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[00:00.50]Okay. Are you from the Star Wars universe? 好吧 你是来自<星战>吗

[00:03.89]Yes. 是的

[00:05.12]- Were you in the original trilogy? - Yes. - 你是<星战>原三部曲里的吗? - 是的

[00:07.12]Oh,is tre a picture of you in my llet wearing metal bikini? 噢 我钱包里照片上那个 穿着金属比基尼的是你吗

[00:12.82]God,I hope not. 老天 我希望不是

[00:15.14]And no,I'm not Princess Leia. 不是 我不是莉亚公主

[00:17.28]Okay,okay. My turn. 好了 好了 该我了

[00:18.99]- Are you in all six Star Wars movies? - Yes. - 你在六部<星战>都出现过吗? - 是的

[00:21.83]- Interestg. Are you a droid? - Yes. - 有趣 你是机器人吗? - 是的

[00:24.97]Do you kind of look like a shiny Sheldon? 你长的像闪闪发光的Sheldon吗?

[00:29.80]Yes. 没错

[00:31.87]- C-3PO. - You got it. - C-3PO - 猜对了!


[00:35.12]That's preposterous. I do not resemble C-3PO. 这太荒谬了 我和C-3PO没有任何相似之处

[00:38.87]Don't get me wrong. I'm flattered. I just don't see it. 别误会 事实上我受宠若惊 我没看出来罢了

[00:47.56]Leslie Winkle. Leslie Winkle

[00:49.49]You've reached "Friends with Benefits." 你接通了"非常朋友"热线

[00:52.89]For a booty call,press one now. 想找"炮友" 请按1号键

[00:58.12]What exactly does that expression mean,friends with benefits? "非常朋友"到底非常在哪里了?

[01:01.91]Does he provide her with health insurance? 他为她提供健康保险了?

[01:05.63]No. Look,uh... 不 是这样 呃...

[01:07.71]Imagine you maintained a friendship with someone you had sex with, 想像一下你和性伴侣维持朋友关系

[01:10.97]but you were free to date whoever you wanted. 同时你又可以自由和任何人约会

[01:14.87]I'm sorry. I can't imagine any of that. 抱歉 我完全想象不出

[01:18.54]All right. Back to the game. 我看咱们还是接着游戏吧

[01:20.39]I believe it's my turn. 应该轮到我了

[01:21.67]You may begin your questions whenever you're ready. 你们准备好了就可以开始提问

[01:24.13]Are you Spock? 你是史波克吗?

[01:30.01]I don't like this game. 我不喜欢这游戏

[01:33.29]So,where were we? 我们刚才说到哪儿了?

[01:35.28]Aren't you leaving for your booty call? 你不去赴"炮友"之约吗?

[01:36.76]No,it was something else. 不 是别的事

[01:38.50]Why does everything have to be about sex with you? Come on. 为什么所有事情都要跟性扯上关系? 拜托~

[01:41.57]- Whose turn is it? - We were up to you. - 轮到谁了? - 到你了 我们正等着呢

[01:43.48]Great. Just start. 很好 开始吧

[01:45.24]Okay,let's see. Are you from a TV series? 好 你是电视剧里的人物吗

[01:49.14]She dumped me! 她把我甩了!

[01:54.13]I bet he's someone from Babylon 5. We're never going to get it. 我打赌他一定是<巴比伦5号>里的 我们永远也猜不着

[02:21.48]What happened with Leslie? Why did she dump you? Leslie怎么了? 她为什么要甩你?

[02:23.56]I don't know. She just said,Howard,Mama's a rolling stone. 我不知道 她只是说 Howard 妈妈是见异思迁的人

[02:30.40]Then her call waiting beeped and she was gone. 然后她的电话就变成语音留言 她离开了我

[02:35.53]I don't understand. 我不太明白

[02:37.07]If you were in a non-emotional relationship, 既然这是不谈情只谈性的关系

[02:39.65]then why are you having what appears to be an emotional response? 你为什么会对分手有如此情绪化的反应?

[02:43.77]Sheldon,he obviously had feelings for her. Sheldon 他显然是对她有感情了

[02:46.35]Of course I had feelings for her. 我当然对她有感情

[02:48.13]I saw her naked,for God's sake. 我看见她赤果果了 拜托

[02:52.01]Okay,look,you just need to get your mind off it. 好吧 瞧 你现在需要彻底忘记这些

[02:54.40]Do you want to go to the comic book store? 你想去漫画书店吗?

