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Each of us struggles for self-

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Each of us struggles for self-

【题目】Each of us struggles for self-respect and self-worth to some degree. I spent much time trying to achieve perfection in every aspect of my life.

I was a happy kid with a lot of friends and a Supportive family. But growing up was really ___ and even scary sometimes.

During my childhood, I was constantly involved in something that included people’s viewing my achievements or my _____. I wanted everyone’s praise and acceptance, but I was my own toughest critic (挑剔的人).

After I graduated from high school, my _______ to be “thin” began to trouble me. I began trying to diet by _____ my food.

In the beginning, I felt great—attractive and successful, almost superhuman. I even thought that I was better than everyone else. What I didn’t see was that I was slowly _____ myself.

People around me began to _____ my weight loss. They said with concern. “You’re losing too much weight.” “Elisa, you’re so thin.” All their words only suggested that I was getting closer to “_______”.

Sadly, I took my physical _____ the first important in my life, _____ that it was the way to become successful and accepted.

Then I cut down my ______ more and more, until a ______ day consisted of half a teaspoon of nonfat yoghurt and coffee in the morning, and a cup of grapes at night.

But my poor ______ began to cause me to lose ______. Then one night, like many nights before, I couldn’t sleep, and my heart felt as though it might beat out of my chest. I tried to  ____, but I couldn’t. The beating became so rapid and so strong that I could no longer ______. What I had done to diet nearly caused me to have a heart attack. I stood up, and immediately fell down. I was really ______, and I knew I needed help. My roommate rushed me to the ______, beginning the long road to my ______. It took a lot—doctors, nurses, nutritionists, food supplements...

And most important, a sense of what was true about myself got back on track with reality. I realized that, with my ______ of trying to be “perfect” on the ______, I had sacrificed who I was on the inside. What I know now is, we are—each and every one of us—already perfect.

1A. natural    B. easy    C. hard    D. possible

2A. natures    B. backgrounds    C. scores    D. failures

3A. problem    B. desire    C. way    D. promise

4A. controlling    B. checking    C. collecting    D. balancing

5A. killing    B. forgetting    C. asking    D. questioning

6A. help    B. accept    C. reject    D. notice

7A. perfection    B. devotion    C. destination    D. attention

8A. strength    B. exercise    C. appearance    D. examination

9A. believing    B. realizing    C. pretending    D. declaring

10A. expense    B. movement    C. food    D. travel

11A. pleasant    B. difficult    C. typical    D. different

12A. memory    B. nutrition    C. knowledge    D. taste

13A. weight    B. hope    C. sleep    D. job

14A. relax    B. walk    C. cry    D. talk

15A. breathe    B. resist    C. wake    D. remember

16A. scared    B. annoyed    C. discouraged    D. disappointed

17A. bed    B. hospital    C. school    D. office

18A. glory    B. discovery    C. recovery    D. victory

19A. skill    B. decision    C. experience    D. deal

20A. whole    B. face    C. mind    D. outside


1    C   

2    D   

3    B   

4    A   

5    A   

6    D   

7    A   

8    C   

9    A   

10    C   

11    C   

12    B   

13    C   

14    A   

15    A   

16    A   

17    B   

18    C   

19    C   

20    D   



1考查形容词。A. natural自然的;B. easy容易的;C. hard艰难的;D. possible可能的。根据下文的even scary可知,这里作者是指成长是艰难的”。C选项正确

2考查名词。A. natures自然;B. backgrounds背景;C. scores得分;D. failures失败。根据上文的achievements以及连词or可知,这里应该和achievement相对。句意:我总是很在意别人对我的成就或失败的看法。故D选项正确。

3考查名词。A. problem问题;B. desire欲望、渴望; C. way方式、方法;D. promise承诺。根据下文的不定式如可知,这里所需要的单词应该可以和to构成搭配,故A选项错误。再根据下文可知,作者是希望自己瘦,B选项构成搭配:one’s desire to do sth.“某人渴望做某事”。故B选项正确。

4考查动词。A. controlling控制;B. checking 检查;C collecting收集、采集;D. balancing平衡。根据上文的try to diet,以及下文内容可知作者只吃点点东西。句意:我开始通过控制饮食来节食。故A选项正确。

