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LECTURE 198 基本介词 ON 5






LECTURE 198 基本介词 ON 5


1. on the spur of the moment ** 冲动之下;突然

解 习语;词义溯源:在[刺激的瞬间(spur of the moment)]

例 Fire investigators say they received a letter from a person claiming to be a 15-year old boy who was involved in the burning of the abandoned church on old Route 22. In the letter the writer says that he and two other teens were drinking beer and whiskey inside when they decided on the spur of the moment to torch the century-old structure “to get a kick out of it .”

2. on the strength of sth. ** 基于;凭借

解 习语;词义溯源:凭借某物的[力量(strength)]

例 On the strength of the letter, Chief Boland has called off the investigation of a 52-year old suspect. “We had the handwriting in the letter analyzed and it does seem to be that of a young man's, and the letter contains details only the arsonist could know,” a fire department memo read.

3. on the tip of one's tongue ** 话到嘴边没想起来,差点就想起来了

解 习语;词义溯源:在[某人的舌尖(tip of one's tongue)]上

例 So anyway, to make a long story short, I stood there for about ten minutes with my bank account secret number on the tip of my tongue and then finally gave up and headed home.

4. on the wagon ** 戒酒

解 习语;词义溯源:在[四轮车(wagon)]上

例 Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that helps alcoholics get on the wagon and stay on it. We have group meetings every Thursday at the YMCA from 7:30 to 8:30 where you can meet people who are in the same shoes as you are. Ready to quit? Call AA at 532-0984.

5. on the whole ** 大体上,总体而言

解 习语;词义溯源:关于[全部、所有(whole)]

例 Conditions in prisons on the whole have improved dramatically over the past 30 years. Prisoners now have access to entertainment facilities, gymnasiums, libraries and educational classes—none of which existed in the 1980's. Prisons have become correctional facilities instead of punishment centers.


(A) on the spur of the moment

(B) on the strength of

(C) on the tip of my tongue

(D) on the wagon

(E) on the whole

1. A:I think the stock market is going to rise sharply ______ the good economic figures the government released yesterday. B:I agree with you, John. In all probability, the market will be encouraged to go higher by the data. It's going to be a great day.

2. A:Excuse me, do you have, uh...um... Oh, I know the name of it but I can't bring it out of my memory. I can almost remember, but... Oh!This is frustrating. It's ______. B:Well until you can remember what it is you want, I can't help you, can I?

3. A:Nice car, Chuck. I didn't know you were planning to buy a car. B:I didn't plan to buy it. I just bought it ______. A:You bought it without thinking about it first? You just suddenly decided to buy a $30, 000 car? Are you in the money or something?

4. A:My work schedule is really bad—midnight to 8:00 AM, and the shop is a bit far from my home. B:But when you consider everything about this place, it's a pretty decent place to work. What do you think? A:Yeah, overall it's okay. Like you said, ______ it's decent.

5. A:Her husband's an alcoholic. B:Not anymore. He gave up drinking alcohol two years ago when their baby was born. He doesn't drink alcoholic drinks anymore since. A:Oh really? I didn't know he was ______. Good. That's good.


1. (B)

2. (C)

3. (A)

4. (E)

5. (D)


I. 1. 火灾调查人员称,他们收到一封信,写信者声称自己是个15岁的男孩,曾参与放火烧毁了22号老街道上废弃的教堂。信上说,他当时和另外两个少年正在教堂里喝啤酒和威士忌,为了“找乐子”,一时冲动就决定烧了这座百年建筑。

2. 基于这封信,博兰警长已经取消了对那个52岁的嫌疑犯的调查。消防部门备忘录上写道:“我们仔细分析了这封信的笔迹,这封信确实应该是一个年轻人写的,而且信里描述的一些细节只有纵火犯才可能知道。”

3. 总之,长话短说,我在那里站了大概有10分钟,账户密码在嘴边就是想不起来,最后我放弃了,转身回家。

4. 匿名戒酒协会是一个专门帮助酗酒者戒酒并且让他们以后不再喝的组织。我们每周四早上7:30到8:30在基督教青年协会有聚会,在那里你会遇到很多跟你情况一样的人。准备戒酒吗?请致电匿名戒酒协会,电话:532-0984。

5. 总体而言,监狱的条件在过去30年已经有了很大的改善。监狱现在有娱乐设施、体育馆、图书馆和一些有教育意义的课程,这些在上个世纪80年代都没有。监狱已经从之前的惩罚中心变成了现在的改造机构。

II. 1. A:基于昨天政府公布的经济形势良好的数据,我估计股票市场会飙升。 B:约翰,我同意你的说法。很有可能,股市会因这组数据的刺激变得更强劲。那将会是不错的一天。

2. A:打扰一下,你们有……那个……哦,我知道它叫什么,但是就是想不起来了。我几乎记起来了,但是……真是烦人,就在嘴边但是想不起来了。 B:那么在你记起来你想要什么之前,我也帮不了你,对吧?

3. A:查克,这辆车不错。我都不知道你计划买车。 B:我并没有计划买车。我只是一时冲动就买了。 A:你买车之前都没先想想啊?你就突然决定买一辆价值3万美元的车?你是太有钱了还是怎么了?

4. A:我的上班时间不太理想——从午夜到第二天早上8点,而且商店离我家还有点远。 B:但是综合考虑一下,这还是一个体面的工作场所。你觉得呢? A:嗯,总的来说还不错。就像你说的,总体而言,这是个体面的地方。

5. A:她丈夫是个酒鬼。 B:现在不是了,两年前他们的宝宝出生的时候,他就戒酒了。从那时开始他不再喝含酒精的饮料。 A:哦?是吗?我不知道他戒酒了。好。那很好。


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