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高中语法专练:ii. 宾语从句






ii. 宾语从句

1. 动词后的宾语从句


常跟that从句的动词:admit, agree, answer, believe, decide, declare, expect, explain, feel, hear, hope, intend, insist, mean, notice, order, remember, reply, say, suggest, think, wish等。

Jim suggested that we go to Huangshan Mountain during the summer.


I remember that I have seen her somewhere in the past.


2)wh-, if引导的宾语从句

常跟wh-, if从句的动词有:advise, ask, discuss, doubt, find out, imagine, inform, inquire, know, question, tell, understand, wonder, discover等。

I don't know what she has bought for father's birthday.


He wondered if the letter had been received.



常使用此类结构的动词有:advise, ask, inform, promise, question, remind, show, teach, tell, warn, assure等。

He has informed me when they are going to discuss the question.


She promised me that she would give us more help later on.


4)“动词+ it +形容词/名词/过去分词+ that从句”

常见的后跟it作形式宾语的动词:find, feel, think, believe, make, consider等。

I heard it said that she had gone abroad.


We think it necessary that we should learn English well.


He has made it a rule that we should come to school in time.



常见的有:see to it that ...; hate it that ...; owe it to sb. that ...; take it for granted that ...; put it to sb. that ...; take it that ...; depend on it that ...; count on it that ....

Children take it for granted that parents provide them everything they need.


We should owe it to our teachers that in class we learn what we can't get at home.


2. 形容词后的宾语从句

后常接宾语从句的形容词有:afraid, sure, anxious, aware, certain, determined, glad, proud, surprised, worried, sorry, thankful, ashamed, disappointed, pleased, content, proud, annoyed, convinced, confident等。

I am afraid (that) I've made a mistake.


We are not sure whether/if we can persuade him out of smoking.


3. 介词后的宾语从句

1)that从句不作介词宾语,但是可以作介词in, but, except的宾语。

The article was perfect except that there were some spelling mistakes.


He came late for school that morning in that he missed the early bus.



Whether we can succeed depends on how well we get prepared.


He was not interested in what we would do next.


4. 宾语从句要注意的问题


I have told you three times that I failed in the exam.


He often says that he used to get up late.



I was told that it would rain tomorrow.



The teacher told us that the earth goes around the sun.


4)当主句谓语是think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine等时,宾语从句谓语的否定要转移到主句中;但当从句有否定意义的never, seldom, hardly, scarcely等词时,否定可不转移。上述结构后接反义疑问句时,用肯定形式反问。

I don't think that he is stupid.


I believe he has never been to America.


I can hardly imagine that he has lived on the lonely island alone for 40 years, has he?


5)当主句中谓语是think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine, guess等,同时,wh-连词引导表示疑问的宾语从句时,应将连词wh-置于主句前面,主句若是疑问语序,从句语序不变。例如:

When do you think he will come back?(√)

Do you think when he will come back?(×)


What do you think will happen to him next?


Where do you suppose she will go for her holiday?


6)当主句动词是wish时,从句的时态要用虚拟语气;当主句的动词是suggest, demand, require等词时,从句要用可省略should的虚拟语气。

I wish I could fly to the moon one day.


How I wish I were you !


I wish he hadn't told me of you, but he hadn't meant to hurt you.


He suggested that we (should) hurry up.



We should pay much attention to whether it will rain tonight.



I have been told (that) I was chosen to make a speech at the meeting and that I would have to get prepared for it.


I was told (that) he had been chosen monitor of our class and that he would take office next week.



1. He was born in _______ is now known as Xiangyang.

A. that

B. what

C. where there

D. where

2. They were surprised that a child _______ the problems _______ they themselves couldn't.

A. would solve; once

B. worked out; them

C. should work out; while

D. would settle; but

3. _______ we can't get seems better than _______ we have.