5考查动词。A. killing杀死;B. forgetting忘记;C. asking询问、要求;D. questioning质疑。根据下文倒数第二段的内容可知,作者差点心脏病发作,可知作者这样节食无异于慢性自杀.故A选项正确。

6考查动词。A. help帮助;B. accept接受;C. reject拒绝;D. notice注意。根据下文的They said with concern"You're losing too much weight"可知,周围的人们担心我,他们是注意到了我的减肥。故D选项正确。

7考查名词。A. perfection完美;B. devotion投入、奉献;C. destination目的地;D. attention注意力。。根据第一段的I spent much time trying to achieve perfection in every aspect of my life以及上一段的I felt great-attractive and successfulalmost superhumanI even thought that I was better than everyone else.可知,作者认为这样做会越来越完美。故A选项正确。

8考查名词。A. strength力气;B. exercise运动、练习;C. appearance外表;D. examination检查、考试。根据上文的In the beginningI felt great-attractive and successful可知,作者觉得这样很吸引人。此处指“我把我的外表看成是我生命中最重要的东西。”故C选项正确。

9考查动词。A. believing认为、相信;B. realizing明白、意识;C. pretending假装;D. declaring宣称。根据上一句可知,作者认为外表是最重要的,也就是说作者认为这是走向成功的道路。故A选项正确。

10考查名词。A. expense花费、费用;B. movement运动;C. food食物;D. travel旅游。根据上文可知作者在控制食物的摄取,而且作者瘦了之后很迷人。故C选项正确。

11考查形容词。A. pleasant愉悦的;B. difficult困难的;C. typical平常的、典型的;D. different不同的。根据上文可知,作者开始逐渐减少食物,直到每天早晨只吃半匙无脂酸奶和咖啡,晚上只吃一点葡萄。这是每天的食物。故C选项正确。

12考查名词。A. memory记忆力;B. nutrition营养;C. knowledge知识;D. taste胃口。根据上文可知,每天只吃一点东西,由此判断作者的营养不良。故B选项正确。

13考查名词。A. weight重量;B. hope希望;C. sleep睡眠;D. job工作。根据下文的Then one nightlike many nights beforeI couldn't sleep可知,作者睡不着。故C选项正确。

14考查动词。A. relax休闲、放松;B. walk走路;C. cry哭泣;D. talk谈话、交谈。。根据上文可知,作者的心脏仿佛要跳了出来.故此时作者想要放松。故A选项正确。

15考查动词。A. breathe呼吸;B. resist抵制;C. wake醒来;D. remember记得、记住。根据上文的描述可知,作者心脏跳动加速,故根据常识判断,作者此时无法呼吸。故A选项正确。

16考查形容词。A. scared害怕的;B. annoyed生气的;C. discouraged灰心的、沮丧的;D. disappointed失望的。根据上文内容可知,作者已经无法站立,故此时她心中感到害怕。故A选项正确。

17考查名词。A. bed;B. hospital医院;C. school学校;D. office办公室。根据下文的It took a lot-doctorsnursesnutritionists可知,作者被送到了医院。故B选项正确。

18考查名词。A. glory荣耀、光荣;B. discovery发现;C. recovery康复;D. victory胜利。根据上文可知作者被送到了医院,再根据下文的It took a lot-doctorsnursesnutritionistsfood supplements…可知,作者在慢慢地康复。故C选项正确。

19考查名词。A. skill技能;B. decision决定;C. experience经历;D. deal交易。根据上文内容可知,这是作者追求完美的一次经历。故C选项正确。

20考查名词。A. whole整个;B. face;C. mind思想;D. outside外在。; face mind whole.根据下文的I had sacrificed who I was on the inside.可知,作者认为自己牺牲了内在,再根据上文可知,作者在追求外在美。句意:在我想去追求外在美的经历中,我牺牲了自己的内在。故D选项正确。

完形填空的解题技巧之一就是要根据上下文来学会“推理”出最佳选项。同学们要遵循“上下求索”的原则来查找信息。例如,第1小题要求判断出“成长是怎么样的”,该题可根据下文的even scary(甚至是吓人的)可知,此处作者是指成长是艰难的”;第2小题要求判断出“在我的童年,我经常参与一些事情,包括人们看我的成就或者什么”,根据上文的achievements以及连词or可知,这里应该和achievement相对,即failures失败

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