03:11.60]Raj,help me out here. Raj 帮帮忙吧

[03:13.43]You get to choose between a mountain bike or a PS3. 你可以在山地车和PS3之间选一个

[03:16.15]I knew it! 我就知道!

[03:19.10]PS3,definitely PS3. PS3 绝对是PS3了

[03:21.44]Who would pick a mountain bike? 谁会选山地车啊?

[03:25.17]Enough with the guilt,Ma. We'll still see each other. 别再让我有负罪感了 老妈 我们还是会再见的

[03:28.68]I'll come over every night and have dinner with you. 我会每晚过来和你共进晚餐的

[03:31.26]The hell you will! 吃你个大头鬼!

[03:34.39]What am I running here, a fancy restaurant? 你把这儿当什么地方了? 高级餐厅?

[03:38.74]Does this look like Olive Garden? 看着像橄榄树花园(意式餐厅)么?

[03:43.06]Okay,I get it, you're angry. 好吧 我了解了 你生气了

[03:44.73]You don't want to see your little bird leave the nest. 你不愿见到你的小鸟飞离巢穴

[03:48.06]"Little bird"? You're almost 30! "小鸟"? 你都快30了!

[03:52.24]Fly,for God's sake! 飞吧 我的神呐!

[03:55.11]Fine,I'll stay! Ya happy,crazy lady? 好 我不搬! 开心了吧 疯婆子?

[03:57.86]I sure as hell hope so, because you're ruing my life! 我打心底里这么想 因为你毁了我的生活!

[04:03.38]Hey,Penny? It's Leonard. 嘿 是Penny吗? 我是Leonard

[04:04.36]Good news,you can take your head out of the oven. 好消息 你可以把脑袋从烤炉里拿出来了

[04:08.72]I guess I won't be needing this. 我想我也不需要这玩意儿了

[04:15.72]Oh,no... 噢 不...

[04:18.84]Thenewones. 新来的

[04:22.13]They're here. 已经到了

[04:25.59]Stay calm. We don't know anything about them yet. 别冲动 我们还对他们一无所知

[04:31.68]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?

[04:32.76]I'm checking for musical instruments. 我在检查有没有乐器

[04:36.54]Does that sound like castanets to you? 你觉得这个听起来像响板么?

[04:39.56]- The box says "kitchen." - So? - 盒子上写着"厨具" - 那又怎样?

[04:42.22]Do cocaine smugglers write "cocaine" on the box? 毒贩子会在盒子上写"可卡因"么?

[04:47.69]- Hello? - Hello. - 你好 - 你好

[04:49.44]- Hello. - Hello. - 你好 - 你好

[04:50.96]- Hello. - Hello. - 你好 - 你好

[04:54.33]I'm Alicia. I'm moving in upstairs. 我是Alicia 我要搬进楼上了

[04:57.07]That is so great. 真是太棒了

[05:00.44]Oh,I'm Leonard. I live downstairs. 噢 我是Leonard 我住在楼下

[05:02.58]Upstairs from here, but under you. 在这儿上头 不过在你下面

[05:04.76]Not under you per se, but under your apartment. 实际上不是在你下面 而是在你的公寓下面

[05:10.54]- That's nice. - Yeah,it is. - 真不错 - 是啊

[05:15.22]If that concludes your faltering attempt to mate... 求爱呢啊 结巴完了换我说

[05:21.36]- Hello. - Hello. - 你好 - 你好

[05:26.72]On a scale of one to ten, how light of foot would you describe yourself, 一到十 你给自己脚步声定个级别

[05:30.34]with one being not cat-like at all,and ten being freakishly feline? 一代表完全不像猫类 十代表简直就是猫科动物

[05:35.47]"Freakishly feline"? "简直就是猫科动物"?

[05:37.62]Is that your answer or do you not understand the question? 这是你的答案还是你没听懂问题?

[05:41.25]- We'll come back to that one. - Sheldon... - 这个待会再说 - Sheldon...

[05:43.23]Hang on. Are you now or have you ever been a salsa,Irish folk or break-dancer? 等等 你现在或曾经跳过萨尔萨舞 爱尔兰民舞或者街舞吗?

[05:50.18]- No. - You're making her uncomfortable. - 没有 - 你问得她不自在了

[05:52.25]Oh,I'm sorry. Well,if it helps you feel any better, you're doing very well so far. 抱歉 以表安慰 目前你做的很好

[05:57.97]Next question: are you fertile? 下一个问题 你能生育吗?

