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[00:15.03]Problem? 怎么了?

[00:16.97]- This is Thai food. - Here we go. - 这是泰国菜 - 又来了

[00:20.76]We don't have Thai food on Thursday. We have pizza on Thursday. 周四不该吃泰国菜 应该吃披萨

[00:23.64]Yes, but we all agreed that the third Thursday of every month would be Anything Can Happen Thursday. 是啊 但我们一致同意 每月第三个周四是随心所欲日

[00:28.57]Well, apparently the news didn't reach my digestive system, 显然没通知我的消化系统

[00:31.04]which, when startled, has it's own version of Anything Can Happen Thursday. 它一震惊 就开始自己随心所欲了

[00:36.47]Come on, the whole idea behind Anything Can Happen Thursday 拜托 随心所欲日的目的

[00:38.95]is to get out of this rut we've been in lately. 就是要打破常规

[00:41.35]Rut? I think you mean "consistency." 常规? 你是说"连续性"吧

[00:44.14]And if we're going to abandon that, then why even call it Thursday? 如果想要抛弃常规 干啥还叫周四呢?

[00:47.08]Let's call it "Quonko Day" and divide it into 29 hours of 17 minutes apiece, 何不改成"Quonko日" 每天29小时17分

[00:51.78]and celebrate it by sacrificing a goat to the mighty god Ra. 杀头山羊向上神献祭来庆祝

[00:57.47]I could go for some goat. 我能弄到山羊

[01:01.45]Sheldon, wagreed we'd do something different tonight. Sheldon 说好今晚做点别的

[01:05.08]All right. Let's go to the comic book store. 好啊 一起去漫画书店吧

[01:07.89]We went to the comic book store last night. 昨晚刚去过啊

[01:09.46]Last night was Wednesday. 昨晚是周三

[01:10.96]Wednesday is comic book night. 周三是漫画之夜

[01:12.30]Tonight, we'll be going on Thursday, because it's Anything Can Happen Thursday. 今晚算是周四去 因为今天是随心所欲日

[01:18.45]Way to think outside but pressed right up against the box, Sheldon. 思维跳跃 打破常规啊 Sheldon

[01:22.57]So what are we going to do tonight? 今晚到底要做什么呢?

[01:24.52]If I may proffer a suggestion, in bars all across this great nation of ours, 容我建议 你看全国各地酒吧里

[01:29.25]Thursday night is Ladies' Night. 周四是美女之夜

[01:32.03]Which means, as the evening progresses, 也就是说 随着黑夜越深

[01:33.86]we will get better looking courtesy of 99 cent margaritas and two-for-one Jell-O shots. 拿着99美分的龙舌兰和买一送一的果冻饮 我们能更有魅力

[01:41.27]Come on, Howard, the odds of us picking up girls in a bar are practically zero. 拜托 Howard 咱们泡到美女的几率为零

[01:45.40]Oh, really? Are you familiar with the Drake Equation? 真的吗 你知道德瑞克方程吗?

[01:47.83]The one that estimates the odds of making contact with extraterrestrials 那个通过计算一系列严格限制的小数乘积

[01:50.45]by calculating the product of an increasingly restrictive series of fractional values 例如有行星的星系和可能产生生命的行星

[01:53.52]such as those stars with planets, and those planets likely to develop life? 得出接触外星生物几率的方程式?

[01:56.35]N equals R times FP times NE times FL times FI times FC times L? N=R*FP*NE*FL*FI*FC*L?

[02:04.43]Yeah, that one. 就这个

[02:11.35]You can modify it to calculate our chances of having sex 可以修改一下 用来计算我们艳遇的几率

[02:14.89]by changing the formula to use the number of single women in Los Angeles, 只需改用洛杉矶单身女性数量

[02:17.92]the number of those who might find us attractive, and what I call the Wolowitz Coefficient. 会对我们一见钟情的人的数量 还有Wolowitz系数

[02:24.22]The Wolowitz Coefficient? Wolowitz系数?

