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2020-05-16CNN News: 因冠状病毒 美国民众开始抢购卫生纸

As coronavirus spreads, people across the country are stocking up on essentials — and one e... [查看全文]

2020-05-15CNN News: 抗击疫情仍在努力

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From space where satellites are recording the impact of the virus on human... [查看全文]

2020-05-15CNN News: 美国物价全面上涨

Ding Dong. Friday's at the door and even though it's keeping its social distance it&#... [查看全文]

2020-05-12CNN News: 拉普兰上演炫目极光秀

The region known as Lapland includes a part of which of these nations? Greenland, Finland, I... [查看全文]

2020-05-08CNN News: 美国政府月度就业报告公布

Welcome to CNN 10. Your objective explanation of world news events. My name is Carl Azuz. I... [查看全文]

2020-05-07CNN News: 美国学校秋季是否开学?

When Friday, you're in high school, they want to senior superlative for mostly likely to... [查看全文]