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LECTURE 71 基本动词 GO 7






LECTURE 71 基本动词 GO 7


1. go into effect / take effect ** (法律或规则)生效,实施

解 习语;词义溯源:往[(法律等的)效力(effect)]里面去

例 The new law will require a person buying a satellite“dish” antenna to register the device with their local government office before installation. Electronics shops that sell the antennas report a business as people rush to get one before the new law goes into effect on the first of January.

2. go into sth. *** 从事

解 短语动词;词义溯源:往某事物[里面(into)]去;这里特指从事某种职业、工作等;参照be into sth.

例 My brother Bill and I both thought we'd be lawyers when we were growing up. As we got older, reality sank in—neither of us was that smart. So I went into gardening, taking a job at the local botanical gardens, and Bill chose to work as an automobile mechanic.

3. go it alone ** 单独做;独自承担

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:[一个人(alone)]向着那个而去

例 Doing what you know is right is not always easy. Often the right thing to do is unpopular. It's at those times that you have to have the strength and moral confidence to go it alone.

4. go like clockwork ** 进行(或完成)得快速有序

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:像[钟表的上弦装置(clockwork)]一样正常运转

例 It was obvious the bank robbers had intimate knowledge of our bank and its security system. They knew exactly where the money was stored, who had the ability to access it and how long it would take the police to respond to the automatic alarms. Their whole operation went like clockwork.

5. go 〔jump〕 off the deep end ** 贸然行事;感情用事

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:从[水深的尽头(deep end)][掉落(off)]进入游泳池;这一词组尤其适用于陷入爱河的状态

例 When she is upset, she usually goes off the deep end and blames an innocent person around her for the trifle.


(A) goes into effect

(B) go into

(C) go it alone

(D) goes like clockwork

(E) going off the deep end

1. A: Have you decided the kind of work you are going to start doing as a career after you graduate from high school? B: No, not yet. I'd like to study music at the university, but I don't think I'll ______ music—I'm not that good so I doubt I'd ever get my start.

2. A: The law against smoking in public building becomes effective on the first day of October this year. Where are you going to smoke after that? B: I don't know. I'll worry about that after the law ______. October is still three months away.

3. A: If you insist on producing the movie, I'm afraid you'll have to do it on your own without the help or support of anyone because we don't agree with you. B: I'm not afraid to ______. I believe in the movie. I'm certain it'll succeed.

4. A: Peter, you used to be this school's best student. What happened? Your recent behavior has been reckless. You seem not to worry about the possible negative consequences of your acts. B: Don't worry, Professor—I'm not ______ like you think I am. I'm just having some fun. I've been too serious, too logical all my life.

5. A: I don't like professional basketball—it's too precise and regular. Nothing ever goes wrong. B: That is exactly why I do like it!The players are so perfect that everything they do ______—I love it.


1. (B)

2. (A)

3. (C)

4. (E)

5. (D)


I. 1. 新法律要求购买卫星天线盘的人在安装之前到当地政府注册该设备。据出售该天线的电器商店称,人们都抢在1月1日该法律生效前购买。

2. 我和我哥哥比尔曾经都想长大后当律师。当我们长大后,现实渐渐清晰——我们都不够聪明。所以我从事了园艺工作,在本地的植物园找了一份工作,而比尔则选择了当一名汽车修理工。

3. 做你认为正确的事情并不是很简单。通常,你要做的正确的事情并不受欢迎。这时,你必须拥有独自承担的勇气,并在道德价值观方面有信心。

4. 很明显,劫匪对我们的银行和银行安保系统非常熟悉。他们知道钱存放的具体位置,谁能接近那里,以及警察对自动报警做出响应需要多长时间。他们的整个行动快速有序。

5. 每当她心烦的时候,她总是喜欢感情用事,因为小事而责怪身边无辜的人。

II. 1. A:高中毕业后你有没有想好将来要做哪种工作?B:还没有。我想在大学学习音乐,但是我觉得我不会干音乐这行—— 我没那么好的资质,我都怀疑自己能不能入门。

2. A:公共建筑内禁烟的法律自今年10月1日起生效。在那之后,你要去哪里吸烟?B:我不知道。等法律生效之后再担心吧。离10月还有3个月呢。

3. A:如果你坚持制作那部电影,恐怕你不得不自己来做,没有人会帮助或支持你,因为我们都不赞同你的想法。B:我不害怕单干。我对这部电影有信心。我确信它会成功。

4. A:彼得,你以前可是这所学校最优秀的学生。发生了什么事?你最近的行为很鲁莽。你好像根本不担心你的行为可能造成的负面后果。B:别担心,教授——我不会像您所想的那样贸然行事。我只是在找乐子而已。一直以来,我的生活太严肃、太有序了。

5. A:我不喜欢职业篮球——它太精确、太正规了,不能出任何差错。B:那正是我喜欢它的理由!运动员们太完美了,他们所做的一切都快速有序——我喜欢。


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