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[00:06.71]Smell that? 闻到没?

[00:09.05]That's the smell of new comic books. 新漫画书的味道

[00:16.56]They're on me today, boys. 哥们 今儿个都算我账上

[00:18.56]You're paying? 你付钱?

[00:19.72]Have you been selling your sperm again? 你又卖精子了?

[00:23.12]No, I'm celebrating. 不 庆祝下

[00:24.94]As we speak, the space shuttle is docking 我们说话这当儿 航天飞机正 对接国际空间站

[00:26.98]at the International Space Station

[00:28.71]where it will deploy the Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Waste Disposal System. 其采用了Wolowitz零重力废物处理系统

[00:33.65]Get over yourself. It's a high-tech toilet. 少臭美了 不过是高科技厕所

[00:37.67]Just think. Thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts 想想吧 多亏了你的付出 一飞船的国际宇航员

[00:41.27]will "boldly go where no man has gone before." 都能"大胆去往无人探索的地方"

[00:45.57]- Is that supposed to be funny? - I believe it is. - 你这是搞笑咩? - 我想是的

[00:48.04]The combination of the Star Trek reference 引用星际迷航的话来玩 "去"和"冲"的文字游戏

[00:49.90]and the play on words involving the double-meaning of the verb "to go"

[00:52.86]suggests that Leonard is mocking your efforts in space plumbing. 表示Leonard在幽默的嘲笑你 对宇航管道装置下的良苦用心

[00:57.14]Okay, make your little jokes, 好啦 笑你们的吧

[00:59.10]but of the four of us, I'm the only one making 但四个人中 只有我对科技 做出了实际贡献

[01:01.25]any real-world contribution to science and technology.

[01:04.60]He's right. This is an important achievement, for two reasons. 他说的对 基于两点原因 这是一项重大的成果

[01:07.39]Number one... 第一...

[01:08.69]and, of course, number two! 还有 当然了 第二!

[01:13.21]Clever! 行啊你!

[01:14.59]Playing on the use of cardinal numbers 用基数词做文章 来委婉表达人体机能

[01:16.54]as euphemisms for bodily functions.

[01:23.23]Here, Sheldon, I pulled the new Hellboy for you. 来 Sheldon 给你新的地狱男孩

[01:25.79]It's mind-blowing. 绝对大跌眼镜

[01:27.46]Excuse me. 你咋回事啊

[01:28.89]Spoiler alert. 剧透啦

[01:31.02]I didn't spoil anything. 我啥也没透啊

[01:33.01]You told me it's mind-blowing. 你都说会大跌眼镜了

[01:34.60]So, my mind is going into it pre-blown. 所以我看之前 眼镜就提前跌了

[01:37.32]And once a mind is pre-blown, it cannot be re-blown. 提前跌完 就不能够再跌了

[01:40.74]I'm sorry. 对不起了

[01:41.97]Said the Grinch to Christmas. 扫兴鬼对圣诞节如是说 (苏斯博士书中 搅乱圣诞节的角色)

[01:48.31]- Can I talk to you about something? - What's up? - 嘿 Leonard 咱谈谈成吗? - 行啊 啥事?

[01:50.62]Remember I went out with Penny, a couple weeks ago? 记得几周前我和你朋友Penny约会不?

[01:53.19]- Yeah, vaguely. - Sure you remember. - 嗯 记不太清了 - 才怪嘞

[01:55.42]You went to the bar and made a fool of yourself 那晚你去酒吧自欺欺人 打算把陌生美眉

[01:57.61]trying to pick up strange women.

[02:02.78]What about it? 咋了呢?

[02:05.77]The thing is, the date didn't go that well. 是这样 约会不太成功

[02:09.36]Too bad. 真遗憾

[02:11.57]I guess the thing to do now is just pick yourself up, 我想现在你该站起来 振作一下 忘记此事 向前看

[02:14.30]dust yourself off, forget it and move on.

[02:16.47]- I can't do that. - Why the hell not? - 不行的 - 有啥不行的吧?

