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Many homes today are fitted with security cameras and sensors to alert the owners if someone is moving on their... [查看全文]

2016-04-28VOA常速英语:截止4月30日 歌曲排行榜前五

These are the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending April 30... [查看全文]


GRAFTON, OHIO— There’s a growing trend in the United States to let old or underused golf courses revert b... [查看全文]

2016-04-27VOA常速英语:俄罗斯政府控制多数媒体 电视台rain独树一帜

MOSCOW—Television, where most Russians get their news, has increasingly been under pressure in Russia. It is now... [查看全文]


These are the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart, for the week ending April 23... [查看全文]


All today’s nuclear power plants make energy by thge splitting of uranium atoms -- which creates a lot of... [查看全文]


Many parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas are scorching in heat caused by a cyclical phenomenon known as El ... [查看全文]


During the current presidential campaign, anti-immigrant sentiment seems to have grown in the U.S. But for one co... [查看全文]


Newspapers occasionally write about the plight of children living in the streets, but a group of homeless kids i... [查看全文]


WASHINGTON— As life in cities worldwide becomes more hectic and more expensive, urban designers are resorting to... [查看全文]