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[00:03.15]Oh, boy. 好家伙的

[00:06.60]What? 咋了?

[00:07.46] 在不违反"我不得批评你的工作" 协议之下 我无法做出评价

[00:13.02]Then what was "Oh, boy"? 那干吗说"好家伙的"?

[00:14.71]Great restraint on my part. 已经是极度的克制了

[00:18.29]There's nothing wrong with the science here. 我的科学工作又没错

[00:20.55]Perhaps you mean a different thing than I do when you say, "Science." 也许你说的"科学"和我认为的 是完全两码事

[00:32.08]Okay, how's that? 好吧 现在呢?

[00:33.71]You actually had it right in the first place. 实际上一开始你就是对的

[00:37.53]Once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks. 你又被我给忽悠了一把

[00:41.83]Bazinga! 砰呯浜!(泡泡龙游戏里的声音)

[00:48.55]Now here's a peculiar e-mail. 这邮件不多见啊

[00:50.78]The president of the university wants me to meet him at his office tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. 校长要我明天早上八点 去一趟他的办公室

[00:54.91]- Why? - It doesn't say. It must be an emergency. - 为啥? - 没说啊 肯定有急事

[00:58.24]Everyone at the university knows I eat breakfast at 8:00 and move my bowels at 8:20. 学校里每个人都知道我八点吃早餐 八点二十开始做肠道运动

[01:04.43]Yes, how did we live before Twitter? 没错 没有Twitter之前我们是怎么活的?

[01:09.25]I guess you'll find out what it is in the morning. 我想你明天早上就会知道了

[01:11.78]That's 14 hours away. 那还有14个钟头呢

[01:13.82]For the next 840 minutes, I'm effectively one of Heisenberg's particles; 在接下来的840分钟里 我就是海森堡的一颗微粒 (德国物理学家 量子力学创始人之一)

[01:17.74]I know where I am or I know how fast I'm going, but I can't know both. 我要么只知道自己在哪儿 要么只知道自己有多快

[01:21.26]Yet how am I supposed to carry on with this huge annoying thing hovering over my head? 这么件烦人的事儿在我脑海盘旋 我这要怎么活下去?

[01:26.55]Yeah, I know the feeling. 是啊 感同身受

[01:52.60]Leonard? Leonard? Leonard?

[01:54.20]Leonard Leonard Leonard

[01:57.54]Sheldon, it's 2:00 in the morning.

[01:59.60]Why is everybody keep telling me what time it is? Sheldon 现在是凌晨2点



[02:04.32]You, the president of the university, his wife, their sullen teenage daughter. 大伙儿?

[02:05.92]你 校长 他妻子 还有他们闷闷不乐的小女儿

[02:09.29]That entire family is fascinated by what time it is and whether people know it.

[02:10.89]他们一家子都像着了魔似的 关注时间生怕别人不知道

[02:14.57]You went to President Seibert's house in the middle of the nig?


[02:17.73]He didn't respond to my e-mail, his phone number is unlisted.

[02:19.33]他没回我的邮件 我也没他电话号码

[02:20.96]Tell me what my other option was.

[02:23.41]You could have waited until morning. 我还有其他选择么

[02:25.98]I know, look who I'm talking to. 你可以等到明天早上啊

[02:27.58]我知道 又是鸡同鸭讲

[02:29.89]Do you remember the grant proposal I submitted to the National Science Foundation

[02:31.49]还记得我提交给国家科学 基金会的拨款提议吗?

[02:34.02]to detect slow-moving monopoles at the magnetic North Pole?


[02:37.16]Hardly a day goes by when I don't think about it.

[02:38.76]只要不想这事 日子都没发过

[02:40.94]Aw, how nice.

[02:42.63]Well, a space opened up at the last minute on the NSF expedition to the Arctic Circle. 嗷 真棒啊

[02:44.23]国科基金会极地科考队 在最后一刻出现一个空位

[02:48.33]Wait a minute.


[02:53.33]- He offered to send you to the North Pole? - Yes.