[02:19.80]'Cause we're going out again tomorrow. 因为明晚我们又要约会了

[02:22.25]Excuse me, Stuart. 打扰下 Stuart

[02:23.64]Have you read the new Flash? - 看了最新的闪电侠没? - 没有

[02:25.38]Well, I have and it will knock your socks off! 我看完了 这期会赞得你下巴都掉下来的

[02:29.98]Good luck getting them back on. 祝你能把它推回去

[02:35.31]This is probably my last shot with Penny and I don't want to screw it up. 总之 这是我和Penny的最后机会了 我不想搞砸了

[02:39.36]Nobody wants that. 谁想搞砸啊

[02:41.37]So, here's my question: It's the second date, 所以我的问题就来了 第二次约会

[02:43.54]you think she'll be expecting things 你觉得她会不会想来点...身体接触?

[02:45.83]to get physical?

[02:51.33]Gee... 哎呀...

[02:53.71]My initial reaction is "no," 我第一反应是"不想"

[02:57.08]but let me think about it and get back to you. 但还是让我想想吧 回来告诉你

[02:59.55]So, you'll give me a call? 那你打给我?

[03:01.30]- Yeah, or you call me. - Great. - 嗯 你打给我也成 - 好

[03:04.36]Or nobody calls anyone. 谁也不给谁打更成

[03:07.39]Interesting. 有点意思

[03:08.41]Penny's current suitor asking advice from her former suitor. Penny的现追求者向前追求者取经

[03:12.13]You know, thanks for closed-captioning my pain, Raj. 谢谢你解说我的痛楚 Raj

[03:15.70]Hey, wanna make sure he gets nowhere with Penny 嘿 想既不让他和Penny有进展 又不妨碍你和他俩的友情吗

[03:17.98]without jeopardizing your friendship with either of them?

[03:21.39]I'm listening. 洗耳恭听

[03:22.49]Just tell him to do everything you've done with her 让他做过去两年来你和她做的事

[03:24.80]for the last two years.

[03:50.60]Subtitles: The FW Team

[03:57.83]- How's it going? - Good, good. You? - 嘿 Leonard - 哦 嗨

[04:00.04]Fine. - 怎么样? - 蛮好 蛮好 你呢?

[04:01.82]Can I ask you something? 挺好的

[04:03.61]Sure. 问你点事好不?

[04:04.87]You know your friend Stuart? 好呀

[04:07.03]- 记得你朋友Stuart哈? - 嗯

[04:09.33]He asked me out again and I said yes,

[04:11.16]and then I started thinking maybe I should talk to you first. 他又约我出去 我答应了

[04:14.05]About what? 然后寻思着 我似乎应该现跟你谈谈

[04:15.71]Does it bother you, me going out with one of your friends? 谈啥?

[04:18.59]'Cause you know, you and me... 你会介意不 我跟你朋友约会?

[04:20.73]No, that's the past. 因为那啥嘛 你和我...

[04:23.20]I'm really more of a "right now" kind of guy. 不会啦 那都老黄历了

[04:25.60]You know, living in the moment. 我可是那种更计较现在的人

[04:28.24]Although I do have to live a little in the future, 'cause that's my job. 懂吧 活在当下

[04:30.40]虽说我的确需要关注未来 因为我的工作嘛

[04:32.32]Of course, my fondness for classic science fiction

[04:34.53]does draw my attention backwards, 当然啦 我对经典科幻小说的喜爱 会把我的焦点拉回一点点

[04:36.37]but those stories often take place in the future.


[04:41.94]In conclusion, no, it doesn't bother me.

[04:44.11]总之了 我不介意

[04:45.97]Okay, well, that's really cool of you.

[04:49.33]I wouldn't say cool. I'd just say... "That's Leonard!" 好 你能这样想真好

[04:51.49]不是啥好不好的 要我说是"Leonard就是这种人嘛!"

[04:54.52]In that case, do you mind giving me some advice?

[04:56.77]About Stuart? 既然酱紫 那你能给点啥建议不?

[04:58.22]Love to. Stuart的?