[02:25.83]Neediness times dress size squared. 需求度乘以衣服紧身度的平方

[02:30.18]Crunching the numbers, I come up with a conservative 5,812 potential sex partners 通过计算 40英里之内 保守估计

[02:34.28]within a 40-mile radius. 有5812个潜在对象

[02:36.54]You're joking. 开玩笑吧

[02:38.58]I'm a horny engineer, Leonard. 我是饥渴的工程师 Leonard

[02:41.57]I never joke about math or sex. 对于数字和做爱 我从不玩笑

[02:45.85]Well, what are we waiting for? Let's bounce, bitches. 那还等什么 放马过来吧 小妞

[02:50.70]Well, you're right. 说的没错

[02:52.09]It's Anything Can Happen Thursday. Let's hit the clubs and meet hot women! 今天是随心所欲日 我们去泡吧泡妞吧

[02:55.47]Here we go. Lock up your daughters! 来吧 把你女儿锁起来!

[02:57.40]We're going to hit it and quit it. 咱们速战速决

[03:05.85]Or we could finish eating and go to the comic book store. 或者我们可以吃完饭 去逛逛漫画店

[03:09.72]Also a good plan. 也是个好主意

[03:12.30]All right, but next Anything Can Happen Thursday, we're definitely going to a bar. 好吧 但下次随心所欲日 我们一定要去酒吧

[03:15.14]Oh, absolutely. 那必然

[03:16.20]You heard that, Ladies' Night ladies? 听到没 美女之夜的美女?

[03:17.79]We're eventually coming for you! 哥哥们要来咯!

[03:23.76]Fascinating. 真赞

[03:51.14]Oh, hey, guys. Where're you headed? 嘿 你们要去哪?

[03:52.37]To the comic book store. 去漫画店

[03:53.70]You're probably thinking, "The comic book store? On a Thursday? 你准在想 周四去漫画店?

[03:56.76]Why, I've fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of madness." 怎么会呢 天方夜谭啊

[04:00.25]What you have failed to take into account, Penny, is that this is Anything Can Happen Thursday. Penny 你百密一疏 没想到今天是随心所欲日

[04:06.65]You got me. 骗到我了

[04:08.47]Oh, hey, while you're there, could pick me up a few comics for my nhew's birthday? 对了 能否买几本连环画回来 我想送小侄子做生日礼物

[04:11.62]I think you mean comic books. 你是说漫画书吧

[04:13.76]Comics are feeble attempts at humor featuring talking babies 连环画是那些"逗你一笑"栏目里

[04:17.20]and anthropomorphized pets found traditionally in the optimistically-named "funny pages." 会说话的婴儿 和人格化的动物讲述的冷笑话

[04:23.74]Leonard, could you pick me up a few comics for my nephew's birthday? Leonard 你能帮忙买吗?

[04:26.69]Sure. What does he like? 没问题 他喜欢什么?

[04:27.77]I don't know, he's 13. Just pick out anything. 我也不知道 他13了 看着买吧

[04:29.84]Just pick out anything? 看着买?

[04:33.10]Well, maybe at the same time we can pick out a new suit for him without knowing his size. 那不知道尺寸 也能买衣服咯

[04:36.58]Or pick out his career for him without knowing his aptitude. 不知道他的本事 也能给他找工作咯

[04:39.33]Or pick out a new breakfast cereal without knowing his fiber requirements... 不知道纤维素需求 也能给他挑麦片咯

[04:43.98]or his feelings about little marshmallows. 或者不知道他是否喜欢软糖

[04:48.61]Spider-Man. Get him Spider-Man. 蜘蛛侠 就买蜘蛛侠吧

[04:50.67]Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, 非凡蜘蛛侠 终极蜘蛛侠 神奇蜘蛛侠

[04:53.36]The Marvelous Adventures of Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099? 蜘蛛侠大冒险 还是蜘蛛侠2099

[04:57.92]Leonard? Leonard?

[04:58.79]You know this can go on all night. Why don't you just come with us? 这样说起来就没完了 跟我们走吧?

