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高中英语语法填空:非谓语动词之分词 强化练习





非谓语动词之分词 强化练习

Exercise 1

Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. Bird's Nest, _______ (accomplish) at the end of 2006, has been visited by millions of guests from home and abroad.

2. A former Japanese governor has come under fire for the comment _______ (make) by him that any disaster in Tokyo would be an opportunity for western Japan to boost its economy.

3. Experts have found that the disease will lead to a greater increase in the number of sufferers unless _______ (treat) seriously when the symptom first appears.

4. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1506 and _______ (settle) in 1810, the island belongs to the Great Britain and has a population of a few hundred.

5. More and more young Indian women are saying “I don't” rather than “I do” to child marriage, _______ (turn) their backs to a troublesome tradition that is still alive in the country's poorest regions.

6. After _______ (leave) his government service as a lawyer, he created many famous compositions.

7. Black boxes, _______ (design) to record Flight data together with pilots' conversation and noises from the aircraft, are important for people to find out the cause of an air crash.

8. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain _______ (seat) until the plane has come to a complete stop.

9. — Who should be responsible for the accident?

— The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order as _______ (tell).

10. With Internet use _______ (explode) in the world, companies like Yahoo and Google are hunting harder for deals.

11. Hours of playing violent video games can affect the way the brain works, _______ (cause) damage to certain cells of brain and slowing brain activity.

12. The married couple regularly discussed the life habits they find _______ (annoy) in each other.

13. Ideally _______ (locate) in Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue, the New York Park Hotel is a favorite with many guests.

14. _______ (attack) by the terrorists, the tall building collapsed.

15. Such an educational program can teach us how to make positive choices when _______ (face) with personal conflicts.

16. In the near future, China will increase supply of smaller houses, _______ (aim) to help low-income families to buy houses of their own.

17. After the party, most guests left, with only two of them _______ (remain) in the host family, _______ (help) him cleaning up.

18. Unfortunately, some _______ (license) doctors are indifferent to patients, which causes many conflicts.

19. _______ (tempt) by the array of goods that were on sale, my friend Felicia ended up spending her whole month's allowance.

20. Their loan application _______ (refuse), they weren't able to buy the house.

21. South Korea is a world leader in the telecommunications industry and Samsung is already a name _______ (recognize) throughout the world.

22. _______ (face) with high demand and serious shortage of preschools, the local government is undertaking a major expansion.

23. Educators claim that children _______ (expose) to English-speaking environment will learn the language more quickly.

24. What a beautiful sight! Wild flowers of different colors spread all over the hills and around the lake, _______ (add) to the beauty of the valley.

25. We had an anxious couple of weeks _______ (wait) for the result of the experiment.

26. _______ (escape) from being killed, the deer looked for a place where he could get food.

27. Ford is currently the fourth-largest automaker in the world based on the number of vehicles _______ (sell) annually, directly behind Volkswagen in 2008.

28. _______ (come) from a black family, Beyonce admitted that her strength of ambition was fiercer than those of children from white middle-class family.

29. The strike _______ (cause) so much violence and trouble finally ended after both sides reached an agreement.

30. Contrast may make something appear more beautiful than it is when _______ (see) alone.

31. People often provide their children with toys, footballs or basketballs, _______ (think) that all children like these things.

32. You should understand the traffic rule by now, since you've had it _______ (explain) often enough.

33. When you apply for a job, the interview _______ (design) to find out more about an applicant and to see if he is fit for the job is of vital importance.

34. Last October, the Russian government, _______ (hope) to ease tensions ahead of elections early this year, announced a price freeze for milk, bread and other foods through the end of January.

35. A diet _______ (base) on plant life can help with the prevention of heart disease, and even cancer.

36. All of a sudden, a tough guy took the old lady's purse by force, _______ (disappear) in the crowd.

37. The wind was not strong enough to cause us any concern, so we carried on with our daily work, _______ (not suspect) what was about to happen.

38. Storm chasing is so dangerous that some chasers are often hurt in accidents _______ (cause) by driving in a heavy rain.