A. What; what

B. What; that

C. That; that

D. That; what

4. When we arrived in _______ our apartment was supposed to be, all I could see was a school.

A. where

B. what

C. that

D. which

5. Don't always _______ that parents will give children whatever they want.

A. take it for granted

B. take it as granted

C. take for granted

D. grant it

6. Evidence came up _______ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old.

A. what

B. whose

C. that

D. which

7. We all consider _______ of great importance that we should combine theory with practice.

A. that

B. it

C. which

D. this

8. I'm not sure _______.

A. what is the assignment of tomorrow

B. what will the assignment for tomorrow be

C. what will be the assignment of tomorrow

D. what the assignment for tomorrow is

9. Give the prize to _______ you think did the work well.

A. who

B. whoever

C. whomever

D. whatever

10. Could you tell me where _______?

A. is the nearest bus stop located

B. the nearest bus stop is located

C. is located the nearest bus stop

D. located is the nearest bus stop

11. —Did you go to watch the football match?

—No, but I wish I _______.

A. did

B. went

C. had

D. would

12. Thoroughly confused, he hesitated to report _______.

A. what did he see

B. what he had seen

C. what had he seen

D. what he was seen

13. I don't doubt _______ she will learn a lot during her stay in Paris.

A. whether

B. if

C. that

D. what

14. Everything depends on _______ we have enough experience.

A. if

B. what

C. which

D. whether

15. He usually goes to work on his bike except _______ it rains.

A. that

B. what

C. when

D. whether

16. The boy has not changed at all except _______ he is no longer so talkative.

A. why

B. that

C. what

D. if

17. You can write about _______ topic you can think of.

A. however

B. wherever

C. whenever

D. whatever

18. The owner of the shop came to see what _______.

A. the matter was

B. the wrong was

C. was the matter

D. was the wrong

19. We don't care _______ they will not come tomorrow.

A. whether

B. if

C. when

D. that

20. We made _______ a rule that we read English in the morning.

A. it

B. that

C. what

D. which

21. We cannot figure out _______ quite a number of insects, birds, and animals are dying-out.

A. that

B. as

C. why

D. when

22. Mr. Wang is to give us a report on _______ he saw and heard in Australia.

A. that

B. what

C. whether

D. which

23. I know nothing about the accident _______ I read in the newspaper.

A. except what

B. except that

C. except for

D. except

24. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see _______.

A. who is he

B. who he is

C. who is it

D. who it is

25. The true value of life is not in _______ , but in _______.

A. how you get; that you give

B. which you get; what you give

C. what do you get; what do you give

D. what you get; what you give

26. When we arrived in _______ our apartment was supposed to be, all I could see was a school.

A. where

B. what

C. that

D. which

27. Sarah hopes to become a friend of _______ shares her interests.

A. anyone

B. whomever

C. no matter who

D. whoever

28. These wild flowers are so special that I would do _______ I can to save them.

A. whatever

B. that

C. which

D. whichever

29. You can't imagine _______ when they received these nice Christmas presents.

A. how they were excited

B. how excited they were

C. how excited were they

D. they were how excited

30. Eat _______ cake you like and leave the others for _______ comes late.

A. any; who

B. whichever; whoever

C. whatever; whom

D. every; who

31. His words don't agree with _______ the boss asks for, so we don't know what to do.

A. what

B. whom

C. which

D. when

32. It was _______ he said _______ disappointed me.

A. what; that

B. that; that

C. what; what

D. that; what

33. What has made America _______ it is today?

A. that

B. for

C. which

D. what

34. I hope that I _______ you at the party this weekend.

A. would see

B. should see

C. am to see

D. see

35. —I blamed Mary yesterday.

—I would rather you _______.

A. didn't do that

B. hadn't done that

C. wouldn't do that

D. shouldn't have done that

答案速查 1-5 BCABA 6—10 CBDBB 11—15 CBCDC 16—20 BDCDA 21—25 CBADD 26—30 BDABB 31—35 AADCB


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