[02:55.87]In fact, he was quite enthusiastic. - 他要把你送去北极? - 是的

[02:58.49]He said, "Frankly, if I could send you tonight, I would." 事实上 他还相当热心呢

[03:00.09]他说"坦白讲 如果今晚就能 把你送过去 我绝不犹豫"

[03:03.97]Okay, well, do you want to go?

[03:06.12]Of course not. I'm a theoretical physict. 那好啊 你想去么?

[03:08.77]A career I chose in no small part because it's indoors, 当然不想了 我是个理论物理学家

[03:10.37]我选择这个职业主要是因为 它是室内工作

[03:11.90]but if I'm able to detect slow-moving magnetic monopoles there,

[03:13.50]要是我能去北极探测 缓慢移动的磁单极的话

[03:17.26]I will be the scientis to confirm string theory.

[03:20.05]People will write books about me. 我会成为确认弦理论的人了

[03:21.97]Third-graders will create macaroni-art dioramas depicting scenes from my life. 人们会为我著书立传

[03:23.57]三年级的小盆友们会用通心粉 作透视画来描绘我的生活

[03:27.97]Sure, maybe a tableau of me trying to pummel you to death.

[03:29.57]没错 也许是我玩命把你打死的生动场面

[03:32.89]- Sarcasm? - Maybe.

[03:34.49]- 讽刺? - 也许

[03:37.36]I'm on the horns of a dilemma.

[03:39.58]Can you imagine me, Sheldon Cooper, at the North Pole? 我可真是进退两难啊

[03:41.18]你能想象我 Sheldon Cooper 在北极的情景么?

[03:43.32]Easy peasy, I'm doing it right now.

[03:44.92]小菜啦 我正在想象呢

[03:46.96]I'm not good with cold, Leonard.

[03:48.91]How often have we had to leave a movie theater Leonard 我可怕冷了

[03:51.30]because I got a headache from drinking the Icee too fast? 我们有多少次从电影院里逃出来


[03:55.24]- I can't go. - Well, then don't go.

[03:57.31]How can you say that? - 我没法去 - 那就别去咯

[03:59.72]The scientific opportunity of a lifetime presents itself and my best friend says "Don't go." 这话你也说得出口?

[04:01.32]终生难遇的科研机会出现在眼前 可我最好的朋友劝我说"别去"

[04:04.14]- All right, then go. - Listen to you.

[04:05.74]- 好吧 那去咯 - 你听听

[04:09.48]How can I possibly go?

[04:11.64]Sheldon, what are the words I can say right now to end this conversation and let me go back to sleep? 我怎么能去呢?

[04:13.24]Sheldon 我要说什么你才肯罢休 放我回去睡觉哇?

[04:16.54]Odd, President Seibert posed the exact same question.

[04:18.14]奇怪 Seibert校长也是这么问我的

[04:23.02]- How was it resolved? - It wasn't.

[04:25.12]His wife set their dogs on me and rendered the question moot. - 怎么解决的? - 没解决啊

[04:26.72]他妻子把他们家的狗放了出来 导致这个问题最终悬而未决

[04:30.71]Just imagi. If he says yes, we'll have an entire summer without Sheldon.

[04:32.31]你想想 如果他答应了 我们就一夏天不用对着Sheldon了

[04:37.92]We could play outside.


[04:41.12]We could sit on the left side of the couch.

[04:44.06]I could use the bathroom at 8:20. 可以坐在沙发左边儿


[04:50.65]Our dreams are very small, aren't they?

[04:52.25]我们的梦想还真够小的 不是吗?

[04:55.34]Good news, gentlemen, I have tentatively accepted...

[04:56.94]好消息 我暂时同意了...



[05:05.06]the invitation to join the Arctic Expedition.


[05:08.48]- It's not gonna be the same without you. - Godspeed.

[05:10.08]- 我们会想念你的 - 祝你好运

[05:11.72]Thank you, but your sentiments may be premature.

[05:13.32]多谢 不过你们情绪释放的太早了

[05:15.27]Ooh, I don't like where this is going.

[05:18.17]I would like to propose... 噢 我有不祥的预感

[05:20.67]that the three of you accompany me. 我建议...

