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LECTURE 108 基本动词 KEEP 7






LECTURE 108 基本动词 KEEP 7


1. keep the home fires burning **(在战时、困难时期)使一切处于正常

解 习语;词义溯源:使得[家里的火(home fires)]保持[燃烧(burning)]的状态

例 Mr. Donaldson's son and daughter-in-law are both US Navy seamen suddenly assigned to duty in the Gulf War. Donaldson, 74 years old, was called upon to keep the home fires burning for their three children while they were away. “It is difficult for a man of my age,” said Donaldson.

2. keep the lid on sth. **抑制住;保守…的秘密

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:保持某物盖着[盖子(lid)]的状态

例 It's impossible for them to keep the lid on the dissidents' newsletter, which they disseminate across the country and around the world by facsimile and e-mail. However, they have been able to come down hard on government officials who provide information for the publication.

3. keep the wolf from the door **维持最低水平;勉强度日

解 习语;词义溯源:阻止[狼(wolf)]进入

例 The State Board of Education will provide 9th District School with $1. 6 million for the remainder of the year, but insists that the school will be closed next year as planned. “The funds are intended only to keep the wolf from their door, not to continue the school's operation,” Secretary Brown commented.

4. keep to oneself **不与人交往;保守…的秘密

解 习语;词义溯源:维持[自己一人(oneself)]的状态

例 Pair, you've got to mix with people. You always keep to yourself, so you never meet anybody. You say you want to meet a nice man, but you never let me introduce you to anybody. You've got to come out of your shell !

5. keep up with sb. or sth. / keep up ***跟得上;以同样的速度前进

解 短语动词;词义溯源:[跟着、响应(with)]某人或某物[向前(up)]继续前进

例 Since Silver Star came out with SXG 3 video Camera, its chief competitor Three Moon Electronics has not been able to keep up with them in the highly competitive video camera market.


(A) keep the home fires burning

(B) keep the lid on

(C) keep the wolf from the door

(D) keeps to herself

(E) keep up with

1. A: Nobody gets close to Lisa. She's a recluse. She just ______. B: People who stay away from socializing with other people are often suffering from abuse at home. Has anybody checked her family situation?

2. A: Carl, I want to offer you this. I collected $550 from all the guys at the factory. I know it's not much, but maybe it will help you provide for the basic living necessities to survive while you look for a new job. B: Thanks, Charlie. Tell the guys I appreciate it. You're right—it will help ______ for a while at least. Thanks.

3. A: With President in Europe and Vice-President in Nicaraqua, who's making sure the domestic situation is operating smoothly? B: In this age of telecommunications it doesn't matter where the leaders are. They can ______ from anywhere in the world.

4. A: I want to ______ this bribery scandal until we have all of our ducks in a row . If we're not fully prepared when the press finds out...B: It's going to be difficult to prevent this from becoming known.

5. A: Think you can keep pace with that Scoupe? There are three beautiful girls in it and I want to roll down the window and talk with them. B: I hardly think my QQ can ______ a Scoupe. But if they want to talk with you, they'll slow down and then maybe I can maintain the same speed.


1. (D)

2. (C)

3. (A)

4. (B)

5. (E)


I. 1. 唐纳森先生的儿子和儿媳都在美国海军服役,突然都被派去参加海湾战争。他们不在的时候,请74岁高龄的唐纳森来照顾他们的三个小孩。“像我这种岁数的人,做这个确实有些困难,”唐纳森说道。

2. 他们不可能控制异见人士的时事通讯,他们通过传真和电子邮件在全国和全世界传播这些信息。不过,倒是可以严厉斥责那些为公众提供信息的政府官员。

3. 国家教育局将在今年余下的时间里为第9区学校提供160万美元,但同时也坚持认为学校明年应该按计划关闭。布朗部长表示:“提供资金只是打算维持学校的现状,并不是要让学校继续运营下去。”

4. 佩尔,你要多与人接触。你总是不与人交往,所以才遇不到什么人。你说想遇到一个优秀的男人,但你从不让我把你介绍给别人。你得活跃起来!

5. 自银星公司推出了SXG 3型摄像机以来,其主要竞争对手三月电子公司一直无法在摄像机领域赶上银星公司,该市场的竞争太激烈了。

II. 1. A:没有人接近莉萨。她就是个隐居者,不跟人交往。B:不与人交往的人往往在家经常受虐待。有没有人调查过她的家庭情况?

2. A:卡尔,我想把这个给你。我向工厂的伙计们募集了550美元。我知道这不多,但是在你找新工作期间,这些够你买基本的生活必需品了。B:谢谢你,查利。请向大家表达我的感谢。你说得对——至少它可以帮我勉强过一段日子。谢谢。

3. A:总统正在欧洲,而副总统在尼加拉瓜,那么谁来保证国内局势能稳定发展呢?B:在电信时代,领导人在哪儿并不重要。他们在世界的任何地方都可以保持国内一切正常。

4. A:在所有事情搞定之前,我希望先掩盖这一受贿丑闻。在媒体发现前,如果我们不做充分准备…… B:阻止丑闻曝光将会非常困难。

5. A:你觉得能赶上那辆斯库普吗?车里有三个漂亮姑娘,我想摇下车窗跟她们聊聊。B:我觉得我的QQ跟不上斯库普。但是,如果她们想跟你聊聊的话,她们会减速的,然后或许我就能跟她们同步了。


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