39. _______ (influence) by many different kinds of dancing, Martha Graham developed her own personal dance style.

40. The local government plans to bring in new laws _______ (force) parents to take more responsibility for their children's education.

41. When _______ (compare) different cultures, we often focus our attention on the differences without noticing the many similarities.

42. Each underlined phrase, when _______ (click), provides a drop down menu with a list of choices.

43. In the near future, China will increase supply of smaller houses, _______ (aim) to help low-income families to buy houses of their own.

44. _______ (regard) as one of the richest universities in the world, Harvard spends a huge amount of money on scientific research every year.

45. The couple donated all their money to the country, having everyone _______ (admire) their unselfish act.

46. Carbon dioxide _______ (produce) from burning fuels is the most common of the “greenhouse gases”.

47. It is said that they will represent a greater proportion of purchasing power, _______ (rise) from 12 per cent of GDP to 20 per cent.

48. Mr. Smith said that he would delay introducing the scheme because of the demands _______ (make) on teachers by other educational reforms.

49. _______ (face) with serious employment difficulties, China has to enlarge employment opportunities and spare no effort to ensure economic growth and social stability.

50. He was just about to sit down when he felt something _______ (move) near his feet.

51. No matter how frequently _______ (praise), I always remember never to stop improving myself.

52. More than 52 types of new weapon systems _______ (develop) with China's own technology were displayed in the National Day military parade.

53. Tiger Woods said that he needed to have his attention _______ (focus) on being a better husband, father and person.

54. _______ (neglect) for years, the house designed by an Italian architect finally collapsed.

55. _______ (miss) the regular train to London, Mr. Fog had to wait to take another one, so he was late for the conference.

56. To have a good command of a foreign language, we should find opportunities to hear it _______ (speak) as much as possible.

57. Our community appears more beautiful with green grass and colourful flowers _______ (grow) here and there.

58. The problem of carbon emission _______ (discuss) at Copenhagen Summit has aroused the public's wide concern.

59. We often talk a great deal about English language teaching, _______ (forget) that it is the learning that really matters.

60. The symbolic one-hour switch-off first _______ (hold) in Sydney in 2007 has become an annual global event.

61. People _______ (travel) long distances frequently have to decide whether they would prefer to go by land, sea or air.

62. The judge made the final decision after listening to the opinions of each party _______ (involve).

63. There is a great deal of research _______ (indicate) that music activities engage different parts of the brain.

64. _______ (plant) along either bank of Huangpu River, trees and flowers added beauty to the newly-decorated bund.

65. There is a new problem _______ (involve) in the popularity of private cars that road conditions need to be improved.

66. Devoted to _______ (bring) up the secret of nature, the young scientist has little time for entertainment.

67. On _______ (enter) the hall, he found that some students were cheating.

68. _______ (compare) its size with that of the whole earth, we find the highest mountain does not seem high at all.

69. _______ (view) as one of the most talented artist in European history, Van Gogh couldn't have sold a single work without his brother's assistance.

70. The comments the expert made _______ (concern) stock-market bothered him greatly, _______ (make) him not fall asleep all night.

71. _______ (locate) at the Pudong New District, the Shanghai Disneyland will be the sixth Disneyland theme park in the world.

72. European countries, _______ (realize) crisis is at hand, are providing great encouragement for parents to create more babies in the 21st century.

73. The situation in Haiti after the earthquake was all in a mess, _______ (cause) the increasing number of robbery cases.

74. Misunderstandings arising from lack of social communication, if not _______ (handle) properly, may lead to serious problems.

75. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain _______ (seat) until the plane has come the a complete stop.

76. He found that complex problems, especially those _______ (involve) abstract thinking, were best for picking out bright and dull students.

77. _______ (face) with severe drought in some areas, Chinese government is taking active measures to ensure people's essential needs.

78. _______ (call) miracle of the box office, Avatar brings back the peace and innocence to the heart of audience.

79. The national debt of Greece has reached 20% of its GDP, _______ (indicate) the actual breakdown of the country's economy.