[04:59.89]He's very shy. 原意啊

[05:01.33]How do I make him feel more comfortable around me? 他很害羞

[05:03.61]First of all, don't underestimate the value of discomfort. 怎么能让他在我身边自在点?

[05:05.78]首先 不要低估不自在的价值


[05:09.42]Stuart thrives under pressure. 真的呀?

[05:11.15]That's why he works in a comic book store. Stuart在压力下爆发


[05:21.73]It's Stuart.


[05:26.47]You're not going to answer it?

[05:29.57]He wants to talk about Penny. I don't want to talk about Penny. 你不打算接?

[05:31.74]他想谈Penny的事 我不想谈Penny

[05:33.32]You're making an assumption.

[05:36.21]Perhaps the comic book store is on fire. 你的假设而已啊

[05:39.61]And he needs your assistance. 或许是漫画书店着火了呢

[05:41.71]Why would he call me? 他需要你的帮助

[05:44.13]We don't know. 那打给我干啥?

[05:46.22]And if you don't answer the phone, we can't know. 不知道呀

[05:48.38]你要是不接电话呢 我们也知道不了

[05:50.74]I'm not answering the phone.


[05:57.18]Answer the phone, Leonard.

[05:59.35]接电话 Leonard

[06:02.02]There, it went to voice mail.

[06:04.19]好啦 转接语音信箱啦

[06:10.24]Aren't you going to check your messages?


[06:15.69]You have to check your messages! 不要

[06:17.50]The living of a message is one half of a social contract 你必须读下信息 Leonard!

[06:20.35]which is completed by the checking of the message. 既然留信息那就要读信息 才能实现这一社会契约

[06:24.46]If that contract breaks down,

[06:26.05]then all social contracts break down and we descend into anarchy. 如果这契约破碎了

[06:28.21]那所有社会契约都会破碎 我们会陷入混乱状态

[06:31.59]It must be hell inside your head.


[06:36.54]At times.

[06:39.72]Guys, we have a code red. 偶尔

[06:41.35]"Code Red" the hospital emergency alert, the computer worm, 伙计们 我们有紧急情况了

[06:44.32]or the cherry-flavored soft drink from the makers of Mountain Dew? 紧急情况是指医院紧急警报? 电脑病毒?

[06:46.49]还是Mountain Dew做的 樱桃味饮料?

[06:48.34]Look, I was going over the schematics on my zero-G toilet,

[06:50.99]and I made a teeny tiny mistake 听着 我在看我零重力厕所的图纸

[06:52.51]on the specifications for the diverter valve. 发现在分流阀的设计上 犯了一个小小的错误

[06:54.94]How teeny tiny?

[06:56.45]It's gonna fail after about ten flushes. 有多小?

[06:59.67]- But the mission is for six months. - See, that's the code red. 冲10次水差不多就挂了

[07:03.30]It's kind of like a jack-in-the-box. - 但这任务是要持续6个月的 - 对啊 这就是紧急情况

[07:05.21]No one knows exactly when, but at some point 这有点像小丑盒子

[07:07.14]something way worse than a puppet is gonna pop out of that box. 没有人知道具体时间 但不定时的

[07:09.30]会有比玩偶更糟糕的东西 从那盒子里喷出来

[07:12.23]Have you notified NASA?

[07:13.91]Are you crazy? What am I gonna say? 你给NASA报告了吗?

[07:15.66]"I screwed up your toilet and there's gonna be crap floating 你疯了吗? 我要怎么说?

[07:18.22]"all over your nice shiny space station"? "我把你们的厕所搞砸了 以后会有大便漂浮在

[07:20.87]What are you gonna do? 你们那整洁明亮的空间站里?"

[07:22.21]I'm gonna figure out how to fix it, then I'll tell them. 你要怎么办?

[07:25.20]So, what do you need us for? 我要弄清楚怎么修 然后再告诉他们

[07:26.71]He can't figure out how to fix it. 那你需要我们做什么呢?

[07:29.57]You said you were gonna be supportive. 他弄不清楚怎么修

[07:31.53]I'm trying, but you have to admit this is pretty damn funny. 你说你会支持我的

[07:33.70]我是啊 但你得承认这太他妈好笑了

[07:36.49]I agree.