[05:03.01]That's what I was trying to avoid. 我就怕这个

[05:06.32]Oh, I forgot Sensational Spider-Man. 哦对 还有感动蜘蛛侠

[05:12.73]Aw, what a cute, little store. 小店好可爱啊

[05:18.92]Ev-everybody's staring at me. 大家都在看我

[05:22.54]Don't worry, they're more scared of you than you are of them. 别担心 其实他们更害怕

[05:27.01]Unlikely. 未必吧

[05:31.25]Here, what about this one for my nephew? 买这个送我侄子怎么样?

[05:33.28]- A superb choice. - Oh, great. - 好眼光 - 哦 太好了

[05:35.56]Provided he has already read Infinite Crisis and 52, 前提是他看过了无限危机和52

[05:38.89]and is familiar with the reestablishment of the DC multiverse. 并且熟悉DC多重世界的重建

[05:43.95]What's a "multiverse"? 嘛叫"多重世界"?

[05:45.97]Get her out of here. 快请她出去

[05:48.99]Come on, I'll help you pick something. 来吧 我来帮你选

[05:52.46]That's right. She's with us. 没错 她跟我们来的

[05:57.17]Guys like that are so pathetic. 那种男生太可悲了

[06:00.66]Tell me about it. 还用说

[06:02.55]Ooh, look, a new Batman belt buckle. 快看 新版蝙蝠侠腰带扣

[06:07.51]Oh, hey, Lnard. Can I help you find something? 嘿 Leonard 用不用我帮你?

[06:09.61]Oh, he Stuart. This is Penny. She's just looking for some comic books. 嘿 Stuart 这是Penny 她想买漫画

[06:12.36]Oh, really, wow. Blink twice if you're here against your will. 真的啊 如果你是被逼来了 就眨两下眼

[06:17.97]I think we're fine, Stuart. 我们自己挑吧 Stuart

[06:19.65]Okay. Well, let me know if you need anything. 好的 需要帮忙就说话哈

[06:21.53]Thks. 谢谢

[06:24.07]Oh, he seems like a nice guy. 哦 他人挺不错啊

[06:26.82]You mean for someone who's into comic books? 你是说作为一个漫画迷?

[06:29.56]No. No-no-no. I just meant for... yeah. 不不不 我的意思是...没错

[06:33.98]Penny, just because people appreciate comic books doesn't make them weirdos. Penny 喜欢漫画不等于是怪人

[06:37.31]Stuart's a terrific artist. Stuart是个不错的艺术家

[06:38.89]He went to the Rhode Island School of Design. 在罗德岛设计学院就读

[06:41.15]Okay, what about the guy over there in the superhero T-shirt tucked into his sweatpants? 好吧 把美国队长T恤放运动裤里的那人呢?

[06:46.94]Uh, yeah, that's Captain Sweatpants. 啊 那是运动裤船长

[06:51.96]He doesn't really help the point I'm trying to make. 他确实没法验证我的论点

[06:55.80]- Got it. - Got it. - 有了 - 有了

[07:00.85]- Got it. - Got it. - 有了 - 有了

[07:06.25]- Got it. - Got it. - 有了 - 有了

[07:10.22]Need it! 这个!

[07:14.22]Let it go, Sheldon. 放手 Sheldon

[07:15.08]Why should I let go? I saw it first. 为什么要我放手? 我先看见的

[07:16.95]Yes, but I saw it from the front. 没错 可我看到的是正面

[07:18.85]A far less impressive feat. 完全没有说服力

[07:20.43]Oh, come on! I need this for my Batman collection. 噢 算了吧! 我要凑齐一套蝙蝠侠

[07:23.51]Well, I need it for my Robin collection. 而我要凑齐一套罗宾

[07:25.20]Rock-Paper-Scissors- Lizard-Spock? 石头剪子布蜥蜴史波克?

[07:26.84]Why would I gamble? It's mine. Let go. 干嘛猜拳? 这是我的 松手

[07:28.71]- You let go. - No, you! - 你松手 - 不 你松手!