80. A fire broke out in the building at about 7: 30 on Tuesday morning, _______ (result) in the death of a young girl.

81. Though _______ (treat) with different medicines, the patient hasn't recovered from the mysterious illness yet.

82. _______ (not deal) with properly at the very beginning, the financial crisis was getting worse and worse in America.

83. The custom of giving gifts at Christmas can be traced back to the Wise Men _______ (bring) gifts to the baby Jesus.

84. Greenhouses _______ (build) near coasts can turn plentiful sea water into fresh water for crops at relatively lower costs.

85. About 184 million people live in the country, thus _______ (make) it a most populated country in the world.

86. The president promised to keep all the board members _______ (inform) of how the negotiations were going on.

87. _______ (look) at in this way, the present situation about birds flu doesn't seem so disappointing.

88. I can hardly imagine so pretty girl like you _______ (like) boxing.

89. Studying in Harvard University was tough at first, but I slowly adapted myself and worked my way up, eventually _______ (graduate) from it.

90. Ideally _______ (locate) in Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue, the New York Park Hotel is a favourite with many guests.

91. Dear passengers, to ensure your safety, please remain _______ (seat) until the plane has come to a complete stop.

92. _______ (show) around the Chinese Pavilion, we went to see the eye-catching British Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

93. For a promotion, Alexander tried to get his work _______ (recognize) in the medical circles.

94. Having suffered from heart attack for years, Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, _______ (announce) the fall of the king of pop.

95. Hobbies mainly _______ (pursue) for relaxation and enjoyment vary from person to person.

96. _______ (take) inspiration from a Japanese architect, Mr. Smith used cardboard material for his tents.

97. The chemical process, involved in the treatment of materials for clothes, _______ (damage) the environment badly in some countries, arousing much attention of them nowadays.

98. _______ (examine) twice a year, whether it is a car or a bus or a truck, is the rule that every driver must obey in this city.

99. Can you imagine those people, including Brother Sharp, _______ (be) popular suddenly on the Internet?

100. When he came back, he found the bag he had left _______ (hang) over the seat was gone.

Exercise 2

Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. _______ (involve) in the Internet, more and more students would like to watch the movies online than go to the cinema.

2. She rushed out with tears in her eyes and left everyone in the room _______ (wonder) what had happened.

3. _______ (inform) of a number of food safety incidents, consumers become more careful in choosing milk products.

4. When the teacher entered the office, he was surprised to find everything _______ (arrange) in good order.

5. The kill is the exciting moment in the life of the lions, since they spend most of their time, about 20 hours a day, _______ (sleep).

6. The manager, _______ (make) it clear to us that he didn't agree with us, left the meeting room.

7. The first reality TV show in the world _______ (call) Expedition Robinson was shown in Sweden in 1997.

8. A talk show is a television program where one person (or a group of people) will discuss various topics _______ (raise) by a host.

9. Is it normal that in September hotels near universities are overcrowded, _______ (leave) many parents from a distance nowhere to stay but to sleep on the playground?

10. When _______ (ask) what they needed most, the kids said they wanted to be felt important and loved.

11. A good teacher has to be armed with the ability to keep students _______ (motivate) throughout their learning process.

12. _______ (walk) in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring.

13. During the 1960s, songs about winter _______ (release) by many famous rock groups were popular among people of different ages.

14. _______ (reveal) many top U.S. secrets, Julian Assange, founder of the wikileaks, was the most unwelcome person in the country.

15. Today, the Chinese medicine, _______ (consider) as one option to treat disease, has been accepted by many foreign doctors.

16. After having a serious talk with his family, he left home, _______ (choose) to go to another city alone to pursue his dream.

17. The signs _______ (read) “No Smoking” are placed in the public places, but we find many people still smoke there.

18. Drinking a little wine is good for our health. However, wine can also damage the liver and do great harm if _______ (consume) in large quantities.

19. It's a shame to say it again, but I did tell a lie when _______ (question) last time in my teacher's office.

20. _______ (deny) by the host three times, the contestant had to turn to the audience present for help.

