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LECTURE 97 基本动词 HAVE 18






LECTURE 97 基本动词 HAVE 18


1. have the cards stacked against sb. **运气不佳;成功的机会渺茫

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:使[卡片堆放(the cards stacked)][不利于(against)]某人;the cards are against sb. 表示“某人不走运”

例 You know we have the cards stacked against us, don't you? We have a good lawyer, but what's important in this country is connections—you know, relationships—and the Galawi family is very influential. So I'm afraid our chances of outdoing Galawi Chemical are slim.

2. have the devil to pay / have hell to pay **有大麻烦;承受可怕的后果

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:有[大麻烦(the devil to pay)或可怕的后果(hell to pay)];hell 应慎用

例 Locals get a kick out of watching the naive tourists gulping down the tiny peppers. Sweet and not the least bit hot when eaten, the unsuspecting tourists soon find they have the devil to pay when the peppers mix with their stomach acids to form a powerful burning sensation.

3. have the shoe on the other foot **处于与之前相反的立场;情况相反

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:使[一只鞋(shoe)]在[另一只脚上(on the other foot)];the shoe is on the other foot 表示“完全转变立场;形势逆转”

例 As senior advisor to the former President, he was a powerful man who used his privileges to crush members of the opposition who challenged him. Now the opposition party rules and has the shoe on the other foot—the former powerbroker finds himself faced with a possible five-year jail term.

4. have too many irons in the fire **同时开展太多的事情

解 习语;词义溯源:拥有很多[该解决的问题、关心的对象(iron in the fire)]

例 The company has turned down an opportunity to expand its operations into brokerage services. Saying the company has too many irons in the fire right now, the president Bob Viola made the decision in a statement released yesterday afternoon.

5. have turned the corner **经历了决定性的重要关头,渡过难关

解 习语;词义溯源:转过[角、墙角(corner)]

例 For the first time in 2 years this petroleum company has reported a quarterly profit. While a single profitable quarter should not be taken as a sign that the oil producer has turned the corner, the company's stock closed six points higher yesterday following the announcement.


(A) had the cards stacked against

(B) have hell to pay

(C) has the shoe on the other foot

(D) have too many irons in the fire

(E) has turned the corner

1. A: I guess we have a slight chance of getting out of this cave before the rising water drowns us all. B: Come on, John. We've ______ us many times—and we've always come out okay. Don't be so pessimistic.

2. A: If that cable breaks, we're going to ______. It's the only thing holding this elevator. If it breaks, we'll slam into the basement floor. B: I don't think that would cause us a lot of trouble. I mean sure, we'd all die, but it wouldn't be any trouble—very easy: we fall, we die. No problem! A: Shut up!You're scaring the other passengers.

3. A: Doctor, please tell me my husband is getting better. Tell me he's gotten past the most critical point of his recovery. Please! B: Calm down, Mrs. Lee. I would like to tell you he ______, but it'll be a while before I can say he's safe and will be okay.

4. A: Forget him!Don't let him bother you. He's a nobody in this company. Within five years the situation will be reversed and he'll be working for you! B: Yes, but until he ______, he'll continue to bother me.

5. A: Face it—you're overextended!You're trying to do too much at one time and each project is suffering because you're not giving any of them sufficient attention. B: Don't worry—I can handle it. Just give me a couple weeks to get out from under all this paperwork and then I'll be okay again. I don't think I ______.


1. (A)

2. (B)

3. (E)

4. (C)

5. (D)


I. 1. 你知道情况对我们成功的机会渺茫,对吧?我们请了一位好律师,但是,在这个国家重要的是关系——你知道的,人际关系——加拉维家族很有影响力。所以,我担心我们战胜加拉维制药的可能性微乎其微。

2. 看着天真的游客们大口吞下小辣椒,当地人从中得到了很大的乐趣。小辣椒吃起来很甜,一点也不辣,毫无疑心的游客们很快发现他们得承受可怕的后果,因为辣椒与胃酸混合之后会给人一种强烈的灼热感。

3. 给前总统做高级顾问时他很有权,并且利用特权打压了不少挑战他的反对派。现在反对党执政了,情况则完全不同了——这位原来的政治掮客发现自己可能面临五年的牢狱生活。

4. 公司放弃了向经纪服务扩展业务的机会。总裁鲍勃·薇奥拉表示目前公司要处理的业务太多了。他在昨天下午发布的一份声明中公布了该决定。

5. 两年来,这家石油公司首次公布季度盈利。尽管单个季度的盈利不能视为该石油公司已经渡过难关,但此消息公布之后,昨天该公司的股票收盘时涨了6个点。

II. 1. A:我想逃出这个山洞的可能性非常小,我们会被不断上涨的大水淹死的。B:好啦,约翰。我们经历过那么多不利情况——每次都能转危为安的。别这么悲观。

2. A:如果电缆断了,我们将承受可怕的后果。它是电梯唯一的支撑物。要是它断了,我们会被猛摔至最底层。B:我倒不觉得有那么麻烦。我的意思是,我们肯定都会死,但是不会很麻烦——非常简单:一掉下去,我们就死了。没什么!A:闭嘴!你吓到电梯里其他人了。

3. A:医生,请告诉我我丈夫正在好转,告诉我他已经度过了危险期。拜托!B:冷静点,李太太。我很想告诉你他已经过了危险期,但是得等会儿我才能保证他安全了。

4. A:忘了他!别再为他烦恼了。他在这家公司里什么也不是。不出五年情况就会颠倒过来,他将给你打工!B:是啊,但是在情况颠倒之前,他会一直烦我。

5. A:你就承认吧——你承担得太多了!你总想一次做很多事,但是又不上心,结果每个项目都面临困境。B:别担心——我能解决的。再给我两周时间处理这些文件,一切都会好起来的。我并不觉得我同时处理了太多事情。


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