[07:30.28]- No, you! - Problem? - 不 你松手! - 有事吗?

[07:31.36]Yes. He won't let go of my comic book. 嗯 他拿着我的漫画不放

[07:32.82]It's my comic book! 是我的漫画!

[07:34.22]Leonard, we need a ruling. Leonard 你来裁决吧

[07:36.22]Cut it in half? 一人一半?

[07:39.41]Excuse me. 打扰一下

[07:40.38]Oh, hello again. 噢 又见面了

[07:42.19]What would you recommend as a present for a 13-year-old boy? 送什么给13岁的小男孩做生日礼物好呢?

[07:44.90]A 13-year-old girl. 13岁的小女孩咯

[07:48.78]But if you're dead set on a comic book, try... this. 不过要是你死抱着漫画不放的话 你可以试试... 这个

[07:53.64]Oh, Hellblazer. What's this about? 噢 地狱神探 什么内容呀?

[07:55.93]A morally ambiguous confidence man who smokes, has lung cancer 一个道德有问题的自信男人 爱抽烟 有肺癌

[07:59.58]and is tormented by the spirits of the undead. 被不死亡灵折磨的故事

[08:03.59]Well, if that doesn't make me the favorite aunt, I don't know what will. 哦 要是他连这都不喜欢 那我这个阿姨真是没辙了

[08:09.74]Is this me? 这是我吗?

[08:12.67]Depends. Do you like it? 看情况了 你喜欢么?

[08:14.51]Wow, it's really good. 喔 画得真好

[08:16.01]Yes, that's you. 没错 是你

[08:19.61]Thats so sweet, but what if I didn't like it? 嘴真甜 那要是我不喜欢呢?

[08:22.26]It'd still be you, but I'd feel like an idiot. 还是你咯 不过我就成傻瓜了

[08:26.65]I don't believe it. 难以置信

[08:27.93]Stuart's putting the moves on Penny. Stuart和Penny搞上了

[08:30.22]I have got to learn how to draw. 我要学画画

[08:35.47]Once again, defeated by your own prurient interests. 再次被你的色心打败了

[08:39.65]Guys, have you seen Stuart all up in Penny's siness over there? 小子 看见那边没? Stuart把Penny给包办了

[08:43.14]Nobody's up in anybody's business. 谁也没把谁包办咯

[08:45.12]Let's just buy our stuff and go. 我们买完东西就走人

[08:47.25]Okay, you've got my number. 好咧 电话号码已经给你了

[08:49.02]Now, give me the picture. 快把画像给我

[08:50.70]You drive a hard bargain. 你可真会讨价还价

[08:52.81]But here. 给

[08:54.44]All right. So, um, just give me a call. 好耶 那么... 给我打电话噢

[09:00.34]So, Leonard, how are you enjoying Anything Can Happen Thursday? Leonard 你觉得随心所欲日怎么样啊?

[09:08.99]Look at that. That's a dent. 瞧瞧 凹进去了

[09:13.33]Thank you, Howard "Ham-Fisted" Wolowitz. 多谢了 Howard "笨手笨脚" Wolowitz

[09:20.04]Did you just shut the TV off in the middle of the classic Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: 你看了一半的星际旅行/深空九号: 经典交叉集特辑

[09:23.60]The Original Series Trouble With Tribbles ossover episode? 就把电视给关了?

[09:28.59]Apparently so. 显然是咯

[09:31.45]Are you ill? 你病了?

[09:33.87]No. 没有

[09:35.38]All right. 那好

[09:37.10]Then is it fair to say that you're experiencing some sort of emotional turmoil 那说你因为今晚早些时候Penny那事

[09:40.63]over the events involving Penny earlier this evening? 感情出现波动不过分吧

[09:43.70]When did you pick up on that? 你啥时候知道的?

[09:47.00]A moment ago, when you turned off the TV in the middle of the classic Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: 就刚刚啊 你看了一半的 星际旅行/深空九号经典交叉特辑

[09:51.19]The Original Series Trouble With Tribbles crossover episode. 就把电视给关掉了

[09:57.39]Would you like some advice? 要我给点意见吗?