[07:37.66]It's the juxtaposition of the high-tech nature of space exploration 我同意

[07:40.49]against the banality of a malfunctioning toilet 这关系到太空爆炸的高科技特性

[07:42.55]that provides the comic fodder here. 和厕所故障的平凡特性的对立


[07:49.13]Check your messages.


[07:53.86]All right, this is an exact duplicate

[07:57.18]of the Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Human Waste Disposal System 好的 这就是了

[07:59.45]as deployed on the International Space Station. Wolowitz零重力人类废物处理系统 的复制品

[08:01.52]Don't you mean the Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Human Waste Distribution System? 为国际空间站设计

[08:03.68]你的意思不是Wolowitz 零重力人类废物排放系统吧?

[08:07.69]Good one.


[08:12.13]It's hilarious. Now...

[08:14.57]Here's an approximation 太好笑了 现在...

[08:16.42]of the spare parts available on the Space Station. 这里有空间站里

[08:19.28]We gotta find a way, using nothing but this, 有可能找到的所有零件

[08:21.36]to reinforce this so the waste material avoids the spinning turbine. 我们要想出一个方法 只用这些

[08:24.63]You mean so it doesn't hit the fan? 来改造这个 那样废物就能避开 旋转的涡轮机了


[08:31.41]I have to say,

[08:32.60]I thought the toilet humor would get less funny with repetition. 我得说

[08:36.15]Apparently, there is no law 我想这厕所幽默再说下去 就不这么好笑了

[08:37.78]of diminishing comedic returns with space poop. 很显然 没有法律规定 要减少带太空大便返回嘛

[08:46.90]You busy? - 嘿 Leonard - 嘿 Stuart

[08:48.58]Classified, Leonard. 你有空吗?

[08:50.82]Yeah, it's a regular Manhattan Project. 要保密哦 Leonard

[08:52.98]嗯 这可是个曼哈顿工程啊 (二战期间美国原子弹秘密工程)

[08:54.61]What's up?

[08:55.86]Tonight's my date with Penny 什么事?

[08:57.51]and since we haven't been able to connect by phone... 今晚我要和Penny约会

[08:59.74]I'm sorry, it's been broken. 因为我们没能用电话联系上

[09:01.37]- Or e-mail. - Yeah, that too. Everything's broken. 抱歉 电话坏了

[09:03.54]- 电邮也不行 - 对 那也是 所有东西都坏了

[09:05.37]Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any last-minute advice.

[09:07.54]总之 我只是想知道你有没有 什么最后的建议

[09:09.79]All right, well, off the top of my head,

[09:12.72]I think the most important thing with Penny is to go really slow. 好的 眼下我能想到的就是

[09:14.89]和Penny在一起最重要的事 就是要慢一点

[09:17.09]I mean, glacial.

[09:19.26]我是说 冷淡

[09:21.60]Guys come onto her all the time, so, you need to set yourself apart.

[09:23.76]追她的男人多的是 所以 你得把自己和他们区别开

[09:26.10]Be a little shy,

[09:28.07]don't make too much eye contact. 害羞一点


[09:31.78]And, you know, treat her with, like, cool detachment

[09:34.25]and-and, you know, fear. 把她当作外人一样对待

[09:36.42]还有... 害怕

[09:38.06]- Fear? - Yeah, like,

[09:40.40]you're afraid that if you touch her, she'll break. - 害怕? - 对 就像

[09:42.57]你会怕如果你碰她一下 她会碎那样

[09:44.92]Well, that plays right into my wheelhouse.

[09:47.09]哦 这我还蛮擅长的

[09:48.67]Good, good. You kids have fun tonight.

[09:51.47]Thanks, Leonard. 好 好的 你俩今晚玩好啊

[09:53.16]What is that thing anyway? 谢了 Leonard

[09:55.83]You don't know what this is? 那东西到底是啥?

[09:58.18]Good. Get out. 你不知道这是什么?

[10:00.34]好的 滚出去

[10:03.14]Be afraid of Penny.