[02:56.04]Maybe go see a movie? 或者去看电影?

[02:57.27]I don't want to go anywhere. 我哪儿也不想去

[02:59.46]You know,I'm given to understand that there's an entire city in Nevada 根据我的印象 在内华达州有一个城市

[03:04.63]designed specifically to help people like Howard forget their problems. 是专为Howard这种想要 忘记烦心事儿的人设计的

[03:10.69]They can replace them with new problems such as alcoholism, 他们能让新问题取代老问题 比如酗酒

[03:13.24]gambling addiction,and sexually transmitted diseases. 嗜赌成性还有性传播疾病等

[03:18.87]Is it me,or was that Sheldon's way of saying,"Vegas,baby!"? 是我理解错了 还是Sheldon在说 "拉斯维加斯 宝贝儿!"?

[03:25.33]I've never been there. Have you? 我从没去过那里 你去过吗?

[03:26.89]Me? No. I just got "Vegas,baby!" from Vince Vaughn in Swingers. 我? 没 这句"拉斯维加斯 宝贝儿!" 不过是跟<全职浪子>里文斯·沃恩学的

[03:32.64]It could be fun. I know my weekend's wide open,now that... 蛮有意思的样子 我周末闲着呢 现在又...

[03:39.97]Okay,let's do this. Let's go to Las Vegas. 好吧 决定了 我们去拉斯维加斯

[03:42.91]Now? Right now? 现在? 说走就走?

[03:44.29]Why not? People do things "right now," all the time. 为什么不? 人们总是会说干啥就干啥

[03:46.79]Why can't we be "right now" people,too? 为啥咱不能"说走就走"呢?

[03:48.94]Go home,pack a bag,and we'll be "right now" people. 去 收拾行李 咱也潮一把 说走就走

[03:52.32]I mean,I have to stop at the drug store to refill a prescription, 我是说 我得先去药店再抓点药

[03:54.64]but after that,we'll go right now. 但那之后 我们说走就走

[03:57.83]What do you say,Howard? 你怎么说 Howard

[03:59.57]I say... Vegas,baby! 我想说...拉斯维加斯 宝贝儿!

[04:03.07]What are you going to tell your mother? 那你怎么跟你老妈交待?

[04:04.37]Sea World,baby! 海洋世界 宝贝儿!

[04:10.62]y,Sheldon,are you coming? 嘿 Sheldon 你去吗?

[04:12.18]I'd rather have a blowfly lay eggs and hatch larvae in my auditory canal. 我宁愿让苍蝇在我耳朵里产卵然后孵化

[04:19.55]Great. We'll bring you back a t-shirt. 好吧 我们会给你带一件T恤回来

[04:25.68]Thank you. 谢谢

[04:28.01]- Hello,neighbor. - Hello,Sheldon. - 你好 邻居 - 你好 Sheldon

[04:31.90]And how are you this fine evening? 这个美好的晚上你过得如何?

[04:34.26]- Great. - Good. I'm glad. - 很好 - 好 我很高兴

[04:37.30]Really? Are you drunk? 真的吗? 你喝醉了吧?

[04:40.21]I'm just in a good mood. 我这是心情好呀

[04:41.81]While my compatriots are in Las Vegas, 我的伙伴们去了拉斯维加斯

[04:44.22]I will be enjoying a blissful evening in my personal Fortress of Solitude. 我可以在我专属的孤独城堡里 度过一个愉悦的夜晚

[04:48.88]That's Superman's big ice thingy,right? 就是超人那个大冰窖 对吧?

[04:52.51]You know,I'm in such a good mood, 你知道吗 我心情如此之好

[04:54.02]I'm actually finding your tenuous grasp of the English language folksy and charming today. 以至于觉得你英语的薄弱理解力 在我看来都变得亲切和迷人了

[05:01.03]What smells so good? 什么东西闻起来这么香?

