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附加动词 练习题及答案








In this section, you will read a sentence, short paragraph or dialogue containing one of the phrases presented in the chapter. The phrase is printed in boldface type so you can easily identify it. After reading the sentence, your task is to identify which of the four choices—(A),(B),(C), or(D)—listed below the sentence, most closely defines the phrase or best completes the sentence. Only one answer is the correct answer.

1. You will answer for your wrong-doing some day.

(A) be remembered for

(B) be excused from

(C) be accused of

(D) be responsible for

2. When I asked the teacher a question which she couldn't answer completely, she tried to hide her lack of knowledge by beating around the bush.

(A) talking around the point

(B) making a great effort

(C) coming directly to the subject

(D) supporting her own idea

3. A balance of international payment refers to the net result of the business which nation carries on with other nations in a given period.

(A) transpires

(B) transforms

(C) transacts

(D) translates

4. By carrying on trade, the international business community exchanges ideas that influence world opinion.

(A) seeking

(B) counting on

(C) engaging in

(D) requesting

5. Let's hurry to catch up with the others.

(A) overcharge

(B) overflow

(C) overtake

(D) overestimate

6. When I return from the holiday, I shall have to ______ on a lot of work.

(A) catch of

(B) catch up

(C) make do

(D) take up

7. John is reliable, you can ______ him.

(A) count on

(B) cut down

(C) consist in

(D) clear away

8. I think you had better start ______ on expenses.

(A) saving up

(B) cutting up

(C) cutting down

(D) decreasing

9. He didn't seem to cut out for journalism, being too embarrassed to talk to anybody and unable to use a typewriter.

(A) naturally well-suited for

(B) be not fitted with

(C) have a taste for

(D) be made by cutting by

10. She can cut off an interview with a wave of a hand, having been burned once too often by those who talk sweetly but interview harshly.

(A) start

(B) stop

(C) proceed

(D) postpone

11. The remark cut him to the quick.

(A) deeply

(B) sensationally

(C) quickly

(D) fast

12. If you come our way, drop in on us.

(A) contact

(B) find

(C) phone

(D) visit

13. If you have time, drop me a line now and then while you are abroad.

(A) get in touch with me by telephone

(B) call me briefly

(C) write briefly to me

(D) remember me

14. When his reputation ______ pieces, all his friends desert him.

(A) falls into

(B) is shattered

(C) falls to

(D) is broken

15. In an emergency we can always fall back on our savings.

(A) mobilize

(B) rely on

(C) use up

(D) squander

16. A man was on his way from the company to his house when he fell in with robbers.

(A) yielded

(B) agreed with

(C) met by chance

(D) fell to the ground

17. They often fell out with each other when young.

(A) quarrelled with

(B) separated from

(C) fell away from

(D) ran away with

18. The book fell ______ of my expectations (= be insufficient).

(A) efficient

(B) excessive

(C) acquainted

(D) short

19. After all his efforts, the deal fell through.

(A) paid off

(B) was finalized

(C) materialized

(D) came to nothing

20. I don't feel like ______ it right now.

(A) do

(B) doing

(C) to do

(D) to be done

21. “What do I have to do with the application?”

“You have to fill it ______.”

(A) up

(B) at

(C) out

(D) of

22. He is always ready to find fault with other people.

(A) criticize

(B) discover anew

(C) occupy

(D) encourage

23. The clerk knew that if he embezzled the funds the company would find him out.

(A) detect his identity

(B) discover that he stole money

(C) learn about his motive

(D) know where he hid the money

24. When she got pregnant her husband flew the coop.

(A) was overjoyed

(B) left her and didn't come back

(C) bought a car for her

(D) took her out to dinner

25. Several teenage fans ______ the stage door, hoping to get a glimpse of their hero as he emerged.

(A) hung loose

(B) hung back

(C) hung behind

(D) hung around

26. I must have ______ ten minutes before the telephone operator put me through.

(A) hung about

(B) hung up

(C) hung on

(D) hung round

27. My employer hit the ceiling when I was late for work the second time in a week.

(A) recognized

(B) fell ill

(C) screamed

(D) became angry

28. I believe he has hit the nail on the head.

(A) what he has said is to the point

(B) he has unexpectedly gone mad

(C) what he has done is disgusting

(D) he happened to succeed

29. I know him ______ but I have never actually spoken to him.

(A) by sight

(B) at sight

(C) on sight

(D) in sight

30. The factory is going to lay off 13 researchers.

(A) reinforce

(B) dismiss

(C) employ

(D) scout

31. One must lay in something for a rainy day.

(A) lay aside

(B) lay out

(C) lay off

(D) lay down

32. As the civil war lurches into its sixth year, the poor peasants who are its principal victims want nothing more than to be left alone.

(A) to overcome their difficulties

(B) to be allowed to live by themselves

(C) to have their lives interrupted

(D) to go alone

33. Due to his carelessness, he has left out of an opportunity.

(A) included in

(B) excluded from

(C) superior to

(D) exhausted by

34. She didn't let on that she already knew about his plan.

(A) criticize

(B) understand

(C) attack

(D) reveal

35. To allow a secret to be known is to ______.

(A) put out

(B) come about

(C) let out

(D) come across

36. To let out a dress means to ______.

(A) throw it away

(B) lengthen it

(C) make it large

(D) make it smaller

37. To say that hitherto conservative couple certainly lived it up when they moved to a larger apartment and threw all sorts of parties means that they ______.

