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2014-06-04BBC News:尽管英国反对,容克仍有信心出任欧委会主席

BBC news with Jerry Smit.The Afghan government has reacted angrily to a US deal in which five senior Taliban mi... [查看全文]

2014-05-31BBC News:罗马教皇邀巴以领导人祈祷促巴以和平

BBC News with Neil Nunes.The White House has voiced its concerns that pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine ar... [查看全文]

2014-05-30BBC News:奥巴马给出美军撤出阿富汗计划

BBC News with Sue Montgomery.President Obama has said nearly 10,000 American troops will remain in Afghanistan nex... [查看全文]

2014-05-29BBC News:佩特罗·波罗申科赢得总统选举

BBC News with Sue Montgomery.The central election commission of Ukraine has confirmed that Petro Poroshenko has wo... [查看全文]

2014-05-28BBC News:极右翼政党在欧盟议会选举中表现出色

BBC news with Sue Montgomery.Polling stations have closed in all 28 European Union member countries, following fou... [查看全文]

2014-05-27BBC News:戛纳电影节开幕电影《摩纳哥王妃》惹争议

Good evening, it's an honor to declare open the 67th edition of the International Cannes Film Festival.That... [查看全文]

2014-05-26BBC News:歌颂曼德拉的歌剧在南非大剧院开演

Madiba The African Opera will debut at the State Theater in South Africa today. It's a dramatic musical rete... [查看全文]

2014-05-26BBC News:英国王储查尔斯将普京比作希特勒

BBC News with Julie Candler.A gunman has opened fire inside the Jewish museumin the Belgium capital Brussels, kil... [查看全文]

2014-05-25BBC News:泰国军队拘留前总理英拉

BBC News with Julie Candler.The new military authorities in Thailand havedetained the former prime minister Yingluc... [查看全文]

2014-05-24BBC News:泰国军队发动政变后实施宵禁

BBC News with Jonathan Izard.A nationwide curfew is enforced across Thailand after the army staged a coup and su... [查看全文]