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2020-09-22CNN News: 《法律女王》原型 美大法官金斯伯格病逝

Twenty-one days into the month of September and on the last official day of summer in the ... [查看全文]

2020-09-21CNN News: 冠状病毒会卷土重来吗?

Checking up now on the global coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the World Health Organization ... [查看全文]

2020-09-16CNN News: 智能养蜂技术

10 Second Trivia. Which of these insects has the shortest life span? Firefly, Honeybee, Termi... [查看全文]

2020-09-08BBC News: 三分之二的美国人说他们不会获得冠状病毒疫苗

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz with an early report card on Friday, turns out it's passing with ... [查看全文]