(A) moved upstairs

(B) used up all their money

(C) lived expensively

(D) lived poorly

38. He lives ______ his brother's money.

(A) with

(B) by

(C) on

(D) for

39. Everyone was shocked at the scandal of the famous preacher. He didn't ______ to his reputation.

(A) live up

(B) behave as

(C) make up

(D) come by

40. Diana has had so many job refusals that she's beginning to lose heart.

(A) be discouraged

(B) be emotional

(C) be unwilling

(D) be annoyed

41. If someone loses his head, he ______.

(A) becomes dizzy

(B) confused or overly emotional

(C) goes insane

(D) is busy

42. John lost his temper and kicked the machine.

(A) became angry

(B) was late

(C) lost his dime

(D) misplaced his wallet

43. You must not ______ sight of your main objective.

(A) keep

(B) lose

(C) set

(D) take

44. I lost track of all my friends from high school.

(A) remembered

(B) miscalculated

(C) lost contact with

(D) computed

45. To meet someone halfway is to ______.

(A) argue with him

(B) run into him

(C) compromise with him

(D) meet him by chance

46. It will be the greatest sorrow to pass away before realizing the dream.

(A) stack

(B) postpone

(C) return

(D) die

47. The bus only stops here to ______ passengers.

(A) get off

(B) pick up

(C) alight

(D) get on

48. We picked up some new ideas at the conference.

(A) learned by chance

(B) collected

(C) selected

(D) broke the surface of

49. They agreed that they would ______ if they saw the boys again.

(A) play coolly

(B) play it cool

(C) take coolly

(D) take it cool

50. Play it by ear.

(A) Listen well to what is said.

(B) Try to do the best you can.

(C) Don't let others decide for you.

(D) Watch what develops and act accordingly.

51. I never know he is pulling my leg.

(A) teasing me

(B) attacking me

(C) looking down on me

(D) insulting me

52. If he recovers from his sickness, he pulls ______.

(A) out

(B) up

(C) through

(D) for

53. It is too late now to ______ any objection.

(A) do

(B) raise

(C) have

(D) say

54. They set off soon after day break.

(A) start

(B) stop

(C) halt

(D) keep

55. To begin a journey is to set ______.

(A) up

(B) out

(C) of

(D) on

56. The flower bud of a water lily opens at sunset since its opening is set off by the decreased light.

(A) alleviated

(B) endured

(C) triggered

(D) covered up

57. To establish a business is to set it ______.

(A) down

(B) out

(C) over

(D) up

58. Most Indians live on reservations, which are set ______ for them by the government.

(A) aside

(B) out

(C) forth

(D) up

59. My sister tried to lay aside a little money each month for her summer vacation.

(A) spend

(B) borrow

(C) lend

(D) save

60. Certain conditions were ______ in the contract.

(A) put out

(B) set out

(C) dealt with

(D) opened out

61. This test will give you the perfect chance to show off your English proficiency.

(A) prove

(B) display

(C) improve

(D) talk about

62. When Mary finally ______, we were able to leave immediately.

(A) looked up

(B) got around

(C) came about

(D) showed up

63. I just shut up.

(A) I said nothing.

(B) I could not look.

(C) I refused to listen.

(D) I didn't move.

64. She is a person who always speaks her mind.

(A) talks too much

(B) reads her mind

(C) gives her frank opinion

(D) speaks without thinking

65. He was wrong. I know that. He looked shocked. He stuck to this gun.

(A) was ready to fight

(B) remained firmly

(C) pulled his gun out

(D) lost his courage

66. Why do you want to throw away those books?

(A) imitate

(B) discuss

(C) extract

(D) discard

67. In the end, Republicans who were opposed to imposing economic sanctions against South Africa simply threw up their hands.

(A) scored a big win

(B) suffered a heavy damage

(C) protested

(D) surrendered

68. If somebody says he is walking ______, he means he is very happy about something.

(A) on air

(B) over the sea

(C) in space

(D) on space

69. We found hundreds of photograph records that were worn out.

(A) old-fashioned

(B) no longer usable

(C) for display only

(D) well known

70. Choose the sentence whose boldfaced part is not acceptable to the concerned sentence.

(A) The steps have been worn down over the years by all those passing feet.

(B) All these years of hard driving on those once-new tyres has soon worn the tread off.

(C) The noise around is wearing on her nerves.

(D) I've worn of the elbow of this old coat at last.


1. (D)

2. (A)

3. (C)

4. (C)

5. (C)

6. (B)

7. (A)

8. (C)

9. (A)

10. (B)

11. (A)

12. (D)

13. (C)

14. (C)

15. (B)

16. (C)

17. (A)

18. (D)

19. (D)

20. (B)

21. (C)

22. (A)

23. (B)

24. (B)

25. (D)

26. (C)

27. (D)

28. (A)

29. (A)

30. (B)

31. (A)

32. (B)

33. (B)

34. (D)

35. (C)

36. (C)

37. (C)

38. (C)

39. (A)

40. (A)

41. (B)

42. (A)

43. (B)

44. (C)

45. (C)

46. (D)

47. (B)

48. (A)

49. (B)

50. (D)

51. (A)

52. (C)

53. (B)

54. (A)

55. (B)

56. (C)

57. (D)

58. (A)

59. (D)

60. (B)

61. (B)

62. (D)

63. (A)

64. (C)

65. (B)

66. (D)

67. (D)

68. (A)

69. (B)

70. (D)


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