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2012-07-31BBC news:奥巴马慰问丹佛枪击案的受害者及其亲属

BBC News with Jerry SmitPresident Obama has gone to Colorado to meet victims and relatives o... [查看全文]

2012-07-30BBC news:国际奥委会同意南苏丹独立参赛者参加奥运

BBC News with Nick KellyBomb disposal experts in the American state of Colorado have carried... [查看全文]

2012-07-29BBC news:双金获得者霍尔姆斯女爵点燃火炬

BBC news with Nick Kelly.President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney have cancelled events in ... [查看全文]

2012-07-28BBC news:网球冠军拉斐尔·纳达尔退出伦敦奥运会

BBC News with Stewart MacintoshWith fighting intensifying in the Syrian capital Damascus, the ... [查看全文]

2012-07-27BBC news:叙利亚政府三名高级官员在炸弹袭击中丧生

BBC News with Stewart MacintoshSyria state television has reported that three senior figures i... [查看全文]

2012-07-26BBC news:汇丰银行深陷墨西哥毒枭洗钱漩涡

BBC News with Iain PurdonTop executives of the banking giant, HSBC, have appeared before a U... [查看全文]

2012-07-25BBC news:深紫乐队创立者约翰·洛得因癌症去世

BBC News with Jonathan IzardFighting in Syria appears to be moving closer to the center of ... [查看全文]

2012-07-24BBC news:法国极右党国民阵线将起诉流行歌手麦当娜

BBC news with Sue Montgomery.There have been reports of heavy fightings around the Syrian cap... [查看全文]

2012-07-23BBC news:切尔西前队员德罗巴加盟上海申花

BBC News with Sue MontgomeryThe American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who's visiting... [查看全文]

2012-07-22BBC news:乌兹别克男子因威胁杀死奥巴马入狱15年

BBC News with Sue MontgomeryUN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed outrage at the lat... [查看全文]