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高中语法专练:v. 名词性从句需要注意的几个问题






v. 名词性从句需要注意的几个问题

1. that, what, whether, if需注意的情况

1)that, whether, if在从句中不作成分,而what在从句中既引导从句又作成分。

That he has done his homework is not true.


What he said has nothing to do with me.


What we can't get seems better than what we have .



Whether the 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing isn't known yet.


That the 2016 Olympic Games will be not held in Beijing is already known.


2. whether, if引导名词性从句的区别


The question is whether the film is worth seeing.


The news whether our team has won is unknown.


Whether we shall attend the meeting hasn't been decided yet.


It all depends on whether they will support us.


2)whether和if引导的从句都可以作动词宾语,这时whether=if。但当从句置于句首时只能用whether。后接有or not时,也只能用whether。

The chairman hasn't decided whether/if we shall attend the meeting.


Whether he will come this afternoon, no one knows.


We didn't know whether or not she was ready.


We didn't know whether/if she was ready.


3. whether, if与that的选择

1)doubt, wonder, not know, not decide, still a problem, still a question后面多接whether, if从句。

It is still a problem whether we can find a way out.


I doubt whether he will come soon.


2)no wonder, no doubt, well known后多接that从句。

There's no doubt that he will come soon.


No one will doubt that he will win the game.


You work so hard. No wonder that you have made so much progress.


4. 名词性从句的虚拟语气

1)suggestion, order, advice后的同位语或表语从句用虚拟语气。

Have you made a suggestion that the sports meet be put off until next Sunday?


Our advice is that he should work harder at his lessons.


2)insist, order, command, demand, suggest, advise, propose, require, request后接的宾语从句要用虚拟语气,其形式是“should +动词原形”,should可省略。

The commander ordered that his soldiers should fight back immediately.



He insisted that he hadn't stolen the i-Phone5 and that he shouldn't be punished.

他坚持自己没有偷i-Phone 5,不应该受惩罚。

The class teacher's expression on her face suggested that she was pleased with our behaviour.


5. where引导名词性从句、定语从句和状语从句的区别

1)where引导表语从句时,从句紧跟在联系动词之后,而且从句前面没有先行词;where= the place where。

The house is where (= the place where) he worked a few years ago.


2)where引导定语从句时,从句要跟在先行词后面, where = in/on/at which。

He lives in the house where (= in which) I lived ten years ago.


3)where引导状语从句时,从句前面也没有先行词,且where在主从句中都作成分,where = in/at/on/to the place where

Where there is a will, there is a way.

there is a way in The place where there is a will.


6. who, whoever与no matter who


Who will come to see us hasn't been known.


2)名词性从句表示任何人时,用whoever引导从句,whoever=anyone who。

Whoever/Anyone who comes late should be punished.


3)No matter + wh- 只用来引导让步状语从句,主从句之间有逗号隔开。

No matter what you do , you should try your best to do it well.


4)Wh-+ever可以引导名词性从句,也可代替no matter + wh- 引导的状语从句。

Whoever breaks the law should be punished.


No matter who/Whoever breaks the law , we should punish him.


7. 名词性从句都用陈述语序

No one can be sure what man will look like in a million years.


I wonder what's wrong with him/what's the trouble with him/what's the matter with him.


Who do you think he can have gone to Beijing with?


8. 从句作主语时,主句中的谓语动词一般用单数,或者与表语保持一致

Where we can get the money is still being discussed.


What he wants to get are three books .



1. The difficulty lies _______ we have no money.

A. in which

B. in the fact that

C. in the fact

D. that

2. She's a different girl from _______ she was five years ago.

A. whom

B. that

C. who

D. what

3. That is _______ happened to the tribe of Indians that then lived in _______ is now Plymouth.

A. what; which

B. whatever; whichever

C. that; that

D. what; what

4. They buried themselves in their studies in the belief _______ they would serve their country with their knowledge.

A. in which

B. that

C. which

D. where

5. The reason why she burst into tears was _______ she didn't want to part with her friends.

A. because

B. since

C. for

D. that

6. The possibilities _______ many species of whales may become extinct soon don't stop some fishermen from continuing to kill them.

A. /

B. of which

C. that

D. why

7. _______ I like best _______ bread and butter.

A. That; is

B. That; are

C. What; are

D. What; is

8. Does it matter _______ will represent us to attend the meeting?

A. you think whoever

B. who do you think

C. you think

D. who you think

9. _______ is _______ me.

A. It rains or not; no concern for

B. Whether it rains or not; of no concern to

C. If or not it rains; no concern about

D. Whether or not it rains; of no concern with

10. You can imagine _______ to skate or ski in Japan, Norway or Canada!

A. how much love

B. what great love

C. how funny love

D. what a love

11. Mike's uncle insists _______ in the hotel.

A. staying not

B. not to stay

C. that we would not stay

D. that he not stay

12. We agreed to accept _______ they thought was the best tourist guide.

A. whatever

B. whomever

C. whichever

D. whoever

13. Although many people view conflict as bad, conflict is sometimes useful _______ it forces people to test the relative merits of their attitudes and behaviors.

A. by which

B. to which

C. in that

D. so that

14. It is essential that these application forms _______.

A. must be sent back as soon as possible

B. will be sent back as soon as possible

C. are sent back as quick as it can

D. be sent back as soon as possible

15. Our teacher recommends that we _______ as attentive as possible when we visit the museum.

A. are

B. shall be

C. ought to be

D. be

16. I suppose that when I come back in ten years' time, all these old houses _______ down.

A. will have been pulled

B. will have pulled

C. will be pulling

D. will be pulled

17. There is _______ the fact that failure is the mother of success.

A. no denying

B. to not deny

C. not to deny

D. of denying

18. She loves the newly born baby so much that her only happiness lies in _______ she can take care of her child by herself.

A. that

B. what

C. when

D. where

19. What do you think _______ we should do with the polluted water?

A. that

B. /

C. how

D. which

20. What the doctors really doubt is _______ my mother will ever recover from the serious disease soon.

A. when

B. how

C. whether

D. why

21. _______ is no possibility _______ Bob can win the first prize in the match.

A. There; that

B. There; whether

C. It; whether

D. It; that

22. He was asked of all the stories he had read _______ was the most interesting.

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. as

23. The two areas are similar _______ they both have a high rainfall during this season.

A. except that

B. in that

C. in which

D. despite of

24. It is recommended that the project _______ until all the preparations have been made.

A. is not started

B. was not started

C. will not be started

D. not be started

25. We all agreed to the suggestion _______ we have an outing, but we had a problem _______ we could get there.

A. that; how

B. which; how

C. which; which

D. that; that

答案速查 1-5 BDDBD 6—10 CDDBD 11—15 DDCDD 16—20 AAABC 21—25 ACBDA


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