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LECTURE 41 基本动词 GET 20






LECTURE 41 基本动词 GET 20


1. get 〔have〕 second thoughts about sb. or sth. **重新考虑,进一步思考

解 习语;词义溯源:获得对于某人或某物的[再次考虑、深思熟虑后的意见(second thoughts)]

例 Guys, I'm really starting to get second thoughts about going down this mountain cliff by rope. It looks more dangerous than I originally thought. Why don't we take that path over there instead?

2. get 〔be〕 set **准备(出发、动身)

解 习语;词义溯源:成为[准备好的(set)]状态

例 Just when the race control tower shouted “Get set!” a little dog came running across the field and onto the track. The runners laughed so much it broke their concentration and the race had to be delayed 10 minutes.

3. get sick **生病;呕吐;晕车

解 习语;词义溯源:成为[生病的(sick)]状态

例 Bring some good traditional medicines with you in case you get sick while you're in Canada studying. You know our traditional herbal medicine is much better for you.

4. get wise to sb. or sth. / get wise **识破,发觉

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:成为对某人或某物[识破的(wise)]状态

例 It took me four years and cost me a lot of money before I finally got wise to her. She never intended to marry me. She was just using me for my money, car and friends.

5. get sb. off the hook / get off the hook **免除对…的义务(或责任),使摆脱困境

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:使某人[从义务、责任、困境中脱身(off the hook)];hook表示“挂钩;陷阱”

例 Ihave strong feelings about the way the police allow a criminal to get off the hook if he gives information about another criminal. I think it sort of telling all the bad elements of our society that justice is a game, and if you know how to play the game, you can get away with anything.


(A) get second thoughts

(B) get set

(C) get sick

(D) got wise to

(E) get...off the hook

1. A: Are you guys ready to start? We're getting ants in our pants over here. B: No!We need a couple more minutes to ______. Wait, please.

2. A: It's the flu season in the South. You'd better take care of your health so you don't ______ while you're there. B: Me? I never become ill. Influenza is no match for me!

3. A: You were a member of the criminal organization, weren't you? B: Yes, but that was when I was too young to see their deception and lies. Once I was able to see the way they deceived me, I left. A: How old were you when you ______ them?

4. A: Father's never going to let me drive his car ever again because of this. B: I can ______ you ______—for a price. A: How much? I don't care how much!Tell me how I can escape this dreadful situation and I'll pay you anything you want. I've got to have a car. My social life is dead without a car!

5. A: Why did you decide so suddenly not to invest in your brother's chain store business idea? At the meeting you seemed eager about it. Did you ______? B: Yeah, I started doubting that my first decision was correct after I had time to think about it.


1. (B)

2. (C)

3. (D)

4. (E)

5. (A)


I. 1. 伙计们,我真得重新考虑一下是不是可以用绳子从这个悬崖上下去。这看起来比我原本想象的要危险得多。我们为什么不走那边那条路呢?

2. 当比赛控制台宣布“预备!”的时候,一只小狗穿过运动场跑到了赛道上。赛跑选手都大笑起来。它分散了他们的注意力,结果比赛不得不推迟十分钟进行。

3. 去加拿大留学的时候,带一些好中药,万一生病时用。你该知道传统中药对你来说更有效。

4. 我用四年时间花了大笔钱之后才看清楚她。她从没想过要跟我结婚。她只是利用我有钱、有车、有朋友罢了。

5. 警方的做法是只要犯罪分子提供其他同伙的信息便可以让他脱身,对此我强烈反对。我想这就像是在告诉社会上那些不法分子,公正是一个游戏,如果你知道游戏规则,就可以逍遥法外。

II. 1. A:你们准备好开始了吗?我们在这边已经坐立不安了。B:还没呢!我们还要几分钟准备。请等一下。

2. A:南方现在是流感时期。你最好照顾好自己,这样你到那边就不会生病了。B:我?我从来没生过病。流感可不是我的对手!

3. A:你曾参加过这个犯罪组织,对吗?B:是的,但那时我太年轻了,没看透他们的骗术和谎言。当我发现他们在欺骗我的时候,我就马上离开了。A:你是多大的时候看穿他们的?

4. A:因为这件事,父亲再也不会让我开他的车了。B:我可以替你摆脱困境,但是得给钱。A:多少钱?我不在乎花钱!你只要告诉我如何能摆脱困境,你想要什么我都会给你。我必须有辆车。如果没有车,我的社交生活就完了!

5. A:你为什么突然决定不投资你弟弟的连锁商店了?在会上,你好像对此非常有热情。你重新考虑过了?B:是的,当我有时间考虑的时候,我开始怀疑我最初的决定是否正确。


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