[05:02.99]That is the intoxicating aroma of Kadhai Paneer, 那是印度奶酪散发出的醉人芳香

[05:06.85]a perfect culinary representation of the freedom this evening holds. 它正象征着这个美好的自由之夜

[05:10.34]Not only is it Indian cuisine,which Koothrappali loathes, 它不仅是Koothrappali讨厌的印度食品

[05:13.76]it contains a generous helping of peanuts, 里面还有大份的花生

[05:15.66]which would reduce Wolowitz to a wheezing 97-pound blister. 足以让Wolowitz变成个 97磅的直喘气的大水疱

[05:20.96]And finally,its main ingredient is paneer, 最后 它的主料是凝乳干酪

[05:24.20]a farmer's cheese that would cause Leonard to render any room uninhabitable within minutes. 这种普通的农夫干酪 能让Leonard跟哪儿呆着都坐立不安

[05:32.71]Yum. 很美味哦

[05:35.16]Well,enjoy your big evening. 好吧 好好享受你这个盛大的夜晚

[05:37.53]Penny. I realize you're also on your own tonight,so if,at some point, Penny 我发现你今晚也是一个人 所以如果 在某个时候

[05:41.81]you find yourself with nothing to do,please do not disturb me. 你感觉到无聊了


[05:47.31]Have fun,Sheldon. 玩的愉快 Sheldon

[05:48.62]Oh,I shall. 噢 我会的

[06:01.37]No! 不~!

[06:05.61]What's wrong,Superman? Locked out of your big ice thingy? 怎么了 超人? 被你的大冰窖拒之门外了?

[06:18.23]Look at this. Mouthwash,lotion,body wash. 瞧瞧这些 漱口水 乳液 沐浴露

[06:21.37]Shampoo and conditioner together in one tiny bottle. 洗发水和护发素浓缩在一小瓶子里

[06:25.87]I love Las Vegas. 我爱拉斯维加斯

[06:28.99]Howard,could I borrow some aftershave? Howard 能借用一下须后水吗?

[06:30.93]Black case,top compartment. 黑色包包 上面那层

[06:38.99]That's a lot of cologne. 古龙水也太多了吧

[06:40.58]First row are your musks. 第一排是麝香味的

[06:42.47]Second is woods,leathers and botanicals. 第二排是木香 皮革香和植物香系列

[06:45.30]Third is assorted pheromones. Tread lightly. 第三排是各种外激素 别乱用哟

[06:55.54]That's the spirit,Howard. Howard 这才是美国精神

[06:58.68]Yes,we can. 我们能行

[07:03.73]Come on. Let's go. 快 走吧

[07:04.58]You guys go ahead. I just have to finish up an email. 你们俩先去吧 我得写完这封Email

[07:08.30]That's not an email. That's Leslie's Facebook page. 这哪是Email 是Leslie的Facebook页面

[07:11.69]Okay,fine. I'm checking her Facebook page. 好吧 我在看她的Facebook页面

[07:13.87]Look at her status update. She's saying she dumped me. 瞧瞧她的最新动态 她说她甩了我

[07:16.32]People need to know I dumped her. 别人应该知道是我甩了她

[07:19.12]But she did dump you. 可确实是她甩了你

[07:21.71]Grow up,Raj. There's no place for truth on the Internet. 别天真了 Raj 真相在因特网上是无处容身的

[07:27.83]Just go. I'll catch up with you. 你们先走 我等会儿就来

[07:30.36]All right. 行

[07:32.15]Oh,we should have a plan in case one of us gets lucky. 噢 我们得制定个计划 以防万一我们中有谁走桃花运

[07:38.19]Okay,uh,if I get lucky,I'll take her to my stately manner outside Gotham City,and... 好啊 如果我走运的话 我会带她去哥谭市外的豪宅

[07:44.61]if you get lucky,I'll sleep on the moon. 而要是你走运了 我就睡月亮上

[07:48.84]Sounds like a plan. 听着不赖

[07:52.34]Hang on. I think the emergency key is around here somewhere. 等下 我觉得备用钥匙就在这附近

[07:55.54]We have a bowl. 我们有个碗

[07:58.12]Our keys go in a bowl. 我们把钥匙放在那个碗里

[08:00.80]You should get a bowl. 你也该弄个碗

[08:03.40]So,how did the beautiful mind of Sheldon Cooper forget his key in the first place? 那么 Sheldon Cooper的完美大脑 怎么会忘带钥匙了呢?

[08:08.31]I left them in the bowl. 我把它放在碗里了

[08:11.95]- I just remembered where the emergency key is. - Where? - 我记得备用钥匙在哪儿 - 哪儿?

[08:14.68]In your apartment. 你屋里

[08:16.32]What's it doing in my apartment? 怎么跑到我们那去了?

