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24 时间状语从句 Track23





24 时间状语从句 Track23

(1) when +短暂动词
1) when引导时间状语从句时意思相当于at that time(在……时刻),从句谓语动词通常是短暂动词,表示某一时刻的动作。
a.I'11 speak to him when he arrives.
b.I'11 tell him about it when he comes back.
c.When I arrived , he was talking on the phone.
d.When I got there, he had already left.
e.The doorbell rang when I was telephoning .

a. Whenever you say "I love you”, mean it. Whenever you say "I'm sorry”, look the person right in the eyes.
b. Whenever someone asks you something you don't want to answer, smile and ask "Why do you want to know?”.
c.Smile whenever you pick up the phone, for the caller will be able to notice it. 面带微笑地接听电话,因为对方能感觉得到。
(2) while +延续动词
意思相当于during that time(在……期间),表示某一时间段内发生的动作,因此,从句谓语动词通常用延续动词。
a.The phone rang while I was taking my bath.
b.The doorbell rang while we were watching TV.
c.A detective(侦探)arrested a criminal and was about to handcuff(上手铐) him when a huge gust(一阵狂风) of wind blew the detective's hat off.
“Shall I go and fetch it?" the criminal asked.
“Do you take me for a fool?" asked the detective. "You wait here while I go and get it!” (此句中go和get尽管是短暂动词,但两动词连用表示的是在一段期间内的活动。)
d.I was walking along the road_________suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder from behind.
A. immediately
B. when
C. the moment
D. while
(3) until
a. Wait until he comes back.(wait 为延续性动词)
b.we'll stay here until it stops raining.(stay为延续性动词)
c.When I showed my Dad my report card, I said, "Remember, Dad, Thomas Edison got bad grades in school, too." He said, "Fine, stay in your room until you invent the light bulb(灯泡).”
d.Until I came back, he was waiting for me at my home.
a.I did not realize how special my mother was until I became an adult. 直到我长大成人以后,我才真正懂得母亲是多么不平凡。
b.One will never realize how much and how little he knows until he starts talking. 人们只有在与人进行交谈时才知道自己到底懂得多少。
c.Ice cream did not reach America until about the middle of the eighteenth century.
d.I didn't go to bed until 12 o’clock last night.
e.He didn't leave the office until his boss came back.
3) "not...until...”有四种不同的句式:
a.The little boy didn't smile until he saw his mother.
b.The exact time of dying was not of great importance until recently.
直到最近,确定死亡的确切时间才 变得尤其重要。 (注意翻译)
c. Until he saw his mother, the little boy didn't smile.
d. Until recently the exact time of dying was not of great importance.
e. Not until he saw his mother did the little boy smile.(主句倒装)
f. Not until recently was the exact time of dying of great importance.
g. It was not until he saw his mother that the little boy smiled.
h. It was not until recently that the exact time of dying was of great importance.
1) until后接的动词常是短暂性动词。
2)在“not until...”这个倒装结构中,需要部分倒装的是主句中的谓语动词,而非从句中的谓语动词。
Not until she had arrived home did she remember her appointment with the doctor.
It was not until she had arrived home that she remembered her appointment with the doctor.
(4) "一……就……”
1)表示“一……就……”的连词有:as soon as,once,the minute,the moment,the instant,immediately,directly,instantly等。
a.We will leave as soon as it stops raining. 雨一停,我们就动身离开。
b.It began to rain as soon as I arrived home. 我刚到家,天就开始下起雨来。
c.It began to rain immediately I arrived home.
d.It began to rain the moment I arrived home.
e.The doorbell rang as soon as we began having dinner.
f.Don't trust those who leave their friends the moment they get into difficulty!
g.You see the lightning_________it happens, but you hear the thunder later.
A. the instant
B. for an instant
C. on the instant
D. in an instant
2) hardly/scarcely...when,no sooner...than。主句多用过去完成时,且常倒装,从句用一般过去时。该句型的主句和从句与as soon as等的从句、主句的位置正好相反。
a. No sooner had I arrived home than it began to rain.
b. Hardly/Scarcely had I arrived home when it began to rain.
c. No sooner had we begun having dinner than the doorbell rang.
有一些表示时间的短语也可当作连词来用,引导时间状语从句,如next time,by the time,every time,each time,the day,the week等。
a. The day he returned, his father was already dead.
b. Next time you come, remember to bring along your sister.
c. Every time I listen to your advice, I get into trouble.
d.In the classic children's tale, the puppet Pinocchio's nose grows longer every time he tells a lie.
注意:by the time
by the time的意思是“在……之前”,强调的是“一个动作在另外一个动作之前已经完成(one event is completed before another event)”,因此,by the time后边接从句,而与其搭配的主句要用完成时态。注意下面例句的时态搭配:


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