21. _______ (seat) in the front row at the ceremony, our distinguished guests are from home and abroad.

22. The folks were delighted at the message of their relatives _______ (survive) that mine explosion.

23. How many of us _______ (attend), say, a meeting that is irrelevant to us would be interested in the discussion?

24. _______ (convince) that the government can lead them out of the financial crisis, people there are optimistic about their future.

25. _______ (struggle) for months to look for a job as a bank clerk, Smith finally took a position at a local advertising agency.

26. The earthquake was followed by a tsunami, _______ (cause) great loss to the lives and property.

27. When first _______ (introduce) to the market, ipad was not a success due to its high price.

28. Some 350,000 people have reportedly been left homeless and are staying in shelters, anxiously _______ (await) news of friends and relatives.

29. _______ (equip) with necessary knowledge and skills, the young man went to the job market with much confidence.

30. In his pioneering work, David explains how languages come into being, _______ (argue) that children are the driving force.

31. Birdwatching is becoming a popular pastime, with almost 3,000,000 of us _______ (absorb) in our fluttering feathered friends.

32. A tsunami (海啸) occurs as a series of waves _______ (know) as a “wave train”, and the series of surges can be five minutes or up to an hour apart.

33. Severe natural disasters such as the earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11th can raise questions about all of the factors _______ (involve).

34. Chinese authorities have stepped up efforts to reassure citizens that the country faces no imminent (临近的) danger from the radiation leaks _______ (affect) its neighbor.

35. In the U.S., _______ (leave) a tip is thought to be polite when paying the bill.

36. _______ (locate) in the northwest of China, Xi'an is seen as the birthplace of the country's civilization.

37. When the first English settlers arrived in the New World, the Indians _______ (wear) jewelry made of animal bones greeted them warmly.

38. Both John and Nick are doctors _______ (win) the respect of patients, but Nick is more skilled in treating diseases.

39. Clever wit and humor will help your speech stand out in a good way and keep everyone _______ (entertain).

40. Experts have pointed out that it was the power failure _______ (follow) the Japanese tsunami that led to the crisis at the Fukushima plant.

41. _______ (find) to contain illegal substance, many poultry products were prohibited on the market.

42. Seeing the soldiers well _______ (prepare) for the fight, the general nodded with satisfaction.

43. The nuclear leaks in Japan have forced workers to flee the plant, _______ (prevent) them from restarting important cooling systems.

44. The boy _______ (recognize) the man who was a friend of his father's, and he went over to say hello to him.

45. _______ (believe) the earth to be flat, many feared that Columbus would fall off the edge of the world.

46. Scientists found that dogs, not wolves, as originally _______ (suspect), were responsible for a large number of livestock killings in the mountainous country.

47. We often provide our children with toys, footballs or basketballs, _______ (think) that all children like these things.

48. He spent almost all his time chatting on the Internet, _______ (forget) many things he should have done.

49. A total of 35 Chinese universities rank among the world's 500 best in a ranking _______ (release) by China's Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Monday.

50. Little Tommy got _______ (punish) yesterday for breaking his neighbor's windows on purpose.

51. In that newly-built computer centre, there are a great number of modern computers, with six experts _______ (answer) questions that users may ask.

52. At one point I made up my mind to talk to Uncle Sam. Then I changed my mind, _______ (realize) that he could do nothing to help.

53. After graduation, he went on to do some of the most important scientific research ever _______ (carry) out.

54. The problem of carbon emissions _______ (discuss) in society now has aroused the public's wide concern again.

55. _______ (live) all by herself for many years, the old lady is sometimes very difficult to get along with.

56. At the news that her daughter was missing, a _______ (frighten) look appeared on the mother's face.

57. He is a student at Oxford University, _______ (study) for a degree in computer science.

58. Carbon dioxide _______ (produce) from burning fuels is the most common of the “greenhouse gases”.

59. The modern carpenter would be just as able to produce craftsmanship as the carpenter of fifty years ago if _______ (give) proper tools and materials.