[10:00.57]Sure, why not? 好啊 说说无妨

[10:02.05]Well then, thiis the perfect time to launch a blog with an interactive comments section? 你不觉得现在开个有互动留言版的 部落格正是时候吗?

[10:08.59]Gee, thanks a lot. 真是多谢了

[10:10.92]Would you rather I offer my personal insight? 你要我说说自己的看法?

[10:13.23]I don't need any insights. 我不需要任何人的看法

[10:15.07]I just want to know why Penny's more interested in Stuart than me. 我只是想知道Penny对Stuart的兴趣 怎么就比对我的大拉摸多咧

[10:18.53]We're practically the same guy. 我们简直就是同一个人

[10:20.48]Oh, I disagree. 噢 恕难同意

[10:22.69]Stuart is taller, artistic, self-employed and, most significantly, Stuart比你高 有艺术气息 自己当老板 当然最重要的是

[10:27.49]he gets 45 percent off comic books. 他买漫画能打55折

[10:34.84]You're right. I really should be asking strangers on the Internet. 你说得对 我是该上网问问那些陌生人

[10:39.77]My original point. 我就说嘛

[10:44.18]Chinese food, vintage video games... 中餐 骨灰级电子游戏

[10:47.61]After the nightmare ofnything Can Happen Thursday, 在随心所欲日的恶梦之后

[10:50.29]this is Friday night the way it was meant to be. 周五终于回归它的原样了

[10:54.52]Who's up for Sheldon-Free Saturday? 有谁赞成周六把Sheldon踢开?

[11:00.29]Oh, hey, guys. 噢 你们好啊

[11:01.37]Hey, Penny... and Stuart. 嘿 Penny... 还有Stuart

[11:03.29]Hey, Stuart. 嘿 Stuart

[11:05.83]- Hey, guys. - So what are you kids up to? - 你们好 - 你们俩上哪儿去?

[11:08.05]Stuart has a piece in an art show that's opening tonight. Stuart有件作品参展 今晚开幕了

[11:10.79]And you guys are going together. Great... 你们俩就一起去了 真棒...

[11:14.41]It is great. Really great. Freaking awesome. 是啊 真棒 爽歪歪了

[11:19.27]What are you guys doing? 你们干啥呢?

[11:20.28]It's Friday night-- that means Chinese food and vintage video gas, right? 礼拜五晚上咯 无非是中餐 还有骨灰级电子游戏 对吧?

[11:23.65]Vintage doesn't even begin to describe what we have planned. 我们准备的绝对不止骨灰级

[11:26.74]Tonight, we are playing the classic 1980 interactive text adventure, Zork. 今晚我们要玩的是上世纪八十年代 经典的互动文字冒险游戏 魔域 (有史以来首个文字冒险游戏)

[11:32.24]It's the buggy beta version. 第二版哦 BUG超多

[11:35.21]Wow, Zork. Well, you guys have fun. 喔 魔域啊 你们玩得开心哦

[11:38.06]Yeah. 那是

[11:38.95]- See you guys. - See you, Stuart. - 回见 - 回见 Stuart

[11:41.10]- Hey, Howard? - Yes? - 嘿 Howard? - 什么事?

[11:44.06]Take me to a bar with women. 带我去个有女人的酒吧

[11:46.95]- Really? - Yeah. - 真的假的? - 那还有假

[11:49.03]Okay! 好耶!

[11:52.90]Let me just go inside and slip off my underwear. 等我一会儿 我进去把内裤脱了

[11:58.91]Why? 为啥?

[12:00.11]Well, if I get lucky, I don't want to be caught in my Aquaman briefs. 要是走运的话 我可不想被她 看到我穿着水行侠的内裤

[12:06.05]Do you... Let's go. 你呢... 走吧

[12:13.39]May I have a grasshopper with a little umbrella, please? 来一杯绿色蚱蜢 要撑把小伞的

[12:17.16]- No, he may not. - Why? - 不 他不要了 - 为什么?