[05:23.49]To the North Pole? 让你们仨陪我一起去

[05:26.24]Yes. 去北极?

[05:27.22]Is this just so we won't touch your stuff while you're away? 是的

[05:28.82]是为了防止你不在时 我们碰你东西?

[05:31.93]I'll admit that was a concern.

[05:34.57]But the fact is, I'll need a support team. 我承认这是顾虑之一

[05:36.68]- And the three of you are my first choice. - Really? 但实情是 我需要一支支援小队

[05:38.28]- 你们仨则是我的首选 - 真的假的?

[05:40.15]Well, there are others who might be more qualified,

[05:41.94]but the thought of interviewing them gave me a stomachache. 也许有其他人更加胜任


[05:45.58]Now, I know I'm proposing an enormous undertaking,

[05:48.05]so why don't you take a few moments discuss it? 我知道这是件大事


[05:53.54]We're not really gonna go to the North Pole with him, are we?

[05:56.28]I'm still within earshot! 我们该不会真跟他去北极吧?


[05:59.59]You may want to wait for my door to close.


[06:04.11]We're not really gonna go to the North Pole with him, are we?

[06:07.06]Hang on. Let's talk about it. 我们该不会真跟他去北极吧?

[06:09.08]This is a National Science Foundation expedition. 等等 我们先商量一下呗

[06:11.40]I don't know how we can turn it down. 这是国家科学基金会的科考队

[06:13.41]Easy. Instead of saying, "No, we don't want to go on an NSF expedition," 我不知道怎么可能拒绝

[06:15.01]好办啊 不要说"不 我们不想 参加国科会的科考队"

[06:17.41]say, "No, we don't want to spend "three months stuck in a cabin in the Arctic Circle with an anal nutbag."

[06:19.01]要说"不 我们不想和疯子 在极地小屋待三个月"

[06:24.26]But if we were part of the team that confirmed string theory,


[06:27.76]we could drink for free in any bar in any college town


[06:31.09]with a university that has a strong science program.


[06:35.75]Howard, this is big science.

[06:37.42]You could be the engineer who builds the equipment that puts us on the ver of magazines. Howard 这是重大的科学问题

[06:39.02]你制作的设备能让我们大家都 成为杂志的封面人物

[06:41.88]I could also be the engineer who builds the crossbow that kills Sheldon.


[06:50.32]You still might get on a magazine.


[06:54.29]- So you guys are seriously considering this? - Yes.

[06:55.89]- 你们还真在考虑了? - 没错

[06:57.88]And you think you can put up with Sheldon?

[06:59.82]Well, I'm a Hindu. 你们可以忍受Sheldon?

[07:02.34]My religion teaches that if we suffer in this life we are rewarded in the next. 我是印度人

[07:03.94]我的宗教说如果我们这一世受苦 下一世会得到回报的

[07:07.15]Three months at the North Pole with Sheldon,

[07:09.01]and I'm reborn as a well-hung billionaire with wings! 和Sheldon在北极呆三个月

[07:10.61]我就能转世投胎成一个 长翅膀的大屌亿万富翁了!

[07:20.68]Well, gentlemen, have you reached a decision?

[07:22.28]先生们 你们做好决定了吗?

[07:23.82]- I'm in. - Me too.

[07:25.42]- 我去 - 我也是

[07:28.01]Oh, damn it. Peer pressure. Fine.

[07:29.61]哦 该死 压力好大哦 好吧

[07:32.05]Excellent.Just an FYI, as I am the expedition's team leader,

[07:33.65]很好 告诉你们哈 因为我是科考队的队长

[07:35.87]protocol dictates that be phrased, "Fine, sir."

[07:37.47]注意说话礼节 "好的 长官"

[07:39.39]But don't worry, there will be a briefing.

[07:40.99]但不用担心 会给你们简报的

[07:50.91]- Penny. - Sheldon.

[07:52.51]- Penny - Sheldon

[08:00.93]- Pey. - Sheldon.

[08:02.53]- Penny - Sheldon

[08:05.35]- Penny. - Sheldon.