[08:17.76]Well,I went in there a few weeks ago and you guys weren't home and I forgot it there. 我几个礼拜前去你们那儿 你们正巧不在 我就忘在那儿了

[08:21.29]You went in my... Why would... What are you saying? 你去了我的... 为什么... 你在说什么?

[08:24.62]It's not a big deal. I was making coffee and I ran out of milk. 又没啥大不了的 我不过是泡咖啡时没牛奶了

[08:27.42]You're the milk thief! 你是那个偷奶贼!

[08:32.06]Leonard said I was crazy,but I knew that carton felt lighter. Leonard说我多心了 可我就是觉得盒子变轻了

[08:36.45]All right. Sheldon,look. Just calm down. 好吧 Sheldon 冷静一点

[08:38.15]I will call the building manager and he'll come open your door. 我给大楼管理员打电话 他会来替你开门的

[08:40.79]You just eat your dinner here while you're waiting. 反正要在这儿等着 不如就把晚饭吃了吧

[08:42.59]Eat? My dinner? In your apartment? 在你屋里? 吃? 晚饭?

[08:45.79]Yeah. Why not? 是啊 有何不可?

[08:46.96]Sure. Why not? 没错 有何不可?

[08:49.03]And after the sun's down,we can all pile in my pickup and go skinny-dipping down at the crick. 在日落之后 可以挤进我的皮卡 一起去裸泳 游到它抽筋为止

[08:55.39]'Cause today's the day to stop making sense. 今天开始 一切都蛮不讲理了


[09:02.48]I'm telling you,Leonard... video slots...

[09:04.71]free drinks brought to us by a bosomy barmaid and all you can eat shrimp for $3.95. 谢了

[09:05.38]我跟你说 Leonard 游戏屏...

[09:07.61]丰满的酒吧女递来的免费饮料 还有3.95美元畅吃的大虾

[09:12.02]Disneyland can suck it.


[09:17.06]This is the real happiest place on earth.


[09:23.40]Dude,check it out!

[09:24.89]That's laundry for a month! 老兄 瞧瞧!



[09:39.46]- What's your name? - Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali. 你好

[09:42.36]- 尊姓大名? - Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali

[09:44.16]Hello,Rajesh Ra-- Hi,Rajesh.

[09:47.06]你好 Rajesh Ra... 嗨 Rajesh

[09:49.03]I'm Michaela.


[09:51.57]So,you interested in a little party? 我叫Michaela

[09:53.09]你好 Michaela

[09:54.91]Why,yes,I love to party. 去狂欢你有兴趣吗?

[09:57.63]Party is my middle name. 当然 我喜欢狂欢

[09:59.47]Or,it would be if it weren't Ramayan. 狂欢是我的中间名

[10:02.37]或者说 如果不是Ramayan的话就是了

[10:03.88]Uh,Raj,can I... can I talk to you for a moment?

[10:05.93]Not now,Leonard. Michaela's inviting me to a party. 呃 Raj 能不能... 能不能借一步说话?

[10:09.64]You better call the moon and make sure they have a bed for you. 现在不行 Leonard Michaela邀请我去狂欢呢

[10:12.54]你最好打电话上月球 问问那儿还有没有你的床位

[10:15.40]Yeah. I really need to talk to you.

[10:18.27]Excuse me. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Don't move. 我真的要和你谈谈

[10:21.27]Just stay the beautiful,unspoiled American flower that you are. 抱歉 我马上就回来 别走噢 也别动


[10:27.08]What's wrong with you,dude? That woman was all up in my jammy.

[10:30.94]Okay.I hate to break this to you and whatever your "jammy" is, 老兄 你是怎么了? 那个女人已经和我勾搭上了

[10:34.57]but I'm pretty sure she's a prostitute. 好 我也不想给你晴天霹雳 坏了你的"勾搭"好事

[10:38.36]What? No... 但我十分肯定她是个妓女

[10:41.26]什么? 不...

[10:43.11]Let me put it this way: In your entire life,

[10:45.49]how many gorgeous women have walked straight up to you in a bar and asked if you wanted to party? 这么说吧 在你这辈子中

[10:48.39]有多少漂亮女人会在酒吧里 径直走向你 问你要不要出去狂欢?

[10:53.23]Maybe I can save her.

[10:57.56]Maybe,but I'm guessing it'll cost you about $500 an hour to try. 也许我能拯救她

[11:00.46]也许吧 但估计你试那一下 一个小时得花你500美刀

[11:06.64]It was lovely meeting you.