[12:19.35]I'm not sitting here with a guy drinking a grasshopper with a little umbrella. 我才不要跟喝撑把小伞的 绿色蚱蜢的家伙坐在一起

[12:24.96]Fine. I'll have a chocolate martini. 行 那我要巧克力马提尼

[12:29.11]Wrong again! 又错了!

[12:31.02]Come on, you know I can't talk to women unless I'm lit up like the Hindu festival of Devali. 算了吧 你知道我只有像过排灯节那样 被点得金亮亮才能和女人说话啊

[12:39.96]Look, there are plenty of bars in Los Angeles where you can order grasshoppers and chocolate martinis, 听着 整个洛杉矶有无数酒吧 你尽可以点绿色蚱蜢或者巧克力马提尼

[12:44.25]but you wouldn't have to because there are no women in them. 但那根本没必要 因为里头压根没有女人

[12:49.09]Gotcha. 了解

[12:51.61]I'll have a Brandy Alexander. 那给我来一杯白兰地亚历山大

[12:55.00]All right, the Three Musketeers just became the Dynamic Duo. 好吧 三个火枪手变成了活力双雄 (来自<蝙蝠侠与罗宾>)

[12:59.06]- Should we talk to some of these women? - No. - 我们应该找这些女人聊聊吗? - 不

[13:01.41]It's way too early in the night for that. 这对于今晚来说还太早了点

[13:03.72]See, first we let the lawyers and the jocks thin the herd, and then... 这样 我们先让那些律师 运动员什么的 缩小猎物范围 然后...

[13:07.81]we go after the weak and the old and the lame. 我们就去追他们挑剩下的老弱病残

[13:12.19]That's your system? 这就是你的泡妞方式?

[13:13.61]That's my system. 对 这是我的独门秘方

[13:16.71]Oh, and if you spot a chick with a Seeing Eye dog, she's mine. 噢对了 如果你看到一个牵着 导盲犬的少妇 她是我的

[13:23.65]Oh, come on. 噢 拜托

[13:24.81]I think it's nice that Captain Sweatpants showed up to your art opening. 我觉得"运动裤船长"出现在 你的艺术展上挺好呀

[13:30.09]Yeah, it would have been nicer if he hadn't touched all the cheese. 对 如果他不把奶酪摸个遍就更好了

[13:36.10]You know, it's kind of early. 嗯 现在时间还有点早

[13:37.96]Do you want to maybe come in for some coffee or something? 你想进来喝杯咖啡什么的吗?

[13:40.28]Oh, gee, it's a little late for coffee, isn't it? 现在喝咖啡好像有点晚了 不是吗

[13:44.37]Oh, you think "coffee," means coffee. That is so sweet. 噢 你觉得"咖啡"就是指咖啡 真是个小可爱

[13:49.48]Come on. I think I have decaf. 来吧 我有不含咖啡因的"咖啡"

[13:51.58]Oh, good. Stuart. I thought I heard your voice. 噢 太好了 Stuart 我觉得刚才是听到你说话来着

[13:54.37]Do you have a moment? 你现在有时间吗?

[13:55.75]Uh, yeah, I guess. 呃 有 我想

[13:57.03]Sheldon, we're a little busy here, so... Sheldon 我们现在有点忙 所以...

[13:58.91]- What are you doing? - We're having coffee. - 你们要干什么? - 我们要喝点咖啡

[14:01.63]Well, isn't it a little late for coffee? 不觉得现在喝咖啡有点晚么?

[14:04.75]It's okay. She thinks she has decaf. 没关系 她说她有无咖啡因的

[14:11.69]I'll just go look for it. 我现在进去找找看

[14:14.14]What's up? 什么事?

[14:15.18]Well, I've spent the last three hours in an online debate in the DC Comics Batman chatroom, 我刚才花了三个小时在DC漫画 蝙蝠侠聊天室网上辩论

[14:19.52]- and I need your help. - Oh, yeah. Those guys can be very stubborn. - 我需要你帮忙 - 噢 我了解 那帮家伙有时非常顽固

[14:23.16]What's the topic? 你们辩论的主题是?