[08:07.07]- Penny. - Sheldon. - Penny - Sheldon

[08:08.84]- Penny! - Sheldon! - Penny - Sheldon

[08:10.56]Penny! - Penny! - Sheldon!

[08:12.98]What do you want? Penny!

[08:13.64]I need access to the Cheesecake Factory's walk-in freezer. 你想干嘛?


[08:17.21]Now, honey, I already told you, the hamburger meat is fresh and stored at a safe temperature.

[08:18.81]哦 宝贝 我都告诉过你了 汉堡肉 储藏在安全温度下 很新鲜

[08:22.92]No. This is to train for a three-moh expedition to the magnetic North Pole.

[08:24.52]不 这是为了去北极三月科考训练


[08:29.95]I don't know how that sentence could possibly confuseou... 啥?


[08:35.21]but to elaborate, I'm going to the Arctic Circle with Leonard, Wolowitz and Koothrappali.

[08:36.81]但还是要解释一下 我要和Leonard Wolowitz和Koothrappali去北极圈

[08:40.28]- You're all going? - Yes.

[08:41.77]- For three months? - Yes. - 你们都去? - 对

[08:44.32]Excuse me. - 去三个月? - 对


[08:47.96]Is that a yes or a no on the freezer?

[08:50.32]The woman has the attention span of a gnat. 冷冻库到底让不让我用啊?


[08:54.26]Hey, Leonard. Sheldon says you're going to the North Pole.

[08:57.15]Yeah. Pretty cool, huh? 嘿 Leonard Sheldon说你要去北极

[08:59.11]Yeah. I'm just a little surprised you didn't tell me. 对 很酷 对吧?

[09:01.98]Oh, well, it all happened kind of fast. 对 只是你没告诉我 我有点吃惊

[09:04.03]And we had to get physicals and buy thermal underwear and study up on, you know, snow and stuff. 哦 这一切发生的有点突然

[09:05.63]我们得做体检 买保暖内衣 研究一下 你知道 雪之类的东西

[09:11.45]Sorry, I was gonna tell you.

[09:12.74]Oh, hey, no, you don't have to apologize. 对不起嘛 我本来是要告诉你的

[09:14.85]There's no reason you have to tell me. I was just... you know, surprised. 哦 嘿 不 你不用道歉啊

[09:16.45]你也没必要告诉我啊 我只是...对吧 吃惊

[09:18.19]Yes, yes, you were busy, you were surprised, all very fascinating.

[09:21.01]Now where do we stand on the freezer? 对 对 你很忙 你很吃惊 都很有意思


[09:24.14]Is he serious?

[09:25.62]Actually, it would help. 他说真的?

[09:27.57]All right, I'll see what I can do. 其实吧 会有帮助的

[09:30.04]So, three months at the Nth Pole. 好吧 我来看看我能做点什么吧

[09:31.64]说来 在北极呆三个月

[09:33.37]- Wow, that is... awesome. - Yeah.

[09:34.97]- 哇 这...太棒了 - 是啊

[09:36.70]I'm sorry, but at what point do you put this see what you can do plan into action?

[09:38.30]对不起 但你啥时候能把 "看看能做点什么"付诸于实践呢?

[09:43.33]Just a warning, Sheldon-- The freezer locks from the outside.

[09:44.93]警告你一下 Sheldon... 冷冻库的门可是从外上锁的

[09:52.68]- Did she seem upset to you? - No.

[09:54.28]- 你说她有不爽吗? - 没

[09:55.86]- Did she seem upset to you? - No.

[09:57.70]Oh, good, I got it right. - 你说她有不爽吗? - 没

[09:59.30]哦 好的 我猜对了

[10:01.97]Are you upset?

[10:04.42]- A little bit. - Two for two. I'm on fire. 你心里不爽?

[10:06.02]- 有点 - 又对一题 百发百中啊

[10:10.09]I mean, I know she's not my girlfriend or anything,

[10:12.57]but wouldn't you thinkshe'd feel a little bad that I'm going to be gone for the whole summer? 我是说 我知道她不是我女友啥的

[10:14.17]但你觉得我整个夏天都不在 她会不会有一点难过呢?