[06:01.57]What? 什么?

[06:02.25]I'm trying to determine whether crying infants above my head are a possibility. 我想知道以后楼上会不会有哭闹的婴儿

[06:06.19]I have no immediate plans. 目前没有打算

[06:08.11]If that changes, let me know. 如果有 告诉我

[06:10.52]And finally,area rugs, pro or con? 那最后 小地毯 赞成还是反对?

[06:13.21]- Pro? - Alicia? - 赞成? - Alicia?

[06:14.69]- Yes? - Welcome to the building. - 什么事? - 欢迎来到这里

[06:25.72]Thanks so much for helping me,Leonard. 多谢你帮忙 Leonard

[06:28.76]Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help. 多谢你给我这个机会

[06:33.44]Oh,hey,guys. 噢 你们好啊

[06:34.72]Hey,Penny. This is Alicia,our new neighbor. 嘿 Penny 这是我们的新邻居 Alicia

[06:39.08]I'm helping. 我在帮忙

[06:41.75]I can see. 看见了

[06:43.29]Alicia's non-musical, childless and pro-rug. Alicia不玩音乐 不生孩子 赞成小地毯

[06:48.50]She's still on probation, of course, but I ke her. 当然她还在试用期 不过我喜欢她

[06:52.09]Cool T-shirt. 好酷的T恤啊

[06:53.38]Oh,yeah,I don't usually dress like this. I'm going jogging. 噢 是啊 我通常不这么打扮 这正要去慢跑呢

[06:57.14]- You don't jog. - I can start. - 你又不慢跑的 - 这不正要开始么

[07:00.49]True,but the more likely explanation for your attire is that you're out of clean clothes again. 那是 不过更合理的解释是 你又没有干净的衣服穿了

[07:04.52]- Thank you,Sheldon. - You're welcome,Penny. - 谢谢侬 Sheldon - 不客气 Penny

[07:08.04]Please,you look cute. I'm dressed like a slob today,too. 得了吧 你看上去多可爱 我今天也穿得像邋遢鬼似的

[07:12.93]I think you look fantastic. 我觉得你看起来棒极了

[07:15.59]This one's a player,huh? 这家伙棒极了 哈?

[07:17.60]Oh,yeah,be careful. 噢 是啊 要小心

[07:20.56]- Thanks for the warning. - Okay. - 多谢提醒 - 好

[07:21.96]- I'll see you around. - See ya. - 回见了 - 再见

[07:28.13]I'm dressed like a slob today,too. 我今天也穿得像邋遢鬼似的

[07:30.03]Oh,micry. I enjoy micry. 噢 模仿 我爱模仿

[07:33.20]I've been working on Admiral Ackbar fromReturn of the Jedi. 我一直在模仿"绝地武士归来"的阿克巴

[07:37.75]"It's a trap." "这是个陷阱"

[07:42.15]You have to imagine me with a giant squid head. 你得想象我有个巨大的鱿鱼脑袋

[07:51.03]"It's a trap." "这是个陷阱"

[07:56.86]"It's a trap." "这是个陷阱"

[08:00.62]"It's a trap." "这是个陷阱"

[08:26.00]Come. 进来

[08:29.29]Congratulations, I see you did your laundry. 恭喜啊 你衣服洗好了

[08:32.49]Well,sort of. 呃 算是吧

[08:33.84]- How does one "sort of..." - I bought new clothes,okay? - 要怎么"算是..."呢? - 我买了新衣服 好了吧?

[08:37.21]Is Leonard around? Leonard在吗?

[08:38.35]He's upstairs at Alicia's. 他在楼上Alicia那儿

[08:41.07]All right, that's cool,no biggie. 好吧 没事 没什么大不了

[08:42.84]He said he'd help me set up my printer, but I guess I can wait. 他说他会帮我装打印机的 不过我想我可以等等

[08:45.98]What exactly is he doing up there? 他究竟在上头干什么呢?