[11:07.98]Best of luck in your future endeavors.




[11:15.31]Oh,I miss her already. 随便

[11:18.21]噢 我已经开始想她了

[11:21.60]Oh,Howard's losing it.

[11:23.26]Check out his latest Twitters. 哦 Howard崩了

[11:25.57]"I'm at the bottom of a black holE staring into the abyss." 看看他最新的Twitter

[11:29.26]My life is meaningless. My future is without hope." "我身处黑洞的底部望向无尽深渊"

[11:32.88]Why don't we take him to see the Blue Man Group? "我的人生毫无意义 我的未来尽失希望"

[11:36.44]You think that'd help? 带他去看蓝人乐团如何? (三个戴蓝头套穿黑衣服的音乐人)

[11:37.67]USA Today calls them "exuberant fun for the whole family."


[11:42.01]I don't know. Howard isn't really the family fun kind of guy. 今日美国把他们称作 "全家人的非凡乐趣"

[11:44.91]我不清楚 Howard不像是那种 对家庭娱乐感兴趣的人

[11:46.46]It's too bad he wasn't here for that hooker.

[11:48.88]She's exactly his type; a hooker. 可惜了 他没能遇上那妓女

[11:51.78]她完全贴合他的要求 一个妓女

[11:53.51]You know,I bet if we hired her,that would cheer him up.

[11:57.06]We're not gonna get Wolowitz a hooker. 我打赌 如果我们雇了她 她能让他打起精神来的


[12:03.99]"I'm so lonely and horny,I may open this $20 jar of peanuts and end it all."

[12:06.89]"我是如此孤独而又饥渴 也许该干掉这罐20块的花生 结束一切"

[12:15.26]I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get an estimate.


[12:22.89]So how was your day?

[12:26.49]Are you trying to make small talk? 你今天如何呀?

[12:28.97]Oh,sweetie,you really don't have to. 你想跟我聊聊?

[12:31.59]No,it's the accepted convention. 噢 亲爱的 真的没这必要

[12:34.49]不 这叫约定俗成

[12:36.84]How was your day?

[12:40.31]Well,uh,they shifted my schedule around at the restaurant,so my hours are gonna be a little differe... 你今天如何呀?

[12:44.52]I'm sorry. That's not going to interest me at all. Just eat. 餐厅的人调整了我的时间表 所以我上班的时间会有一点儿不同...

[12:47.42]抱歉 我对此完全不感兴趣 吃就是了

[12:56.68]Hello again.

[12:59.49]Yeah,hi. Listen,um... 又是我

[13:01.72]if you're not busy,we were thinking maybe you could... 你好 听着 嗯...

[13:04.62]要是你不忙的话 我们在想你是不是可以...

[13:06.19]We were wondering...

[13:07.71]if you're really a prostitute. 我们在想...

[13:11.35]- You guys cops? - No. 你是不是真的是妓女

[13:12.86]I'm a prostitute. - 你们是警察? - 不

[13:15.64]Okay,great. 我是妓女


[13:25.37]Uh,the thing is,we've got this friend,and he's kind of down in the dumps.

[13:28.27]事情是这样的 我们有个朋友 他最近有点儿情绪低落

[13:30.38]And we thought maybe you could cheer him up.

[13:33.17]With sex. 我们觉着也许你能让他打起精神来

[13:36.94]I think she knows what I meant. OOXX

[13:38.55]How can she when you beat around the bh? 我觉得她明白我的意思

[13:40.41]She's from the mean streets where they shoot from the hip and keep it real. 你拐弯抹角的她怎么能明白?


[13:45.30]Don't worry. I can take good care of your friend.

[13:48.36]Okay,terrific. 别担心 我可以照料好你们的朋友

[13:50.42]listen,is there a way that we can do this where he doesn't know that you're a, 太好了

[13:53.32]你有没有办法可以 让他察觉不出来你...

[13:57.07]- you know... - Prostitute.

[14:00.41]You want the girlfriend experience. - 你知道的 - 是个妓女

[14:02.48]Yes. Yeah,exactly. The girlfriend experience. 想要女友般的体验?

[14:05.71]Actually,if it's not too much to ask,could we have the Jewish girlfriend experience? 对 没错 就是女友般的体验

[14:08.61]实际上 不知道算不算过分 能来犹太女友的体验吗?

[14:13.00]Okay,that's question 20. You have to guess.