[10:16.61]That feels like a bonus question.


[10:19.99]I'm going to stop here while I'm ahead, but I've had a great time.

[10:21.59]我比分领先所以我先闪啦 但我玩的很开心哦

[10:33.88]All right, the purpose of this drill

[10:37.16]is to acclimate us to the use otools in extreme temperatures 好的 这次训练的目的

[10:40.47]such as we will face in the Arctic Circle. 是让我们适应在恶劣的温度下 运用各种工具

[10:42.86]- Where are your tools? - Right here. 这与我们要在北极面对的环境一样

[10:47.50]All right, team, open up your practice kits. - 你的工具呢? - 在这

[10:50.07]As the university did not permit me to bring the actual equipment 好的 队员们 打开你们的练习工具包

[10:53.40]we'll be using to the Cheesecake Factory, 由于学校不允许我拿真正的装备

[10:55.36]because apparently, I'm "ridiculous," 来奶酪蛋糕工厂

[10:58.53]I've provided substitutes which will exercise your fine motor skills. 因为很显然 我很"可笑"

[11:02.21]Leonard, you will be doing a series of complex mathematical problems 我提供了一些替代品 来训练你们的运动技巧

[11:06.50]on a vintage Casio model 1175 calculator watch I received Leonard 你要做一系列 复杂的数学题

[11:10.57]when I won the Earth Science medal in 3rd grade. 用一个过时的卡西欧 1175型计算手表

[11:14.91]Treat it with respect. 这是我三年级赢得 地球科学奖章时得到的

[11:17.61]Raj, you will be painting sideburns and a Van Dyke 好好用它

[11:21.65]on a six-inch figurine of Legolas the elf. Raj 你要给一个六英尺的 莱格拉斯精灵模型

[11:25.06]Now, remember, a Van Dyke is a goatee without a mustache. 画连鬓胡和短尖胡须

[11:28.38]要记住短尖胡须是 下巴上的胡子 嘴唇上没有

[11:30.23]Wolowitz, you will be completing a series of delicate surgical procedures

[11:34.55]on the classic children's game "Operation." Wolowitz 你要用 经典儿童玩具"手术"


[11:40.93]To begin with, you will remove funny bone for two hundred dollars.

[11:44.25]首先 200美元移除肘部尺骨端

[11:48.34]For this I went to MIT.

[11:51.28]And begin. 就是因为这个我进的麻省理工


[11:58.10]I think I swallowed some paint!

[12:00.64]I can't press any of the buttons with my gloves. 我想我吞掉了一些颜料!

[12:04.86]Oh, son of a bitch! 戴着手套我根本不能按按键

[12:07.76]Adversity is to be expected. Continue. 哦 狗娘养的!

[12:10.96]Oh, boy, am I gonna get sued. 这些困难我们会遇到的 继续

[12:14.93]- Okay, I can't do this. - Me either. 哦 天啊 我要被起诉了

[12:16.91]Gentlemen, use your imagination. Innovate. - 好吧 我做不来这个 - 我也是

[12:19.59]Did Han Solo let Luke Skywalker freeze to death on the ice planet of Hoth? No. 先生们 发挥你们的想象力 创新

[12:22.91]汉索罗有没有让卢克天行者 在霍斯星球上冻死呢? 没有

[12:25.66]He cut open a tauntaun and used its internal body heat to warm him up.

[12:28.98]他把一个驼驼切开 用它体内的热量来取暖

[12:30.59]You heard the man. Hold him down and I'll cut him open.

[12:33.52]Hang on, I know I don't possess the tools of leadership, 你们也听到了 把他按住 我来把他切开

[12:36.79]but I don't understand why we can't assemble the equipment inside the hut and then take it outside. 等一下 我知道我不是领导

[12:40.11]但我不懂我们为什么不能在屋里 装好设备 然后再拿到屋外

[12:43.30]I hadn't thought of that.

[12:47.41]I guess we're done here. 这我倒没想过


[12:53.56]Here, drink slash eat this.

[12:57.32]What is it? 给 吃掉喝掉这个

[12:58.38]Hot chocolate with a stick of butter.