[08:47.95]In what I can only perceive as a tactical move to destroy me, 我只能理解为是 用来摧毁我的战术性行动

[08:51.20]he is with Wolowitz and Koothrappali setting up her stereo. 他和Wolowitz还有Koothrappali 在帮她装立体声系统

[08:55.39]Oh,they're all up there,huh? Hmm,typical. 噢 他们都在上头 哈? 典型啊

[08:59.52]It's axiomatically atypical. 显然非典型啊

[09:02.54]Up until recently, they did not know Alicia, and had no encounters with her in a previous location. 直到最近 他们还不认识Alicia 以前也没有在哪儿见过她

[09:07.06]They never went upstairs to visit the former tenants, 他们从来不上楼去看以前的房客

[09:09.22]so your characterization of their behavior as "typical" is demonstrably fallacious. 所以你将他们的行为归为"典型" 显然是谬论

[09:16.68]Okay,now I see the giant squid head. 好了 现在我看见巨型鱿鱼脑袋了

[09:26.48]Oh,great! Now,I have to start all over again. 这下好了! 我得从头再来一遍

[09:31.54]Yeah,I thought about renting this apartment, 没错 我还想租下这间公寓呢

[09:33.66]but I'm really more of a "downtown loft" kind of guy. 但我更喜欢住"市区阁楼"

[09:38.12]Cool. So are you in a loft now? 真酷 那么说你现在住阁楼咯?

[09:40.13]Oh,actually,I'm,uh,living with a woman in Altadena. 噢 实际上 我现在和一个女人 一起住在Altadena

[09:43.89]Purely platonic. She's also my maid. 纯柏拉图式的 她也是我的女仆

[09:47.32]Sounds like a sweet deal. 听起来不错啊

[09:48.42]I won't lie. It's pretty dope. 不骗你哦 挺无聊的

[09:53.10]Hello? 嗨

[09:55.75]Hey,I just wanted to bring you a little housewarming gift. 嘿 我想给你带来点乔迁之喜的薄礼

[09:59.27]That is so sweet. Come on in. Let's open it. 你太贴心了 快进来吧 我们打开尝尝

[10:02.04]- Great. - Nice dress. - 好极了 - 裙子很漂亮

[10:04.24]Oh,this? I'm dressed like a slob today. 哦 这条?我今天穿得像邋遢鬼似的

[10:09.10]The guys have been helping me set up my sound system. 他们在帮我组装音响系统

[10:11.65]I've never had such good-looking technical support. 我从未见过这么靓的技术人员

[10:15.42]Oh,pish-posh. 噢 哪里哪里

[10:19.15]I don't know, it means shucks. 管它呢 就是不咋靓的意思呗

[10:22.26]"Shucks" means shucks. Let one go once in a while. 不靓就是不靓嘛 您老别总那么较真成不

[10:27.64]- Hey,uh,Penny,you want to hear something awesome? - Yeah. - Penny 有个消息很赞 想听不? - 说啊

[10:30.16]Alicia is an actress, just like you. Alicia是名演员 和你一样

[10:33.22]That is so awesome. 真太赞了

[10:36.74]Well,trying to be, but it's so hard. 努力做演员 但真的很难啊

[10:38.91]Yeah,I know,tell me about it. 我了解 还用说嘛

[10:40.26]I've been out here three months, 我已经来这儿三个月了

[10:41.39]and all I've gotten is a couple of national commercials and this recurring thing on a soap. 只不过接了几个商业广告 和一部肥皂剧的循环角色

[10:48.56]That's why I work at the Cheesecake Factory. I'm holding out for the right part. 所以我一直在在"酪饼工厂"工作 就是在等好角色啊

[10:56.81]Alicia,what do you want as your default setting for DVDs,5. 1 Dolby or DTS? Alicia 你要怎样的DVD默认设置 杜比5.1还是DTS?

[11:01.43]Whatever you think is best,cutie. 你认为哪个好就设置哪个吧 靓仔

[11:06.67]Well,DTS has more low end,so... DTS有更多低档环绕扬声器 所以...

[11:11.20]Okay. 好吧

[11:14.78]Uh,hey,guys,guys, you will really appreciate this. 嘿 伙计们 这个你们肯定爱听

[11:17.61]I read the best science joke on the Internet. 我在网上读到个爆笑科学笑话

[11:19.58]Alicia,you won't get it, but it's right up their alley. Alicia 你不会理解的 但很对他们胃口

[11:22.62]Anyway,so, this physicist goes into an ice cream parlor every week 就是说呢 有个物理学家 每周都会去一家冰淇淋店

[11:25.94]and orders an ice cream sundae for himself, 给他自己点一份冰淇淋圣代

[11:27.72]and then offers one to the empty stool sitting next to him. 然后给他旁边的空位点一份

[11:30.43]This goes on for a while until the owner finally asks him what he's doing. 这情况持续了一段时间 直到最后老板问他在干嘛

[11:33.60]The man says, "Well,I'm a physicist, "and quantum mechanics... 那家伙说 "我是个物理学家 而量子力学呢..."

