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BBC News:欧盟决定向造成乌克兰暴力升级者实施制裁




BBC News with Jerry Smit

The European Union has agreed to impose sanctions on those responsible for the mountingviolence in Ukraine. The decision was taken after dozens of people were killed in the capitalKiev on the bloodiest day since protests against President Viktor Yanukovych began inNovember. He's been holding talks with three EU ministers. With the details, here's Mattew Pricein Brussels.

Galvanized into action by the violence on the ground. Ministers went further, they will freezethe assets of those they deem to be responsible for human rights violations and restrict theirtravel to the EU. Exactly who will be on that list will be worked out in the coming days, but it willfocus on Ukrainian government officials. Meanwhile, in Kiev, the German, French and Polishforeign ministers held lengthy meetings with both the president and opposition officials. It isclear they are working on some kind of settlement that would see both sides pull back.

Violence erupted in Kiev this morning following a brief over-night truce. Three hours of fiercefighting in the city's Independence Square left bodies strewn on the ground. Wounded peoplewere given first aid in the Ukraine Hotel where many foreign correspondents are based includingthe BBC's Duncan Crawford.

“Every now and again, you hear loud bangs, the odd explosion, possibly the odd shot beingfired, so we have just moved to a different position just for precaution. Earlier on, bodies weretaken out to the lobby of our hotel which had become a makeshift hospital and they wereparaded into Independence Square where people were shouting out‘hero’, we know there havebeen a large number of fatalities today. We know that the protesters blamed the riot police forthose deaths.”

Duncan Crawford in Kiev.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says an extra 3,000 police and troops areneeded in the Central African Republic to protect civilians from ongoing violence. Thousands ofFrench and African Union troops are already on the ground in an effort to stem the fightingbetween mostly Muslim Seleka rebels and Christian militia known as anti-Balaka.

The UN nuclear watchdog says that Iran is meeting its commitment under an interim deal onits nuclear program. But the EU said that there remained a lot to do. Here's Bethany Bell.

No one expects the negotiations between Iran and six world powers to be easy. But the moodin Vienna after two days of talks seemed upbeat. The EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashtonand Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said they've made a good start. And the UN'snuclear watchdog, the IAEA says Iran is sticking to the deal to cut back its sensitive nuclearwork for six months in exchange for some easing of sanctions.

World News from the BBC.

The Indian parliament has approved a controversial plan to split the southern state of AndhraPradesh and create a new state Telangana. The Upper House of the Parliament on Thursdaypassed the bill amid huge uproar and chaotic scenes. Many politicians from Andhra Pradeshstrongly opposed the move. The separation provoked several days of heated debate.

German police have arrested three old men who are thought to have been guards of the Nazideath camp at Auschwitz. The men aged 88, 92 and 94 were detained at a prison hospital inthe state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, accused of being accessories to murder. Raids were alsocarried out to the homes of six other elderly men. Steve Evans has more.

Two years ago, a court trying the former death camp guard John Demjanjuk, decided that hewas guilty of being an accessory to murder simply by being a worker at the camp. This meantthat the court didn't have to prove an active participation in killing to find someone guilty ofmurder. That open the way for more prosecutions. And today's raids are the results. At leastthree of those arrested were alleged to have been guards at Auschwitz between 1942 and 1945when 1.5 million people were killed in what amounted to an industrial system of murder.

Retention's remaining high in Venezuela after days of street protests. The leader of theopposition Henrique Capriles has called a fresh anti-government march for Saturday. At a newsconference, Mr. Capriles said he was ready for a dialogue, but the government was not willingto listen.

A senior bishop from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has been dismissed after an online videoemerged of him apparently having sex with 4 women at an orgy. Bishop Boris was head of theBatchkovo monastery, the second biggest in Bulgaria. The church's supreme body, the holySynod found him guilty of acts unworthy of his post.

BBC News

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