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LECTURE 101 基本动词 HOLD 4






LECTURE 101 基本动词 HOLD 4


1. hold sth. against sb. ***指责;对…有成见

解 短语动词;词义溯源:持有意见[逆着、反对(against)]某人

例 We will continue to hold their bad behaviors against them as long as they continue to avoid facing the truth that they were vicious aggressors who inflicted pain and suffering on us.

2. hold the fort **坚守阵地;代管

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:坚守[要塞、城池(fort)];来源于西部电影

例 Tom, I'm going down to the supply warehouse to check on the inventory—could you hold the fort while I'm out? If anybody stops by or you get any phone calls, just handle them the best you can until I get back. It won't be long—maybe an hour and a half.

3. hold the line at sb. or sth. / hold the line **不超过限制;不挂断电话

解 习语;词义溯源:对于某人或某物维持[线、线路(line)]

例 Itold you to hold the line at 200 reporters attending the conference. We don't have enough space for more than that. Did my instructions just go in one ear and out the other ?!Damn, 349 reporters? We'll just have to cancel some of the invitations.

4. hold up / hold up sb. or sth. / hold sb. or sth. up ***维持;支撑;抢劫,掠夺;扣留

解 短语动词;词义溯源:保持[向上(up)]

例 Government officials have decided not to replace Carson Bridge for at least another three years because of a lack of funds for the project. With necessary maintenance repairs, the top civil engineer estimates the bridge will hold up another five years.

5. hold your horses *耐心一些,别着急;镇定

解 俚语;词义溯源:抓住[你的(your)][马(horses)];来源于西部电影

例 Oh, please!Just hold your horses!I'll have dinner ready in ten minutes. Now go watch TV and stop asking me every minute when dinner will be ready.


(A) hold...against

(B) holds the fort

(C) hold the line at

(D) hold up

(E) Hold your horses

1. A: We need to have a standard operating policy that makes it clear at each level of the organization who takes care of business and handles all affairs while the person who's usually in charge is gone. B: I like it the way it is now. We don't have a standard policy—there's no need for it. Whoever's the most senior person left in the office ______ until the boss gets back.

2. A: If we fail to ______ $23 million...B: Don't worry—we will limit the costs to probably less than $20 million. If anything unexpected comes up , we'll still have $3 million to cover it.

3. A: I know he did some terrible things to you in the past, but you shouldn't let his past misdeeds cause you to treat him so harshly. B: You don't know how much pain he caused me, so you'll never understand why I'll ______ it ______ him for the rest of my life.

4. A: I've got the paint, brushes, buckets—I'm ready to paint! B: ______. Did you ask Mother if you could paint your room? A: No, but I'm sure it's okay—I don't have to wait. B: Well, I think you'd better hold on until she gets home and tells you it's okay.

5. A: When you buy a refrigerator, you expect it to last at least five years. B: Actually most will ______ for ten years if you take good care of them. So if yours is broken down already, it's the manufacturer's fault.


1. (B)

2. (C)

3. (A)

4. (E)

5. (D)


I. 1. 如果他们继续否认自已曾是邪恶的侵略者,给我们带来痛苦和灾难的话,我们将继续指责他们的恶劣行径。

2. 汤姆,我要到下面的供应仓库检查一下库存——我不在的时候,你能帮我顶一下班吗?我回来之前如果有人过来,或者有电话,你就尽量解决吧。不会太久的,大约一个半小时。

3. 我跟你说过要把参加会议的记者人数控制在200人以内。超过这个人数就没有地方了。我的指示听完就忘了吗?!该死,349名记者?我们得取消一些邀请了。

4. 由于项目缺少资金,政府官员决定至少三年内不拆掉卡森大桥。高级土木工程师预测,如果进行必要的维护,这座大桥可以再维持五年。

5. 拜托!耐心一点!再过十分钟饭就好了。先去看看电视,别总是过一分钟就问一次饭什么时候好。

II. 1. A:我们需要一个标准的运营政策,明确规定当负责人不在的时候,各级机构由谁来负责处理业务和解决问题。B:我喜欢现在这样。我们没有标准政策,也没有必要。在老板回来之前,公司里级别最高的人可以临时代理。

2. A:如果我们无法控制在2300万美元…… B:别担心,我们可能将成本限制在2000万美元以内。就算发生意外,我们还有300万美元可以用。

3. A:我知道他过去对你做过一些特别不好的事情,但是你不能因为他过去的不良行为而对他如此苛刻。B:你不知道他给我带来了多大的痛苦,所以你永远也不会理解为什么我这辈子都会记恨他。

4. A:我有油漆、刷子和桶——我要开始粉刷了!B:别着急。你有没有问妈妈你是否可以粉刷房间?A:没有,但我确信没有问题——不用等了。B:我想你最好等她回来同意后再做。

5. A:买冰箱的时候,人们会希望它至少能用五年。B:实际上,如果使用时注意保养,大部分冰箱都可以用十年。所以,如果你的冰箱已经出现了故障,那就是制造商的问题了。


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