[10:05.01]Nice. Very crafty. 要害怕Penny

[10:06.81]It wasn't bad advice. It's just wasn't particularly helpful. 不错哦 相当狡猾

[10:08.98]这建议也不是搅局 只是没有那么有用而已

[10:12.07]For what it's worth, my mother says

[10:13.98]that when we deceive for personal gain, 不管怎样 我妈妈说过

[10:16.05]we make Jesus cry. 当我们为了个人利益去骗人时


[10:24.46]All right, what if we use this two-inch PVC

[10:28.67]- to reinforce the center cross-support? - No good. 好的 如果我们用 这两英尺的聚氯乙烯

[10:31.58]It might work for the Japanese and the Americans,

[10:33.98]but have you seen the size of the Russians they got up there? - 来改造中心支撑结构怎样? - 不行


[10:39.66]This thing has to hold up against a hearty potato-based diet. 但你见过他们弄上去的 俄罗斯人的块头吗?

[10:45.20]I feel terrible. 这东西得能撑住 一餐丰盛的土豆大餐

[10:47.14]Maybe if you were helping, you'd feel better about yourself.

[10:50.84]I deliberately tried to sabotage Stuart's date with Penny. 我感觉很糟糕

[10:51.57]如果你能帮忙的话 可能你会感觉好一点

[10:54.46]Of course you feel terrible. You completely screwed up your karma. 我故意破坏Stuart和Penny的约会

[10:58.08]You don't really believe in that superstition, do you? 你当然会感觉很糟糕啦 因果轮回要糟报应了

[11:00.74]It's not superstition. It's practically Newtonian.


[11:04.13]For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. 这不是迷信 这其实是在信仰牛顿 (牛顿也是神学专家)

[11:06.76]Leonard pretends to be a friend and acts like a two-faced bitch.

[11:08.57]对于每个动作 都有一个平等的对立的反应

[11:12.63]Therefore, he is reborn as a banana slug. Leonard假装是朋友 而实际上则是个两面的贱人

[11:18.09]It's actually a very elegant system. You know, what goes around comes around. 所以 他会转世投胎成 一个香蕉蛞蝓

[11:21.98]Speaking of what goes around comes around... 这其实是个很好的系统 对吧 一报还一报

[11:25.67]Okay, look. 说到一报还一报...

[11:27.05]Instead of trying to reinforce this structure here,

[11:29.84]what if we just ran another line, bypass it entirely? 好的 听着

[11:32.52]It won't work. The diameter of the tubing is insufficient. 与其试着改造这东西的结构

[11:35.27]What if we reposition the collection tank? 还不如我们扯出一条线 来完全回避它

[11:37.44]It won't work. No way to mount it. 这没用的 管道的直径不够

[11:39.24]Okay, here's an idea. What if I change my name and go live 那换换集污舱的位置怎么样?

[11:41.79]with my cousin and her husband, Avi, in Israel? 没用的 没法安装

[11:43.67]好吧 我有个主意 我们改名换姓 然后去

[11:46.50]That could work. 以色列和我的表亲 和她丈夫Avi一起住怎么样?


[11:54.11]- Morning. - Morning. What's up?

[11:55.92]Nothing. We just pulled an all-nighter trying to fix a zero-gravity...

[11:59.11]pasta maker. - 早上好 - 早上好 什么事?

[12:00.35]没 我们只是在熬夜修一个 零重力...

[12:02.81]I'm gonna make a coffee run. Do you want any? 意粉机

[12:04.80]No, thanks. I have coffee.

[12:06.30]Great. So how'd it go with Stuart last night? 我正要去煮咖啡 你要吗?

[12:10.65]I really don't want to talk about it. 谢啦 我自己有

[12:10.74]好的 昨晚跟Stuart怎么样?

[12:12.65]Yeah. Right. Sure.

[12:14.58]The thing is, before you guys went out, 不堪回首啊

[12:16.64]I spoke to him and... 是啊 没错 当然

[12:17.95]I said I don't want to talk about it. 但是呢 你们出门之前

[12:20.16]I just... I kind of... 我俩有过谈话...