[13:02.46]Okay, why? 黄油棒加热巧克力

[13:03.91]Because in the frigid temperatures in the Arctic,

[13:05.88]we need to consume at least 5,000 calories a day just to maintain our body weight. 好的 为什么?


[13:09.96]Sheldon, you know I can't eat butter. I'm lactose intolerant. 只是为了保持体重 我们一天 至少要消耗5000卡的热量

[13:12.72]Way ahead of you, that's an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter stick. Sheldon 你知道我不能吃黄油的 我不耐乳糖

[13:16.88]But Mummy, all the other guys are going to the Northole. 早料到你会这么说 这是 我不敢相信这不是黄油棒

[13:20.02]I don't care what the other guys are doing. 但妈咪 其他人都去北极啊

[13:22.17]If the other guys jumped in the Bay of Bengal and tried to swim to Sri Lanka, would you follow them? 我不管其他人干什么

[13:25.49]如果其他人跳进孟加拉湾 试着 游去斯里兰卡 你会跟着他们吗?

[13:27.08]If you were standing behind me nagging, I might.

[13:30.84]Don't talk back to your mother. 要是你在我背后唠叨的话 我会的

[13:32.66]This trip is much too dangerous, Rajesh. 别跟你妈顶嘴

[13:34.65]No, it's not. Howard, tell them. 这次旅行太危险了 Rajesh

[13:37.93]Doctor and Mrs. Koothrappali, namaste. 不 不是的 Howard 给他们说说

[13:42.66]I undersnd your concern, but if it'll make you feel any better, my mother is fine with me going, Koothrappali博士和夫人 你们好

[13:47.19]and this is a woman who kept a safety rail on my bed until I was 17. 我理解你们的担忧 这样说 你们会好过点 我妈赞同我去

[13:50.51]她可是到我17岁时才把 我床上的安全围栏拆下来

[13:52.20]So, she has no problem with her son being eaten by a walrus?

[13:55.96]That's very unlikely, Mrs. Koothrappali. 她一点不担心自己儿子被海象吃掉?

[13:58.16]If Raj dies, it'll be from frostbite, gangrene, 这不可能 Koothrappali夫人

[14:01.40]acute sunburn or being ripped to shreds by a 1,500 pound polar bear. 如果Raj死了 肯定是由于冻疮 坏疽

[14:04.72]严重晒伤或是被 1500磅的北极熊撕成碎片

[14:06.45]Ma, I'm putting you on speakerphone with Raj's parents.

[14:09.82]Can you tell themthat you're okay with me going to the Arctic? 妈 我打开扬声器 让你和Rajesh的爸妈说说话

[14:13.35]Arctic? I thought you said Arkansas! 能告诉他们你不反对我去北极吗?

[14:16.67]北极? 我以为你是说阿肯色来着!

[14:19.22]I didn't say that. You never listen to me!

[14:21.69]He doesn't tell me anything! 我可没那么说 你从来不仔细听我说!

[14:23.48]He lives a secret life because he's ashamed!



[14:28.67]Hey, Leonard, can I talk to you for a sec?

[14:30.36]Sure, but let's go out here where there's a little less yelling and guilt.

[14:31.99]嘿 Leonard 能和你说两句吗?

[14:33.68]当然 不过我们还是出去说吧 外面没人嚎叫 没罪恶感

[14:35.91]What's up?

[14:37.33]Well, I got yoa little going away present.

[14:39.40]Oh, a blanket. 什么事?

[14:41.37]Oh, no, no, no, not just a blanket. See, it has sleeves. 我给你准备了点旅途小礼物

[14:42.72]噢 一条毛毯

[14:44.69]噢 不 不 可不只是一条毯子 瞧 它是有袖子的


[14:52.65]So, you can, you know, be all snoodled up while you do your science stuff. 不错哦!

[14:56.61]Oh, wow, cool. 有了它 当你工作时觉得冷了 就可以把自己包裹的暖暖的了

[15:00.84]Oh, I'm gonna miss you. 噢 哇哦 真不错

[15:04.16]噢 我会想念你的

[15:10.45]- See you later. - Bye.

