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2012-08-31VOA常速英语:US Unions See Wages Fall

Labor Day in the United States is a time to honor the contribution of workers. Recently, workers in the U.S. h... [查看全文]

2012-08-30VOA常速英语:Experts Call for Action as Europe's Crisis Festers

LONDON — Europe's economic crisis has continued over the summer, while attention was diverted by the Olympics... [查看全文]

2012-08-29VOA常速英语:Corn Harvest Comes Early for Midwest Farmers

TAYLORVILLE, Illinois — The worst drought conditions in a generation are sending some U.S. farmers into their fi... [查看全文]

2012-08-28VOA常速英语:Paralympians Prep to Step into Spotlight

BATH, England — Athletes from around the world are gathering in London again this week but this time they are... [查看全文]

2012-08-27VOA常速英语:Cameroon Winning Battle to Reduce Malaria

AOUNDE, Cameroon — It’s a Monday morning at the Yaounde central hospital, and one of the busiest days of... [查看全文]

2012-08-26VOA常速英语:Iran Hosts Non-aligned Summit Despite Sanctions

Beginning on Sunday, representatives of nearly 120 nations will convene in Iran's capital for the summit of t... [查看全文]

2012-08-25VOA常速英语:US Housing Market Improves

There's good news for the U.S. housing market. Newly released figures show a modest uptick in the sales of ... [查看全文]

2012-08-24VOA常速英语:Spying on New York Muslims Yields No Leads

NEW YORK — A senior New York Police Department official says that spying on the city’s Muslim community h... [查看全文]

2012-08-23VOA常速英语:Mental Health Services Absent for Traumatized South Sudanese

JUBA, South Sudan — South Sudan emerged as a nation in July 2011 after almost five decades of civil war with... [查看全文]

2012-08-22VOA常速英语:'Slum Film Festival' Showcases Urban Stories

NAIROBI—The Nairobi-based Slum Film Festival showcases the work of East African filmmakers living in the slums. T... [查看全文]