[11:38.83]teaches us "that it is possible for the matter above this stool "告诉我们这位子上的物体有可能"

[11:43.29]"to spontaneously turn into a beautiful woman who might accept my offer and fall in love with me." "自然地转化成一个漂亮的姑娘 接受我的请客并与我坠入爱河"

[11:48.29]The owner then says, "Well,lots of single, "beautiful women come in here ever day. 老板说"这儿每天有很多单身美女客人"

[11:51.40]"Why don't you buy an ice cream for one of them, and they might fall in love with you?" "你干嘛不给其中一位买份冰淇淋呢 她们也许会与你坠入爱河啊"

[11:54.85]And the physicist says, "Yeah,but what are the odds of that happening?" 物理学家答道 "是啊 但又有多大可能呢?"

[12:04.63]It's a little insulting, don't you think? 这笑话有点伤人 不是吗?

[12:07.36]How would I know? I'm not even sure I get it. 我怎么知道? 我都不确定我是不是真懂了

[12:12.07]Hey,Leonard? 嘿 Leonard

[12:13.54]If you're done with the DVD player, can you set up my printer? 你要是弄完了DVD播放机 能帮我装下打印机吗?

[12:16.59]Uh,yeah,I'd love to. 噢 好的 我很乐意

[12:19.58]Uh,hey,maybe when you're done with her printer,you could set up mine. 嘿 也许等你弄完了她的打印机 能再帮我装一下我的

[12:22.76]You know,like you promised... a week ago. 你知道的 你一周前就...答应了

[12:24.91]Yeah,I'll get to it-- don't nag me. 好的 我会去装的 别催我

[12:30.83]Hello there. 嗨

[12:46.88]Who is it?

[12:50.85]Oh hello,Penny. It's open-- come in. 是哪位?

[12:54.72]你好 Penny 门是开的 请进


[13:00.19]Well,they're all still up there. 讽刺吧

[13:02.09]You think I can't hear them?

[13:03.35]Listen to that: stomp,stomp,stomp. 他们还在楼上

[13:06.33]That's Wolowitz in his stacked heels that fool no one. 你以为我听不到?

[13:07.22]听 咚 咚 咚

[13:11.36]I don't even know why I care. I don't care. 傻子都知道是Wolowitz那 婀娜小脚在走来走去

[13:14.35]All right,I cared enough to memorize that stupid joke, but that's all I care. 我都不知道我为什么要在乎 我才不在乎呢

[13:19.18]You know,Penny, there's something that occurs in beehives you might find interesting. 好吧 我在乎到去背那个愚蠢的笑话 但我就在乎这个而已

[13:24.48]Occasionally, a new queen will arrive while the old queen is still in power. 知道吗 Penny 蜂窝里的事你也许会感兴趣

[13:29.73]When this happens, the old queen must either locate to a new hive 有时 在老蜂后仍掌权时 会有一个新蜂后到来

[13:33.98]or engage in a battle to the death until only one queen remains. 这种情形下 老蜂后要么移居到一个新蜂窝

[13:37.85]要么拼死一搏 直到只有一个蜂后存活下来

[13:41.72]What are you saying, that I'm threatened by Alicia?

[13:44.64]That I'm like the old queen of the hive and it's just time for me to go? 你什么意思 我受到Alicia的威胁了吗?

[13:48.50]I'm just talking about bees. 我就像那个蜂窝的老蜂后 是时候要我离开了?

[13:51.53]They're on The Discovery Channel. 我只是在谈论蜜蜂啊

[13:54.89]What areyou talking about? 探索频道里播的

[13:58.98]Bees. 你在说什么呢?

[14:04.21]I just got that physicist joke. 蜜蜂咯


[14:10.49]Gee,Penny,thanks for buying us dinner.

[14:12.83]Yeah,what's the occasion?

[14:14.38]No,no occasion-- just felt like getting some Chinese chow for my peeps. 哇 Penny 谢谢你给我们买晚餐

[14:16.70]是啊 有何事相求?

[14:18.25]没什么相求 只想给我的小鹬鸟们买些中国食物

[14:20.08]Did you remember to ask for the chicken with broccoli to be diced,

[14:21.98]- not shredded? - Yes.