[15:13.77]- 再见 - 拜

[15:17.42]I told you no!

[15:19.01]Why don't you believe me?

[15:20.47]'Cause it doesn't make sense to me! 我告诉你没有了!

[15:22.99]How can it be thatin the entire country of India, 你怎么就是不信呐?


[15:26.13]there isn't one Outback Steakhouse? 怎么可能在偌大一个印度

[15:29.45]都找不到一家澳洲扒座? (世界连锁的一家西餐屋)

[15:36.77]Sheldon... Sheldon?

[15:39.31]I want a cookie, Meemaw. Sheldon... Sheldon?

[15:44.08]Sheldon, it's me. 奶奶 我想吃饼干

[15:45.37]But Meemaw just made cookies.

[15:47.40]Sheldon 是我

[15:49.54]Listen, I don't know if I can go on the expedition. 但我奶奶刚做好了曲奇饼干

[15:52.73]What? 听我说 我不知道能不能去北极

[15:53.75]I don't think I can go to the North Pole.

[15:56.20]Okay, Leonard, I know you're concerned about disappointing me 什么?


[16:00.95]but I want you to take comfort from the knowledge that my expectations of you are very low. 好吧 Leonard 我知道你是在担心 你的表现会让我失望

[16:04.27]但这么说吧 可以让你安心点 其实我对你的期望值是非常低的

[16:08.05]Yeah, that's very comforting.

[16:10.24]Comforting is a part of leadership. 是啊 这可真是安抚了我

[16:12.22]It's not a part I care for, but such is my burden. 安抚也算一种领导才能

[16:15.48]Terrific, it's just that I don't think Penny wants me to go. 虽然不是我非常在意的 但该做还是得做

[16:19.57]Assuming that's a valid reason not to go, wch it isn't, how do you know this? 很好 我只是想说Penny 好像并不想让我去

[16:22.89]就算这是你不去的正当理由...显然也不是 你怎么知道她不想你去呢?

[16:25.33]- Did she say it? - Not exactly.

[16:28.22]But she said she was gonna miss me and she gave me this. - 她这么说了吗? - 那倒没有

[16:31.54]但她说她会想念我的 还给了我这个

[16:35.06]What is it?

[16:36.28]It's a blanket with sleeves.

[16:37.82]Oh, that's clever. 这是什么?


[16:42.58]Let me see if I understand this correctly. 哇 真聪明啊

[16:44.68]Her missing you is an emotional state you find desirable? 看看我理解的对不

[16:49.23]- Yes, obviously. - All right. 她对你的想念之情是你所希望的吧?

[16:51.02]Well, given that missing you is predicated on you leaving,

[16:52.55]- 对 显然 - 好吧

[16:55.17]logic dictates you must leave. 那么 既然思念是要以你离开为前提

[16:59.52]Yes, okay, but I'm gonna be gone for three months. 逻辑上来说是你必须离开

[17:02.83]What if she doesn't miss me that long and she meets someone else? 好吧 但是我要走三个月呢

[17:06.66]She does have a short attention span. 如果她不能想念我这么长时间 她遇到了别人呢?

[17:10.11]- So, I can't . - Leonard, you may be right. 她的注意力是有点涣散

[17:13.22]It appears that Penny secretly wants you in her life in a very intimate and carnal fashion. - 所以 我不能走 - Leonard 也许你是对的

[17:16.54]看起来Penny内心希望你是她生活一部分 非常亲密又有肉体接触的那种

[17:19.61]You really think so?

[17:20.85]Of course not.


[17:24.88]Even in my sleep-deprived state, I've managed to pull off another one of my classic pranks. 当然不是

[17:28.20]即使是在我缺乏睡眠的状态下 我还是成功上演了经典忽悠之作啊



[17:40.42]Oh, Leonard, what time is it?

[17:42.09]It's 7:00 a.m.I'm sorry it's early,

[17:43.66]but we're leaving soon, and I needed to talk to you. 噢 Leonard 现在几点了?

