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1.The student denied that he had cheated on the exam.
2.That the president was involved in the fraud is obvious.
3.I consider that this is a far-reaching event.
4.That he lost the game came as a surprise to everybody.
5.That he worked all night in the rain caused him to catch a bad cold.
6.The boy is worried about the possibility that he will fail in the exam.
7.That he tries sending her girlfriend flowers every day is the only way he can think of to gain her favor.
8.I remember that he once offered to help us if we ever got into trouble.
9.You must tell me the truth. I insist that you should tell the truth.
10.Nowhere in nature is aluminum found free, owing to the fact that it is always combined with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.
11.That children object to their parents remarrying has become a prevalent social problem.
12.The teacher said that he wouldn't tolerate that I arrived late every day.
13.That the girl was educated in an atmosphere of simple living was what her parents wished for.
14.The plumber told me how I could fix the leak in the sink.
15.Please tell me where I should meet you.
16.I don't know whether I should believe him or not.
17.Sam is getting dressed to go to a party, but is having trouble deciding on what clothes he should wear.
18.He found two shirts he liked, but he had trouble deciding which one he should buy.
19.I was tongue-tied. I didn't know what I should say.
20.Going to the school dance is a lot of fun. But sometimes, deciding who I can go with isn't easy.
21.A: I don't know what I should buy for her birthday. Got any suggestions?
B: How about a book?
22.The train that is approaching the station is from Shanghai.
23.The woman who lives next door is very friendly.
24.The people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet.
25.The scientists who are researching the causes of cancer are making progress.
26.Our school has a library which was built in 1900.
27.The car which caused the accident drove off.
28.We lived in an apartment that overlooked the sea.
29.Oceans continually lose by evaporation much of the river water that is constantly flowing into them.
30.Tornadoes(龙卷风) occur most often in the spring when hot winds that rise over flat land encounter heavy, cold air.
31.I don't think he is the best man that does the job.
32.He thought that it might not be the best time that he should ask his boss for a raise.
33.Trains which leave from this station take an hour to get to London.
34.Clint was the only person that survived the air crash.
35.He was the last man that left the sinking ship.
36.Be sure to follow the instructions that are given at the top of the page.
37.The psychologists who study the nature of sleep have made important discoveries.
38.The conclusion which is presented in that book states that most of the automobiles which are produced by American industry have some defect.
39.There is almost no end to the problems facing a head of state.
40.The photographs published in the newspaper were extraordinary.
41.Did you get the message concerning the special meeting?
42.The woman waiting to see you has applied for a job here.
43.The plane flying overhead is traveling north.
44.The sunlight coming through the window wakes me up early every morning.
45.Two-thirds of those arrested of car theft are under twenty years of age.
46.The man serving at the counter is very helpful.
47.This job will suit students wanting to work during the holidays.
48.There's someone knocking at the door.
49.Customers complaining about the service should see the manager.
50.Passengers traveling on planes shouldn't smoke.
51.Oceans continually lose by evaporation much of the river water _________.
A. to constantly flow into them
B. is constantly flowing into them
C. constantly flows into them
D. constantly flowing into them
52.Tornadoes, powerful, destructive wind storms, occur most often in the spring when hot winds_________over flat land encounter heavy, cold air.
A. which to rise
B. that rising
C. are rising
D. rising
53.In 1938 Pearl S. Buck became the first American woman ________the Nobel Prize for Literature.
A. receive
B. received
C. to receive
D. she received
54.The first explorer_________California by land was Strong Smith, a trapper who crossed the southwestern deserts of the United States in 1825.
A. that he reached
B. to reach
C. reached
D. reaching it
55. ________often found in fruit and vegetables.
A. Vitamin C, a trace element that is
B. For vitamin C, a trace element to be
C. Vitamin C, a trace element, is
D. Vitamin C, is that trace element.
56.The Amazon rain forests,_________the earth's lungs, convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere back into oxygen.
A. functioning as
B. which functioning as
C. functions as
D. functioned as
57.Through a process_________coalescence, water droplets in clouds grow to a size large enough to fall to earth.
A. calls
B. to be called
C. calling
D. called
58.Penicillin,_________in the early 20th century, brought in the golden age of chemotherapy.
A. to be discovered
B. discovering
C. discovery was
D. discovered
59.The mouse, like the keyboard, is a control device_________to a computer.
A. connected
B. to connect it
C. and connect
D. that connect
60.An amendment to the Constitution_________in Harry Truman's tenure limits the U.S. presidency to two terms.
A. passing
B. to pass
C. passed
D. was passed
61.While I was waiting for the bus, a brick fell on my head.
62.After I turned to the corner, I saw a tile fall off the roof.
63.After I turned to the corner, a tile fell off the roof.
64.When I opened the door of the refrigerator, the smell was bad.
65.While I was watching TV last night, the telephone rang.
66.Before I came to class, I had a cup of coffee.
67.After he had finished breakfast, he left the house and went to his office.
68.After she had completed her shopping, she went home.
69.Alex hurt his back while he was chopping wood.
70.You should always read a contract before you sign your name.
71.While I was trying to get to sleep last night, a mosquito kept buzzing in my ear.
72.Since we arrived here, we have made many new friends.
73.After we looked at the map, we tried to find the right street.
74.A reagent is any chemical that reacts in a predictable way ________with other chemicals.
A. when mixed
B. when is mixed
C. it mixed
D. when mixing
75.A beam of light will not bend round corners unless_________to do so with the help of a reflecting device.
A. made
B. to be made
C. being made
D. having made
76.As a general rule, snakes don't bite unless _________.
A. offended
B. are offended
C. they offended
D. offending
77.She had said little so far, responding only briefly when _________.
A. speaking
B. spoken
C. speaking to
D. spoken to
78._________, his family moved to America.
A. When still a baby
B. When a baby still
C. When he was still a baby
D. When being still a baby
79. ________native to Europe, the daisy has now spread throughout most of North America.
A. Although
B. If it were
C. In spite of
D. That it is
80.In its pure state antimony has no important uses, but_________with other substances, it is an extremely useful metal.
A. when combined physically or chemically
B. combined when physically or chemically
C. the physical and chemical combination
D. it is combined physically and chemically
81.Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent,_________with other material it may appear in various colors, ranging from pastels to opaque black.
A. but when contaminated
B. but when contaminating
C. when contaminated
D. when contaminating
82. ________classified as a carnivore, the North American grizzly bear eats berries and even grass.
A. Just as
B. Because of
C. Although
D. Either
83. ________usually thought to end in northern New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains really extend southward to the frontier of Mexico.
A. Despite
B. To be
C. While
D. However
84.Nearly all trees contain a mix of polymers that can burn like petroleum_________properly extracted.
A. after
B. if
C. when it
D. is
85.Although_________rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact.
A. apparently
B. are apparently
C. apparently their
D. are they apparently
86.Although_________of the world's oceans, the Atlantic has by far the largest drainage area.
A. the largest is not
B. not the largest
C. the largest not
D. largest not the


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