[14:23.03]- Even though the menu description specifies shredded? - Yes. 你记得要求鸡肉里的蔬菜切成块吗?

[14:25.15]- Brown rice,not white? - Yes. - 不是切碎 - 是

[14:26.60]- You stop at the Korean grocery and get the good hot mustard? - Yes. - 即使菜单上说是切碎? - 是

[14:28.73]- Did you pick up the low-sodium soy sauce from the market? - Yes. - 糙米 不是白米? - 是

[14:30.92]Good. - 你到韩食店买了上等的热芥末? - 是

[14:32.60]- 在超市里买了低钠的酱? - 是

[14:34.82]See how it's done, Leonard? 很好

[14:38.97]So,what do we got going on tonight,huh? 瞧就是要这样 明白不 Leonard?

[14:40.63]Playing Halo watchingBattlestar, drop some Mentos in Diet Coke?

[14:42.84]我们今晚做什么好呢 嗯?

[14:44.50]玩光晕 看<太空堡垒> 还是玩健怡可乐里放薄荷糖?

[14:46.17]You want to watchBattlestar?

[14:47.81]What can I say? I got my geek on,boys.


[14:51.68]我能怎么说呢? 伙计们 我的极客细胞活跃起来了

[14:53.70]No,no,PMS is different.

[14:57.57]不 不是 经前综合症不这样

[14:59.29]Oh,thank God you're home. I need help.

[15:01.07]What's wrong?

[15:01.70]I just got a callback to audition forCSI to play a hooker who gets killed. 哦 谢天谢地你在家 我需要帮助

[15:05.84]Oh,I'd watch that. 怎么了?

[15:05.57]我刚收到CSI试演的回复 扮演一个被杀害的妓女

[15:09.24]But my car is in the shop, and I have to be at Universal in 45 minutes. 哦 我会看的

[15:12.90]Okay,well,I'll take you. 但我的车在店里 我得在45分钟内赶到环球影城

[15:14.46]Oh,you're a lifesaver.

[15:16.26]I'll run lines with you in the car. 好吧 那我载你去

[15:17.87]Great. And afterward, I'll take you all out for Chinese. 哦 你真是救世主

[15:21.25]Oh,actually,that's okay. We already have... 我和你一起坐车去

[15:22.54]- Yum. - Starving. 太好了 之后我请你们大伙儿吃中国菜

[15:25.12]其实 没关系 我们已经...

[15:27.53]Chinese food right here. - 好耶 - 饿得不行了

[15:31.13]They're gone,Penny. They can't hear you. 正在吃中国菜

[15:35.67]I cannot believe they're letting her just use them like that. 他们走了 Penny 听不到你的话

[15:38.89]I mean,anything she wants,they go panting after her like trained dogs. 真不敢相信他们就这样任凭她利用他们

[15:42.47]You know that just last week, she had Howard drive all the way to her uncle's house 我意思是 不管她要什么 他们都像她训练的狗一样听从她

[15:45.01]in Orange County to pick up her TV? 知道吗 上周 她要Howard 一直开车载她到她的叔叔家

[15:47.81]You once had Leonard and me get your television from your ex-boyfriend. 就为了去橘子郡取她的电视机?

[15:53.16]Apples and oranges here, Sheldon. 你曾叫Leonard和我 去你的前男友家取电视机

[15:56.77]I'm telling you, that girl is a user, skating through life on her looks, 这俩地儿能比啊 Sheldon

[15:59.99]taking advantage of innocent, weak-willed men, getting auditions for stupid network shows. 我告诉你 那女的喜欢利用别人 靠她的脸蛋儿招摇过市

[16:05.03]It just creams my corn. 利用那些天真 意志薄弱的男人 得到那些愚蠢电视剧的试演

[16:09.89]- May I interject something here? - Please. 跟她势不两立

[16:11.63]You got the wrong mustard.

[16:13.76]- 我能插一句吗? - 说吧


[16:20.50]Guess what? I got the part onCSI.

[16:23.29]Oh,boy. 猜怎么着?我得到CSI那个角色了

[16:26.51]Something wrong? 哦 好家伙

[16:27.74]Uh,no. No,no,no,you know, congratulations.

[16:29.72]I think you'll make a great hooker. 有什么不对劲吗?

[16:31.61]哦 没有 没有 恭喜你

[16:33.54]Thank you. 相信你扮妓女一定很棒

[16:35.55]Hey,I got to ask you something.