[17:46.29]Okay. 早晨7点 很抱歉吵醒你了

[17:48.30]What did you mean when you said you're going to miss me? 但我们马上要走了 我要和你谈谈


[17:52.06]Um, I don't know. 你当时说你会想我是什么意思?

[17:54.49]You'll be gone and I'll notice. 呃嗯 我不知道

[17:57.81]你要走了 我会注意到这一点

[17:59.51]Okay, well, um, what about this? What does this mean?

[18:04.25]Wine, credit card and late night television are a bad combination. 好吧 那么 这个是怎么回事? 这代表什么呢?

[18:07.57]我想是酒精作用 信用卡账单和 深夜电视混在一起的"杰作"?

[18:10.56]All right, fine. What about that really long hug? What did that mean?

[18:13.88]好吧 那那个长时间的拥抱呢? 代表什么?

[18:15.93]That wasn't a long hug.

[18:17.91]It was at least five Mississippis. 那拥抱时间可不长

[18:22.18]A standard hug is two Mississippis tops. 至少是5个密西西比了

[18:25.50]标准拥抱是两个密西西比长 顶多了

[18:28.42]Leonard, I don't know what to tell you. It was just a hug.

[18:32.47]- Glad we cleared that up. - Yeah. Leonard 我不知道怎么说 不过是个拥抱

[18:34.66]I guess I'll see you. - 很高兴我们把话说清楚了 - 是的

[18:35.90]- Okay, have a safe trip. - Thank you.


[18:39.81]- Bye. - Okay, bye. - 好的 一路顺风 - 谢谢

[18:43.13]- 再见 - 好的 拜

[18:46.94]It means I wish you weren't going.


[18:58.25]- Damn it. - What?

[19:00.10]We're out of ice.

[19:03.16]All right, men, we begin initial assembly and deployment of the testing equipment - 该死的 - 怎么了?


[19:06.95]starting tomorrow at 0700 hours, 好了 各位 我们明早7点正准时开始

[19:09.66]but until then, you are all off duty.


[19:12.85]I suggest you keep the shenanigans to a minimum as medical help is 18 hours away by dogsled. 在那之前 你们都可以先休息

[19:17.17]我希望你们最好不要搞恶作剧 因为乘雪橇 医疗救助要18小时才能到达

[19:19.41]- What are you working on? - Crossbow.

[19:25.07]Hey, guys, can I just say something? - 你在干什么? - 练十字弓

[19:26.82]How about we take a moment to think about where we are right now?

[19:30.19]This is literally the top of the world. 嘿 伙计们 听我说


[19:33.20]Only a handful of people in all of human history will ever see what we are going to see. 这里可是真正的世界之巅

[19:38.83]He's right. 这世上只有极一小撮人 能看到我们即将看到的东西

[19:40.18]- Yeah, wow. - It is remarkable.


[19:45.11]So, who's up for a movie? - 是啊 哇噢! - 这太了不起了

[19:47.23]Good idea, what do you think?

[19:48.67]Ice Station Zebra or John Carpenter's The Thing? 那么 谁要看电影?

[19:52.15]- I say double feature. - Dinner's ready! 好主意 你们想看什么


[19:55.57]What are we having? - 我建议两场联播 - 晚餐好了!

[19:56.67]Reconstituted Thai food.

[19:59.72]- Did you bring the dehydrated low-sodium**? - Check. 我们今天吃什么?


[20:02.76]- Freezeried spicy mustard? - Check. - 你带了脱水低钠酱汁吗? - 瞧

[20:04.60]Flash-frozen brown rice, not white?

[20:06.88]Uh, oh, sorry. - 冷冻香辣芥末? - 有

[20:10.26]Not to worry. I hid it. 速冻糙米呢 不是白米?

[20:11.20]呃 噢 抱歉

[20:15.10]Bazinga! 别担心 我藏起来了


[20:21.52]You're in my spot.


[20:32.10]There's no time for a crossbow. Find me an icicle.

[20:36.42]没时间练十字弓了 快给我找一冰锥子

[20:39.19]Three months. This is gonna be great!

[20:43.51]三个月 赞啊!

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