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CNN News:美国遭龙卷风袭击 已经造成中南部16人死亡




Yesterday on CNN STUDENT NEWS we talked about how conditions and geography factor in to the U.S. tornado season. A line of severe storms struck in three U.S. states Sunday night. More were expected, and that's where we start today's show.


Vilonia, Arkansas, part of tornado alley where twisters are relatively calm at this time of year. This was one of the hardest hit areas on Sunday. Buildings were leveled, cars were flipped andtossed down the road. In Arkansas alone, 14 people were killed, two other deaths were reported in Iowa and Oklahoma. The National Weather Service says a tornado that could have been half a mile wide roared through Mayflower, Arkansas. Around 18,000 homes and businesses lost power, schools were closed, shelters were set up in a church and a high school. If you are looking for ways to help those affected, CNN has a few ideas on its "Impact Your World" Website. You can find that at Relief workers and investigators are in the communities that were hit. They are looking at the type of damage caused to figure out what kind of tornado caused it.

位 于龙卷风走廊上阿肯色州的维洛尼亚在每年这个时候都是相对平静。然而星期天过后这里成为了重灾区之一。建筑物被夷为平地,汽车被掀翻在道路上。仅是阿肯色 州就有14人死亡,另外2人据报道在爱荷华州和俄克拉荷马州死亡。美国国家气象局表示咆哮着肆虐阿肯色州五月花镇的一场龙卷风可能有半英里宽。约 18000个家庭和企业失去电力,学校被迫关闭, 避难所设置在一个教堂和一所高中里。如果你希望帮助那些受害者,可以在CNN“影响你的世界”网站上说出你的建议。详情请登录。救援和调查人员现在正在受灾最严重的社区。他们正在通过灾害程度判断这场龙卷风的等级。

This building was a concrete block, a cinder-block building. Some type of machine shop because I'm finding all the kinds of bar lamps and things like that. This was a moving, operating factory of some sort, and now which is completely destroyed, but the real problem today for the search and the rescue teams and for the people picking up their lives in Mayflower, Vilonia, El Paso is this. Let me show you this. Take - pick this up. Put a light on it. That - that was nails everywhere out here. The buildings are shattered, the nails are everywhere. More people can get hurt after the storm than during the storm if they are not very careful.

这个建筑是混凝土、空心砖的建筑。这是某种机械工厂,因为我找到了各式各样的酒吧灯之类的东西。这是一种可移动的经营工 厂,现在完全被摧毁,但今天对于搜救援队伍和在艾尔帕索维洛尼亚五月花镇捡回一条性命的人来说成了真正的问题。现在我就向你展示其中原因。拿着,捡起这 个。给它点光亮。这是钉子。这幢建筑被毁,所以到处都是钉子。如果不小心谨慎,更多的人可能比在风暴来临更容易受伤。

Now, minor injuries, we do believe now that most of the power has been shut off, but for awhile, a lot of the power lines were full. I want to be very careful moving through here because of those nails, because of everything else. But here's the electrical box from this building. All the right there. A big structure, a very sturdy structure completely destroyed. We know that I'm probably saying that this is F3 damage, because I can still see some walls, but there are buildings in Vilonia that we know of, especially one Dollar Store that there's nothing left except the concrete that that building was seating on. Everything else completely gone. That indicated damage probably up greater than EF3, somewhere in the four or maybe even the five, the National Weather Service will be out here looking at it.

现在是少数轻伤,现在我们相信现在大多数的电源已经被关 闭,但一段时间后,很多电线会再度恢复电力。我想要非常小心穿过这里,因为那些钉子,因为这里的一切。但这是整个建筑的电气盒。就在那里。这幢有着非常坚 固结构的建筑完全被毁。我们清楚,我可能会说这是等级F3的损坏程度,因为我仍然可以看到一些墙壁,但我们清楚维洛尼亚的建筑,特别是一元店已经是除了建 筑物的混凝土地基外什么都没有留下。一切完全消失了。这表明损坏程度可能大于EF3,达到4或甚至5的程度,美国国家气象局将在这里进行观测。

I think now, though, counting the dead, helping the injured and rescuing those that still may be trapped. It is such a wide area that there may still be people that need to be rescued.


From Sunday into Monday evening, people around the world paused for a solemn event. It was Holocaust Remembrance Day. In Israel, where 75 percent of the population is Jewish, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Perez commemorated the Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. The ceremony followed the sounding of a siren. Israelis allover the country stopped wherever they were to stand in silence.


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