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The annual Washington Auto Show opened its doors to the general public Tuesday, after a three-day delay caused b... [查看全文]


On a recent trip to Burma, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken congratulated the Burmese for their recent n... [查看全文]


In recognition of the deepening partnership between the United States and the Lao PDR, U.S. Assistant Secretary o... [查看全文]

2016-01-21VOA常速英语:印尼恢复正常 恐怖袭击危险仍在

JAKARTA— In Indonesia authorities are intensifying efforts to prevent further terrorist attacks in the wake of la... [查看全文]


After half a decade of hard times, U.S. car manufacturers sold more automobiles last year to American customers ... [查看全文]


We’re counting down the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the we... [查看全文]


THIKA, KENYA— Until recently, blind and visually impaired students in Kenya were still using Braille books for t... [查看全文]


MWANZA, MALAWI— Malawi continues receiving hundreds of refugees from Mozambique, six months after RENAMO fighters ... [查看全文]


Musicians, actors and politicians were among the notable people who passed away this past year. Some were famous.... [查看全文]

2016-01-05VOA常速英语:美股开盘走低 对中国经济放缓的担忧加剧

U.S. stock prices fell sharply Monday, with major stock indexes closing down by around 1.6 percent in the first... [查看全文]