[12:21.50]What goes on between me and Stuart is none of your business. 我说了 我不想回首

[12:23.89]So just leave it alone, okay? 我只是...有点...


[12:28.32]别八卦了 行吗?

[12:30.83]If you want to clean up your karma, go get my freakin' latte.

[12:35.26]要想下辈子投好胎 就给我煮杯拿铁去

[12:42.63]Hang on, I think I've got this. Help me see if we can wedge

[12:46.19]this little piece of PVC behind the support rod. 等下 我找到了这个 看看能否...

[12:48.51]You're overestimating the tensile strength

[12:50.64]of the substructure you're building. 把这块PVC楔进载体棒后面

[12:52.53]Sheldon, I know what I'm doing. 你高估了你做的基础部分的抗张强度

[12:54.23]If you knew what you were doing, there wouldn't be a space toilet

[12:57.01]where my coffee table should be. Sheldon 我知道自己在干什么

[12:58.66]如果你知道 那这放咖啡桌的地方

[13:00.19]Howard, wait. 就不该摆着你的太空厕所

[13:01.61]Why don't you use this instead of the PVC

[13:03.74]to keep the transverse filter assembly in place? Howard 等等

[13:06.31]Because this is not a spare part from the space station. 为什么不用这个代替PVC

[13:08.95]This is the thing from the pizza box 来保持横向滤波器装配到位呢?

[13:10.75]that keeps the lid from touching the cheese. 这又不是太空站的部件

[13:13.90]That what that's for? In India, the lid touches the cheese. 这是比萨饼盒子里的


[13:17.52]Of course, we also have rampant poverty and periodic outbreaks of cholera, 干这个用的? 在印度 奶酪就会粘盒子啊

[13:20.70]so a little cardboard in our cheese is no biggie. 当然了 印度那么穷 还经常爆发霍乱

[13:25.46]- Where are you going? - Comic book store. 所以盒子粘上奶酪也不算啥

[13:27.51]An excellent idea! I could certainly use a break.

[13:29.89]- Me, too. - You can go to the comic book store - 你要去哪? - 漫画店

[13:32.56]when man can once again safely poop in space. 好主意 我也要休息下

[13:35.69]Why does Leonard get to go? - 我也是 - 等宇航员能安全排便了

[13:37.44]'Cause he's upset over his situation with Penny 你们才能去漫画店

[13:39.56]and if I have to hear about it again, I'm going to kick him in his ovaries. 为什么Leonard能去?

[13:41.87]因为Penny的事 搞得他心烦意乱

[13:44.10]- Thanks for understanding, Howard. - I got your back, sister. 如果他再讲一遍 我就扁死他

[13:48.37]All right, I think we've got a prototype ready to test. - 感谢理解 Howard - 我支持你 好姐妹

[13:51.39]Hand me that Tupperware. 好了 要模拟实验一下了

[13:53.99]That's heavy.

[13:55.07]Damn right it's heavy. It's my mother's meat loaf. 把那塑料盒给我

[13:58.58]It's been testing toilets for generations. 好沉啊

[13:59.50]当然沉了 这是我妈做的肉馅糕

[14:02.46]I must say, 一直是我测试厕所的道具

[14:03.49]I think a detailed letter to MIT describing your current circumstances

[14:07.13]might entitle you to a refund on your master's degree. 容我说一句


[14:11.76]Okay, simulated zero-gravity human waste disposal test 你的硕士学位就飞鸟

[14:14.82]with meat loaf analog in... 好了 模拟零重力人类废物处理实验

[14:18.03]three, two, one. 放入肉馅糕模拟物...

[14:22.46]三 二 一


[14:30.36]What do you think the problem is? 好赞

[14:32.64]Not enough bread crumbs.



[14:42.09]Hey, Stuart, I need to talk to you.

