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We lived on the banks of the Tennessee River, and we owned the summers when we were girls. We ran wild through humid summer days that never ended but only melted one into the other. We floated down rivers of weekdays with no school, no rules , no parents, and no constructs other than our fantasies. We were good girls, my sister and I. We had nothing to rebel against. This was just life as we knew it, and we knew the summers to be long and to be ours.

  在还是小女孩的时候,夏天是我们的,那时,我家住在田纳西河畔。在那些永无尽头、一天天彼此交融的湿润夏日里,我们撒了野地跑着。我们在长长的周日中放任着自己,没有学校的管束,没有规则的羁绊,没有父母的训诫,没有既定的观念,只有属于我们自己的梦幻。我和姐姐,我们都是好女孩,没有什么需要我们去对抗和反叛的。这就是我们所知的生活,我们知 道夏日正长,而且是属于我们的。

  The road that ran past our house was a one-lane rural route. Every morning, after our parents had gone to work, I' d wait for the mail lady to pull up to our box. Some days I would put enough change for a few stamps into a mason jarlid and leave it in the mailbox. I hated bothering mail lady with this transaction, which made her job take longer. But I liked that she knew that someone in our house sent letters into the outside world.


  I liked walking to the mailbox in my bare feet and leaving footprints on the dewy grass. I imagined that feeling the wetness on the bottom of my feet made me a poet. I had never read poetry, outside of some Emily Dickinson. But I imagined th at people who knew of such things would walk to their mailboxes through the morning dew in their bare feet.


  We planned our weddings with the help of Barbie dolls and the tiny purple wildfl owers growing in our side yard. We became scientists and tested concoctions of milk, orange juice, and mouthwash. We ate handfuls of bittersweet chocolate chips and licked peanut butter off spoons. When we ran out of sweets to eat, we snitched sugary Flintstones vitamins out of the medicine cabinet. We became masters of the Kraft macaroni and cheese lunch, and we dutifully called our mother at work three times a day to give her updates on our adventures. But don't call too often or speak too loudly or whine too much, we told ourselves, or else they'll get an noyed and she'll get fired and the summers will end.


  We shaped our days the way we chose, far from the prying eyes of adults. We found our dad's Playboys and charged the neighborhood boys money to look at them. We made crank calls around the county, telling people they had won a new car. "What kind?" they' d ask. "Red," we' d always say. We put on our mom's old prom dresses, complete with gloves and hats, and sang backup to the C.W. McCall song convoy, " which we' d found on our dad's turntable.














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