[14:15.90]好 这是第20问了 你得猜猜看

[14:17.90]I don't know,Sheldon. Are you Star Wars?

[14:20.80]我不知道 Sheldon 你扮演的是星际大战?

[14:23.54]How can one person be a whole movie?

[14:27.49]Okay,I give up. Can we just do something else? 一个人如何能够扮演一整部电影

[14:30.03]Fine. 算了 我放弃 我们能干点别的吗

[14:31.84]I was Spock. 那好


[14:38.33]Are you and Leonard friends with benefits?

[14:41.83]What? 你和Leonard是"非常朋友"吗?

[14:43.30]Are you and Leonard friends with benefits? 什么?

[14:45.31]Where did that even come from? Did he say we were? 你和Leonard是"非常朋友"吗

[14:47.87]No,Leonard said nothing. 何来此话 是他这么说的吗

[14:49.11]But who knows what goes on over here when he pretends your mail was misdelivered?

[14:50.77]不 Leonard什么也没说

[14:52.01]可他假装你的信送错了地方 谁知道你们俩到底怎么回事

[14:54.64]Just mail,no benefits.

[14:57.18]I see. 只是送信 没非常关系

[14:58.77]Why are you asking? 明白了

[15:00.37]I'm curious about the whole social construct. 干嘛问这个

[15:03.51]On its face,the idea of satisfying one's sexual appetite-- 我对整个社交构成结构感到好奇

[15:07.69]assuming one is afflicted with such-- 从表面来看 满足一个人的性欲...

[15:09.54]without emotional entanglement,that seems eminently practical. 假如说有人遭受此事

[15:12.44]又没有感情纠葛 是非常现实的关系

[15:14.21]What I've observed,however,is Howard Wolowitz crying like a little girl.

[15:17.11]然而现在是 Howard Wolowitz 哭哭啼啼的 就像个小女孩

[15:20.93]Well,some people just can't handle that kind of relationship.

[15:24.60]Can you? 有些人就是没办法处理好这种感情

[15:28.60]Excuse me? 那你行吗

[15:30.43]Are you able to have sex with men without developing an emotional attachment? 什么意思

[15:33.33]你可以与男人发生关系 同时不掺杂任何感情进去吗

[15:34.96]Sheldon,I really don't want to talk about this with you.

[15:37.86]Sheldon 我真不想和你讨论这个

[15:39.73]Is this conversation making you uncomfortable?

[15:41.76]Of course it's making me uncomfortable. Can't you tell? 这谈话让你感到不自在了吗

[15:44.34]I really have no idea.I don't particularly excel at reading facial expressions, 当然让我不自在 你看不出来吗

[15:48.28]- body language... - I'm uncomfortable,Sheldon! 我不清楚 我不擅长阅读面部表情

[15:51.18]- 肢体语言... - 我很不自在 Sheldon!

[15:52.85]Thank you. That's very helpful.

[15:55.75]谢谢 我懂了

[15:57.73]All right,where are these amazing shrimp?

[16:01.15]Behold. 好吧 美味小虾在哪

[16:04.65]Seriously,you think this is the size of a baby's arm? 看这里

[16:07.55]说真的 你说和婴儿胳膊一般大小 就是这样子的?

[16:09.50]A little baby.

[16:12.51]Okay,I'm going back to the room. 小小婴儿

[16:14.28]Boy,would it maybe kill them to put out a nice brisket? 好 我还是回家吧


[16:28.72]Hi,there. Howard Wolowitz.

[16:32.22]Esther Rosenblatt. 你好 我是Howard Wolowitz

[16:35.12]Esther Rosenblatt

[16:40.45]I don't think the manager's coming tonight,so here.

[16:44.47]Are you suggesting I sleep on the couch? 我觉得管理员今晚是不会来了 给你

[16:47.93]Well,it wasn't the first suggestion that came to mind,but it's the one I'm going with. 你是准备让我睡沙发吗

[16:50.83]虽然不是我的最初想法 不过我现在是这么打算的

[16:52.95]I can't sleep on your couch. I sleep in a bed.