[16:38.22]How much do physicists make? 谢谢

[16:39.42]嘿 我要问你些事

[16:41.29]Um,I don't know. I don't think a lot. 物理学家能挣多少?

[16:45.15]Yeah,that's what I figured. 呃 我不知道 我想不太多吧

[16:49.79]Well,got to run. The guys promised to set up my satellite dish and paint my bedroom. Yay! 嗯 我也这么想

[16:53.66]得走了 他们答应帮我装电视天线 粉刷卧室呢 耶!

[16:56.58]Um,hey,hey,can I talk to you about that for a second?

[16:59.76]About what? 嘿嘿 我能跟你说一句吗?

[17:01.34]Well,you know, it's just that Leonard and Howard and Raj, they aren't like other guys.


[17:05.21]你知道的 Leonard Howard还有Raj 他们和别的家伙不一样

[17:07.29]They're special.

[17:09.06]Okay,they're special... and?

[17:11.98]Oh,let's see. How can I explain this? 他们很特别

[17:14.09]Um,they don't know how to use their shields. 好的 他们很特别...还有呢?

[17:15.85]这么说吧 我要怎么解释好呢?

[17:18.08]Shields? 他们不知道如何使用他们的盾

[17:18.96]Yeah,you know, like inStar Trek, when you're in battle and you raise the shields?


[17:22.83]是的 就像<星际迷航>里的 当你要战斗时 你要举起你的盾

[17:27.30]Where the hell'd that come from?

[17:30.79]Anyways,um, you know how guys like this are,so... 这想法从哪儿冒出来的?

[17:34.77]please don't take advantage of them. 反正呢 你知道像他们这样的人...

[17:38.91]Who says I'm taking advantage of them? 请不要利用他们

[17:42.21]Come on. They're doing everything for you, because you're leading them on. 谁说我在利用他们?

[17:45.97]So I let them do stuff for me. 拜托 他们为你做任何事 因为是你在引诱他们

[17:48.32]They're happy. I get stuff. Who cares?

[17:51.15]And how's it any different from what you do? 我让他们帮我做事

[17:52.19]他们乐意 我事也办成了 谁有意见呢?

[17:55.81]Excuse me? 这和你做的又有什么区别呢?

[17:57.80]I've seen you around them.

[17:59.45]Are you pretending like you don't do the exact same thing? 你说什么?

[18:02.72]Okay,lady,you areway out of line. 我见过你在他们旁边的样子


[18:07.23]Oh,I'm out of line? 好吧 女士 你越轨了

[18:09.24]Yeah,you're out of line.

[18:11.21]Well,what are you going to do about it... bitch? 是吗 我越轨了?

[18:13.11]是的 你越过界了


[18:18.70]I like Green Lantern.

[18:20.35]I'm just saying it's pretty lame that he can be defeated by the color yellow.


[18:24.70]Only the modern Green Lantern is vulnerable to yellow. 我只是觉得他能被黄色物体击倒 这一点很没说服力

[18:28.03]Golden age Green Lantern was vulnerable to wood. 黄色只对现代绿灯侠有用

[18:30.46]Great,so I can take them both out with a number-two pencil? 黄金时代的绿灯侠害怕木头

[18:34.33]好极了 那我可以只用一支2号铅笔 就击倒他们两代了

[18:39.59]Oh,my God! Girl fight!

[18:43.55]What are you doing? 哦 上帝啊 女生掐架了!

[18:44.50]I know you. You're stupid enough to break it up.


[18:48.37]我了解你 你会傻到要去劝架

[18:56.33]May I say you look very comely tonight?

[19:00.00]Thank you.

[19:02.61]You're right,this filly's been broken. 能允许我说 你今晚看起来很清秀吗?


[19:09.13]你说得对 这小姑娘给打蔫了

[19:12.17]You set it on DTS, didn't you?

[19:15.07]I had to. She called me "cutie."

[19:20.09]According to Alicia's Facebook page, 你设置成DTS了 是不是?

[19:22.07]she's hooking up with one of the producers onCSI. 我没办法啊 她叫我"靓仔"

[19:25.43]Well,dead whore on TV, live one in real life. Alicia的facebook博客上写


[19:31.95]电视里的死妓女 现实中的活妓女


[19:40.07]Now she's jumping up and down on the bed.


[19:49.89]<#FF6EC7>天才理论传 第二季 第19集 完 720p版本调校:C.Ronaldo

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