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英语美文朗读 第503期 Risks are a part of all our lives(上)






Risks are a part of all our lives. Some you take, some you don't. Actually, any decision you make has an element of risk. Nothing comes with a full warranty. Whenever you attempt to do anything, failure is a possibility. However, there are certain risks worth taking that can contribute significantly to your happiness. So, here are some risks you should definitely take in life!


Number 1 - Pursuing Your Dreams. Sure, many people have followed their dreams with passion, only to experience complete failure. What's even more tragic, however, is that most people never risk really pursuing their dreams. Everyone should make a serious attempt to realize their dreams at least once in life. After all, you don't want to find yourself sitting somewhere, old and decrepit, and have to ask yourself. What if I had done it? What kind of life could I have had?


Number 2 - Risk Rejection. The reason we get rejected usually has much more to do with the person who turned us down than with us. Regardless of what's at stake – whether you ask someone out on a date or just want a bit of advice – there will be some people that just won't comply with your wishes. The fear of rejection is what keeps many people from asking for what they want. It often seems better not to ask at all than risk a no. Yet, if you don't even ask, how can you expect to get a yes.


Number 3 - Experiencing Something New. When you learn or try something new, there's always an element of risk. Skiing, sky-diving - even learning how to skate - can be pretty intimidating. There is a real chance you can injure yourself. But you feel so great when you conquer your fears! It's the same when you risk a big change in your life. Quitting your job and moving abroad or pursuing a new career takes some guts. But if that really appeals to you, you just have to risk it - or risk remaining unsatisfied with your life!


Number 4 - Risk Missing Out on Something. People don't like missing out on fun events or pleasant pastimes. Sitting in your favorite bar and chatting with friends every night or going on that vacation holiday can be very tempting. Devoting ourselves to our health, work and success makes it seems like we might be missing out. Business before pleasure can be uninspiring. But think about it for a moment: how many parties, concerts and beach holidays have really made a difference in your life? What could you achieve if you were willing to miss out on something, now and then?


Number 5 - Risk Saying I Love You First. Being the first to say I love you to someone can frighten the bravest of us. It's because it makes you extremely vulnerable emotionally. And, if your partner doesn't say, I love you too, you will feel what seems like the ultimate rejection. Yet, that person could say those words you want to hear! If you feel that way, he or she very likely does as well - but they just may be more afraid of saying it than you are. And if they don't respond as you hope, at least you know where you stand and can reevaluate your relationship.


Number 6 - Expressing Your Opinion. Everyone has their own opinion on just about anything. Expressing your own point of view might seem risky. You don't know how it will be received. You might really upset someone. You might even find out that your opinion is demonstrably wrong! A lot of people prefer to avoid potential conflict or contradiction - and they don't speak up for themselves. Yet, if you don't say what you think – at least some of the time – others will think that you have nothing to offer or have no principles - or even lack intelligence. Interesting people express their opinions, even if they are sometimes unpopular. They are often successful people, because they have as little fear of failure as they have in saying what they think.


Number 7 - Risk Losing Friends. Friends are important. Life without them would be very dissatisfying. But they can also get in the way of your dreams. When you are pursuing your goals, you will often need to spend a lot of time by yourself. And friends can make it difficult for you to concentrate and remain focused. Some friends will even try to get you to give it all up because they are feeling left out. True friends will take your dreams seriously and understand that you need to take some time away from them. They will work on preserving their friendship with you, even if they don't see you as often as they would like.


Number 8 - Risk Inadequacy. Sometimes you will not be good enough. Sometimes you won't have what it takes. But isn't it better to find that out for yourself than having to ask yourself if, maybe, you could have become a great musician or a sports star? Sometimes you have the talent or skills, and sometimes you don't. You might become obsessed with a certain "what if" your entire life. But if you knew you could have never made it, you won't be haunted by useless regrets. You will never know unless you give it your best try and risk not being good enough.



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