[14:24.11]I am asserting, in the event that Batman's death proves permanent, 我坚持认为 当蝙蝠侠长眠于世之后

[14:27.26]the original Robin, Dick Grayson, is the logical successor to the Bat Cowl. 逻辑上讲 第一代罗宾 Dick Grayson 应该是蝙蝠侠战衣的继承者

[14:31.73]Sheldon, I'm afraid you couldn't be more wrong. Sheldon 恐怕你不能错的更厉害了

[14:39.87]More wrong? 错的更厉害?

[14:43.94]Wrong is an absolute state and not subject to gradation. 错误是一个绝对的状态 你不能对它进行程度上的划分

[14:48.83]Of course it is. It'a little wrong to say a tomato is a vegetable. 当然可以 说番茄是一种蔬菜 就是有一点点错误

[14:51.99]It's very wrong to say it's a suspension bridge. 如果说它是一座吊桥 那就是严重的错误

[14:56.70]But returning to the original issue, Dick Grayson became Nightwing, 回到刚才的事情上 Dick Grayson后来成了夜翔

[15:00.28]a superhero in his own right. 自立门户的英雄

[15:01.82]Batman 2 has to be the second Robin, Jason Todd. 于是蝙蝠侠2里就出现了 第二代罗宾 Jason Todd

[15:04.83]Has to be? Has to be? 一定要这样吗? 一定要吗?

[15:08.22]I hope you're being deliberately provocative. 我希望你只是在故意煽动和挑拨

[15:12.06]I found the decaf! 我找到脱咖啡因咖啡了!

[15:13.42]Oh, great! 噢 太棒了!

[15:14.01]Herbal tea for me, please. 给我来杯花草茶 谢谢

[15:19.84]Barkeep! Alexander me. 老板! 来杯亚历山大

[15:24.18]How about those two? 那两个怎么样?

[15:26.02]No... They're eating peanuts. 不... 他们在吃花生

[15:27.91]And my allergies, one kiss would put me in Cedars-Sinai for a week. 我的花生过敏症 一个吻就足够送我到 Cedars-Sinai医疗中心呆上一个礼拜

[15:34.19]What about the ones in the corner? 角落里那些如何?

[15:36.80]Possible. Very possible. 还不错 非常不错

[15:39.73]Do you want the one in the whiplash collar or the one who keeps blinking? 你想要那个戴着颈椎围脖的还是那个 不停眨眼睛的?

[15:44.07]- I think Blinky's cute. - You got it, sir. - 我觉得眨眼睛那个挺可爱的 - 好吧 先生

[15:47.27]Wait, so we just go over there? 等等 那我们就这么直接过去了?

[15:49.56]No. We have a little ep work to do. 不 我们还有些准备工作要做

[15:52.19]Put this in your mouth. We walk past them, you stumble a bit. 把这个放进嘴巴里 然后我们走过去 你假装走的有点踉跄和摇晃

[15:55.43]I say, sorry, my friend's had a little too much. 我就说 对不起 我朋友有点喝多了

[15:57.81]And then I start to pull it out of your mouth. 然后我就从你嘴里把这个拉出来

[16:01.19]And say, "A little too much fun." 接着说 "嘿 太有趣了"

[16:05.60]Get it? I mean, they're laughing. We're laughing. 明白吗? 我是说 他们会大笑 我们也笑

[16:08.49]Then we get them up to about a . 15 blood alcohol level, and tell them we're millionaires. 给她们灌点酒 让血液酒精含量达到0.15 接着就告诉她们我们是百万富翁...

[16:14.94]What else you got? 还有啥别的招不?

[16:16.85]Depends. Are you willing to sit on my lap and pretend to be a ventriloquist dummy? 见机行事呗 你愿意坐我大腿上 假装口技表演者操纵的傀儡吗?