60. Outdoor Film Festival, held in December, is the first festival in Asia _______ (focus) on cycling mountain bike documentaries and environmental protection movies.

61. _______ (rescue), the kidnapped girl told the police all the suffering she had gone through.

62. Taobao.com has begun selling tickets online for international flights, _______ (aim) to cut the market share of Ctrip.com and other competitors.

63. While staying home is a tradition at the Spring Festival, _______ (take) a trip with family members can also be a nice alternative.

64. Rescuers pulled out the last surviving miner _______ (trap) for 40 hours following a rock burst.

65. The General Bureau has put a severe ban on TV series _______ (show) scenes of smoking cigarettes.

66. The immigrants had to pass a medical inspection _______ (intend) to exclude the sick and the mentally ill.

67. The most serious problem _______ (face) our teachers is how to send more students to top universities.

68. _______ (live) near the sea, we enjoy healthy air and beautiful sight.

69. Rare species in the world, _______ (disappear) by hundreds every year, must be jointly preserved by all countries, or humans will encounter ecological disaster in the near future.

70. As its name indicates, the “American Host Family” program gets American families _______ (involve) in foreign students' lives in America and offers homes for them.

71. Many citizens are angry with the new food standards _______ (update) by the the government.

72. To his surprise, the man found shark fins _______ (remove) from the banquet menu in this famous restaurant.

73. Medical staff fled as flames and smoke filled an Indian hospital, _______ (abandon) their patients to a fire that killed 89 people.

74. The US Food and Drug Administration, _______ (monitor) the safety of food and drugs, has defended American people in hundreds of food and drug crises.

75. EQ, _______ (view) as an important indicator for future success, is justly valued by educators and parents.

76. They will have you _______ (arrest) if you don't pay taxes, because it is everyone's duty to pay taxes.

77. _______ (determine) to get a seat for the concert, he didn't mind standing in a queue all night.

78. Ms. Miller made an exciting speech on TV, leading to a _______ (heat) discussion over the project.

79. _______ (mean) to last only during the 1889 Expo, the Eiffel Tower has turned out to be one of the most popular attractions in the world.

80. Zhang mainly talked about historical development of the reform while Yang focused on its challenges, _______ (promote) most of the questions.

81. “Have a nice day!” is a wonderful expression, _______ (remind) us, in effect, to enjoy the moment and to value this very day.

82. Seed plants—plants _______ (grow) from seeds—need water, sunlight and mineral to grow vigorously.

83. Judging from the date _______ (mark) on the gold coin, we can tell that it was made 500 years ago.

84. _______ (save) a little money from her pocket money, Alice was able to buy her mother a lovely scarf.

85. Talking of greetings, sometimes it depends on the age or sex of the person _______ (greet).

86. Badly _______ (manage) charities often give a portion of donations to their causes while spending the majority of money on salaries.

87. _______ (leave) wondering which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time.

88. Shanghai now increases the supply of smaller houses, _______ (aim) to help low-income families to buy houses of their own.

89. The possibility of a murder _______ (exclude), the police have set about looking for the clues to her suicide.

90. _______ (drive) by greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more green houses.

91. We firmly believe that the project, if _______ (carry) out according to the plan, will definitely work out well.

92. Don't answer any e-mails _______ (request) your private information, however official they look.

93. The Internet gives people the chance to have the information _______ (deliver) to them quickly and cheaply.

94. The speech the minister made on TV _______ (concern) the education reform made both teachers and students excited.

95. You'll find the hot issue that Da Vinci Furniture Co. Ltd sold fraud furniture _______ (talk) about all over China.

96. What a fantastic view it is! We see millions of golden rape flowers, rows of houses and smoke _______ (rise) from behind them.

97. People _______ (drive) silver or white cars were 50% less likely to suffer serious injury in a crash, compared with drivers of dark color cars.

98. _______ (use) with care, one tin will last for six weeks.

99. _______ (find) the course very difficult, she decided to move to a lower level.

100. When we saw the road _______ (block) with snow, we decided to spend the holiday at home.




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