[16:55.72]And given its dimensions, 我没法睡你的沙发 我都是在床上睡觉的

[16:56.78]I have no intention of living out E.M.Snickering's beloved children's book,


[17:00.27]The Tall Man From Cornwall. 我可不想像E.M.Snickering的 流行儿童读物中那个

[17:03.81]What? 康沃尔的大个子一样睡觉

[17:05.79]"There was a tall man from Cornwall whose length exceeded his bed." 那是什么

[17:09.52]"My body fits on it,but barely upon it,there's no room for my big Cornish head." 从前在康沃尔有个大个子 他的身高要长过自己的床

[17:12.42]这张床我的身子躺着刚刚好 可我的头却没有地方放

[17:20.84]All right,I will give you my bed on one condition:

[17:24.57]that you promise to zip your hole for the next eight hours. 好吧 我让出床 不过有一个条件


[17:29.13]- May I say one last thing? - Only if it doesn't rhyme.

[17:32.03]- 我还能再说一句吗 - 不押韵就行

[17:34.35]All right.


[17:40.18]Good night.


[17:45.05]Turn-ons? Let me see.

[17:47.57]Reading a good book in front of the fire,long walks on the beach... 感性趣的事 让我想想

[17:50.47]在壁炉前读本好书 在沙滩上漫步

[17:52.49]and getting freaky on the Sabbath with a bacon cheeseburger.

[17:55.39]在安息日里放纵一下 吃培根芝士汉堡

[18:00.02]Really? Me,too!

[18:02.92]是吗 我也是哎

[18:04.53]Oy,gevalt,you're hot.

[18:08.39]Yeah. 噢 天呐 你真性感

[18:10.65]Excuse me for a moment. 是吗


[18:16.52]- Hey,how's it going? - Cut the crap. You set this up,didn't you?

[18:19.42]- 进展如何 - 少废话 你们安排的 对不对

[18:21.18]Yes. She'a hooker,**

[18:24.25]A prostitute,yes. - 对 - 她是只鸡 对吧

[18:27.78]- You already gave her the money? - Yes. 是妓女 没错

[18:31.61]Thank you! - 你们已经付了钱 - 对



[18:44.02]What? Penny?

[18:46.00]I can't sleep. 干嘛

[18:48.49]Maybe that's because your hole is still open. 我睡不着


[18:53.68]I'm homesick.

[18:57.08]Your home is 20 feet from here. 我想家

[18:59.71]20 feet,20 light-years,it doesn't matter. 你家离这不过20尺

[19:03.54]It's in a galaxy far,far away. 20尺还是20光年这都不重要

[19:07.75]Damn it. 在我这 如同一个星系那么遥远


[19:12.61]What do you want me to do?

[19:15.46]Sing "Soft Kitty." 你想让我怎么办


[19:19.91]That's only for when you're sick.

[19:23.62]Homesick is a type of being sick. 那是只有你生病时才唱的歌


[19:29.75]Come on,do I really have to?

[19:32.75]I suppose we can stay up and talk. 拜托 真的要唱吗

[19:35.65]那设想下我们通宵达旦 闲话家常

[19:37.18]* Soft kitty,warm kitty

[19:41.33]* Little ball of fur * 软软凯蒂 柔柔凯蒂 *

[19:44.35]* Happy kitty... * 一团小毛球 *

[19:47.25]* 快乐凯蒂... *

[19:49.57]Sleepy kitty.

[19:50.54]- * Sleepy kit... - No.


[19:54.40]Start over. - * 睡睡凯... * - 不对


[20:00.70]* Soft kitty,warm kitty

[20:04.21]* Little ball of fur * 软软凯蒂 柔柔凯蒂 *

[20:07.38]* Happy kitty,sleepy kitty * 一团小毛球 *

[20:10.65]* Purr,purr,purr. * 快乐凯蒂 睡睡凯蒂 *

[20:13.55]* 喵 喵 喵 *

[20:15.21]- Penny? - Yeah?

[20:18.83]Thank you for letting me stay here. - Penny? - 嗯

[20:21.60]You're welcome,sweetie. 谢谢你留我在这过夜

[20:24.50]不客气 甜心

[20:28.45]Okay,I'm sleepy now. Get out.

[20:31.35]好 我已经困了 你出去

[20:39.58]Oh,good. You're finally home.

[20:42.61]What were you doing at Penny's? 太好了 你总算回来了

[20:44.41]Well,we had dinner,uh,played some games,and then I spent the night.


[20:50.15]You'll be happy to know that I now have a much better understanding of "friends with benefits." 我们一起吃了晚饭 做游戏 之后我在那过的夜

[20:54.57]哦 告诉你一件好事哦 我对"非常朋友"有了更深入的了解

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