[14:44.09]- Sure, what's up? - I gave you bad advice about Penny,

[14:46.96]- and I want to apologize. - No, your advice was great. Stuart 咱俩要谈谈

[14:50.01]- It was? - Yeah, going slow really worked. - 好啊 怎么了? - Penny的事 我帮倒忙了

[14:52.85]You're kidding. - 我想道歉 - 没 你的建议挺好啊

[14:54.86]Never worked for me. - 啊? - 是啊 慢慢来很管用

[14:57.14]Last night at dinner, I did what you told me. 开玩笑吧

[14:59.64]I went really slow, I kept my distance, 在我身上就不管用

[15:02.12]and two bottles of wine later, we were making out in my car. 昨晚吃饭时 我按你说的做了

[15:04.08]放慢速度 保持距离

[15:05.58]Wine? I didn't say to give her wine. 两杯酒下肚 我俩就去车里嘿咻了

[15:09.70]It doesn't matter, that's where it all went to hell. 酒? 我没说给她喝酒啊

[15:12.28]During the kissing?

[15:13.79]What did you do, sneeze in her mouth? I did that to a girl once. 这不是重点 糟糕的事才开始


[15:18.91]No, everything was good and really hot. 在她嘴里打喷嚏了? 我对别的姑娘那样过

[15:21.96]And I said, 没 都挺好 挺火辣的

[15:23.84]"Oh, Penny,"

[15:25.03]and right where she was supposed to say, "Oh, Stuart," she said... 然后我说

[15:29.66]your name. "哦 Penny"

[15:29.47]而她本该说"哦 Stuart" 但她说了...


[15:37.02]That is your name, right?

[15:41.11]I'm sorry. That must've been the last thing you wanted to hear. Leonard?


[15:45.88]It beats, "You know I'm a dude, right?" 不好意思啊 你最不想听见这个了吧

[15:51.67]Yeah, it was pretty bad. 还不如"你知道我是爷们儿吧?"

[15:54.21]No doubt, no doubt.

[15:56.10]是啊 糟糕死了

[15:58.64]必然的 必然的

[16:00.40]I'm sorry it didn't work out.

[16:02.32]Not your fault.

[16:03.73]Yeah, how about that? 不好意思 结果这么糟

[16:08.11]- See you soon. - Sure. 不是你的错


[16:12.54]- 回头见 - 嗯了

[16:23.69]Yes, sir, I understand "classified."

[16:25.77]We'll keep it all classified; no one has to know but you and me.

[16:29.34]What's classified? 是的 我明白这是机密

[16:30.90]Howard's space toilet. I'll tell you later. 天知地知 你知我知

[16:35.10]Well, they've deployed our solution. 啥机密?

[16:37.33]Let's just all hope it works. Howard的太空厕所 回头慢慢跟你说

[16:39.92]I don't see why I have to worry.

[16:41.88]My career's not hanging in the balance. 他们应用了我们的补救方案




[16:50.87]That was a joke.

[16:52.99]It's funny,

[16:54.84]because it's true.


[17:00.35]Leonard, could you pass the soy sauce, please? 很好笑


[17:03.00]I'm sorry, were you talking to me?

[17:05.18]Yeah, I said "Leonard."

[17:07.16]Yes, you did, didn't you? Leonard 把酱油给我好吗?


[17:11.61]是啊 我叫的是"Leonard"

[17:13.59]没错嘛 是不是?

[17:16.03]What the hell is that?


[17:21.04]What was it doing on the ceiling? 那是什么鬼东西?

[17:23.57]That's classified. 肉馅糕



[17:31.55]Houston, International Space Station.

[17:33.91]We have a little situation up here.

[17:36.94]We'd like to make an unscheduled space walk. 国际空间站

[17:37.99]休斯顿 这里是国际空间站

[17:41.22]I.S.S., Houston. 我们这有点小状况

[17:42.48]Which crew members would be involved in this E.V.A.? 我们要临时安排一次太空行走

[17:45.16]Houston, we'd all like to step outside for a few minutes.

[17:47.66]国际空间站 这里是休斯顿


[17:50.50]I.S.S., I'm afraid we can't authorize that. 我们都想出舱走走

[17:54.40]Houston, this is more of an FYI call.

[17:57.61]We are basically out the door. 这将不予批准



[18:06.05]<#EAADEA>天才理论传 第二季 第22集 完

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