[16:21.21]No. 不

[16:22.57]I can't sit on your lap. You don't know the routine. 我不能坐在你大腿上 你不知道都该怎么演

[16:28.21]I'm sorry, but you're obviously stuck in a pre - Zero Hour DC universe. 非常抱歉 但你的思维明显只是 停留在DC漫画"前零时"时代

[16:32.49]Of course I am. 我当然是

[16:33.74]Removing Joe Chill as the killer of Batman's parents effectively deprived him of his raison d'etre. 如果Joe Chill不是害蝙蝠侠杀父母仇人 那就等于剥夺了他继续存在的意义

[16:39.65]Okay. You can throw all the French around you want, it doesn't make you right. 好吧 你可以继续拽你的法文 但那不表示你的理论就是对的

[16:43.34]Au contraire. 恰恰相反(法语)

[16:46.32]Plus, you're forgetting that the Infinite Crisis storyline restored Joe Chill to the Batman mythology. 另外 你忘了在<最终危机>系列里 Joe Chill又重新回归蝙蝠侠传奇

[16:51.47]I am forgetting nothing and I resent your tone. 我没忘记任何事儿 另外 我讨厌你的语气

[16:56.27]Okay. Look, Sheldon, it's late. I've got to get some sleep. 好吧 瞧 Sheldon 时间挺晚了 我得回去睡觉了

[16:59.88]So, I win. 所以 是我赢了

[17:00.97]No, I'm tired. 当然不 我只是太累了

[17:03.11]So, I win. 所以 我赢了

[17:05.87]- Fine. You win. - Darn tootin', I win. - 好吧 你赢了 - 没错 我赢了

[17:09.71]Penny, I really had a terrific time... Penny 我刚刚玩的很开心

[17:13.36]Penny? Penny?

[17:15.32]No, no, no, no, no. Don't wake her. 不 不 不 别叫醒她

[17:17.24]She'll maul you like a rabid wolverine. 她会像一只狂暴的狼獾撕裂你的皮肉

[17:22.83]You know, I don't think that was decaf. 我想刚才那杯可不是脱咖啡因的咖啡

[17:29.16]Wait. Is this your card or isn't it? 等等 这张牌是你们的吗?

[17:35.33]Trust me. This was their card. 相信我 这张是她们的牌

[17:37.32]I thought you were good at this. 我以为你很擅长这个

[17:39.74]You're always talking about how you go to bars and meet women. 你总是高谈阔论你怎么去酒吧泡妞

[17:42.84]I do, all the time. 我的确一直这么干

[17:44.43]Well, what happened? We've been sitting here all night 那到底是怎么回事? 在这坐了一晚上

[17:46.94]and the longest conversation you've had with a woman was when your mom called. 你和女人最长的一次谈话 是跟你妈妈讲电话

[17:56.45]You're just going to make me come out and say it, aren't you? 你这是要逼我说出来 是吗

[17:59.61]Say what? 说什么?

[18:00.84]You're weighing me down. 是你拖累了我

[18:05.33]I'm a falcon who hunts better solo. 我是一只更适合独自捕猎的猎鹰

[18:09.00]Fine. I'll sit here. You take flight and hunt. 那好吧 我就坐在这儿 你自己飞走 寻找猎物吧

[18:14.32]Don't be ridiculous. You can't just tell a falcon when to hunt. 别逗了 哪轮到你告诉猎鹰啥时候狩猎啊

[18:18.04]Actually, you can. 事实上 可以

[18:21.57]There's whole sport built around it. 这旁边都是训练场地

[18:25.46]Falconry. 猎鹰训练师

[18:30.17]Shut up. Let's just get Koothrappali and go. 闭嘴 我们去找Koothrappali然后闪人

[18:40.64]Lucky bastard. 这个幸运的混蛋

[18:44.98]It's got to be that stupid accent of his. 肯定是他那愚蠢的口音起了作用

[18:50.40]Hello. I am Sanjay Wolowitz from Bombay. 嗨 我是印度孟买来的Sanjay Wolowitz

[18:56.11]Okay, I'm stumped. 好吧 我彻底懵了

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